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ROBBINS-U.S. Presidential Race--08-Final Countdown--most accurate pollster in the World.
Sex on Fire--Kings of Leon  Oct 28, 2008

A targeted telephone survey of 1,315 respondents (average age 47) between October 20-26, 2008. Our internal estimate suggests this poll has a margin of error (using statistical and ROBBINS method) of 1.5%, 19 times--20 @97% (additional pts per ROBBINS methodology). Glen P. Robbins and Associates--

Question #1
Which political party or political association from those offered do you consider yourself to be part of?
Democrats    45.52 %
Republicans    39.62 %
Independent    12.61 %
Other/Undecided    2.39 %
Question #2
Who do you want to win the job of President of the United States?
Barack Obama    50.22 %
John McCain    45.55 %
Undecided/Other    4.11 %
Question #3
Can a working person live on net income of $55.00 per day?
Yes    32 %
No    68 %
“Likely” voters in the United States support the Democratic Party over the Republican Party----. However the new pool of Republicans has increased at a slightly higher rate than the Democrats. This number is not sufficient to permit John McCain’s party to get close to the Democrat base prior to the election unless they can get the vote out in very dramatic fashion. This possibility is doubtful considering the numbers that supported the Obama/Clinton pre-ticket//ticket—and are apparently out—voting in early polling. If the professionals can explain this another way please let us all know—but in the heart of the mainstream Barack Obama still looks like the winner! with reserves en masse coming over the mountainside.
A recent Zogby poll revealed that Senator McCain has an advantage over Obama with Undecided’s. We did not test this with our ROBBINS jury—in this poll—however our Undecided’s have diminished considerably from higher previous totals— and information in other mainstream polls---- does explain McCain’s savage but short cut into Senator Obama’s lead? Our polls average age is 47---- will younger voters who were supposed to help John Kerry in 04 (and didn’t---is this all talk or is change in America coming----that’s right a boring Canuck with a Can in a Bus—calling out my American brothers and sisters---whom I love—that’s right whom----/// amount to Barack Obama’s Big Bad Black---and White aces in the hole?)
Palin is a devout Christian—sometimes---things happen. Where do the moralists sit?
McCain and Palin have been hacking away like lumberjacks at Obama and Biden, the absolute bitch despair of these two Republicans mofo’s is the stuff of the legends—my mother taught me not to swear, but this fuckin McCain never gives up. That old soldier loves a brawl—he loves to brawl--and the foxy VP are all right---they got big goddamn vibe---it’s toxic—it’s chaotic—its a lot of sex---and a world of virgins—much too hot---this last week is going to cave my head in. What if Obama crushes McCain. Kicks his ‘ol ass dead?
(McCain and his wife Cindy are very athletic people and will likely outlive me and I am younger than they). Me personally, I’ve always loved John McCain. He is hero of mine—he is fine honourable man. If all my family money was lost because of a John McCain comeback—I would not cry. I’m a pollster—I’m a writer most though and Obama has been hot for a long time—the gap closes because Obama must transform to change agent community activist—to President living in the White House—while voters get down to business.
Nice fight folks---I’ve sure had a gas.
What if McCain stages the greatest political comeback in United States presidential election history? There’s money (and there’s odds)---but something very interesting is going to happen. There’s too money and heat in this thing------I’m with Zogby et al---‘ its five points between the two Top Dogs------- .. more “Purple Haze”—Jimi Hendrix.
ROBBINS Deep Throat—Sir Roger Adams B. Apple says and these are quotes-- “Hillary Clinton is still the most fascinating political personality in the United States”—comparing her to “Stalin with a great sense of humour”. “The most --in the know people”--- say Hillary made her husband –Bill-President—she has always been the power behind the throne.” Bill Clinton was a great President—he’s still the best statesman on the planet—this also makes Obama interesting.
I still say George W> makes it big time within 20 years---the world’s moving so fast—so fast baby—it’s like a goddamn rocket---Iraq absolutely the right foreign polic/y/ dude. But the world is close and information is juiced---and people love one another when politicians don’t intervene---that’s from the Jesus angle I suspect—all right now.
