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Bountiful--Bill Vander Zalm---Indo Canadian AG's say White Guys exploit women and children.
Has Winston Blackmore ever attempted to murder an infant daughter?  Jan 09, 2009

Question #1
A provincial general election is scheduled in the province of British Columbia for May 2009—just four months away. At this time—which of the following political party labels we are offering for you to choose from- is most attractive to you?
BC Liberal    28.7 %
Social Credit    11.5 %
BC Green    7.5 %
BC Conservative    9.4 %
BC New Democrat    38.2 %
BC Marijuana    3.1 %
Undecided    17 %
Question #2
Which of BC’s two main political party’s leaders do you support more?
Carole James    41 %
Gordon Campbell    34 %
Neither    25 %
Undecided    10 %
Question #3
The BC Liberal government will be providing a Budget in February 2009 two months prior to the provincial election in May. In your opinion how likely is it that this Budget will accurately and honestly reflect BC’s economic position?
Very Likely    8.9 %
Likely    22.8 %
Unlikely    48.5 %
Very Unlikely    21.8 %
Undecided    06 %
Question #4
The 2010 Winter Olympics is scheduled for Whistler B.C. in February 2010. In your opinion do the 2010 Winter Olympics pose an economic opportunity for British Columbia or do they pose a real threat to BC’s economic well being?
The 2010 Winter Olympics pose an economic opportunity for British Columbia    27.7 %
The 2010 Winter Olympics pose a real threat to BC’s economic well being    72.3 %
Undecided    03 %
Question #5
On November 15, 2007 a Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski was tasered by R.C.M.P. at the Vancouver International Airport. He died at the scene. In your opinion what happened here?
A man who could not speak English and was acting in an agitated way was subdued by police using Tasers, and unfortunately died    31.2 %
A man who could not speak English was frightened and acting out-- and was killed unnecessarily by police    42.4 %
Don’t Know/Undecided    27.4 %
Commentary--and sarcasm
BC Respondents are becoming misty eyed over the former Great Party of the province, the Social Credit Party. The numbers attracted to the party of former great Premier W.A.C. Bennett—his son Bill Bennett and charismatic ‘guru-leader’ Bill Vander Zalm—reveal that the Social Credit party label is making its way back from the political junk heap—to the new political ‘junk’-- as supporters of centre-centre right politics continue to take their distance from Gordon Campbell---preparing his BC Liberal Party to be divvied up like the former Yugoslavia---nite Gracey.
Combined with BC Conservative party label support—nearly (40%) of respondents over age 40 choose a centre right party other than the BC Liberals. Tell me that isn’t a message from the Balkan Boys. Did I not ask politely for my money you stole?
Why-so serious?
Before the Canadian Baloney Polls go granting Social Credit supporters to the BC Liberals-better think again. Carole James attracts (17%) of Social Credit respondents while Gordon Campbell attracts (24%) (Question #2). These two pools of respondents/voters would run--- not walk to political legend—and more positive juice than the sweetest of God’s fruits---want to see a politician draw a crowd? The show ain’t selling----bring bakk Captain Fantastic.
Quite clearly, this is more evidence that Gordon Campbell is likely on his way out and Carole James—leader of the BC New Democrat—and new crop of emerging middle-age female political ‘babes’--- (Dianne Watts—Dianne Watts and yea some others too-----) ‘has established herself as a moderate-centrist leader of the province’. (When Carole Taylor was hot in BC politics over the last few years---men—of all ages really liked (and respected). The wife of a successful person---Carole Taylor was successful in her own right----//anyhow—you see what I’m getting at to help resurrect the province with a peaceful ROBBINS Revolution in the province of British Columbia.
BC Women (respectfully to Mrs. Vander Zalm—a woman I greatly admire)---have always thought former Social Credit Premier Bill Vander Zalm-----enough let me say it---Bill Vander Zalm and Mitt Romney--- (Republican Presidential candidate)---///and future finalist for Republican nomination---with Jeb Bush---/ Sarah Palin/// ---are attractive male (sick) politicians on the planet---so while your news empire capitalization is going in the crapper---and the credibility of the system---the entire system-- that is starting to more clearly shape up as “them or us”—the emergency is about adjusting quickly and proficiently about how we do politics//and media in the province.
This old shoe just 'don’t' walk no more.
No-one—no-one anywhere has documented the Campbell era better than ROBBINS.—Internet since 2002----polling BC politics successfully since 1998—coming onto ten years---“The most accurate public opinion pollster in the World”. It would be terrible false modesty for us not to say this---and would be a great disservice to thousands of students in high school, college and university—who like what we have to say----to suggest for one moment that this isn’t the case. It is our opinion—more conjecture--- that the mainstream media is hanging on the its nails financially---the government is granting Senate appointments for favourable media coverage and quid pro quo financing for CTV owners Bell Global who have a fortune staked in the 2010 Olympics Games—which are shaping up as –potentially- the greatest public relations disaster in the history of modern mankind---advertising departments are sucking air----and B.C. needs to integrate on the world’s stage--NOW ----independently of the day to day impending disasters.
