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Surrey Poll-and more--how to vote strategically in civic elections.
ROBBINS is 100% Glen P. Robbins and Family owned--no partners-no debt.  Sep 29, 2008

230 'net' respondents--some shared--between September 27-30, 2008. Margin of error is 4.0%-4.5% based on 19 times out of 20 @ 95% confidence-estimate. White Rock was not called. Jim Van Rassel sponsored this poll.

Question #1
You are?
Caucasian-(172)    78 %
Visible Minority-(49)    22 %
Question #2
For which leader and party do you intend to vote for in the general federal election?
Stephen Harper and Conservatives-(64)    35 %
Jack Layton and NDP-(64)    35 %
Stephane Dion and Liberals-(48)    26.5 %
Elizabeth May and Greens-(09)    05 %
Undecided-(45)    20 %
Question #3
Which provincial leader and party do you currently support?
Carole James and BC NDP-(101)    44 %
Gordon Campbell and BC Liberal-(76)    33 %
Jane Sterk and Green-(16)    07 %
Wilf Hanni and BC Conservatives-(10)    05 %
Undecided-(27)    11 %
Question #4
In your opinion should the City of Surrey re-elect Mayor Dianne Watts?
Yes- (122)    53 %
No- (74)    32 %
Undecided- (34)    14.5 %
Question #5
Gordon Campbell—for the second time in three years has decided not to hold a legislative sitting in Victoria for the fall session-normally scheduled to start the first week of October, 2008. Normally elected MLA’s are expected to sit and debate laws in the fall and the spring. The BC NDP are angry with Premier Campbell for not holding a fall session. My question is this: Is it your opinion that the BC NDP should show up for the usual first day of the fall session anyhow—without the BC Liberals—as a type of symbolic protest on behalf of taxpayers and citizens in the province of British Columbia? (leading question)
Yes- (117)    51 %
No-(67)    29 %
Undecided-(46)    20 %
Question #6
In the BC Liberals first term, Premier Campbell announced he was going to sell the Coquihalla Highway. Now he has announced that tolls are going to be taken off that highway. Question #1-Is Gordon Campbell taking tolls off the Coquihalla because:
It’s the right thing to do-(48)    21 %
He wants votes-(156)    68 %
Undecided-(26)    11 %
Question #7
Question #2-Does the toll being removed from the Coquihalla Highway benefit you?
Yes- (26)    11 %
No- (190)    82.5 %
Undecided- (14)    06 %
Question #8
A recent report suggested that $16.50 or $130 per day or $2,600 per month or $25,000 per year was necessary for a person to survive in Surrey. Do you agree with this estimate?
Yes-(164)    71 %
No-(31)    13.5 %
Undecided-(35)    15 %
Question #9
Do you support a $10.00 minimum wage for all working British Columbians?
Yes- (205)    89 %
No- (17)    07 %
Undecided- (08)    3.5 %
Question #10
If Canada’s financial institutions begin to fail should the Canadian government bail them out?
Yes- (50)    22 %
No- (139)    60 %
Undecided- (41)    18 %
Most popular selections for response were as follows (ROBBINS TOP 16):
(1) Support for $10.00 minimum wage “for all working British Columbians” (89%);
(2) “No” to tolls being taken off the Coquihalla-- “being a benefit” (82.5%);
(3) “Yes” response that $16.50 per hour “was necessary for a person to survive in Surrey” (71%);
(4) Campbell is taking tolls off the Coquihalla because he wants votes (68%);
(5) Number of respondents who would do not want the Canadian government to bail out financial institutions here.
(6) Re-election of Dianne Watts for Surrey mayor (53%);
(7) BC NDP should sit in the Legislature on the scheduled first day as symbolic protest;
(8) Support for Carole James and BC NDP;
(9) Number of Surrey residents who don’t want Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts to be re-elected as mayor of Surrey;
(10) Support for BC Liberal leader Gordon Campbell;
(11) Number of Surrey residents who don’t believe that the BC NDP should have a symbolic one day sitting in the BC Legislature
(12) Support for Stephen Harper and Conservatives;
(13) Support for Jack Layton and federal New Democrats;
(14) Support for Stephane Dion and federal Liberals;
(15) Gordon Campbell takes tolls off Coquihalla because “it’s the right thing to do”;
(16) Undecided in the general federal election based on leader and party.
The Top 4 responses were derived from issues and not for political personalities even though both a federal and municipal election is underway in Surrey and a provincial election is coming. Two of the top three selections relate to respondent concern regarding wages.
Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts has two response choices in the top ten {6-9} at #6 the number of Surrey residents who want her to be re-elected and #9 those Surrey residents who don’t want her re-elected. Mayor Watts was already very popular in Surrey prior to news surrounding former New York mayor Giuliani coming to town for a well publicized speech, likely did not enhance her already significant voter base—although it did draw attention to the city throughout the lower mainland and to some extent across national media-it likely solidified her base and increased the totals against her as well.
