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RSR ROBBINS Research - Canada Politics December 19, 2008
  Dec 19, 2008

A strategic poll of BC voters located in the Interior of the province and in the Kootenay region between December 11 and 18, 2008--and-- specifically: Kelowna (180), Vernon (72), Penticton (64), Kamloops (174), Salmon Arm (48), Nelson (62), Creston (52)=652 total--24 'spoiled' as unsatisfactory=628 'net' BC voters.
An honourarium was provided for this poll by Kootenay Concert Connections. An honourarium was also provided by Jim Van Rassel (604) 328-5398.

Question #1
For which political party did you vote in the last provincial election?
BC Liberals    48 %
BC NDP    32 %
BC Green    12 %
BC Conservative    06 %
Other    02 %
Question #2
If an election were called for tomorrow for which leader and party would you caste your ballot? (Rotated)
Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals    43 %
Carole James and New Democrats    34 %
Jane Sterk and BC Green    10 %
Wilf Hanni and BC Conservatives    13 %
Other/Undecided    8.5 %
Question #3
Many people in London, England have speculated about the potential economic distress the cost of holding the Summer Olympics in 2012 could have on the country. In your opinion are the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics hurting or helping-- the BC economy?
Hurting    60 %
Helping    26 %
Undecided    14 %
Question #4
Interest rates----- consumers in Canada currently pay on credit card bills--- including those cards issued by banks are pushing toward a 20% per year charge. The rates paid to the bank by its best customers are a function of the prime lending rate established by the Bank of Canada. The prime currently is around 2% and less and may go down further yet. ROBBINS proposes that new legislation be passed in the House of Commons in Ottawa which limits the rate of interest banks and other retailers may charge on annual interest to 10% above the prime rate, or in current times 12% per year not 18-20% as is the current custom. Do you agree with ROBBINS—“The most accurate public opinion pollster in the World” that a 10% above prime rate—ROBBINS interest rate--- should be made law by the House of Commons in Ottawa?
Agree    61 %
Disagree    28 %
Undecided    11 %
Question #5
In your opinion who and/or what are to blame for the financial difficulties being experienced by the big automobile companies?
Wages are too high    23 %
Automobile companies have been mismanaged    51 %
Wages are too high and automobile companies have been mismanaged    25 %
Undecided    02 %
Question #6
Which statement do you agree with the most?
I support the troops in Afghanistan and I support their mission in that part of the world    39 %
I support the troops in Afghanistan however I do not support their mission in that part of the world    41 %
I do not support the war in Afghanistan on any condition    16 %
Undecided    04 %
Question #7
Do you agree or disagree with this statement? It is absolutely and unequivocally important that Gordon Campbell remain Premier of British Columbia after the next provincial general election in May 2009.
Agree    35 %
Disagree    56 %
Undecided    09 %
Question #8
Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Only Gordon Campbell and his BC Liberal Team can ensure that BC’s economy remains running smoothly through the coming years.
Agree    37 %
Disagree    55 %
Undecided    08 %
Question #9
Which of the following issues is most important to you personally? Even if you like more than one response, please select THE most important one. (Rotated)
Fighting climate change    12 %
The Economy and Jobs    34 %
Health Care    24 %
Honesty and Integrity in Government    10 %
Infrastructure (Roads and Highways)    20 %
Undecided    07 %
Question #10
Which of the following issues is most important to you personally? (Rotated)
The Environment/Pollution    19 %
Reducing Taxes    22 %
Education    22 %
Law and Order    23 %
Making Government Accountable to you    14 %
Undecided    12 %
Question #11
Corky Evans, currently a New Democrat MLA from the Kootenay region of the province of British Columbia-- has declared his intention NOT to run again in the May 2009 general provincial election in B.C. on behalf of the New Democratic Party. Evans is known as an environmental pioneer in the province, a protector of the land and the people’s right to fair and honest treatment by their government—he is a pre-eminent conservationist, and has been in charge of the largest ministries in the BC provincial government, Health, The Transportation Ministry-- and has twice run for the leadership of the New Democrats-- ----placing second both times. He is probably the most well known grassroots reform style leader in BC of the past two decades. Evans has recently been reported to say that some of the best governments BC ever had were under Social Credit leader W.A.C. Bennett of Kelowna BC. Mr. Evans is also reported to have declared Premier Gordon Campbell’s government “dangerous for democracy and for the future of the province”. Our ROBBINS question to you today is this: If Corky Evans crossed the floor in the Legislature in British Columbia, to sit as a BC Conservative, would you support this move and would you support Corky Evans leading the BC Conservative Party of British Columbia?
