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ROBBINS-Van Rassel BC Bombshell Poll-Gordon Campbell RIP
ROBBINS is 100% Glen P. Robbins and Family owned--no partners-no debt.  Sep 07, 2008

A random sample of 456 respondents throughout British Columbia between September 4 and September 7, 2008++++++. This poll features a margin of error of plus or minus 3.75% 19 times out of 20 (lower margin of error estimated from lopsided responses over balance of questions) @ 95% confidence.
This ROBBINS poll was co-conceived by Glen P. Robbins and Jim Van Rassel, written by Glen P. Robbins and sponsored in full by Jim Van Rassel (604) 328-5398. Jim Van Rassel is a member of the Conservative Party of Canada—is an advocate of free speech---is the Tri-City area’s best ‘reasoned environmentalist’, a successful small businessman in the region for twenty years---and will not permit another swimming pool to be built in Coquitlam for 23 million that looks like it ought to have cost half of that---- and is the most important candidate for Coquitlam city council in the last two decades (GPR).

Question #1
Based on your voting inclinations today, for which leader and party would you caste your vote in the general provincial election in BC in May 2008? (Rounded to nearest one-half)
Carole James and BC NDP    44.3 %
Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals    35.8 %
Jane Sterk and Green Party    12.2 %
Wilf Hanni and BC Conservative    5.1 %
Marc Emery and Marijuana Party    2.8 %
Undecided    16 %
Question #2
In your opinion should Premier Gordon Campbell have provided large raises to senior bureaucrats in government because in his opinion ‘it is in the interests of public service’? (Rounded to nearest one half)
Yes    3.5 %
No    77.5 %
Undecided    19.0 %
Question #3
In light of reported criticism Premier Campbell has received relating to raises for senior bureaucrats is it your opinion he should roll them back to where they were before?
Yes    58.0 %
No    20.0 %
Question #4
Premier Campbell has suggested he might provide British Columbians with a tax break. Which of the following choices BEST reflects your opinion of this suggestion?-(only choose one or the other)
I think it’s a great idea I could certainly use a tax break    27.5 %
I don’t trust Gordon Campbell—why doesn’t he get rid of the carbon tax and roll back the bureaucrats raise first    66.0 %
Undecided    6.5 %
Question #5
In your opinion do local, provincial, and federal governments conspire against individuals and organizations from time to time?
Yes    72.0 %
No    18.0 %
Undecided    10.0 %
Question #6
ROBBINS believes there is widespread corruption between and among government officials at the city and provincial level, where consultants and land developers use bribes and other inducements of corruption to get around laws and regulations. Do you agree with ROBBINS belief?
Yes    62.0 %
No    19.0 %
Undecided    19.0 %
Question #7
Costs of both winter and summer Olympic Games over the past 20 years has risen exponentially well above the cost of living increases and always exceeds government cost projections. In your opinion is the Gordon Campbell BC Liberal government telling British Columbians the truth about the total cost of the 2010 Olympic Games?
Yes    08 %
No    79 %
Undecided    13 %
Question #8
The BC Liberal Solicitor General is concerned that legal firearms are getting into the hands of criminals. At the same time it has been widely reported that mail being stolen from ordinary mail boxes is a growing problem. In your opinion should the RCMP mail notices and certificates of legal firearm ownership through regular or registered mail?
Regular    03 %
Registered    67 %
Undecided/Other    30 %
Gordon Campbell’s BC Liberals are sinking like a stone. The opposition BC NDP has taken an 8.5% lead over the government party. This///- after the mainstream press persisted in claiming the BC Liberals were 10-14% ahead of the BC NDP only six weeks ago (when ROBBINS was calling it even). I told you so---.When Campbell came back from the 2008 Summer Olympics and mused that the problem with the 45% raises for senior bureaucrats was related more to the timing of the announcement (as he left on a private jet {not Con-Air} for Beijing—than to the huge increase in salaries---British Columbians everywhere said “Pardon?”
The Premier’s attitude and his words confirmed what British Columbians have been stewing about for some time—the Premier doesn’t get it—and now he has to go. Canadian voters, in particular British Columbians—as they relate to this poll—will be very patient with a politician—but once the levy breaks against you—good-bye.