People who ‘write off’ George W. Bush are bias and don’t understand context. It’s not that tough—just never try and get laid talking politics—that’s evil. All great leaders suffer defiencies—but I must honest I’ve always supported George W. Bush—I can’t lie---let me tell you about a Bush family member. My younger brother Gordie and his beautiful first baby boy Jacob----falls very sick in Florida where Gordie is playing baseball – a lot of pain—but Jacob lives---////--n, fabulous hospital—Jeb Bush—than Governor of Florida and his wonderful State---send Gordie and Jacob home to Victoria (Vancouver)---but dig this folks—this is why the United States is still the greatest country on the plant---Jeb Bush’s Chief of Staff phones my home—a little old country boy---and asks me “ is everything all right” –10 minutes after the pl—ain lands the family home in Vancouver. I’ll never say a cross word against the Bush family—and I will always have their back.
I really love CNN—that’s a bias—truly an addiction I have—so I’m afraid that although my science will show up---some of my thinking is tainted by this news agency—(disclaimer). I watch a lot of other news---public broadcasting—I’m awful crafty—but really CNN is all news—it’s got the political stage---its near constant.
John McCain has (56%) of Independents, but this category of voter has become nasty in demand and this last bunch is not giving up their vote without being absolutely convinced. McCain’s gnashing of teeth campaign over the last weeks has to eat away at some anger—and McCain?Palin--- have suitably churned the soil. I have absolutely no evidence whatsoever—but I would bet-and this is ironic---that atheists and agnostics may also vote Republican. That’s a demographer talking—no sarcasm whatsoever.
The McCain (outside) machine is pushing hard on the story that Barack “Obama is not a naturalized citizen” and that is the real story for the trip to Hawaii. Is Arnold in support of this—(Arnie---vs. Palin) vs. Obama---how many of y’all getting set to buy tickets to that shit? The election is really starting to scream—it’s Halloween—what mask will your children wear on this wonderful Holiday to essentially sanctify and ‘groovify’ Satan How much money did Obama spend---like 100 billion or something 22000% of BDP- Best Domestic Product?
The Democratic Party support has increased by (12.34%) since our last poll published on October 14, 2008. The Republican Party base has increased by (18.90%). Overall, this is an increase of a (6.56%) higher amount for the Republicans over ten days—than the Democratic increase. However, the Independent/Other/Undecided category (provided on a three category basis on October 18, 2008) was (26.19%) in total when now this combined total (provided on a two category basis) is only (15%).
In our ROBBINS October 14, 2008 poll declaring Obama the next President of the United States, the Democrats had 7.33% higher support in their base than the Republicans did. Now the Democratic base is (5.90%) higher than the Republican base. In the October 14, 2008 poll Barack Obama and Joe Biden were supported by 8.01% more than Republicans John McCain and Sarah Palin. Now Barack Obama on his own is 4.67% higher in public support than Senator John McCain.
Doesn’t Obama look like a goddamn panther?—it’s a thing of beauty—this is where the next level of leadership and thought has to be—it has to have the deep sense of understanding of the foreign policy actors like ---a Kissinger---the statesmanship of Howard Baker---the decency of Colin Powell.
On October 14, 2008 the combined Democrat/Republican combined support was (73.81%) of total now on October 24, 2008 the Democratic/Republican combined support is (85.14%) of total. Obama ponders life In Hawaii as the clock runs down along with the Undecided.
Republican Ron Paul needs to support John McCain but their differences on foreign policy make this impossible. Any more news reflecting badly on Ron Paul’s political past will not help the Republican Party, but anyone advancing this news will be surely seen to be pandering of toxic waste. Does Ron Paul control one half, 1, or 2% of total public support?
If the final week of this Presidential election are going to be blood and guts as this poll suggests than there’s your red meat people. Juicy succulent red meat—bleeding or near blue—the best of the best red meat. Connect those dots (and that spin) and I give you drama beyond your wildest dreams.