At one point---news—radio—television---then ROBBINS goes underground---the gamble--?// the BC political—media and establishment would nose dive to the poo factory. The dirtbags at the BC Attorney General’s Office ruin Carrier Lumber—ruin Glen P’s business—including a complete evaporation of any Charter Rights—through the committee of Les Bo Swasticka---two former lawyers from Heenan Blaikie (Trudeau-Chretien) have their FOI fingerprints all over perjury push—and then are made Judges to avoid the lawsuits. Now---Indo-Oppal wants us to believe that White Guys are the (WG) are the dominant exploiters of women. The Ironworkers Memorial---just a suggestion---JUMP.
If the corrupt politicians that inhabit every nook and cranny of this province want to remove your rights—they can do it---I’ll be posting my litigation against them soon at Think Glen Clark and his Attorney General were any better? In our opinion—pure and utter garbage as people—.
It may be possible that only ROBBINS/Robbins can save the province. If Bill doesn’t get revved up---or Glen P. ----(Jim—one Dutchman on the stage at one time)---or someone who can give off a vibe of other than a lyin-ass skunk—we need to pull in new blood---there are rumours that regular people are considering suicide based on day after day bludgeoning of drop dead boring--- in the media---- the same actors and actresses// the same productions and publishers---the same people giving each other awards---
Dress ‘em up sexy—dress ‘em up nude if you have to. I want my talking heads—pretty and nude of the tube---it’s just an idea—but I can’t take this any further…..
I haven’t told my wife—that I’ve developed a middle age crush on Alanis Morrisette.
The raid on The BC Legislature over five years---I can’t rant any better than Michael Smyth on this—by the raid was in 2003 if memory serves---and Wally Oppal—(doing an Ujjal Dosanjh impersonation)—respectfully to my Indo Canadian brothers—better than my crystal ball---moves in on Bountiful—to cover up---how disgraceful the BC Attorney Generals office has become---and has been since Glen Clarke///Bennest drip down of things that look similar to--corruption in the legal community---and the bizarre social engineering brought on by Mary Woo Sims----former boss of the now defunct BC Human Rights Commission----thank the Lord---
Gordon Campbell and Valkerie Valet—former BC Attorney General Geoff Plant---who had the good sense to burn most (not all) of the evidence---from the BC Human Rights Commission—before any War Crimes Commission—could. The ROBBINS War Commission on BC politics—has all the evidence—in pristine condition. “Just ignore him and maybe he will go away”----pretty unlikely now folks.
Moreover, (82%) of respondents who choose Social Credit—do not believe that it is likely that the BC Liberal Budget anticipated for February 2009 will honestly and accurately reflect BC’s economic position, while under (30%) are of the opinion that the 2010 Winter Olympics will be an economic opportunity for the province. In contrast—BC Conservative supporters-Greens—and Marijuana Party supporters-- overwhelmingly do not see the Whistler Olympics as an economic opportunity and (92%) of BC New Democrat label supporters—some of whom may actually support the Olympics—do not see them as an economic opportunity. Nice takeover time for New Democrats---looks a little like Obama’s dilemma.
The Olympic question appears to match up with overall economic questions—that is-> two thirds are pessimistic and < one third is more optimistic.
Wilf Hanni’s BC Conservatives appear to be the bona fide spoiler in the upcoming election with numbers looking increasingly like the 1996 provincial general election when the New Democrats came from behind to defeat Gordon Campbell’s BC Liberal Part—that is unless Bill Vander Zalm scoops the Social Credit label—then it’s game on Wayne---like a huge industrial vacuum Vander Zalm could walk into 16-20% of public support overnight----OVERNIGHT.
Either the Social Credit---starts up—or Carole James and the New Democrats will start to swoop them up. Remember—and read this carefully please---President Obama is---a Democrat.
The BC Liberals may be in big big trouble. With former BC Liberal Education Minister--sex kitten—and radio chat-chick Christy Clark---Consumer Choice Awards---(who are they?---that’s not her husband Markkee Marryson is it—giving his wife an award----I didn’t know that many people listened to the show)---licking her man-lady chops and her girlhood dream of a) marrying a prince; and b) leading the BC Liberal Party is starting to take shape—as Campbell’s political buttocks flatten like a Dutch Panekook--but ROBBINS will ultimately be the judge of all of this. We decide.
