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Tres belle Coquitlam boutique poll of voters-property owners
  Nov 02, 2008

A small sample survey of 55 Coquitlam residents who are property owners, relating to the civic election slated for November 15, 2008---in this strategic calling environments-boutique survey in Coquitlam, British Columbia-counting of heads. These respondents have also voted in the past two civic elections in Coquitlam, British Columbia. (Voters/Property Owners). No methodology but given the qualifications of the respondents and voter turnout generally I would estimate that this ROBBINS small sample is a clear indicator of what Coquitlam voters will say at the polls if the election were held now.
Coquitlam city councillor Jim Van Rassel—who is one ‘unique cat’—but I will tell you true—there is nobody—repeat nobody you will ever meet in your life who is as functionally----producing things—understanding the function of things in the environment around him---as this fellow---the city would do well to give his own special seat—as an advisor to all—brilliant human being. The rest ‘ya learn as ya go’. Van Rassel wanted to buy a sponsorship for Cheryl Seale—he likes her from the new batch. I phoned Seale’s campaign independently of Jim’s request—having never done this—for an honorarium—campaign never got back to me—“No” I guess—so Jim wanted to buy it for her anyhow—and why not—me? Erica—Cheryl’s amiable campaign manager says “no thanks they want to stay independent” Bill to Van Rassel for this –only $450—. $8.50 per respondent. Will the hundreds’ of new IP’s coming to ROBBINS and Van Rassel’s hard work on the ground be better money spent than thousands on advertising?

Question #1
In your opinion would significant change on Coquitlam city council-- the day after the civic election on November 15, 2008 ------- be a bad thing?
Yes    38 %
No    51 %
Question #2
Who do you prefer for your next mayor of Coquitlam?
Richard Stewart    33 %
Maxine Wilson    31 %
Can't Answer/Other/Undecided    36 %
Question #3
Which of the following choices for civic electoral reform would be most important to you if you had to choose one?
Extending the time in office for elected civic city council members from election to re-election to four years from three years--- for Coquitlam civically elected politicians    36 %
Ensuring term limits are put in place for sitting city councillors (but not mayors) THAT no person should sit as city councillor in the City of Coquitlam for more than two consecutive terms of three years each—AND increase the city councillors rather mode    37 %
Can't Answer    27 %
Question #4
In your opinion should additional resources be provided to help Coquitlam to enhance the look and to take significant steps to beautify and otherwise promote the city of Coquitlam in order to protect property values in softening local real estate markets and--------- create an environment that is crime free a la New York city under than Mayor Giuliani and Surrey Mayor-- Dianne Watts?
Yes    72 %
No    28 %
Question #5
The world renowned CATO Institute in the United States has evidence which indicates that nowhere in North American has light rapid transit resulted in the relative lowering of motor vehicles on the road, To Wit: light rapid transit is a waste of taxpayer money. Do you believe this assertion on its face?
Yes    64 %
No    31 %
Comments/other prophetic spin
The baseline ‘smarts’ in this poll like the snap of shower towel from one of your-- ‘won’t come out of the closet gay friends‘—initially civic voters are looking for some change on city council. Watch out---everybody in the suburbs—especially the ladies are talking Obama—his thing is all about change---and when they ain’t talking polite it ain’t just about change--- that was the deal up front and he rode that wave all the way to shore and the trophy. California is going to love Obama, the amount of money this will spin---the dollars stuffed in your dark dank lifeless body after being crushed in a ‘free money for all government blitz’---would be plenty to make you rich. Lessons in promotion from the King--ROBBINS.
This is where both candidates for mayor are drawing some doubters. Maxine Wilson has to explain why she should get another term---this shit isn’t tenured-and she’s nobodies fool—yet. If you want a direct answer to a question ask her husband Gordon Wilson. Richard Stewart is an underachiever as well. Really smart, intelligent man—I’m not sure where the BC Liberal entrails coalesce and the independent begins—but if Richard can spank some charisma out of those loins of his—I think he’ll win. But I’m talking Elvis—a little. Richard, watch Black people dancing to soul music—and listen to Quebecois rural music. If that doesn’t bring this whole thing home for you—nothing will. I still think Richard’s ties to others in the political sphere—James Moore- MP—Campbell---but if Richard can distance himself from Iain Black(stein) and Gordon Campbell’s evil doer Mini-B-loy/-me//he might stand a chance.
(Word is out that Union money better support Wilson---the reason I don’t like civic politics is that most of the banter actually comes down more to flatulence issues than real ones)—when there is plenty to discuss. Most of these incumbents could care less if 2% of the public showed up so long as they got re-elected—prove me wrong here—please.
The higher number for “No” is mitigated somewhat for this simple explanation: It’s manipulative. But it’s transparently manipulative—and those are the best types of manipulative questions. They provoke the ‘screwiness’ out of the respondent—the honesty. This is delightful too. Over one half don’t think “significant change on city council” would be a bad thing. But manipulative or not this tells me quite a lot from ‘Chronic civic voters’. The balancing act are the numbers for mayor, sufficient to make the change issue—essentially a 50/50 proposition among ‘Chronic civic voters’ in the city of Coquitlam.
