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ROBBINS accurately predicts Vancouver, Coquitlam and Surrey elections.
Coquitlam elections process flawed  Nov 16, 2008

A couple of items of interest. Actually, ROBBINS not only polled the Vision Vancouver nomination EXACTLY--we did poll Gregor Robertson ahead of Ladner some weeks ago. We never re-published for the obvious reason that his lead increased. Please note new BC NDP poll vs BC Liberal poll--who called this first--ROBBINS naturally. We enjoy being followed. We also polled for (most popular) for mayor some time ago--Fin Donnelly 1st (he ran for council got highest vote total of any candidate of any category), Lou Sekora 2nd (he ran for council got 3rd highest), Richard Stewart (who won mayor) and Maxine Wilson (who received 5th or 6th highest votes overall (based on all categories).
We audited the election process in Tri-Cities including Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, and Coquitlam--and attempted to publish on Vancouver Sun website--but it was not permitted by editing (under my personal name). Footnote: Addendum: My understanding is that Vancouver Sun's lawyers had to okay my publishing before hand--(correct me if I am wrong please), and did eventually publish this--thanks to Vancouver Sun-
Port Coquitlam's process was exceptional. There were instructions on voting inside polling stations, inside voting cubicles, and scrutineers reminded voters consistently that you vote for UP TO one mayor--6 city councillors etc.
Coquitlam was a mess. We audited 10 of 25 polling stations and conducted exit polling. In all but one of the ten scrutineers routinely improperly instructed voters they MUST vote for one mayor eight councillors and four school trustees. Sometimes the instruction from one scrutineer to another (sittng side by side) varied between up to eight city councillors and you vote for eight city councillors.
The correct instruction should be--and it ought to be posted everywhere--you MUST make at least one selection for your ballot to be valid and you MAY vote for up to----one mayor, eight city councillors, and four school trustees.
Exit polls indicated many voters believed particularly following the instruction--that they were compelled to vote for 1, 8, 4. Whether purposeful--or simply negligent--this process is entirely flawed and I would suggest helps those candidates with better name recognition-to voters who believe they must choose the whole slate of eight or six as it were.
A very flawed process.
Voting ballots at some polling stations had a sheath to secure the results of the voter's choices while most did not.
Some voters were angry they could not protest with spoiled ballot as machine would not accept too many choices or no choice. Spoiled ballots are accounted for in general federal elections.
A quick note-Dan Rogers (prince george), John Horgan, BC NDP lived two house from one another and I lived about one mile away--we all went to same schools in Saanich BC.
Our Surrey prediction is less to crow about. Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts is without question--without doubt the hottest politician (and woman) in the province--her electoral win a foregone conclusion. It's difficult to forecast an election outcome of a foregone conclusion--but our Surrey Poll on Dianne Watts is pretty close. Needless to say it was a wipeout. But ROBBINS predicted Watts years ago when then mayor Doug McCallum was pushing her out of SET. We met with Dianne Watts--at that time--and now the rest is history.

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