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Don't Vote BC--May 09--is supported by majority of British Columbians--ROBBINS
  Jan 27, 2009

A random sample of 608 British Columbians between January 20-28, 2009. Margin of error approximates (4.4%)-19 times out of 20 @95%. An Honourarium was paid by Jim Van Rassel--who states that an increase in voters--the same number of voters---or a decrease in voters--in the next provincial election in May 2009 is "ALL GOOD".

Question #1
In your opinion, can an individual British Columbian, “You”---make a difference and initiate positive change to the political system in the province?
Yes    14.0 %
No    74.3 %
Undecided    6.6 %
Question #2
Would you support a new campaign in the province of British Columbia—which advocates NOT VOTING---in the next general provincial B.C. general election in May 09 in order to force greater government accountability to citizens?
Yes    54.3 %
No    41.1 %
Undecided* (unsure goes Undecided--split)    12.0 %
(36.4%) of the respondents in this ROBBINs poll indicated that "they either did not regularly vote and/or did not vote in the last general provincial election--in 2005, but 'believe' they are eligible to vote or could become eligible.
(62%) either voted in the last general election in BC or vote fairly regularly.
The past has caught up to the establishment and now but four months to go before the next SominexFest---the provinces two parties—Chocolate and Vanilla are set to contest for the next four years—“Oh yea oh----mirage—that’s all you are to me” (Tommy James and Shondells).
So what? Has Gordon Campbell earned a third term? If the answer is “Yes” than Carole James should hang her head.
Before the recent Campbell plug-plus---god was that shameful---I said to Van Rassel “Jim, ya know I think Campbell could get crushed!”
“I think you’re right” said Van Rassel---then ka-boom Campbell’s numbers skyrocket almost without reason---I’ve never seen anything like it. Jim and I laughed our heads off—it was truly good comedy of bad politics----Platox-crement—I call it.
Citizen// politics—I’ll tell you----it isn’t everyman for him or herself. We are friends with our neighbours—we are aware of people far away. We don’t handle the neighbour like our parents did— they were flawed but---so honourable----honour---that’s the essence of a man’s existence. If a man—no matter his place—has no honour—he has nothing.
My father introduced to me W.A.C. Bennett—the greatest person this province or any other has ever seen---///my dad who knew Ted and Herb Doman well—said—“Son”—(pointing at W.A.C. Bennett)—“This is a great man”. My favourite book on W.A.C. Bennett is by David Mitchell—an academic from B.C. doing very well for himself back east. I would like to see David Mitchell—President of my alma mater Simon Fraser University---I loved that school—summertime.
Kids—and old people—stay in school—learning and knowledge matter—it’s what makes us better---growing—changing—learning--looks like my eldest is heading to Simon Fraser--good.
This is what gentlemen and women of FREE Enterprise live and breath for. Freedom to create-- Freedom to put a family and a history together.
I tell you a secret true---there is a better message in my province then just this.
You won’t believe how beautiful it is here. I have met many people from many countries who live here in British Columbia---and not one—not one of those persons has said that there is any better city than Vancouver----than our province---and what I am saying is that I am not feeling this love in our political environment.
Our political system is a Frankenstein's monster--the people know it--and even the voting die-hards admit "something has to change".
For a majority of British Columbians in this ROBBINS poll--the solution is in opposites--in this case--Don't Vote--don't validate//affirm the same old same old---Obama is a change in the U.S.--this is what Americans were looking for--BC needs its own Obama---Glen P. Obama? what do you think?---BC has found it in the Don't Vote BC 09 campaign.
It’s my personal impression that BC’s Solicitor General John Van Dongen going after Victoria—and Esquimalt police---my family is from these two great towns---you and I both know this political. The Victoria and Esquimalt police forces aren’t perfect—but they are both fine police forces, and certainly tremendous maritime towns---very beautiful and on the harbour facing out to the sea----gorgeous—a tremendous history---police are human beings---they earn their keep the hard way—that’s no excuse—just a point.
The “Don’t Vote BC 09”---could be huge. A somewhat—blunt—angry comment from author Glen P. Robbins—(see Indo Canadians blame White Guys under BC poll at taken by Jim Van Rassel and Davis Friesen and overnight—the newest rage----I’m NOT going to vote---those who aren’t voters (34-37%)---don’t back the Don’t Vote BC 09 absolutely—but its close to unanimous.
How afraid will this make some people---or is there enough creativity in this old forestry town-----to understand that the if you want the world in—make your front door larger— Know what I mean—Jellybean?
Could the “Don’t Vote" campaign spread far and wide across Canada? We are a nation of protestors—and after all—honestly has anyone of these folks actually earned our respect, our vote---I don’t think it’s even one half anymore? I’m concerned by it--.
“Don’t Vote” is easily sold north of Hope—in the Interior and North of the Province with aggregate “Yes” (57%)----however in the more localized communities of Pitt Meadows—Maple Ridge and Mission this number hits (62%)—all in—a potential ‘dustbowl’ of voters.
The highest number of anti-“No” respondents are in Victoria where only (43%) were willing to support this novel approach to democratic change.
Vancouver is going through some Olympic stuff (49%)—while Surrey is committed to a fight of “No”-------(52%).
Van Rassel continues to have a tremendous sense of who he is and where he wants to go-and Davis Friesen---editing a lot of Van Rassel—and certainly playing a significant role in ROBBINS success---the son of a well known Preacher—and not a smarter fairer dude could ya meet.
Watch for Van Rassel and Friesen’s “Don’t Vote BC 09”—.

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