There are at least six new good prospects for city council. All things being equal—which they seldom are—but my guess right now---as the most accurate pollster in the world--- is this---Salina Robbin(son), Cheryl Seale and Jim Van Rassel could take any seat from anyone on city council—except for maybe Lynch—and Donnelly---Nicholson-- and things would be just as good or better. There were two or three more new candidates there that are good and I want to get a better feel--. Linda Reimer has that ‘witchy’ confidence—but I am wondering if her confidence comes from---the company she keeps promoting her—or because she is a confident person. I am staying away from ‘developers nominees’ until I hear different. (Lochhead--if you publicly state you ought to sue me--than do it-otherwise sit down and shut up).
Salina Robinson comes from SHARE Family Counseling services—whose workers are CUPE. The staff at Coquitlam city hall is CUPE. Maxine Wilson is backed by CUPE—is Salina Robinson in Maxine’s down line or is she sufficiently independent to be taken seriously. (Also—check out your supporters list—the businesses for labour practices—please---your background is psychology—see about incongruence(s)).
Candidate Cheryl Seale was a former legal assistant with Bull, Housser Tupper. Her husband Paul is a lawyer. No conflict here so long as no more city money goes to Bull, Housser Tupper—or to any law firms involving or related to husband Paul--or the other lawyers ’in the band’ Clean slate please. Cheryl’s manager phones ROBBINS and says Cheryl ‘doesn’t advertise because she wants to be independent‘. I see you advertise in the local news---that isn’t independent. One is owned by CanWest Global which also owns Gordon Campbell TV, and the other is owned by David Black who if he isn’t one of Gordon Campbell’s better friends--he is close. If you win-and you may because ROBBINS has vetted you and given you a positive endorsement-- you will have to prove independence every day of your civic life---trust me on this.
Mae Reid gets a seat because of Riverview. I know I don’t know everything there is to know about Riverdale, but after this election we’re all going to meet and talk about what we want to do---and I will go get it. I think you’ all know what this means?
ROBBINS Deepthroat--the more aggressive ancillary arm of ROBBINS asks this questions of candidates: Can you tell us which highfalutin Canadian-BC labour personality was once charged with trafficking cocaine--with charges and others mysteriously disappearing? You heard it hear first! Ask Mike Farnworth how to stop the pain!
Has anyone seen Barry Lynch’s (city councillor) credentials? This guy should be running provincial or better yet, federal politics. Barry—my brother---it’s the most accurate pollster in the world---go grab you big vote—for city councillor---and tell me we shouldn’t talk?
Fin Donnelly is an honest man. He is really good person too.
Van Rassel ‘dirt napped’ Brent Asmussen—they both apparently live on Burke Mountain—Van Rassel liked Asmussen—voted for him—and thinks Brent “rolled over” on his commitment to Burke Mountain. Van Rassel is like one of those mountain men—disagree with something really important to him and if he thinks you’re up to bring the gloves up and fight in the driveway.
I remember my first night working as a bouncer at the Cariboo Trails Hotel— in a younger Coquitlam--the best in Canadian Rock played there—saw a biker guy kicking his (former) opponents head on the ground—and no-one was stopping him. Cops usually let this go. We didn’t see many guns or knives---we weren’t sissy’s—we fought like men—some vicious shit man---but like men. I started drinking every night before work—get the courage up---fought in bars all over Vancouver—bouncing-- causing trouble—chasing women—I was so much older than—I’m younger than that now---The Byrds.
Everyone sneaks up to Jim afterward and says “it had to be said Jim.” There’s one warm seat maybe.
Richard Stewart is Canadian bilingual---James Moore has Heritage—Riverview----don’t try this yourselves—its way bigger than your imagining right now. It’s a job for ROBBINS.
I want to rename the area “Malliardville--Little French Quarter”, Coquitlam, British Columbia. I want statues of civic leaders placed in the new area. Christmas—Sekora—we’d vote on it. A Sense of the posterity of the local politics combined with what I expect to be biggest tourist draw in the lower mainland. We gonna get some great acts—New Orleans style---but a bona fide and clear connection to Quebec. Work this into the casino and entertainment---make the whole region Moneytowne, Quebec, British Columbia. This is going to take some big dough—but we’re talking Riverview---the development of the casino. Let’s keep on bringing on the big acts from the states---let’s get cookin'—I can’t wait.
James Moore gets some big dough so set up Heritage here baby----.//after Campbell’s gone—not before—or there’s going to trouble—folly?
The best social science institution in the free world. Everyone living in the homes in the area—segregated from fee simple---in the Riverview Lands Social Science Model. Really smart people---the best—forgive me for this---but never go short on Jewish people in the area of psychiatry and psychology---Jews and Germans have a real aptitude in this area—my Irish blood makes me more traditionally---sociopathic with a nice twist--. Martin says this is true—and if I’m just a fool for his love (Layla—Derek and the Dominos) than so be it.