This ROBBINS poll of British Columbians confirms what we have been saying for years now: British Columbia has one of--//if not the most corrupt political systems anywhere in the free world. BC politics provides a telling reminder of why the Americans have a second amendment—the right to carry firearms—when government is this corrupt, when rules are made for some—but not all-when laws are broken or circumnavigated and not applied equally---when private property rights are non existent-when the Legislature and the Courts are corrupt and when a majority of the public knows this—but also knows there is “nothing they can do”: “ya get rid of one—the one replacing it is no better”. When government can do as it pleases—you have the makings for a nightmare---democracy---that is Beautiful British Columbia—crooked to the core.
When you can’t trust elected people, the courts or the cops---you need to do something and fast to correct confidence. Mainstream press and pollsters were artificially holding the BC Liberals 10% ahead in order to facilitate fund-raising and other—to ensure the BC Liberal treasury had plenty of money. Campbell believed his inflated polling numbers---and lost (the rest) of his mind—than--- after colluding with the press to increase his treasury---turned around and brought in gag laws related to third party election spending which would lessen the mainstream news and advertising participation in the corporate largesse. After that, Carbon tax, 45% raises to senior bureaucrats, riding in fancy private jets as BC ‘party boy’ to China—arriving back home and responding to reporters like he’s been enveloped in an opium pit for three weeks--- and this is what you get. A slippery slope to the bottom for the BC Liberals.
The new reality is that the BC Liberals under Campbell are toast. Or are they? Will the mainstream press and Campbell Liberal caucus find a reason to bring Gordo back? How’s this: Allegedly voracious reader Campbell re-discovers Doctor Seuss’s book (and we all know doctors don’t lie) “Green Eggs and Ham” ( reads it cover to cover) and allocates $40 million to promote green eggs and ham for families to increase awareness for all things green. Education minister Shirley Bond loves the idea and insists that all children K-12 spend 2 hours every day working on diarizing their green eggs and ham experience. The mainstream press will coo “Campbell loves to read books---and this idea is one that has arrived”, they will say. Later this will be used in a Family Guy episode.
Is Gordon Campbell getting ready to take over the Liberal Party of Canada should Stephane Dion fail? But wait---Campbell traveled on a private jet to Beijing, and Dion who is hoping to play up his party’s financial poverty as an election strategy—pity-- is traveling by bus for the first week of the general federal election. Is this a carbon footprint ploy or has Dion lost his head over the Green Shake---rattle and roll.
Who is the real Mr. Greenjeans out of these two Liberals—Gordon Campbell or Stephane Dion-two brothers from the same mother? Both Colin Hansen (BC Liberal finance minister, and Michael Ignatieff—federal Liberal Deputy leader-- likely next leader of the federal Liberals-will be wearing bags over their head in the coming weeks)----{unless} the Conservative Party of Canada keeps bragging about how much money it has raised. (The number of people who have contacted us who have donated to the Conservative Party of Canada and who have received up to a dozen requests for more-and who aren’t too pleased—is worth noting).
Even if the BC Conservatives (@5%) can’t make the grade, there isn’t enough support from both elements of the alleged ‘coalition’ parties, namely the BC Liberals and the BC Conservatives to equal the current popular support for the BC NDP, notwithstanding the fact that BC Liberals require a 3% lead over the NDP anyhow to maintain even a slight majority. (BC Liberals @35% plus BC Conservatives @05%=40%; BC Liberals would need 48.5% based on voting ‘norms’ to narrowly defeat BC NDP—whose numbers of support are now in the mid-40’s). (Coalition average is 42% since days of Social Credit—but this isn’t the Social Credit Party—it’s a variation on the Liberal label).
There is little hope for Campbell in the 16% Undecided------from question #1. Undecided respondents roasted Campbell in subsequent questions as bad as or worse than those who selected another party.
There were 17 ‘certain’ cases of ‘spoiled ballots’ in this ROBBINS poll where respondents (mostly male) said they could not answer (or continue the poll) once they heard Campbell’s name in relation to the senior bureaucrat raises in question #2. Are these Campbell supporters by stealth or are they too ashamed to answer hard questions after they have just indicated their support for Campbell?
