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ROBBINS with property owners over MISSION, BC.
ROBBINS is 100% Glen P. Robbins and Family owned--no partners-no debt.  Oct 04, 2008

Method-This is a random telephone sample from a local telephone White Pages of 210 Mission residents and owners of property IN MISSION B.C.,-based on a September 30, 2008 article by Kathy Tomlinson of CBC---where 210 ‘property owners' were contacted between Friday October 3, and Saturday October 4, 2008. Respondents were very willing to participate in this poll—and offered their opinion with unbridled enthusiasm. Based on the demographic of Mission property owners and the more one-sided responses/ particularly the support of the BC scientist (and BC Liberal environment minister Barry Penner) in the polling question on Silverdale-and given the higher degree of confidence in ROBBINS strategic calls---I would assess the margin of error ‘statistically uncollaborated’ at about 5% plus or minus- 19 times out of 20 times @ 95% confidence. In other words if we interviewed one in five of ALL property owners in Mission, British Columbia we are certain to a legal standard of care—THAT 1,900 of 2,000 Mission property owners would provide responses similar to this ROBBINS poll---plus or minus 5%. Jim Van Rassel (604) 328-5398 helped with the cost of the poll.

Question #1
Who-- in your opinion--- would be the best political leader in BC for the good of the economy?
Gordon Campbell    38 %
Carole James    38 %
Question #2
Who-- in your opinion--- would be the best political leader in BC for the good of health care and education?
Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals    31 %
Carole James and BC NDP    50 %
Question #3
Who-- in your opinion--- would be the best political leader in BC for the good of the environment?
Gordon Campbell    24 %
Carole James    56 %
Question #4
Is it your intention to purchase a ticket to any event relating to the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics in Whistler BC?
Yes    01 %
No    97 %
Question #5
Would you be willing be accept less in municipal services if your municipal taxes were lowered as well?
Yes    64 %
No    32 %
Question #6
Would you be willing to accept higher municipal taxes if your municipal services were increased as well?
Yes    72 %
No    25 %
Question #7
A BC scientist who worked for the environmental ministry is warning against a large residential development proposed for Mission, BC. This scientist alleges to have been fired for speaking up against a development by Genstar—called Silverdale. The scientist says the development is not eco-friendly. BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell supports the development however BC Liberal environment minister Barry Penner of Chilliwack says the project still has hurdles and hasn’t been endorsed yet. Who do you trust more on this issue?
The fired BC scientist AND environment minister Barry Penner    70 %
Premier Gordon Campbell    22 %
Carole James ties Gordon Campbell on the economy, while the BC NDP Opposition leader trounces the BC Liberal premier on the environment. James and the BC NDP receive far more support than Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals-- when it comes to health and education, areas where most of British Columbia’s budget is spent.
According to this survey--- about 1 in 100 respondents who own property in the city of Mission British Columbia, intend to purchase tickets to an event relating to the 2010 Winter Olympic Games scheduled for Vancouver and Whistler. I would estimate that 200-300 tickets of some type will be purchased for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics from property owners in Mission, BC.
Two-thirds of Mission city property owners are willing to accept lower municipal services in return for lower taxes, whether living on more rural properties or suburban type properties—the general complaint is that “services are pretty low anyhow”. More than two thirds are willing to spend more for property taxes if services are increased based on the premise “they (the city of Mission) have already raised our taxes enough where are the services?”
It is fair to say that the Silverdale development in Mission, B.C. is not popular with property owners in Mission. The fact that these respondents already believe the deal is “done” notwithstanding the “glaring omissions in newspaper and news reports” based on “the highway that Kevin Falcon has already built for the development” makes the Premier and his BC Liberal government appear “dishonest” to Mission homeowners and “in the pocket of big developers”.
“How can one BC Liberal not know what the other is doing (??)—they’re all in on it together.”
Respondents to varying degrees commented on the development looking like “another Citadel (Port Coquitlam) clear-cut”, “a mess” or “done without the people of Mission having any input”.
Those respondents who offered that they were on septic tank (rural) were hoping for their properties to be better developed—sewer and water---and “doubted” that increased revenues to Mission city hall from development fees would “benefit them”.
A majority of respondents are willing to take a municipal tax cut on their homes and reduced services because they don’t believe they are receiving sufficient services, which might explain why these respondents are willing to pay more for more services. “They are going to raise our taxes anyhow—so where are the services?”
Some respondents are so angry about the Silverdale development that they are naming politicians-- including locals and provincial ones-- basically using terms and phrases like “crooked” “they are in the developers pocket (and everyone knows it),” and “people in Mission are very angry.” One respondent told ROBBINS that there is a “vigilante” mentality in Mission over the development.
Reading the local newspapers covering the jurisdiction of Mission including the “Mission Record” it would be difficult for an outsider to realize the extent of the anger Mission voter/homeowners are feeling about the Silverdale development and the deep resentment toward local elected officials--- without this surgical poll by ROBBINS.
