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Obama, McCain, Palin and...Biden
ROBBINS is 100% Glen P. Robbins and Family owned--no partners-no debt.  Sep 14, 2008

A random telephone sample of 1,050 respondents throughout the United States--southern states between California and Florida were either not called or underrepresented in this poll conducted between September 07, 2008 and September 14, 08. Data collection assisted by Aussie Bad Boys with thanks Glen P. Robbins. Margin of error 3.0%, 19 times out of 20--95% confidence.

Question #1
Which of the following American political affiliations best describes you today?
Democrat    43 %
Republican    39 %
Independent    13 %
Unsure/Undecided    05 %
Question #2
Which of the following two political leaders are you supporting right now or leaning towards supporting?
Barack Obama- average:    46.12 %
John McCain- average:    45.62 %
Question #3
Who currently holds your trust with? The Economy?
Barack Obama    49 %
John McCain    43 %
Question #4
Who currently holds your trust with? Health and Education:
Barack Obama    53 %
John McCain    35 %
Question #5
Who currently holds your trust with? National Security:
John McCain    56 %
Barack Obama    40 %
Question #6
Who currently holds your trust with? Commander-in-Chief?
John McCain    60 %
Barack Obama    37 %
Question #7
Who currently holds your trust with? Most likely to be respected by American allies?
Barack Obama    53 %
John McCain    43 %
Question #8
Who currently holds your trust with? Most likely to be respected/feared by America’s enemies?
Barack Obama    44.5 %
John McCain    54.5 %
Question #9
This is a hypothetical question: Of the two following choices, whom do you believe would make the better President?
Hillary Clinton/Democrat    39.08 %
Sarah Palin/Republican    45.36 %
McCain has 52.1% of Caucasian vote.
Obama has 81.4% of African American vote.
McCain has 54.8% of Hispanic vote.
Obama has 51.2% of Asian/Other voters.
McCain has 52% of women over 65.
Obama has more men over 65---52/47.5 (Decided)
Obama has 51.9% of all voters in this ROBBINS poll between the age of 20- and including age 50.
Obama has 66.42% of voters 20-and including age 25 (underrepresented in sample and adjusted for eligible voters pursuant to 2004 U.S. Presidential election percentage voting trends).
Women aged 50-and including 55 slight shift to McCain--a gain of women in this age group of 16% from previous McCain of 45.50%
Barack Obama leads with Women (51%), African Americans (81%) and Asians (55%).
Obama needs to keep after Caucasian vote and requires Hillary Clinton to defend a segment within that demographic which he was winning-- women aged 50-55 and cut off the McCain /Palin ‘takeover’ of this demographic-inroads with Hispanics has to be taken more seriously. Biden is Catholic—he and Bill Richardson need to speak to Hispanics who support McCain in the majority. Also, the Catholic community is a large segment of the American population and has not been properly covered to Democrat advantage.
McCain leads in many categories save for those mentioned and except all voters between the age of 20-and including 50, Women, African Americans and Asians.
Obama’s secret to win—in coming week to ten days, hold steady or improve on all demographics where he is close- plus deliver his rock n roll base of younger aged voters. African Americans are plugged into Obama for the win and will bring these important numbers home for him. Obama is the last best hope for an African American President--- (Heartbreaker—the Rolling Stones).
The end of this poll featured a bump for Obama America, on matters economic, health and education. More about his Iraq hedge which may have bolstered his weaker national security numbers, but Obama clearly has the advantage with the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy and other credibility problems at Wall Street which naturally will follow, and will certainly provoke greater scrutiny of the entire mortgage meltdown and housing crisis. If McCain can gain ground on Obama here—where Obama clearly has the advantage—he can push more independents and other conservative democrats to his side of the ledger.
Both candidates are going to have to drill down deep on economic matters---without losing site of foreign policy matters. If the candidates realize this--this next period of the American election will cause either greater separation between the candidates, or a bump in both their totals. Sarah Palin’s presence has caused an audience increase---all four candidates on both sides of the presidential ticket need to ratchet up their communications to ‘potential future clients’ (voters).
