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Robbins and Van Rassel on the City of Coquitlam
Born on the Bayou---Creedence Clearwater Revival  Feb 05, 2009

Question #1
Which of the following Coquitlam tax policies would you prefer?
A (07%) increase in taxes with a corresponding (07%) increase in services    15.6 %
A (07%) reduction in taxes with a corresponding (07%) reduction in services    6.8 %
No increase in taxes and no reduction in services    63.9 %
It doesn’t make any difference to me    13.6 %
Question #2
In your opinion should Coquitlam residents be permitted to opt out of garbage and recycling service and fees---attached to it---which have increased to (49%) per year, and exercise their own personal rights and options as it relates to garbage and recycling in your experience?
Yes    53 %
No    47 %
Question #3
Would you support Burke Mountain becoming its own township like Anmore and Belcarra?
Yes    22 %
No    36 %
Undecided (amended from original)    41 %
Question #4
Which of the following BC leaders and political parties do you "Currently" support most? (amended from original).
Carole James and New Democrats    17 %
Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals    23 %
I don’t support either    60 %
This is a poll of a City –I’ve been living here for 16 years—and it’s hard to commit to it politically—because to me it doesn’t inspire me—and it ought to------easily.
Jacking up garbage and recycling by (49%) was the Brainchild of a Coquitlam retard. This isn’t meant as derision towards the disabled—no-one who is mentally challenged is getting paid $250,000 a year—or are they? Government mandarin here--.
Coquitlam--(Richard) if you raise the taxes (07%) and there is not discernable increase in service—and you think you can ‘get away’ with this—then fill your boots rancid—because frankly that will be sufficient—to blow your—two term hopes// out the window—you’re on my watch-/- lady! I think you’re finished before you started. Nobody disrespects me—and certainly not you
Nice speculation--/ on (49%) increases for garbage and recycling taxes—own a home or not—the public thinks you are “crazy”—NO increase—Jim and I spoke with Mae Reid---get better/-- lady and let’s do the right thing----/the opt out is one-half of these numbers—but with (53%) of Coquitlam residents ready to opt out of garbage collection frothing at the mouth over the phone))))---anyhow—this is some stupid politics—don’t ya' think?
Burke Mountain doesn’t look like an uprising in the offing---the people are too old and too soft—nice people. Richard Stewart gives the Environment to Brent ABBA? Fin,,, Van Rassel isn’t too pleased about Burke Mountain, no wonder Ms Gold has had it with these beaurocrats. Speaking of Burke Mountain has the City of Coquitlam given control back to those 11 land owners who's property you are in the process of stealing,,,excuse me,,, buy for a song.
The Van Rassel/Friesen Don’t Vote BC—May 09—and well wishers will throng from 2010 Olympic celebrations to Jim’ Optical store to collect their Don’t Vote BC 09 buttons. The Don't Vote BC May 09 (We the People) already have a huge lead, as per the "I don't support either" Numbers.
The obvious news is nobody is interested in BC politics—it isn’t interesting because Gordon Campbell has run his course—at a time when he is obvious Senator material, I could raise millions--- for this—anyhow I have kicked Gordon Campbell in the head for six years---and still believe every word I’ve written—but right now in Coquitlam he is winning.
The BC NDP is thinking of running an affirmative action candidate in the new provincial riding of Burke Mountain. Ms James are you really that dumb? Tell me it ain't so!
Its’ not hard to write about polling. We did this baby—in part-- at Jim Van Rassel's business with—with customers buying eye glasses at his store—laughing at/with we were doing/commenting—taking a seat—like it was small town barber-shop—a unisex one---I really liked it---we called—everyone participated—in the blind of 80 of 300 Coquitlam residents in this ROBBINS poll.
The people in this ROBBINS poll don’t like the BC NDP or Gordon Campbell—frankly ---they are still talking about the Social Credit---the woman who owns it—might be connected to the BC Liberals—that’s what -my friend Bill Vander Zalm thinks// might be the case---now that’s procrastination in one’s life. Van Rassel is trying to shake loose the Social Credit label from the lady in question,,I hope he get's it. These are daytime respondents—which might suggest a tighter overall race—but in this polling culture—and with the problems the Campbell government has—not the massive mountain that remains covered up---he has more than a breath—but it’s his party—and not he—and I have many witnesses to this.
Brad West----in BC NDP-- Mike Farnworth’s office—and a city councillor in Tri-City, BC, Canada---says the BC NDP Executive wants an affirmative action candidate for the BC NDP. West calls Mike Farnworth—“The next leader of the BC New Democrats”—help me Michael Smyth—medicate me Vaughn Palmer.
A random sample of 300 Coquitlam residents of voting age---margin of error approximately 4.7%. Written and produced by Glen P Robbins and Jim Van Rassel

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