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Welcome President Obama---Hello Hillary---ROBBINS All America Polls (RAAP)
Good Vibrations----Beach Boys  Jan 10, 2009

Question #1
In your opinion which side is making the most trouble in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians?
Palestinians    27 %
Israel    29 %
Don’t Care    23 %
Undecided    21 %
Question #2
With Barack Obama’s presidential inaugural coming up are you—during these more difficult economic times—ultimately positive or ultimately negative about the future of the United States economic engine?
Ultimately Positive    51 %
Ultimately Negative    34 %
Undecided    15 %
Question #3
Are you pleased with America’s choice of Barack Obama for its next President?
Yes    58 %
No    31 %
Undecided    11 %
Question #4
In your opinion-is United States foreign policy in Iraq working successfully?
Yes    50 %
No    42 %
Undecided    08 %
American voters who are “ultimately negative about the future of the United States economic engine---are more than twice as inclined to say Israel is making the “most trouble” or “Don’t Care”, yet many of these respondent are “pleased with America’s choice of Barack Obama for its next President”.
Strange days indeed. This is certainly the first poll our company has done anywhere in North America—where the Palestinians come out of the higher end of the ‘blame stick’.
A majority of American voters have an opinion on the terrible circumstances which continue to plague the Middle East—but with whom a conspicuous minority is saying “Not more on the Middle East---“.
President-elect Barack Obama and Secretary of State---Hillary Clinton will have their work cut out for them with U.S. foreign policy. Iraq is proving more successful with Americans—however America’s strong ties to Israel are being tested with the most recent clash between Israel and the Palestinians.
President-elect Obama has the undeniable distinction of being supported by two contrasting groups of Americans. The first who blame Israel--who are negative about America's 'economic engine'- and who are reluctant or unwilling to recognize America's success in Iraq. The second group blames the Palestinians--is more positive about America's economic engine---and affirms America's apparent success in Iraq.
President-elect Obama's obvious challenge will be to somehow stitch the different core beliefs of these two groups and find comment ground--if that is possible.
Working on the United States economic problems while working through the immense complexities of U.S. foreign policy with Secretary of State to be Hillary Clinton---is a daunting challenge for Barack Obama--particularly in light of the clear differences in perception of matters of economic--- and foreign policy among those respondents who support him.
Glen P. Robbins
A telephone poll of 1014 U.S. 'voters' from the most recent general election (November 08) on the continent of the United States between January 5-10, 2009. This poll was sponsored by Glen P. Robbins and Associates--with all calls being made in either Canada or the United States. Margin of error (square root-statistical only) 3.11%-///1.866 based on ROBBINS methodology.

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