McCain’s secrets to win—shave off some African American voters on security related issues—co-opt community lessons—embrace Obama and pick his pocket—---- hold steady or improve on all the demographics he leads plus improve Jesus Christ position and nationalism—(not jingoism) with some younger voters-while not alienating ‘regular’ young people-enamored with his reputation and his vp candidate. John--- reach down into the Inner Cities—right on Obama’s tournament. Surrounded by African Americans. Put doubts about national security in ‘head’ of Caucasian middle aged women some of whom have are ‘rationalizing’ their love affair with Sarah Palin through their belief that John McCain will look after them—if the other ‘shoe’ drops—or flies through their air space and into New York City---huh!
Enough! (Barack Obama)----Enough (John McCain)<<<
People ask me all the time and ask “Glen, ---- so who is going to win the U.S. Presidential election”. I answer, “If I were a betting man I would bet Obama, but I’m not a betting man----c’mon dude its John McCain—Johnny Fantastic.” McCain is running 17% above support for the Republican party, while Obama is 7% above support for the Democratic party. Between these two political parties only---the Democrats hold 52.5% sway with ‘voters’.
Plain and simple African Americans are going to line up from New York State to California to Alabama to vote for Obama. Listen to this guy speak, he is so smart, he is so different, he is original—he is political Picasso and he is a person of color. So what? He’s a man---he is brilliant---“don’t cheapen this election with fluff about Obama”—rise up—don’t be afraid of greatness.
This isn’t a surprise (Colin Powell, Condi Rice)—everyone knows and it’s embodied in Barack Obama that “this guy is special”. That’s why he leads in the most important poll of all—ROBBINS Rock’ n’ Roll polls. (“When you were Young”-Killers—best new rock band on the planet /(Caucasian market)---of the last decade—uhh Mormon).
John McCain is correct when he says that more people will vote in this election---- but they may not have the volunteers, the scrutineers---you heard it from The King-----75% turnout of eligible. Get organized America—they will line up for miles to vote in this Presidential election. And heh you fancy Dan Hollywood types---they need your work boots not your name. Too much attention and not enough real work-- adds up to missing out on Chad.
My grade two teacher wept when Kennedy was assassinated. I loved Mrs. Jacobi—she came with her husband to my hockey game when I was seven. I went home—desperate to know why she was so distraught. I watched on television---horrified—I knew at the age of seven what this meant---the death of a dream---this event still haunts America—I’ve always known this. I spent the next two weeks trying my best to ‘look after’ Mrs. Jacobi-- (This Song is Over-The Who).
Barack Obama’s great strength is he is most important to Americans on the economy and health and education—domestic matters—at a time when these important issues are paramount to Americans. His background is as a community organizer—like mayor of small town—this basic work is now a major positive---not a negative. How many young people have ever dreamed they might be President? We’re watching this take place in real time right now---//Americans believe Obama will take better care of them—even if McCain will keep them safe.
How Obama got stuck in McCain’s fight plan (flight plan) is something else altogether—but the brother is throwing leather---and Sarah Palin is a target the sisterhood (the white sisterhood) is getting behind.
Don’t be subtle about the race conversation—race with determine the next President. African Americans are united for Obama.
Barack Obama’s weakness (relative to John McCain) is on national security and in the role of commander-in-chief. Some Obama supporters find the commander-in-chief title a “little silly”—this is the kind of election it is—you cannot keep this baby in a box---it’s like running water—it will go where it goes. So is this Obama’s weakness? Eventually voters will squeeze the issues—watch and see—but first Americans—who will vote in record numbers this election, will take their fill of fun. Everyone knows that this election, this year-- is as good as it will get—and they can watch it-- FREE for the taking—. ROBBINS called Obama out a year ago on his foreign policy position and his response was swift and tough—and is now beginning to resonate—its Pakistan—Afghanistan----this is an ‘easier’ frontier to bring to account with American people, than is Iraq—even if we are winning in Iraq.
Demographically Obama is sound on all fronts—but his winning the Presidency is dependant on African Americans and younger voters of all ethnic backgrounds—rolling thunder.
Barack Obama is a natural force like a Hurricane. No matter the distraction—Obama is too beautiful to turn away from. The problem is—he can’t go back to the old way of politics of smearing. Even those who say they won’t vote for him—call him “a class act”. If Obama loses, many Americans will weep; if Obama wins many more Americans will weep (with joy) -- that’s how important he has become to the American psyche that is how important he has become to the world psyche— (even those who don’t want him for President). Overall, women (50.5%) and Asian American (52.3%) also support Barrack Obama in the majority.
