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Coquitlam City Municipal government goes good-fellas
  Jul 19, 2004

A random telephone survey from Vancouver, BC of 225 respondents within the City of Coquitlam between July 18-20, 2004. This survey features a margin of error of plus or minus 2.5%, 18 times out of 20, at 98% competency. Look for this survey and dozens of others, locally, BC, Canada, and USA and the World at the soon to be opened public website of ROBBINS Sce Research (1998).

Question #1
Which of the following three expressions best reflects your attitude towards future development in the City of Coquitlam?
Slow and steady wins the race    42.30 %
The early bird gets the worm    29.40 %
Haste makes waste    26.30 %
Undecided    2.30 %
Question #2
In your opinion which of the following three choices best reflects how you would approach development in the City of Coquitlam?
There is a huge demand for housing and accommodation in Coquitlam, and we had better get a move on to meet that demand    29.80 %
We should approach development in Coquitlam at a moderate and measured pace to ensure we don't overdevelop or overlook environmental considerations    44.90 %
Development in Coquitlam is moving much too quickly, we need to slow down and re-evaluate our policies with regard to development in Coquitlam    24.00 %
Undecided    1.40 %
Question #3
The Tri-City News just reported a nearly two million dollar windfall for Coquitlam from increased gaming and slot machines originating at the Great Canadian Casino in Coquitlam. In your opinion, should Coquitlam residential property owners receive a share, say 30%, of this windfall by way of dividend, tax rebate, or reduced property taxes?
Yes    72.90 %
No    24.50 %
Undecided    2.70 %
Question #4
In your opinion, should Coquitlam taxpayers spend $60,000 to send the Mayor of Coquitlam and his associates to Europe to investigate other ‘rubber tire’ Guided Light Transit models already in use, when there is no clear indication that he/they are keen to proceed with the (GLT) ‘rubber tire’ model in the first place?
Yes    23.20 %
No    76.00 %
Undecided    .09 %
Commentary-Less than one-third of Coquitlam residents support the current pace of development in Coquitlam. Nearly the same numbers want to bring the schedule to a halt, and reconsider policy. The majority of respondents want the development policy of Coquitlam to be amended and approached at a slower more deliberate pace. Respondents have been made aware by news articles in the Tri-City News and Coquitlam Now newspapers, of a blitzkrieg of trucking activity from the gravel pits near the Coquitlam River, which disturb many of the citizens, and is indicative of a development pace which the majority of Coquitlam residents feel is out of control.
Coquitlam property tax payers want some of the casino money back in their pocket. It’s little wonder. Many respondents who complained of paying their property taxes at their bank on the second to last or last day prior to the date of imposition of penalties by the City, were charged penalties anyhow because the city alleges they did not receive the money in their account until after that date. These property taxpayers have received overdue notices and are being forced into taking their bank statements into city hall in order to get the penalty money back. This is simply an offensive gouge by the city. With big development dollars, gambling dollars, and heavy handed collection practices the City of Coquitlam is beginning to look more like the mafia than a community organization.
Against the conspicuous backdrop of tax collection, gambling revenues, and development in overdrive, the notion of Mayor Kingsbury and his political entourage spending $60,000 of taxpayer money on a European vacation, given particularly the Mayor’s overall performance with respect to RAV, and his historical reluctance to fairly and properly deal with Port Moody is quite simply the low end of ridiculous.

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