Premier Campbell is no longer able to hide from his development past, and the people’s perception is that he only cares about “development at any expense” and “without regard for the people living in Mission.” As one Mission respondent said “I saw the Premier (Campbell) on television in a backhoe or machinery knocking down the (Coquihalla) toll both—it reminded me of how he’s destroyed the province.” Another old timer said “I never voted Social Credit—but I can tell you WAC Bennett would be rolling over in his grave over what Campbell has done to BC.”
Another respondent said “where I live it is almost impossible to access the highway—the planners don’t care---it’s the new development that matters—and they don’t care who they step on to get it done.”
Our question about Olympic event ticket sales--- currently underway--- triggered some angry responses who said “who except the rich can afford this” (Olympic tickets)? Other sentiments were echoed by this response “the Olympics are the developer’s games.”
Mission residents have Gordon Campbell’s BC Liberals number methinks— (but Vancouver may (or soon will) have their money) as there is no sense in Mission that everything is A-OK, the angst and anger is palpable—and was particularly impressive given that only 5 potential respondents rejected taking the poll.
The situation in Mission BC relating to the Silverdale property exemplifies the problems citizens are experiencing throughout the province. No accountability from local government or the media which purports to cover it. Sadly, this occurs at all levels everywhere in the province—and no-one has fleshed out the extent of this overall dysfunctional and corruption in BC better than ROBBINS-our polling firm which has quickly become the most important broker of information between people and government. Cheaters in government and corporations won’t want ROBBINS to check them out—but elected people who want a fair a true depiction of what the citizen’s really want will be delighted that ROBBINS is available.
The Mission Silverdale experience reminds me of Coquitlam and the Burke Mountain development. $350,000 of Coquitlam taxpayer money was spent on a consultation process wherein the developer--- Wesbild--- went to enormous lengths to present itself as eco friendly including provision for extensive low impact development (LID) (see ROBBINS—BC polls—Burke Mountain). A third party with a smaller interest in the region--- Progressive Development owned by Milan Ilich of Richmond—a huge donor to Gordon Campbell--- went to city hall late in the summer (when no-one is paying as much attention), and got Coquitlam city councillors Richard Stewart, Lou Sekora, Doug McDonnell, Brent Asmundsen, and realtor Mae Reid to vote AGAINST any low impact development--- on a mountainside watershed--- if you imagine such a transparent case of bending over (backwards if you like) for big developers.
Herculean efforts by ROBBINS, and Coquitlam city candidate Jim Van Rassel forced another city council vote in Coquitlam—where a watered down version of the original eco friendly development for Burke Mountain was the result. To date, the Burke Mountain development looks like a savage clear cut (and folks we don’t profess to be tree huggers).
The province of British Columbia is being run by developers for the benefit of developers at the expense of the satisfaction of the citizens no longer mollified by rising house prices. With the news of economic uncertainty and Wall Street “big wig” bail-outs—the people are less concerned about saying WHAT THEY ACTUALLY THINK.
It isn’t pretty.
It’s our opinion the BC Liberal government and Premier Gordon Campbell work for these developers doing their ‘bidding’. One has to wonder how the Premier isn’t aware of the issues relating to the development, or how Environment minister Barry Penner who lives in nearby Chilliwack doesn’t know that Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon has already constructed the highway from Silverdale.
This political assessment is supported without any doubt by the responses in our ROBBINS Mission poll---there is little doubt that the BC Liberal MLA in Mission is going to lose his provincial seat---as Campbell seats in the BC Legislature diminish by 6 from Burnaby to Mission/Maple Ridge and including Surrey---at this very moment in time. The question remaining is: Will Mission residents/homeowners/taxpayers rid themselves of the city council they apparently have so little regard for—or will they simply not vote (voting rates in municipal elections are embarrassing low—incumbents must love this).
The new political reporting in the province of British Columbia isn’t the mainstream newspapers, it isn’t the radio fluff or Gordon Campbell TV—its ROBBINS—and this Mission poll is proof enough of this.
Here are some visitor to ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) website in the last two days(3-4 Oct 08) (from Canada).
Abbotsford BC, Aldergrove BC,Burnaby BC, Coquitlam BC, Castlegar BC, Chilliwack BC, Duncan BC, Hope BC, Kamloops BC, Kelowna BC, Maple Ridge BC, Mission BC, Nanaimo BC, New Westminster BC, North Vancouver BC,Parksville BC, Pemberton BC, Port Coquitlam BC, Port Moody BC, Qualicum Beach, Richmond BC, Sechelt BC, Sidney BC, Sooke BC, Surrey BC, Vancouver BC, Victoria BC.
Airdrie Alberta, Calgary Alberta, Edmonton Alberta, Grande Prairie Alberta, Lloydminster Alberta, Medicine Hat Alberta, Olds Alberta, Red Deer Alberta, Saint Albert Alberta, Vermilian Alberta,
Regina Saskatchewan, Saskatoon Saskatchewan
Morden Manitoba, Winnipeg Manitoba
Alexandria Ontario, Angus Ontario, Barrie Ontario, Brantford Ontario, Clinton Ontario, Cornwall Ontario, Collingwood Ontario, Forest Ontario, Glace Bay Ontario, Guelph Ontario, Hamilton Ontario, Kitchener Ontario, London Ontario, Mississauga Ontario, Newmarket Ontario, Nepean Ontario, Ottawa Ontario, Richmond Hill Ontario, Saint Catherines Ontario, Thunder Bay Ontario, Toronto Ontario, Whitby Ontario, Winchester Ontario, Windsor Ontario, Woodstock Ontario.
Brossard Quebec, Montreal Quebec, Quebec City Quebec.
Moncton New Brunswick, Saint John New Brunswick.
Halifax Nova Scotia,New Glasgow Nova Scotia, Sydney Mines Nova Scotia, Truro Nova Scotia, Yarmouth Nova Scotia,
Charlottetown, PEI
Butwood Newfoundland, Corner Brook Newfoundland.

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