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Coquitlam city council candidate Jim Van Rassel says
  Nov 07, 2008

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November 6, 2008
Jim Van Rassel Candidate for Coquitlam City Council says "Enough is Enough"
Press Release:
Jim Van Rassel candidate for Coquitlam city council announced at the Maillardville all-candidates meeting that it is doubtful if the Evergreen rapid transit line will ever be built and the $400 million set aside with Translink ought to be given to the Tri-Cities in order for them to fund programs which will make the region, specifically Coquitlam, more livable.
“Rapid Transit has been promised to this region for decades. The BC Liberal government has been promising the Evergreen Green Line for years.
Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon has not kept his promise to provide evidence of construction of the line; there are no signs whatsoever, no office, no foundations, no work, simply no evidence at all. Coquitlam residents are being duped, and we need solutions now. Bike paths, more buses, incentives for small business to hire local, all of these are viable alternatives to the EVER -DREAM LINE.” “Let’s face it, Gordon Campbell isn’t going to spend any money when the entire region has no plans to re-elect him or his government, and most of his supporters are running for city council and away from him, the unions are hoping to exploit the advantage for themselves, to the detriment in my opinion of the Coquitlam’s best interests.”
Van Rassel is also scolding union backed civic candidates who he believes “are being led by the hand by union officials who sit in at all candidate meetings making sure these bought and paid for candidates toe the line.”
Van Rassel blames the lack of voter turn-out and apathy in Coquitlam civic elections on the fact that “virtually every incumbent on city council in one way or another acts as a puppet for special interest, I’m not alone in this line of thought, from where I sit and what citizens have told me, they don’t believe their vote matters, special interest buys votes at city hall, I won’t be popular among incumbents for saying this, but it’s the truth, and I want to represent the citizens in Coquitlam, not unions, developers or other special interests who want their own personal marionettes.”
Van Rassel adds “at the all candidates meeting located at -------sponsored by the Tri-City Chamber of Commerce tonight, I will repeat these concerns; I’ve had it up to my eyeballs with this little charade, democratic viability hangs in the balance, and it is my belief that I am the only candidate speaking on behalf of the citizens of Coquitlam at this time.”
Van Rassel believes that “low voter turnout supports the status quo of special interests interference and undemocratic control of government, and a high voter turnout will likely represent real change which they don’t want.”
Van Rassel is urging Coquitlam residents to “vote for Jim---Jim Van Rassel, you don’t have to vote for anyone else if you don’t want, but please vote even if you only vote for me, at least you will have a voice, a real voice on city council, separate from the special interests that use your taxes as their own play money, to support and encourage their best interests, NOT yours.”
-30- (delivered to Canadian Press)

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