The number of respondents who are of the opinion that the BC NDP should sit in the Legislature as a symbolic gesture against BC Liberal democratic arrogance is slightly more popular than support for the BC NDP leader and party. Great potential for publicity against response popularity for working wage which Campbell flatly ignores—against main kitchen and coffee table discussions of economic problems—or potential problems. At the very least politicians need to be seen to be doing their jobs—and we can’t see if they are working in their constituencies because there are no cameras and no Hansard to prove it.
Support for the three main federal leaders and their parties and Undecided line up in the bottom third of the response popularity according to our ROBBINS TOP 16.
I would like to hear from the Indo-Canadian politicians on how their community best advances practices of respect for the environment. Indo-Canadian people I have known—are all brilliant people. This is one business community British Columbians need to harness to re-build British Columbia to a better province than it presently is. Indo Canadians played a big role in the building of British Columbia. The Forest business- -start teaching your children respect and sensitivity for people different than you// please.
Times change and a community needs to recalibrate to properly meet its needs. I suspect that watching Barack Obama Democratic nominee for President of the United States- honestly is so cool—it’s unbelievable. I ask myself from time to time—could I have been as cool as Obama—than I quickly realized that this wasn’t possible because I was White. Hillbilly Whites like music the same way as Black people do—that’s our connection. Imagine 4 years of watching African American musicians down through the last 50 years (for me anyhow). I mean Good God Almighty—Barack Obama and Kid Rock. Now that’s my White mind thinking—see///not cool-but I like it so I write it.
Obama is 10% ahead of McCain with low double digit Undecideds. The shrinking of my favourite respondents Decideds—(although I am beginning to have new respect for Undecideds—if you can break down the Undecideds to get a leaning-----and maybe get a little more---without being annoying---all public opinion would be better). Respondents out of the phone book don’t answer the phone as frequently as they used too. A few years ago many more people who answered the phone from dialing phone numbers in White Pages-respondents who do answer are more inclined to (a) be voters; and (b) to take your survey.
The big corporate pollsters-multi-million dollar enterprises—huge lobby groups that almost rule the free world---they are not geared to community polling. The endeavour is not to play cute for business interests because they paid you a lot of money. The right idea is to help small business in the community—to make its case to counsel. Accurate numbers priced reasonably would facilitate a whole new community interest which would engage the community better---and ensure that active regulation would gradually smooth out special interests that dominate and frankly ruin the culture. Phoning hundreds of people in Port Moody BC and asking dozens of questions in order to ram down a waster disposal proposition that the vast majority of people in that city don’t want—is not becoming of a public opinion pollster---it’s our opinion that carnies at the fair show more finesse than this.
There isn’t enough transparency at the civic level. Candidates should not come from culls of those already ensconced in the community in a paid role—as an employee. I am thinking about the woman in Coquitlam from SHARE (a family-help organization—but funded by government) in my own community. Probably a great person for any job along these lines—but inappropriate for a city councillor. Why? The charity that pays her receives money from government---is a CUPE organization—this woman is already captive to the establishment and not to the people. Another woman-(and I’m not picking on women—or Unions here) is an ex legal secretary for a law firm which the city of Coquitlam does significant business with. Inappropriate. This is NOT how you build an elected group in city hall. Every politician needs a base. But those with the developers and union ties—are slaves to the edicts of the organizations that have bought them off—they are captive. I don’t trust the developer’s political nominees AT ALL. I don’t like the union nominees. These political ‘nominees’ are loyal to those corporations and unions that fund them and not to you the voter. This is how outside third parties control the political agendas at city hall—and it is why democratic government isn’t working. It’s a closed shop of business and union bought and paid for flunkies starting at the grass roots level—the municipal level.
The convention centre is hundreds of millions over budget—with a contract that must have been written by the developer's mother. The developer is a major donor to Campbell---in my world view this is closer to jail time—than more monkey business.
This is why the municipal government, provincial government and federal governments don’t work. (If the majority of citizens were aware of how deeply flawed and corrupt their governments were—they would be rioting in the streets the next day).
Email prospective civic candidates for government office and ask them if they have taken any money for their campaigns and if so who was donated money. Don’t wait for financial disclosure—too late--- they already could have a seat on council or in the legislature—that is if they intend to do any work. If candidates for election don’t respond—don’t vote for them. If they have taken money from companies or unions don’t vote for them. When an Independent gets in and owes special interests nothing—they can really get to work for the citizen ripping and tearing at the weeds that proliferate in the garden of municipal political corruption—and its there in every municipality. Stop the cycle of politicians as usual—it’s really killing our democracy—and the municipal level is where it all begins. There are hundreds of new visitors coming from the Tri-City, Surrey, Vancouver, Victoria---all over British Columbia—Canada—and the United States—reading ROBBINS—we’re hoping we can make a difference cleaning up our country, our province and municipalities--//corporations need to clean themselves up.