Respondents throughout the province overwhelmingly oppose recent large raise increases for senior bureaucrats, particularly when minimum wage and other wages are so low.
A $10 minimum wage is coming for certain so you ‘junk’ dealers and others living fat off slave wages may want to re-tool those2009 budgets.
An overwhelming majority of respondents are of the opinion that Campbell should roll back these increases but there is a minority who say “what’s done is done” and others who say “no, that might help Campbell…and I don’t want that”. From every angle Gordon Campbell is set to fall. Will this be the end of Gordon Campbell---in politics?
A Robbins government would move heaven and earth to investigate and audit every single personal financial transaction (from here to New York) of Campbell, everyone in his caucus—everyone involved in Translink and/or the land deals related to transportation—Canada Line etc and each and every Deputy Minister or assistant Deputy Minister—their assets---etc. to see if there has been feather nesting or impropriety. (We already have a lot of evidence against dozens of individuals). Each and every contract involving the Olympic Games, each and every Officer and Executive with VANOC, the Convention Centre and other facilities will be thoroughly investigated and if there is even a whiff of impropriety---
I will more than happy to watch the culprits including elected officials and senior bureaucrats (if guilty) taken away to jail. If the Judges don’t cooperate we’ll investigate them too!
(NOTICE---to police—start ordering more pairs of handcuffs).
A vast majority of respondent are of the opinion that Premier Campbell should get rid of the carbon tax and roll back wages before he provides a tax break. To be clear-- even many of those respondents who selected the tax break option had a difficult time selecting between the two choices.
An astounding three-quarters plus % of British Columbians are of the opinion that governments at all levels conspire against individuals and organizations from time to time. Incredibly, a similar overwhelming majority of British Columbians essentially believe that bribery and corruption takes place at civic and provincial levels involving consultants and development companies. If that’s the public perception, and there is additional evidence emerging—than if it looks like-----it’s probably a crooked politician.
Once again, an astounding number of British Columbians know the Olympic Games are going to cost far more than the BC government is saying it will. The secret is out—Olympic Games serve development interests only---the costs to hold these Games is growing exponentially—nearly five times as much for China as Athens (after factoring currencies). Same for the Winter Games. Is the costly renovation to the CBC building in Vancouver an Olympic development cost---or general renovation on behalf of the Federal government? Whistleblowers in the construction industry have a lot to say to ROBBINS.
BC Liberal Solicitor General Barnswell “Barney” Fife is concerned about the high number of legal handguns getting in the hands of criminals. Isn’t this just delightful news? British Columbians confronted with widespread reports of stolen mail think it might be a good idea to send notices of legal firearms to owners by registered mail (couriered mail or better) instead of in regular mail AS THEY CURRENTLY DO where crack heads, Meth freaks and gangsters can access the information at point of mailbox and add to the ever growing list of break ins in our province.
Honestly, how stupid are elected people and others in responsibility in this country, in this province and at local levels of government?
The RCMP needs to get its collective head out of its ass (in this province) if it wants to remain here.
British Columbians have no confidence in government(s) and do not hesitate to affirm their opinion that the provincial government is rife with criminal corruption.
Gordon Campbell is in a terrible position. The Olympic committee knows based on ROBBINS polls that BC Liberal supporters are more inclined to support the 2010 Olympics Games, while BC NDP, Greens, and BC Conservatives do not. In order to get majority support for the Games—Gregor Robertson must win Vancouver city hall (see ROBBINS polls), and the BC NDP must win provincial office. Campbell’s job as chief land developer is done, homelessness and Green issues must be addressed, and the BC NDP are more likely to properly address these issues prior to the Games.
The final cost of the Games will ultimately be borne by the BC NDP government who has to hold the Games---and do a proper job of it after the diversion, omissions and stalls offered by the BC Liberal government and their friends at VANOC.
The problem for the BC Liberals going forward is that they may be decimated--- not just beaten politically-- particularly after Campbell has dished out big cash to senior bureaucrats while the rest of BC workers take a slumping economy on the chin----. This is why salting polls for public relations purposes can create larger problems than ever anticipated for mainstream interests.