Yes    24.5 %
No    44.5 %
BC Liberals are down (10%) from 2005 in a part of the province where they are traditionally stronger, while the BC New Democrats are up (6.0%) in a region (Interior) where they are traditionally not strong. BC Greens are down (17%) and BC Conservatives are up (216%).
Corky Evans sold well as a BC Conservative. This is not a Conservative Party as we have in Ottawa—it is a BC Conservative—particular to British Columbia—more progressive-with Reformist roots. Philosophically this is fair and reasonable as the BC Liberals are not liberals per se—at least this is what they tell us—they are BC Liberals, a particular type of liberal in BC.
Corky Evans, a Reform New Democrat— a Democratic Conservative—can be sold to the BC public—can the opposite occur??—can a Reformer—Conservative—Democratic Conservative be sold as a New Democrat? This is a reasonable inference (albeit anecdotal) from the evidence—notwithstanding it was a ‘push’ question to begin with. It suggests to us that the BC Conservatives are certainly a factor in the Interior of the province, and could—without Corky Evans play a role in possibly providing the BC NDP an opportunity to hurt the BC Liberals—and this is far less likely—provide an opportunity for the BC Conservatives to win a seat. However, given the near double bump in support for Corky Evans—even with the disclosure of his BC NDP roots---the Undecided—moves very high. This suggests that BC Conservatives with an elected leader—like Corky Evans could do very well in the region—and certainly be a factor provincially.
There is enough evidence in this ROBBINS poll to suggest the following predicated on Corky Evans crossing the floor. First, the BC Liberals would fracture. Second the BC NDP would be confronted with either not gaining seats---or losing a couple—and third and I say this reservedly—given the luke warm support among BC Liberals for Campbell, the strong support for Carole James but only up to a point—and the desire for an alternative to both parties— Evans would have a shot at Premier.
If Corky Evans were to cross the floor to become a BC Conservative—doesn’t Wilf Hanni live near Mr. Evans? ----the entire BC political landscape would change. Campbell would be finished the moment it happened----Evans and the BC Conservative Party don’t like him—and aren’t crazy about his BC Liberal Team either. So you’ve got your opportunity Corky—what are you going to do to give back to the province? You don’t have to be Heath Ledger to figure your motivation here my brother.
The Olympics and economy question (#3) realized some very interesting outcomes. Only (9.3%) of current BC Liberals supporters are of the opinion that the 2010 Olympics WILL hurt BC’s economy------// while at the same time---/// (79%) of New Democrat, (85%) BC Conservatives, (80%) of BC Greens and (70.5%) of Undecided are of the opinion that the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver WILL hurt the provincial economy.
These numbers reflected--- in these strategic calling environments, the fundamental fact that BC Liberal supporters are getting behind the 2010 Olympics while supporters of other parties are not. BC Conservatives and BC Greens can more vociferously argue the 2010 Games, while the BC New Democrats-- and Olympic Opposition critic Harry Bains are in a different position—what if the New Democrats win the next election, how will they sell the ‘money sucking’ Games to British Columbians?
Two-thirds of British Columbians in this ROBBINS strategic calling environment dominated by federal Conservative MP’s are clearly demanding that interest rates on charge cards be legislated to certain limits. In this question, the main support for such reductions comes from all parties, with a majority of the BC Liberals, and only a handful of BC Conservatives and others supporting the status quo.
Now we will find out which federal political parties are so inextricably tied to the Big banks and corporations who issue charge cards--- that they are unable to answer to the demands of their OWN most ardent supporters—let alone the majority of respondents—outside of urban Vancouver? Jack Layton has said “No” to dirty usurious interest rates—Gilles Duceppe has said “No” to dirty usurious interest rates—what will Michael Ignatieff and Stephen Harper say?
What they do or don’t say will tell you everything you need to know about both party leaders.
Mismanagement is seen by the majority of respondents as responsible for the meltdown of the big North American companies—and not workers wages, as so many in the news media are inferring recently. Where have we seen this scam before? The reality is this—the economy doesn’t work because businesses are not efficient. Businesses are not efficient NOT because of high labour costs—(profits exceed labour costs by double year over year), but because management has become bureaucratized like government through corporatism and partisan lobbying. Products are more inferior than they used to be—a premise utilized more by business to their advantage than ever before (service etc.). Products are priced too high to compensate for mismanagement and inferior products—and consumers are more trapped into reduced choices based simply on the lack of time in their lives, making the market more a function of what business can get away with—than good products, service, and goodwill.