I know Stephen Harper---well I don’t know him—but I know him---this is a bright man no matter his shortcomings on personality—he certainly has some panache---he will begin to see the ROBBINS vision—the country that leads when the next level comes—must lead in specialized areas involving the human mind—human behaviour—the beginning of Canada initiating its own NGO---(now that's a contradiction in terms)-the social and economic impact that this could have—we must be the very best at everything—at every level—better than we do---but academically we must compete at the highest levels. If we’re going to be a country of service as part of economic development let’s be smart and very ambitious about this.
ROBBINS Deepthroat tells me the silviculture business in British Columbia—that’s tree growing people----could be decimated in two years if the provincial government doesn’t get its act together. Are the federal Liberals really connected to a carbon trading scheme with a major Canadian air carrier and tree cutting contracts in cities and municipalities throughout the lower mainland? Is cutting down trees to replace these--- with smaller samplings a good thing to do to the environment? You’ve started the discussion—this is a civic survey---this is civic issue.
Doug McDonnell everybody likes him—he an ex RCMP---honest man like Donnelly—but different on some things. A lot of people are saying that Doug’s “heart isn’t really in it”—the backbiting---painful operation of city council---McDonnell has done well with sport---he’s remained modest—but if Maxine has a chance she will need McDonnell’s support—if he doesn’t really give a shit---than he won’t make this play---if not—something to think about? He’s in too deep---if he goes game---and roars like Leo the Lion for Richard Stewart and Maxine wins—his best bet is head of garbage division—oddly the most important of all.
Is Lou Sekora too old or is he just waiting to percolate like a well brewed Colombian coffee? Lou’s best when he’s growling. Let’s keep our eye on the big old bear----if he’s tired we’ll know—and than he has to go//// for new blood---if there’s bloodshed---and he takes a dagger to Maxine’s heart----this my friends would be theatre at its finest---but how will such an act reckon with the electorate. It’s his seat.
Neil Nicholson is money in the bank. I would have picked him in a second for Mayor. He’s older—he wise—he’s reasonably -----patient//sarcastic to snarly if you try to piss on h—is shoes—he understands money—he’s a chartered accountant—but he has great soul for a white guy. I’m a big fan of Neil Nicholson.
If Neil –gave- me/ money I’d just say “Thanks”.
Port Moody has a one-sided referendum question regarding extending the term from election to election from three to four years. I know they mean well---but don’t do this ‘stuff’ yourself. Get a pro like ROBBINS construct it for you---look---market researchers really aren’t that good at political polling—they take politics straight on—and this doesn’t work—you have to approach it from a political perspective first and always--.
Our other choice here might not make to a referendum question—however it serves us well here—We got a lot of work done—with willing sets of ears---with all the negative stuff about politicians and bureaucrats taking a pay raise—consecutive term limits—was what we asked not term limits only—so a break after two terms—keeps it fresh---and sparked one half of respondents to say yea I’ll take that with a raise. Incentive for ambition—no crime in that—but take a break—don’t suffocate that goddamn seat. Greg Moore—in a hot contest that debate idea can get traction---on demand—but with insufficient traction—it looks dime store—and unless you’ve got a lot of groove with young people—and you’re BC Liberal so you don’t---that move is soufflé—and has no foundation. It makes Bowen look conservative---and will help him with ‘more likely’ voters—as the rock the vote debate looks more like trouble in a city council that had enough----I expect to see Scott Young win a seat on Coquitlam city council. A lot of Undecided in the mayor question choose a longer term—many because “they don’t want to vote all the time.” Even the Chronic civic voter’s league is getting sick of you guys---
The well respected U.S. think-tank CATO Institute essentially calls light rapid transit ‘a scam’ a waste of taxpayer dollars, it doesn’t work at getting cars off the roads. The majority of property owners and two time consecutive civic voters---agree in the majority. Have fun with that in Burquitlam--while the most accurate pollster in the world watches the U.S. returns. (My agent tells me if Obama wins--I can only be seen in the future with other Gods or benevolent sorcerers--- in my company). Jon Kingsbury--a pretty good guy-told ROBBINS--that a light rapid transit down St. John’s at level would certainly help with real estate and tourism. If CATO is correct, than let’s do this at grade thing through Maillardville-Little French Quarter? Richard, James--what say you mes amis?
I see 17% vote if the action doesn’t pick up. Let ROBBINS have a crack at these candidates/no-one discovers like ROBBINS—dump the beauty contests---it’s really pitiful and does nothing to advance interest in civic politics---where there should be the most interest.
Let’s take that gambling money and beautify Coquitlam---scary beautify—set the stage for the next decade here. Every area---unbelievable. I don’t want so much money going to culture from our coffers----let’s get some federal dollars here///after Campbell----. (AC-BC, Canada). Mark THAT on your calendars.

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