In any event, the bottom has fallen out of support for the BC Liberal government and there doesn’t appear to be a way back---legitimately. (Remember ROBBINS found hundreds of uncounted ballots in 2005—specifically relating to the Burquitlam riding that BC NDP Bart Healey barely lost to BC Liberal ‘Mini-Bloy-Me”). (Mainstream news was contacted—the people involved were telephoned---nothing was ever mentioned).
Further, if Campbell doesn’t hold a fall sitting of the BC Legislature---these numbers will continue to drop as British Columbians pile on the ‘hate Campbell’ caboose, continuing to call him ‘lazy’ and ‘party boy’—with more demands from the public to see if he and his cronies have feathered their nests from development kick-backs or insider information on--- ‘say’--- development along rapid transit routes (and other). That becomes the sense of it--- when politicians loose touch, voters start to wonder why the politicians appear to be so content to be out of touch--- and that makes the public begin to more seriously suspect corruption, bribes and kick-backs, certainly a much more aggressive sentiment toward elected authority in the province.
Do the police care about political corruption or do they as the Marxists have asserted for years, run interference for elites while the theft goes on?
Currently, there is no support for the 1996 BC Liberal argument of ‘do you want the BC NDP back in’?—certainly not after the BC Liberals have had 2 terms.
The Premier’s only hope is to call a by-election in Vancouver Fairview to replace former BC NDP Gregor Robertson (now running for Vancouver mayor)---which the Premier must call by some time in December 2008 AND to replace two term BC Liberal ‘champ’ Lorne Mayencourt, a very capable minister who has left to run in one of the most exciting federal races in British Columbia. Because one of these Vancouver by-elections is in the city of Vancouver, and erstwhile BC Conservative leader Wilf Hanni has pledged to run in one of them, the Premier will be in the position-- even if he loses--- that by-election---and if the BC Conservatives do poorly--- for he and his friends in the Vancouver media to say the BC Conservatives are not a factor provincially--- (because the BC Conservatives are not expected to do nearly as well in Vancouver as they do in the North and Interior of the province). Campbell’s ability is strengthened by the fact that now the BC Conservatives must field another candidate in Mayencourt’s riding of Vancouver Burrard—both away games for the BC Conservatives.
However the BC Conservatives finally get some stage. The bar is set low—they need 2.5% or better in both ridings to get a foothold, a toe hold with the press. A result like this, however humble--- will translate into 6.25% provincially in real support. A Stephen Harper federal win underneath would bring potential numbers in the mid-teens IF the BC Conservatives get more organizational troops prior to the spring 09 general provincial election in BC. However, if BC Conservatives don’t run two candidates in the Vancouver by-elections and/or don’t achieve those aforementioned totals in one riding and/or are less than one-half of a per cent in voter outcome in either by-election---they have little future as a bona fide party at this time—but could still play spoiler in the May general election owing to their double digit popularity in many ridings in the north and interior—where ‘anti-Campbellism’ is growing by leaps and bounds.
Peter Ladner the NPA’s—BC Liberal surrogate of sorts---opposing Gregor Robertson the NDP surrogate of sorts--- for Mayor of BC (ooops sorry that’s Campbell) will run a close race—he is more popular in Vancouver than Campbell is by a country mile. If he wins or comes close this may ameliorate Campbell’s downward spiral in popular support. A Gregor Robertson win—also helps alleviate downward pressure on BC Liberals as Robertson is a proponent of housing development for the poor and other social measures and may also mitigate the hate, vitriol and other derision BC voters are expressing for Gordon Campbell right now. (Right now—the funk show brother).
At ROBBINS—there is some giggling go on---(well actually we’re pissing our pants laughing) but that will soon change as we move to our NO COUNTRY FOR OLD GLEN mode over the weeks and months to the provincial election-slicing, hacking and pulverizing politicians and faceless bureaucrats—and others to our hearts content—particularly now that we have discovered how weak the system is---it makes us even stronger.
