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Best places to live in Greater Vancouver---II
  Feb 07, 2009

This is a poll of 650 homeowners throughout the lower mainland of British Columbia conducted between June 23 and July 10, 2008. "Liveability" is based on these types of criteria: amenities in the region, real estate prices, cost of living, restaurants, convenience, transportation, community planning, liklihood of staying in the region, public safety, government (taxes),

#1-West Vancouver 6,500 +< 7,000 pts.
West Vancouver is beautiful to the point of being exotic---great condo designs, incredible views--fantastic shopping--Park Royal--parks and amenities--an increase in 18% in favourability from February, 2007.
#2 White Rock 6,000 + < 6,500 pts.
Great location--water amenities--close to fabulous Washington State (better selection/shopping), with a city hall determined to keep White Rock 'tops.'
#3 Richmond 5,500 + < 6,000 pts.
Richmond is close to ocean, great shopping, amenities--next door to Vancouver Airport--Richmond is up 10% in favourability from ROBBINS "Best places" February 2007.
#4 North Vancouver 5,000 + < 5,500 pts.
North Vancouver and West Vancouver from the "Great North Shore" in Greater Vancouver--on the way to Sea-to-Sky views---Whistler, BC (2010 Olympics). Outstanding neighbourhoods.
#5 Burnaby 5,000 + < 5,500 pts.
The city of Burnaby has bounced back from last place to fifth in our ROBBINS survey. Centrally located with close access to main routes in Greater Vancouver---great shopping--Deer Lake and North Burnaby outstanding communities to live and raise children.
#6 Port Moody/Anmore/Belcarra 5,000 + < 5,500 pts.
Traffic congestion has pulled the formerly #1 ranked city down to #6 in our second version of Best Places to Live. Driving many places in Greater Vancouver is difficult--but driving in the Tri-city region is frought with challenges. Anmore/Belcarra (separate from Port Moody city), are concerned about plummeting real estate prices. Touted at 1.5 million dollars two years ago--these properties can now be purchased for under one million--conflicting opinions on future development--some want area as is--others want opportunities to further develop large properties etc.
#7 Surrey 5,000 + < 5,500 pts.
Surrey mayor Dianne Watts keeps the city of Surrey in the middle of the pack--good thing--Surrey is a large diverse city with many challenges, but good planning, vision and focus in safe streets---helps Surrey BC to hold its own in this 2nd Annual ROBBINS survey of Best Places to live in Greater Vancouver.
#8 New Westminster 4,500 + < 5,000 pts.
New Westminster is up two positions from our last survey--a modest jump in score. Some great areas here--and terrific historical significance--with homes that fit right in---traffic problems hold city back from higher scores.
#9 Port Coquitlam 4,500 + < 5,000 pts.
A bit of dip for Port Coquitlam from last February '07---some new homeowners/investors realize they have "bought at the top of the market"---and may have to reconsider the financial implications of speculative buying. A city with a controversial history--uncomfortable city politics---still best known for specific 'crimes' including Picton murders. Poco has great potential but remains 'bad boy' of the Greater Vancouver region.
#10 Coquitlam 4,500 + < 5,000 pts.
Coquitlam has many great features--but city hall just can't put it together--unfinished projects, awful traffic--no imagination or vision in city hall---and a complete lack of continuity in city planning reflect the downward trend for this city of nearly 150,000.
#11 Langley 4,500 + < 5,000 pts.
Langley Township is separate from Langley City--my wife and family love going to Langley Township---but residents comments are less than exemplary in some instances---once again anyone living in Langley who has to travel the Port Mann Bridge--is desperate and this reflects poorly on Langley's score for the second year in a row.
#12 Vancouver 4,000 + < 4,500 pts.
Vancouver city proper has the largest population of the Greater Vancouver region (550,000), but the problems associated with poverty--drugs-- downtown eastside and apparent lack of direction under mayor Sam Sullivan keep Vancouver city--home of the 2010 Olympics at the bottom of the group in this ROBBINS survey.

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