If John McCain wins—the Americans will never have anything taken from them—EVER again—but Americans aren’t thinking this way, they are worried about having enough themselves. An expensive war if you are winning it---when you are in tough with cash and credit—well—any war is expensive.
Obama is a force of nature—Palin is a force. Change isn’t just about change for change sake. Who is America’s change agent---the philosopher or the fighter?
Republican vice-presidential candidate (and long time barracuda) Sarah Palin challenges the Supermarket check out counters with Obama. She is absolutely everywhere. So this is White House Warhol? Sarah Palin is the hottest commodity in American politics at this moment in time. There are pictures of Sarah Palin—and I mean hot pants—tights—manufactured—but this lady is good looking—I won’t apologize for being a man-- Sarah Palin has given American middle aged women their estrogen --back. Sarah Palin embodies power and sex—. But wait---brains and ambition. Folks—I have four sisters—brilliant ambitious women—it is about time—we quit talking in the past—and realized what we were looking at—equality---if this is so—than equal pay for the same job---it has to be an issue.
“John McCain is a--- genius.” These aren’t my words. I hear this everywhere—often with an adjective. Hispanic voters---in the majority are with McCain. This profile is a younger voter on average—but they will vote—and Obama—fell short with Hillary with the lovers of Los Lobos---is still short vs. McCain. Why does this bother people---the Palin move kept McCain in the hunt. It remains through the lens of today---a major historical event in this presidential election.
What price for this eh? Sarah Palin continues to introduce John McCain the way Ed Sullivan introduced The Beatles. She has the attention of a lot of Americans and she is telling John McCain’s story. Third party validation---the best there is. Sarah Palin is here for real---is she for real? Sarah Palin-and I am repeating myself here---may change all of the political matrixes in presidential elections forever. Don’t mess with a missionary woman (though some of her converts may be more creative than this). Look at her numbers against Hillary Clinton--- who kicked everybody in public opinion polls for a year and lost to Obama ONLY because of the Democratic nomination format and Obama’s phenom status. C’mon people—every time Obama gets up to the podium and speaks he adds five percent to his totals. Obama is holding his own in town hall ‘stuff’ where McCain is the master---Obama gets up to that podium and delivers—difficult to defend.
Obama is the Michael Jordan of American politics. Sarah Palin is Jerry West/Steve Nash.
Palin has to come out swinging against Hillary Clinton (after paying homage) AND she must challenge Barack Obama at the same time-----trust me—this will sort out much—and the demand is there. How do we deal with Afghanistan if we can’t ensure Pakistan is onside AT ALL TIMES? The answer is you cannot. Biden invited Palin in by asserting that Hillary might have been a better VP > than he.
But Sarah Palin also has her own phenom story to back up her game. Every time her credentials are questioned, one fact always remains—this woman is no political soufflé. She’s local raw meat-fillet-the kind the press cooks up and chows down on. Sarah Palin is top cut and a nice $20 bottle of British Columbia wine. We’re pretty close ya know? How do you describe Sarah Palin—DELICIOUS---to voters that is! Some younger fellows are gravitating to the McCain/Palin ticket. Why do some of these boys support Obama also? That’s what the Internet can’t believe—Sarah Palin right now is the hottest Mothers Increasingly Liking Fun on the planet---and the American Soup machine is digesting this for all its’ worth.
Is this sexist? Everything is sexist in the modern world. The sexes—the relationship between them and among them is in a state of change—better change—but change can be painful—and this election is bringing it all forward at breakneck speed.
Does Freud have play in this American election?
Palin is increasing totals for the McCain/Palin ticket with middle aged woman—and like it or not---Hillary Clinton has to take her on—to see how deep she is. Clinton is very popular with most Democrats and many Independents. But being out of the game in this election costs you support. Obama lost five per cent taking a holiday after one and one half years of campaigning. United States President---power---world power. Power cannot be defined without some drama---the size and shape of it is difficult to know if a little hyperbole is not sprinkled on the actions of the actors---was Shakespeare good because it was overstated? So goes politics.