How many times is the special price in the store actually factored in at the cash register? Stop cheating the consumer please! Before you give advice on how to deal with tough times—let’s set a little company policy about putting sale prices on the shelf in the register and check-outs. Thank you--.
It is important for labour to entrench their demands, unless financial rescue packages include serious provisions to ensure wages do not decline--- while management and executive packages remain the same or are discounted. If bail-out dollars are controlled by the same people in management who permitted the problem in the first place—precisely what do you think the outcome of this will be?
Get your hands off the bailout checkbook and get a consensus group to takeover to ensure that any monies provided go to where they ought to---. To anyone who can actually comprehend—beyond ideological biases-- how the political system in BC (and for that matter)--- Canada actually works, the reality is that it is government’s job to keep people as ‘poor for money’ as they can, until age 60 and over (the age where most assets are owned). Constitutions and laws mean little to nothing if you cannot access them on demand (as a consumer), and ultimately possession is ninth-tenths the only true basis of law. Banks and corporations grind away at consumers for whopper profits in good times while corresponding wages grow at less than half that over the same period.
Life in capitalist North America for most people is middle class minimum security prison—don’t you think? Isn’t the Constitution like a contract with the citizens of the country—the province—don’t most contracts between parties use the language that each party ‘represents and warrants’?—that is what I was seeking—warrants—shouldn’t Carole James and Gordon Campbell be discussing warrants—how can they-?, there is no government any more—the Premier doesn’t like to face the Opposition as he should—so how can he talk business with the Opposition—when we are in a financial meltdown process.
Why would Canada’s Finance Minister come up with another ‘blue ribbon’ group of 11 to help him? Pigs, Cows, and Pie are Blue Ribbon. I thought he was the Finance Minister? Does this mean that he and the Prime Minister have no ideas of their own? BC’s sending Jimmy Pattison—the billionaire---what is his experience? Making money—bottom line—how can he help—forgive me—but I was always told that no matter how great JP was---he had no time for his family—he was too busy making billions---so now is he going to help Canadian families? If Jimmy is needed than Jim isn’t. Carole Taylor---how many businesses has she run? Oh I see somehow the mix of the contra irrelevance will provide Jim Flaherty will some good ideas.
Catch me I’ve got chocolates.
Why not Randy Bachman—he’s pretty smart---or Trevor Linden—he’s a team man—or why not Pink Floyd—with that name obviously there’s some empathy to be had---or how about the next name Gordon Campbell will use for his next foolish idea to obtain some foolish British Columbians about their “input”—or voter registration? Call it L.O.V.E BC.---meaning--- Like Our Very Excellent Batch ‘o’ Concubines who crave power?
In BC, how can you explain how Evergreen dollars will help the average worker? The first major dollars will be a capital acquisition from a corporation that may or may not be receiving another government subsidy as well—does this make sense? Have (allegedly) financially troubled Translink-- simply hand over the $400 million it already has to the Tri-City area and the elected local officials AND citizens will come up with a plan. BC Conservatives are seeking out an exciting and well known candidate to run against Iain Black in Port Moody Coquitlam—this is the same Iain Black who ‘scrooged up’ Children and Families, and is now responsible for the gutted—demoralized and non-functional Labour Ministry in the province. Hand it to me in a bag—I will give Joe his cities portion, Richard his cities portion, and the new city council in Poco their portion.
These servants of the Premier—who will do or say anything to hang with the duh furor-starving kids—kids in violent homes—//pitiful.
When bad economic times prevail as they do now, government takes taxpayer money and rationalizes subsidies to big businesses through fear mongering. This is historical practice. The fear may be real, but why aren’t we asking why the recession came about in the first place and responding to it sensibly? If there is a bailout to any corporate sector with taxpayer money—than all stakeholders, including but particularly the taxpayer should have all of the information. Our research reveals not too long ago, banks posting profits of hundreds of millions and billions each and every fiscal quarter—news reports have direct debit mistakes conspicuously tilted toward the banks favour—and whistleblowers are constantly complaining to ROBBINS about the unilateral charges being levied on personal and business bank accounts that were never agreed to.
Since the federal government and Big Banks work so closely together—perhaps they could come up with some type of consumer policy reflecting their mutual desire to play fair, rather than picking the consumers bones. If your company can’t pay a $10 minimum wage than you shouldn’t be in business---because your business isn’t predicated on good ideas or good products.
Repeat: If your business can’t pay employees a $10.00 minimum wage than you should not be in business. Business tells ROBBINS—the average training cost is $7,000 per employee. Training employees properly---if you really invested that much in an employee—you would have a great employee—the Human Resource business will grow—the human slavery business must shrink—more people must reach the middle class to ensure that the market grows—consumerism grows. Otherwise—Marxism II prevails.