If I don’t want Christy back on the stage—out goes the hook. Phoned 30 people—ask if they listen to the show—ever---ONE is a lonely number. ROBBINS CHOICE AWARDS—winner? ROBBINS Obama—prediction January 08—easily the most important news story in Canada in the last year.
Uh—sometimes the scripts given to these political actors---could use just a little work. The government—and media in the province all appear in one way or another to be on the same team---like the mainstream media is the public relations office for the government---and introduces its love for the Opposition when it appears the Opposition will soon be government.
Like I said—it’s Bill or me---and it’s understood that I’m not chronic for the attention----otherwise// the public has no choice but to not vote. I cannot in good conscience give any credibility to any institution conducting business under the authority of the provincial government. The Parliament has a continuous stench over it----of left wing ‘nut bars’ from the Glen Clarke time period---the beginning of the Indo Canadian Attorney General—to no Parliament—Campbell gutted a few regulations---took a big shat on those stakeholders who don’t vote for him---go to any city or town where there isn’t a BC Liberal MLA----nothing---looks like Siberia in the snow//Clark the menace was no different. The courts are a mess—I honestly cannot separate the confusion between the appearance of political partisanship and proliferating interdependence between the political wing---the BC Attorney General’s office—a government Ministry—a political institution-----where a former BC Supreme Court Justice—he may be a nice guy—but in the end—who gives a shoot---the courts—cops—and government look like they are in cahoots.
Van Rassel’s opinion is that Campbell brought Wally Oppal on board to run interference over the BC Rail debacle—Oppal is a former BC Supreme Court Judge---and would know the in’s and out’s—Special Prosecutors---and links to various sites on sociopathic----anyhow—he thinks it stinks and Bountiful is the distraction. We didn’t poll it—specifically—but I would say Van Rassel is on it—from government as sneak biz—politically the AG is crowding Carole James’ affirmative action ledger---covering on same sex---and leaving the door open for orthodox religious folks or other libertarians—who today’s politicians are suitably frightened of----to speak on MoreBlack and White issues relating to the exploitation of women and children.
Why not?---fill in the gap left behind by Bill Bennett---Tom Christ and son—and Scrooge Black of Port Moody.
They look that they phone one another—and organize the public relations of their various decisions---.
This is no Stanley Cup contender--- read the ROBBINS-U.S. President Obama polls---and tell me that isn’t inspirational----that’s what you want in your local politics—not this bureaucratic looking control. Yes there is a system---but it is broken—badly---DON’T VOTE---when the number of eligible voters is who VOTE goes < 50%---the system will be forced to change---and will begin to. Affirm this nonsense by endorsing it with your time attention and your VOTE is counter-productive---so that’s right—to make BC a better place—we are encouraging you to NOT VOTE—or spoil your ballot—unless like in the recent municipal elections they rig it up so you can’t protest.
What continent is Canada on---Africa?
Respondents were divided among party labels with respect to the matter of the Taser death of Robert Dziekanski—with centre right labels (40%) more inclined to see the incident as “unfortunate”. I really respect former Republican Presidential candidate John McCain—but he is from Arizona---so there—on the Taser issue. The R.C.M.P. grossly underestimated the trauma caused to their reputation following previous difficulties on a national level---and other shootings—where accountability----never was suitably addressed with the public---drinking and driving----and now Bountiful—with officers with direct relations to the BC Liberal Executive involved in the raid—appointing a former BC Supreme Court Judge to a political position as Attorney General---I can’t buy this refuse. The public doesn’t either.
Who has the money to lend me---John McCain President of ROBBINS Polling Worldwide—annual salary? $1,000,000 that’s fair. Who has the money to lend me?
This is really quite painful. Murray Coelle (Saanich and The Islands)—would make a good Social Credit candidate//maybe leadership candidate—he fits Bill—but no longer as a BC Liberal. He’s the only one I’m keeping.
BC needs to become cool---our politicians and media aren’t cool---they may be cool individually---but the look –is public relations superficial—and the quality and depth of media scrutiny of the Campbell government was shameful in our opinion. Hope to see them down in flames---fair is fair.
Save for the self induced Hawaii ‘road-egg’ drunkfest---Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson has received more criticism over snow on the streets than Campbell has in eight years.
Frankly—they’re coming out in droves now—but the media in this province has been just crap for seven years---if they don’t like the criticism—too bad—sell shares—or trade them in for Zig Zag’s at the corner 7-11.
A telephone poll of 1,142 respondents throughout the province of British Columbia--conducted January 04-09, Year of our Lord 2009---margin of error is 2.3% (combined square root---averaging) 19 times out of 20---(to science and 2.95% margin of error AND 95% confidence---98% competency of respondents. An honourarium was provided by Jim Van Rassel (604) 328-5398.

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