Oddly, I think Palin’s numbers have propped up Hillary’s. Hillary is the litmus test if Palin is for real. Only one hot female politician can properly test a new phenom like Palin.
There are plenty of male voters between the age of 45-50- who would rather have a sharp stick in their eye than listen to a hockey mom—(or any sport mom for that matter), but who like Hillary. Hillary Clinton needs to take Palin on from New York to Youngstown—if she softens Palin I believe it is worth plus five per cent overall to Obama and minus five per cent to McCain. If Palin holds her own with Clinton—all bets are off. If Palin crushes Clinton-----knocks her out-flat out unconscious/// Obama is in trouble. Barack look deep into Hillary’s eyes—but don’t think squeeze—don’t let that happen.
The mainstream press has hinted at this and they are right---it’s Clinton vs. Palin for a week. Barack—my brother---get the cheque book out---- Sugar Land!
I always believed that most Americans knew McCain’s P.O.W. story. I was wrong. There is a growing legion of middle age woman who are hearing this story and saying “This is quite a man”. It’s heavier than that. Liberal women find him sexy—the woman pundits NEED not castrate anyone—this is how it is—an election of cross over demographics.
When was the last time I was wrong? Don’t dislike me for that statement—embrace the ROBBINS truth—it’s the new magic of democracy.
I’m just like Hemingway (2020)—only I’m pretty sure I won’t kill myself. Writing is frightening because people might laugh at you—but if you tell the truth---they still might—but the truth makes everyone nervous—because of its beauty—it is most good when people know when they are hearing the truth---after reading it. (“Purple Haze” Jimi Hendrix).
It is--/ like Sarah Palin has invited this demographic of woman over for a ‘Tupperware’- AK-47 party---and her dad the hero, (played in real life by John McCain) just happens to be home with pictures in his Viet Nam uniform and newspaper clippings of his heroism-- and his torture. As barbaric as this sounds, when someone sacrifices themselves in war—which scares the hell out of most of us--- and does this for others---women (and men) bristle with respect. Save for modesty—women are ready to throw their 'undies'—with Palin will men start doing the same?
Americans are wild.
“John McCain and other fighting people did this for us.” Simply put, if John McCain wins---they’ll be lining up the street like they’re going to an Obama rock concert to join the American military. Military doesn’t always mean you have to kill someone-does it? (“Read my Mind”—the Killers).
Some American Wome-a-n (Burton Cummings-Randy Bachman) are now moving about the suburbs and telling other American Wome-a-n who support Obama that they really like him and want him to be President----but “are concerned for his safety if he is elected President.” Some Americans who love Obama are afraid he will be killed like John F. Kennedy once he becomes President. Apparently this is a discussion that is not supposed to be out in public (because some kook might get an idea)—but rather whispered about. This discussion runs through a river of voters—I don’t like it—but what I like doesn’t matter. Don’t bring the CIA—or Canada’s spy agencies into this. You know what I’m talking about! Obama will be fine---so put the flame of soft racism out.
It’s like the story--- Joe Biden should be talking about with Catholics—the sacrifice of Jesus—or Human Rights advocates—the sacrifice of Jews. On personal sacrifice—John McCain is ‘Jesus’ for many voters who are not religious---while Sarah Palin has the ‘true believers’ Obama has the educated and the philosophical---and the African Americans covered---Joe Biden needs to recognize ‘the body and the blood’(this ain’t no joke, this ain’t no disco, this ain’t no foolin’ around)---as well as speak to his own ‘quiet heroism’ as a man who dedicated himself to public service in the midst of awful tragedy---precisely (friend) what is your sacrifice)?
In the madness of answering the questions that come one after another in an intense political campaign---it is important to know the candidate is not smug covered up in the denial of preparedness///we can’t feel a sanitized candidate//how can the press permit these political actors the opportunity to be the best they are///who they really are without making them out to be how they think the candidates should fit in the box. Think about his—is it journalistic efficacy or a desire to gather a chronology of one of the great elections in American history//a lot of responsibility—.
