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Who is behind the effort to take BC Conservative Party from leader Wilf Hanni? see Court Petition
haven't we seen this act before?  Nov 04, 2008

On October 6, 2008 a Petition was filed in the BC Supreme Court by the Petitioner the BC Conservative Party and leader Wilf Hanni.
Essentially, the Petitioner asks the courts to make as null and void the actions of an apparently disgruntled group of a dozen respondents.
Mr.Hanni and other petitioners assert that the break away group (the respondents in the Petition), were either not bona fide members, or were not good members in standing of the BC Conservative Party--led by Mr. Hanni.
The Societies Act which governs political parties has been asked by Mr.Hanni's BC Conservative Party to among other things stop falsely representing that they are the BC Conservative Party.
Under the Act, a group of 10% or more of members in good standing of the party---in this case the BC Conservative Party are permitted to Petition the Board of Directors of the Party to hold an extraordinary meeting--to deal with 'whatever' the demands of that petitioning group are.
Leader Wilf Hanni asserts that "the breakaway faction of the party claimed to have 10% of the members but they did not, many of the names on the petition were not valid-so it's our position that all of the actions which followed should be declared as invalid."
Hanni is not surprised by the actions of this group. "The BC Conservative Party showed as well as the BC Green Party in the recent two Vancouver bye-elections and we are on the move growing in support in public opinion throughout the province of British Columbia."
Added Hanni "we fully expect to secure our Orders from the BC Supreme Court and moving quickly to ensure that all British Columbians realize that the BC Conservative Party is ready, willing and able to lead British Columbia out of the darkness of nearly two decades of dysfunctional government."
"We know what British Columbians want and we fully expect to deliver."
The BC Conservative Party averaged nearly 5% in popular support in the two Vancouver bye-elections-which on its face may not seem significant, but given the limited resources spent by the party and the massive resources spent by the mainstream parties, in a region of the province which does not traditionally support BC Conservatives this is a stark wake-up call to the BC NDP, but more particularly Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals who lost the 1996 provincial general election in large part to the 9% showing the the BC Reform Party, a party which Hanni used to lead.
ROBBINS estimates that a bye-election showing of nearly 5% could reflect support of upwards of 10% or more provincially for the BC Conservative Party under leader Wilf Hanni-and even higher regional support in specific parts of the north and eastern ridings of the province.
One BC Liberal member who spoke with ROBBINS on the condition of anonymity indicated that "the near 5% showing for Hanni and his BC Conservative Party, combined with the drop in support for BC Greens and the dreadful showing for Gordon Campbell's BC Liberals, probably spell the end of BC Liberal political dominance in the province of British Columbia."
Ultimately ROBBINS will decide if this is true or not.

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