When the stock market begs for money—for bail-outs (now the Paul Revere’s in the business world—are even shunning the word bail-out)--- the citizens reserve the right to heckle the market—and look to the government for an ROI with their tax dollars. The noise of demand for money is moving towards a deal—this posturing by U.S. politicians is making some citizens --- down there desperate or angry. Surrey residents are either prepared—own their own home—or seem to live cheque to cheque. Having said that---the people in the U.S are more scared—thinn they are stubborn. Either way—the market is no longer free—everything has changed. The citizens have figured out that they can’t avoid the huge taxes they pay—don’t receive the services they should for their money---because the unethical and corrupt politicians—are handing money around to their friends—or to other organizations to help them get re-elected and feather their respective nests for the future.
If the pre-election appointments made by the Harper government—have gone to Conservative insiders---there will be NO Conservative majority government.
With the markets in the ‘shitter’---corporations either subsidized by government or by workers low wages---/ the owners of the means of production are in trouble---it’s the right time to begin to change the system—starting with the people you elect. Make a change—don’t vote the status quo.
Many respondents in this Surrey poll clearly noted their angst at high taxes and insufficient return on investment-particularly as this was linked to public services for the dollar. Campbell nearly gutted the civil service---than paid them off—hacked health services and transportation-----except for the Olympics—and his ability to balance the books has become the most pedantic effort at “how stupid is the population?”
Personal tax cuts to the rich in the first term were stupid—the money did not trickle down. The people had equity in their homes—from a development boom—but the stroke was the same for the middle class—and now the party is over. The party is over for Gordon Campbell—as his old cronies seek out safer havens in municipal elections. Cuts on all social programs and unbelievable claims to financial prudence.
Can Carole James keep the spike of Union money out of her arm—long enough-to bring the province right side up?
Watch for the pillow fights to ensue at all level of politics about who is credible or who isn’t-- with regards to audits or government oversight. It’s like wrestling—the spectacle is rigged—vote for candidates who are truly Independent.
Focus is on taxes that are too high—demand for more and better government services---greater accountability—and local issues.
Many respondents commented on Gordon Campbell’s obvious desperate pandering for votes—which would appear more directed at potential seat losses in the interior from real estate migration from younger people in the lower mainland to the Interior of the province—yyyyyy and also noted that it did “not” appear that the Port Mann Bridge was “going to be built anytime soon”—and “already the tolls are in place”. The announcement confused people as it was poorly communicated. The top message was tolls are down—and fast---right now---do it now---schnell---when you come out of the blue with wild gestures the fact that people are distracted gets them antsy—a few ask—“are they tolling the Port Mann Bride and Patullo now—they haven’t even started to build.”
Canadians don’t trust politicians—they don’t follow political events closely—because generally most (who still vote) know the game is rigged and there isn’t much they can do about it. The mainstream press has to jump up and down—because they are the cheerleaders for the cooked up democracy. With the markets in the crapper—the people even more upset---because they realize that the deal they have struck with the cooked up government—isn’t fair—doesn’t work---and they are being screwed—so that others in the system can get richer and further ahead while the ordinary people take the brunt of it.
If you don’t think the current American presidential election is about a soft revolution—and you don’t think that storm is heading to Canada—than you’re not paying close enough attention.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper has lost the sense that he is westerner--. Female and male voters accept him in equal number. Western male voters want a politician to go back east to Ottawa and fight for them—they traditionally see Ottawa as working for Ontario and Quebec. Women have traditionally been more inclined to submit to authority. Mr. Harper’s numbers in this Surrey poll are no higher than last time—but the mix of voters is a little different. I think more Liberals are deciding between Harper and Layton than Dion—that’s the problem. It’s like that 'saw' of Snidely Whiplash---all the way up the gut. Harpers gone so mild he is more Progressive Conservative than Conservative—he’s tough on crime—true—but he isn’t a Reformer anymore. The Conservative Party of Canada has been run by the former Progressive Conservative party of Ontario. How that will continue to help the rest of us out west is beyond me.
Claims by eastern pollsters that Jack Layton is stalling are pure and utter nonsense in our opinion. Eastern pollsters can’t poll BC----18% for New Democrats in BC they say. (Canada’s Harris Decima incidentally is owned by a lobby group out of New York and Washington).
This Surrey poll (Canada’s largest city in area—and expected to be largest population in 15 years. Surrey mayor—Dianne Watts is HOT—really HOT—but she is also smart and popular. Her popularity has matured the way you want---not sky rocket giggle numbers in decided support (70%) but not too far off-and with a larger group of people who don’t like you from the former wishy washy remains.
Former BC Premier William Vander Zalm used to say that if “50% of the people love me and 50% do not---I’m way ahead of the game.” Jack Layton is having a lot of success with visible minorities in Surrey including the Sikh and Hindi community. Seems PM Harper and mayor Watts pissed them off. Caucasians are calling immigrants, visible minorities, and aboriginals ‘entitled’ and as money gets tight—so do the people as their dough spills over to special interests to mollify them or pay for those bought off in the legal system—who broker deals for those special interests.
It’s election time—if you don’t have a favourite remember to vote for someone who is truly Independent. You’ll get far better representation.
Glen P. Robbins

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