Presenting a sense of humility will ultimately win the most voters. Strength is always best conveyed through humility. This requires strength, perseverance and the most important ingredient of all--- patience. How much of this from African American, Women---how much of these ingredients rolled around in John McCain’s head at the Hanoi Hotel. John McCain moved to Arizona—ran for politics---(was losing badly) his opponents laughed at him---called him a carpetbagger---until one night in a town hall they pushed him on the issue---“the longest I ever lived in one place was in Hanoi (Viet Nam prison)” answered McCain. He won that election. (In View-The Tragically Hip)
Johnny Fantastic won that election by a landslide.
Frankly, and this doesn’t matter but I like Joe Biden—he is a good man—and good men like good women should have their say. (I suppose bad woman and bad men should have their say as well). It is my personal opinion that if Barack Obama is the next President of the United States—people will credit Joe Biden with a big assist. You heard it here first! This isn’t pandering—the best political debater in the United States is Joe Biden—he can afford to be humble—he has knock out power—anytime anywhere—. Palin’s fearless. (“Back of a hurricane that starting turning when you were young”) (The Killers).
Remember what Bob Dylan said “Everybody (sic) has to serve somebody.” Joe Biden has served his family---his own suffering and his country.
Ironically, more males over 65 are moving toward Obama—and older women are becoming more McCain fans. Same in Canada right now---anything and I mean anything-political goes baby---it’s all on the table.
The mainstream pollsters can’t cover anything that doesn’t follow a straight line!
‘Thin independents’ have moved over to a traditional party, but most of the ‘Real Independents’ cover the largest landscape in the Undecided ranks which have grown somewhat since the end of the party conventions sweeps. Who will seduce this crowd? Obama who holds voter trust with the economy, health and education—or McCain who holds national security and trust in leadership in the palm of his hand---
‘Thin independents’ have moved over to a traditional party, but most of the ‘Real Independents’ cover the largest landscape in the Undecided ranks which have grown somewhat since the end of the party conventions sweeps. Who will seduce this crowd? Obama who holds voter trust with the economy, health and education—or McCain who holds national security and trust in leadership in the palm of his hand---
Folks, the Undecided simply are Undecided---they like both the candidates. When is the last time an election had voting ledgers like this? What are we looking at---70% turnout?
Ultimately, Joe Biden, a brilliant five star debater and foreign policy expert will have to defeat Sarah Palin but not beat her—and have America see none of the inverted, reverted, perverted misogyny that underscores so much of our efforts//—Palin has no foreign policy expertise----does it matter? Maybe Americans want a fresh perspective. Did you see Palin on the Bush Doctrine—reporters asking did she know what it was----she gave the Palin/McCain doctrine—you have to be good to be lucky---Sarah Palin is both. She didn’t know what the Bush Doctrine was---the fact that she didn’t know—or if she did and was too clever by half---she wins----she wins----she wins—her critics look like na-na-nee-na-na.
If Palin doesn’t move against Clinton (and personally I’d rather chew glass/although I have successfully while liquored—(kids don’t do this at home—or anywhere else for that matter)--than go against a Clinton), McCain can’t win—the Republicans simply don’t have the same numbers as Democrats—there is a reason for this. “Did I shoot five or six bullets”? There is room on the margins of every demographic—more sweeping opportunities among both Caucasian genders, Hispanics, this election is wide open---it isn’t wide open in the broad sense of that term—rather it is wide open in the very narrow sense—no real room for error—McCain must be flawless—Obama must be wondering—‘how do I put away this old war horse?’ Cleopatra knew there can only be one Queen (see: Freddy Mercury—Paul Rodgers says—‘wait one moment’). Palin understands that—she will move on Obama—the implication is that she can sit in the Oval Office right now. McCain can ruffle Biden earlier than anyone expected. He surprised everyone with Palin---when you go unorthodox—which you can when your main sail is steady---than go unorthodox. Palin brings Obama into home and hearth—while McCain grabs Biden and talks foreign policy.
John McCain is simply the most masterful politician on the face of the planet.
Women aren’t as deep and adept with computers as men. I’m talking about middle age woman vs. middle age men. Prove me wrong—please. The Internet doesn’t have the hook on middle age woman—it’s the television. Some of these women may love Oprah—but they’re winking at Palin/McCain.
But at this moment in time--- African Americans control this election because of their overwhelming support of Barack Obama. Who is really going to emancipate woman once and for all? This is a fair and honest question. (“Read my mind”—“Bones”—The Killers—).

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