Iraqi oil was worth a lot more before.
How good was Heath Ledger in the Dark Knight? Unbelievable---As Bill Vander Zalm—my favourite Reformer of all time would say---Fantastic.
Honestly—Heath Ledger’s performance in Brokeback Mountain cleansed away any residual homophobia. If people in love want to get married---or go to the moon—we don’t need the government or anything else—let the people live their lives as happy as they choose to be—gay, straight---or Barack Obama—U.S. President.
I like the new minister—but doesn’t he look like Jerry Falwell with a goatee? A Liberal Conservative---people this is the bottom—not forever—but the bottom for this time—come back bigger better stronger—divide and conquer should not be the standard by which political leaders make their way---let the people live.
There may be a relatively high degree of leader and party selection provincially—but—responses and comments on our issues questions (9-10) suggest that trust of government is not high---the political drama is interesting—even as Andrew Coyne says—if its “out of rage”—at least folks are engaged.
This is not good democracy however. Right now (cue Van Halen)—right now-- we are sinking fast on all political accounts—let’s shake it up. Vote in a Leper. If Samuel Clemens isn’t your taste---consider some real change.
The war in Afghanistan remains unpopular; however the troops remain very popular. This situation parallels the unpopular 2010 Olympics somewhat. Whenever there are public relations problems with the Olympics---the athletes involved become the ‘hostages of pr’ in order to divert attention from the less popular core issue.
About (40%) of ‘decided’ British Columbians in this strategic calling environment- are of the opinion that it is important that Gordon Campbell remain Premier of BC after the next election in May 2009, and approximately (93%) of British Columbians who continue to currently support -Premier Gordon Campbell and his BC Liberal Team- are of the opinion that “only” Gordon Campbell and his Team can “ensure BC’s economy is running smoothly.”
That is why some BC Liberals are looking at the riding of Point Grey and falling to their knees in prayer. If Gordon Campbell loses he cannot bequeath his leadership to Colin Hansen or David Emerson or others—he only wants to win by a seat or two----gather up the business cards at the Olympics and become a power broker.
I like Carole James—I think she will defeat Campbell---but Corky Evans can make this election very interesting—and with Sundin here for half a year—why-- is not of nearly the same strength--- as why not?
These numbers in a region of the province dominated for years by the election of BC Liberal MLA’s and their federal Conservative counterparts in Ottawa— suggest that the majority of these British Columbians are of the opinion that it isn’t necessary that Gordon Campbell or his BC Liberal Party be re-elected on the basis of the current economy in the province.
In question #8, the Economy and Jobs are most important (34%), followed by Health Care (24%) and Infrastructure (roads and highways) (20%). Fighting climate change (12%) and Honesty and Integrity in Government (10%) are a distance behind in terms of importance to these British Columbians.
Question #9 reveals a more closely knit group of issues in terms of popularity, with Law and Order (23%), Education (22%), Reducing Taxes (22%) and the Environment/Pollution (19%) all very near the average of (20%) -which would otherwise be derived from random averaging of five numbers-. Making Government accountable to you (14%) rounds this list of options provided to respondents out.
Public policy relating to the pocket-book, namely the Economy and Jobs (34%) and Reducing Taxes (22%) averages to (28%). Social issues like Health (24%) and Education (22%) reflects the largest portions of provincial spending average (23%). Fighting climate change (12%) and Environment/Pollution (19%) average (14.5%). Honesty and Integrity in Government (10%) and Making Government accountable to you (14%) averages (12%).
Honesty, integrity, and accountability score the lowest, not because they aren’t important to respondents—but because respondents in this poll (through anecdotal commentary) don’t believe it is possible to achieve this. They have given up.
Essentially what respondents are saying is that they don’t have a high degree of confidence in government, may never have a high degree of confidence in government—but expect government to provide essential services like Health care, Education and Infrastructure—while creating an environment where people can work, pay their bills, and maybe own a home. The Environment –Climate change options also reflect this type of thinking, most respondents expect that each individual can look after their part of the pollution problem, expecting government to act against large polluters, while resisting the concept of climate change which has greater implication for higher cost, higher taxes, and greater world regulation—
-. Most citizens don’t comprehend how the various methods of climate change policy can be introduced- when the most basic of government functions—their sovereign government is not sufficiently trustworthy.
