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Americans support Barack Obama's "Buy America"
  Feb 02, 2009

Question #1
Do you follow either Canadian or Mexican news and politics from time to time?
Yes    11 %
No    70 %
Undecided    19 %
Question #2
Which neighbour is the ‘better friend’ to the United States?
Canada    52 %
Mexico    11 %
Neither    12 %
Both Canada and Mexico are equally 'good friends to the U.S.    16 %
Undecided    09 %
Question #3
Do your support a “Buy America” policy (including Canada and Mexico)?
Yes    54 %
No    28 %
Sydney, Australia---- New York, New York, United States (published at 4:41 PM Eastern Standard Time
The quasi-one trillion dollar stimulus package currently being promoted by United States President Barack Obama is targeted at Americans living in the United States. It is intended to promote economic stability and to help secure and create jobs in America.
In a time of economic uncertainty--where economic contraction is obvious, and nationalism increases as a means of preservation (self-defence) and or motivation (impetus), it makes absolute political and many would say good shorter term economic sense to promote-- through appropriate sausian--in this case--the number one star on the planet--Barack Obama--the correlation between economic contraction--motivations for purposeful endeavour---and a reminder that America if it responds quickly--and doesn’t flutter in denial the way Canada tends to--that the combination of these factors--and yet to be announced discussions relating to some of the flaws in the financial institutions including the International Monetary Fund--where politics--nepotism--and bureaucracy are perceived to be the drivers of that institution--are able to be properly fused into a new sleek World economic inter-relationship.
This should not be interpreted by countries such as Canada and Mexico featured in this ROBBINS poll as a rebuke of Free Trade Agreements--or of Free Trade. For the next great World economic renaissance to properly evolve, world leaders will need to be careful about hyperbolic claims of self interest as they relate to issues such as Free Trade and Protectionism, and seriously understand what the integral elements are of both of these theoretical perspectives-before communicating with citizens.
Obviously, there are many people who can be convinced to be protectionist--but this is in part a symptom of current real politick---“it is my duty for self-preservation, protection of my family, and of my country--unless the government of the day is unfair or unjust--and than it is in my duty to remove that government.”
This is not Barack Obama’s concern today. His concern is ensuring the stimulus package passes--Americans and American industry (where most respondents concerns are relates to how much of the stimulus package will be devoured by government or others)--receive the funds and soon--.
President Obama is the shining political star right now and his visit to Canada--and I expect to Mexico at some later date--should convey more a message of positive hope rather than an over analysis of his comments about trade.
Every right thinking person understands that countries need to trade if the economy is to grow. If it is one or two steps backward, the resulting forward economic motion must be five times this. Ultimately this situation insists on swift and deliberate action---but supported by a good plan--not seat of the pants--which has in my opinion hurt us a little in Canada-. They must also understand that other countries must play bigger roles in the next economy---this requires geo-political planning. The language that accommodates the message within and outside one’s borders must be similarly well thought out.
Barack Obama needs to ensure--and this is as serious as a heart attack---that no compelling portion of the stimulus package is perceived in any way as taking flight offshore.
The obvious point to world leaders is that Barack Obama has a very focused task at hand--as all world leaders in developed countries do--but the first step in that task is to reflect continuity between stimulus and what's 'best' for America.
The diplomacy involving those governments which support free trade--and other participants who 'do as they please' politically--must include sufficient empathy for the American perspective.
Methodology-Background--raw data (62%) respondents women--(adjusted to reflect prevailing demographics for gender). Northwestern United States and California average (32%)"No" to Buy America including Canada and Mexico. (61%) of Northwestern and Northeastern United States 'Canada is 'better frend'
Just over 1,000 United States citizens who voted in the last federal election (2008) took part in this poll--over the telphone from Australia. Margin of error is approximately 3.5%, 19 times out of 20 at 95% competency. Special thanks to the Aussie BAD BOYS---and to my Guido--in New York. This Five-STAR ROBBINS poll was conducted throughout the continent of the United States between January 28, 2008-February 2, 2009.

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