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RSR ROBBINS Research - Canada Politics November 27, 2008
  Nov 27, 2008

A major ROBBINS poll of 1,702 Canadians, including: (512 Ontario respondents), (272 Quebec respondents), (404 British Columbians), (175 Alberta), (83 Manitoba), (77 Nova Scotia), (71 Saskatchewan), (121 Newfoundland and Labrador-our largest), (100 Prince Edward Island—our largest), (125 New Brunswick—our largest)—“Adjusted for population” and conducted by way of telephone interview the 3rd week of November 08--margin of error (where Undecided is considered a valid outcome relative to other choices--of (0.75%) based on valid orthodox statistical methodology and ROBBINS 'proprietorial for polling purposes' methodology in the United States of America for ROBBINS.
Our special thanks to the “Australian Bad Boys” whose business enterprise will not be mentioned in public---I promise.
FREE Conrad Black—we need his money and his brain.
Glen P. Robbins
Sponsored in part by Jim Van Rassel (604) 328-5398

Question #1
For which party did you vote in the most recent federal general election in October 2008?
Federal Conservatives    37 %
Federal Liberals    27 %
Federal NDP    18 %
Bloc Quebecois    09 %
Federal Greens    07 %
Question #2
If an election were held tomorrow for which party would you caste your ballot? (Rotated)
Federal Conservatives    32.5 %
Federal Liberals    29.5 %
Federal NDP    16 %
Bloc Quebecois    08 %
Federal Greens    05 %
Undecided    08 %
Other    01 %
Question #3
Is Canada in-- or about to enter into a recession?
Yes    54 %
No    28 %
Undecided    18 %
Question #4
Overall, is it your opinion that Canada with endure this economic downturn and come out in a major recovery in a couple of years even better economically than ever?
Yes    62 %
No    31 %
Question #5
Overall, over the mid term-- do you have confidence in Canada economically?
Yes    53 %
No    38 %
Undecided    09 %
Question #6
Should Parliamentarians focus on bi-partisan discussion, debate, mediation and ultimately a united all-Party consensus on how to move Canada forward and into a brighter economic future?
Yes    69 %
No    22 %
Undecided    09 %
Question #7
Are you willing to permit the Canadian government and Parliament, to, in order to ensure the integrity, stability, and develop of Canadian financial institutions, Canadian social institutions, the protection of Canadians jobs, and the pursuit and general well being of all Canadians deficit financing not to exceed $50,000,000 billion dollars Canadians?
Yes    53 %
No    34 %
Undecided    13 %
Question #8
How would the Canadian government best use 26 million in deficit spending from the following three choices including Can’t Answer/Undecided?
Give the money to The Canadian Housing and Mortgage Corporation    34 %
Provide mortgage relief of up to $1,000 per month for six months to every Canadian with an existing first mortgage at a total cost of 10 billion dollars (The Robbins/Van Rassel plan)    32 %
Can’t Answer/ Undecided    34 %
This is economic downturn is going to be a bitch—but here is the upside. The people are not as ignorant of information, so ultimately, the lower income people are better money managers than they used to be. Why not??----- their numbers have exploded over the past decade in Canada.
It’s like people in snowstorm, all willing to help one another.
That is the thing about Canadians. We are tough like Russians. Our weather is a natural hardship. We know how to cooperate when things are tough.
That’s why this Obama thing is so cool. No matter, no matter what ‘ya gotta do---everyone believes this guy is going to try to make it right. That’s all anyone wants—honestly.
This poll suggests the federal Conservatives are down (08%) from their previous totals in the most recent federal general elections. The Federal NDP is down (05%), the Bloc Quebecois is down (5.5%), the Federal Greens half decimated plunging (24%).
The federal Liberal Party of Canada is up 18.5%. This tells you something for certain.
I can see another federal election next autumn, maybe near Christmas. (Editor Note-we weren’t thinking this Christmas-who knows?)
I like Bobby Rae, (even more than Norma Rae) but I have this Crystal Ball—(that’s honestly why ROBBINS is always right and true//who else knows the way to San Jose?)
I got my crystal ball as a gift from a 96 old women—great Canadian stock—who left us just recently---Jennie Cook---Michael Ignatieff is all over this thing—right now he’s stronger than Stephen Harper—this is pretty close---.
We pitched a large amount of Canadians---in a positive way. We believe they get the picture—let’s negotiate this---the people know we’re in tough—don’t panic—let’s do the money----yes there is a lot.
Look, I’m not done on this CHMC thing. That’s a flawed policy. First, my principles follow this line: if taxpayer dollars are going out in a deficit policy---it goes back to the taxpayer’s, the people. Don’t broker with this Crown Corporation—stuff---which banks and which insurance companies are broke? I’ve spoken to at least a dozen Canadians who did not have their –outside the country—travel insurance fully honoured. I smell more trouble here than I want to admit. I’ve asked once, and I’m asking again----drop all the nonsense and let’s clean house—bi-partisan—if we don’t—Canada will be a 2nd rate country in 10 years. You heard it here first>!!
The people have had their pocket picked and plucked to a degree that is off the charts. At least thirty years of ===greedy corporate guys—followed by the workers are overpaid.
Profits always outpace wages, and now dickheads like Campbell and others are going to blame the wage earners. How do you rationalize this--- sober?
Right now—in serious ball—the best political actor in the country is Liberal John McCallum—easily. Figure that out.
Canadians in this poll know the score—it isn’t going to be easy but--- tell ME we are back in business in two years.

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