In essence respondents in this strategic calling environment—want a stable economy, a good paying job so that they can make purchases without going into huge debt with commensurate interest charges. They expect the government to provide Health care on demand (which is no longer an absolute in BC) and Education (which remains expensive). They also expect government to keep their neighborhoods crime free and build proper roads and highways, so that people can get to work and goods can be transported. The government is not expected to get involved in the climate change argument with their scarce resources. “Look after the people first.” They don’t believe that government is honest or accountable, and the general sentiment is that it never will be—so the instructions from the people are simple—just do what we ask you to do--.
Born an American citizen, and now a longtime Canadian, Corky Evans has sometimes been referred to as BC’s most prolific protector of BC’s assets—like W.A.C. Bennett, BC’s greatest Premier ever.
Evans has also been a passionate detractor of Gordon Campbell’s leadership.
Critics of Evans suggest the New Democrats were the wrong party for him because of his reformist style and folksy image. There is probably no politician in British Columbia currently who can bring people to their feet—Standing “O”—than Corky Evans. He is known to “say what he means and mean what he says”.
This is a man with a handshake of a stevedore---women let out a gasp in his midst.
(Corky Evans is missing a finger on one of his hands).
New U.S. Reformer extraordinaire-- and former U.S. Republican vice-presidential candidate, running mate to the great Arizona Senator and candidate for President of the United States of America-- John McCain-----// Sarah Palin Governor of Alaska is said, despite speaking engagement fees now topping the $200,000 mark-- to be keeping a watchful eye on Corky Evans and British Columbia. You heard it here first.
I ain’t never wrong and Palin had Georgia eating out her hand---This woman from Alaska is a Peach in my mind—a Georgia Peach. Will Corky Evans crossing the floor be the exact elixir (read: distraction) to the problem of Gordon Campbell and Stephen Harper having to tell the people that government is broke—or can they wait a while longer—so they can get the political timing right. Gotcha and Caughtcha.
This ROBBINS poll suggests that in the Interior of the province and in the region where Corky Evans began his nearly two decades of public service, the beautiful Kootenay region of British Columbia--- Corky Evans could change the political composition of the BC Legislature overnight. With BC Conservatives, Reformers, (Social Credit), New Democrat and certainly BC Green supporters apparently ready to back Mr. Evans, is it possible that the Premier’s Chair is this proven reformer’s goal in British Columbia-- May 09?
Get near this dude—Alaska, B.C. Alberta, Washington, Oregon, California—ya---- you get it---.
Personal Advertorial--My ambition is to sing side by side back up on the song “Lift Me Up”- by Live------------- (I listened to this song 78 times in a row—a new record)-- on Jay Leno’s new show—//or Saturday Night Live. (I can do the Bee Gees as good as the Bee Gee’s)— It fits. The man behind the company that found the United States their next president----ROBBINS—The most accurate public opinion pollster in the World—sings alongside—onside with the most passionate love song in twenty years. It Rocks
All of these speculative questions can only be answered by one person—maybe the best Premier BC never had isn’t Gordon Wilson—maybe its former “lumberjack” Corky Evans—the Abe Lincoln of the North.
This is a man who chopped down trees by horseback—no machinery—carrying the tree by horse sometimes for miles in chilling winters and harrowing BC summers to the mill—often taking days. I am not lyin’.
Get behind Corky Evans—BC Conservative Party---“Give BC a chance.”
Did an Evans supporter recently refer to BC Premier Gordon Campbell –“The Butcher of BC” for selling off the province’s assets? Is the federal government going to sell off more Canadian assets—not just oil and water—in the upcoming budget?
Jim Van Rassel---invited Liberal Senator Larry Campbell to his ‘prototype’ Green Shift Home—for barbecue---at Stephen Harper’s speech last August in South Surrey. Larry and his excellent girlfriend were all for it---an opportunity to let the people show the --- the---///can’t say it---becoming tired//---leaders- now I’ve said it----how to Green up their world---before we start up a new bureaucracy---gun registry---bail-out for government//businesses//friends///girlfriends//pets----watch---money won’t arrive right away---penny wise pound foolish---BC Finance minister in one of the local newspaper//effluent catchers—reports that Colin Hansen says BC is okay for money----
That’s the headline—the article says BC is okay because we don’t need money for the automobile industry—
Want ad---manipulative and underachieving types to write for local newspaper///write absolute shit---to confuse and baffle some in the general public. Pay based on references
I’ve talked to Wilf Hanni—“Wilf says----BC Conservative Party—first-----Wilf Hanni----second. That’s what I call—my kind of political reformer---“Do you hear me in Ottawa?”
I’m asking one more time “Do you hear me in Ottawa?”
Glen P. Robbins

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