If the Vancouver Fairview by-election is held subsequent to the civic election (and after all of the others mentioned) going into Christmas---Campbell may end up going into the New Year in slightly better shape than his low to mid 30’s score not by anything successful he has accomplished, not because of any positive work ethic, not because of any fundamental affirmative changes he has made, but because everyone is so busy, distracted, or burnt out—and the press may still be pumping out propaganda to keep him relevant. What’s the choice—77 seats for the BC NDP?
In addition, voters in places like Coquitlam where bureaucrats there have sneakily---- like thieves in the night---- added an additional $800,000 to salaries and where unsuspecting taxpayers will confront a bloated budget two weeks after the civic election (how shifty is that)—which is already etched in stone—will be so busy lynching incumbents in municipal elections, or screaming they have been duped—or wandering around aimlessly--- because the local papers allocate more resources and effort covering up local administrators crimes and misdemeanors-----------amidst the chaos Campbell’s faltering utility as a leader—front man for corporations may—may not be the exclusive centre piece to the shrine of lousy government it currently is.
(Right now—as I write this--- Coquitlam developers are knowingly and with malice aforethought dumping toxins directly into the Hyde Creek river—a (recovering) fish bearing stream that runs from Coquitlam to Port Coquitlam---thanks for ruining the rivers scumbags). Oh it’s not all going into the river? Maybe those West Nile ponds you are creating are picking up some of the pollutant slack. (Thanks to JVR and ‘the Sand Man’ for that find).
Conservatives in BC will see Harper voted in---Dion voted out--- thereby taking some of the pain out of Campbell’s conversion from loathed Progressive Conservative to doubly loathed BC Liberal, but British Columbians won’t keep both Harper and Campbell. The numbers say the BC Liberals are in trouble, the political science affirms this, and Robbins has a copious amount of saliva dangling from his chin---waiting for the opportunity to pounce---
To prosecute/without mercy.
Only time will tell us how organized political corruption is in British Columbia. At its worst--- a deal is being cut with the BC NDP—that in return for government—they will leave Campbell and other developers alone---if on the other hand Carole James shows she intends to dig deep on the crimes and misdemeanors--- British Columbians are certain are taking place—with the BC Liberal government---the province may finally get a clean start with the kind of government it hasn’t witnessed in decades.
If Carole James does not aggressively pursue this course of action—the only conclusion that can be drawn is that BC is an ‘orchestrated democracy’. (If not the BC Liberals than the BC NDP and each party keeps the others secrets from the public as part of the deal).
With so little confidence in government at all levels in British Columbia, and a similar lack of confidence in the courts---what is former Reform PM Stephen Harper going to do about it---Peace, Order and Good Government---we ain’t got it—and we sure as shit are paying for it.
You’re not going to appreciate the importance of this operating an election campaign from the inside of a bubble or a party plane across the Pacific Ocean.
ROBBINS RULES for voters in November civic election, and next May’s general provincial election.
DON’T vote for a city councillor candidate who has been elected 3 times (9 years) and is NOT moving up to another level either at city hall, provincially, or federally.
DON’T vote for a city councillor candidate who has ties to unions, business organizations (Rotary-Chamber of Commerce), or real estate including any history of consulting or lobbying on behalf of developers.
DON’T vote for a Mayoral candidate who has already served two terms (6 years) and is NOT moving up to another level either provincially, or federally.
DON’T vote for a Mayoral candidate who has ties to unions, business organizations (Rotary-Chamber of Commerce), or real estate including any history of consulting or lobbying on behalf of developers.
DON’T be fooled by trumped up resumes for people seeking election that cite this community organization or that community organization (particularly charities)—these organizations may do good work—but they are often tied too tight to the political system and your tax dollars in one way or another. A history of working at community charities does not necessarily qualify people to be good political leaders—in fact I would say that it is more likely to disqualify them for the job.
DON’T vote for a provincial candidate who has been in office for a total of a decade or more.
DON’T vote for a politician who looks like an ‘asskisser’—(a) because they probably are and (b) it will never be your ass they are kissing---after they get your vote.
VOTE for someone who is truly independent, hasn’t been elected long enough to have become part of the corruption and promises to represent your interests with earnest-- than hold them to account.
Glen P. Robbins

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