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ROBBINS-2010 Whistler Vancouver Winter Olympics--Poll
  Feb 12, 2009

A random telephone and internet survey of 2,010 British Columbians between February 6-12, 2009. Telephone calls were conducted from Sydney Australia, the Internet Survey was conducted from Vancouver B.C. We estimate that if you conducted this particular poll at the particular time it was conducted--involving news, word of mouth etc., that you are 95% scientifically certain that these outcomes would be repeated-- margin of error is within 2.25%-meaning "Yes" could be 54.5% it could be just below 50%. Similarly for "No". Poll sponsors anonymous--save for Jim Van Rassel who has provided an honourarium.
"ROBBINS-2010 Whistler Vancouver Winter Olympics Poll" is the property of Glen P. Robbins, his nominees or his assigns.

Question #1
In your opinion-at this time in history: Will the 2010 Olympic Games and the costs associated-be a significant factor in determining BC’s economic future following the 2010 Winter Games? (56% of respondents were women-adjusted generally for demographic).
Yes    52 %
No    34 %
Undecided    14 %
Oddly that which Olympic critics have used against them--the bread and circus anti-corporate argument--has come back to boomerang on them. The money being invested in the 2010 Olympic Games takes on new meaning--and this is awesome in terms of its total implication---can the Olympic Games actually be the best investment--at least in Vancouver’s time--on the planet ////and how can provincial politicians reconcile their past loathe of public disclosure--with what should be the new economic boast. The circus is coming to Vancouver town and all of a sudden it matters.
If your Gordon Campbell you guarantee the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics will make money--and you roll out Jimmy Pattison and maybe Dan Miller is hanging around--and well you know.
If you are a young homeowner anywhere is Greater Vancouver and you have purchased your home in the past three years, and the value of your property is about the same as your mortgage loan, and your monthly payments are $1900, you bet your onside with the 2010 Olympics. Women, though in lower numbers-answer “No” and “Undecided” more frequently than men do.
Glen P. Robbins

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