I never mentioned I’ve been a long time fan of David Gergen. This isn’t my angle—but I trust this guy. Roland Martin helped make me feel the soul of the election---Frican American people get it---they try to stay out of denial—cuz that cuts into the groove---the flow the sweetness of life. I like it. I’m behind it.
Other than this--- we still see Obama as (moon walking) into the White House because although the evidence is imperfect, it shows he is attracting more soft Republicans while McCain grabs Independents but nearly no Democrats. Will the Republicans look at this solid ROBBINS portrait and consider an opening for McCain to make a run for the Roses, or are they looking at cutting their losses and simply try to keep this close. Will meanness and political guile drive the McCain camp to the final upset politically victory of his life—or will he try to be respectful and hope for the best? Political insiders will honestly tell you that the fight behind the scenes is uglier than one can imagine—But how the public perceives the ruptures of negative—the desperation coming out front as time runs out—is what is most important.
Its 15 rounds and we are just closing the 13th with Obama solidly in front with guards everywhere—but McCain and Palin kicking and screaming as Chicago begins construction of the palace.
This group of voters whose income we did NOT ask, generally split between male and female gender, and whose average age is 47 have their various ways of expressing themselves on the matter of low income. Though I suspect voters of low income are suitably pissed, if the poorer side of the burgeoning new middle class in America—is too angry to vote Obama than he has something to think about, however the number of respondents in this ROBBINS poll who believe in him rather than just support him as many do McCain, passion over some more dubious types of loyalty-------I would gamble that Obama could still win by more than the difference this polls suggests--- rather than believing McCain is going to catch him.
Cover my ass, “The most accurate pollster in the world”. I always tell my children to start small. I’m obviously plugged into power—not always defined by orthodox standards—but I can tell you like a groundhog predicts the seasons—this shit ain’t done.
Remember when I first ‘hooked’ up with Barack, called him out on foreign policy—he dropped my ass ---This is the only time I’ve been dropped and it was blunt and crude but powerful---Barack’s a bitch—he’ll kick whatever your coloured ass is---People of the physical world—don’t try him—he’ll kick your ass—and if you’re racist—it’ll mean that Black people are the more powerful in the world—Leave it be.
The fact remains there are still a group of Independents who claim in slightly higher numbers to be supporting Senator John McCain; however he has used up about one third of their totals from 10 days ago to get a residual increase after dressing up with Sarah Palin as Vampire and going for Obama blood. Sarah Palin secretly scares the shit out of some Democrats who are unwilling to express their full emotions (we suspect) .
It says something about Independents—feel free to disagree but does McCain have the conspicuous balance of these? Zogby’s right—me thinks—McCain may have an edge in Undecided’s---but my average age middle age compilation of voters says that category ain’t such a deep well to draw from anymore.
Governor Palin is energizing the Republican base and obviously that’s still important (so what---if I never turn off the TV when she’s on). Is that science? Who cares—how many Americans vote based on issues and how many vote based on personalities? Is it me or does she just keep get better look-in? Now if Hank Williams Jr. goes McCain//out of loyalty I wonder?—if McCain cant’ convince some of them—Palin has to keep sharing the love—of John McCain, but how does she achieve this and keep her fresh Independence flourishing?
The vast majority of likely American voters does not believe that a working person can live on $55 per day. The outcome of this question is--- a little misleading---- as a good portion of respondents who answered “Yes” said so--/ because “many Americans are actually living as insects under this government tyranny//”.
This question fooled some American Republicans---who answered “No” perhaps without fully appreciating the gravity of subtle despair among this group of citizens who “barely survives”. Then again there are other Republicans in smaller communities (under 50,000 population) who we believe make this money and think John McCain might do better on the economy. These types of voters might line up to go to a Lynard Skynard concert—or hope to see Sarah Palin in a bikini drinking Jack Daniels—but may not go out to vote for John McCain----- unless they back the military and winning the war abroad.
With infomercials coming and advance voting apparently tipped to Obama does this five points expand—-------------or will some voters give the –conspiracy theorists their due—and say—maybe McCain is a better choice?
ROBBINS Sce Research (1998)
Glen P. Robbins

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