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The Truth about real heroes, the Farenheit 911 backfire-and U.S. problems with Mexicans
  Jul 09, 2004

A random telephone sample of 2,550 Americans through 50 states and the District of Columbia. This survey was conducted through two distinct ‘sweeps’ of the United States beginning in the west to the east between June 24 and July 9, 2004. 2,350 of the respondents were collected from computerized telephones both in Canada and the United States, while the remainder were conducted by regular phone sample from Vancouver Canada. The margin of error is 2.25%, 19 times out of 20 @98% competency.

Question #1
In your opinion, should former US prisoner, Private Jessica Lynch have a coin or stamp produced in her honour?
Yes    23.56 %
No    76.20 %
Question #2
In your opinion will Michael Moore’s film Farenheit 911 impact on President George Bush’s re-election bid?
Yes    28.30 %
No    70.70 %
Undecided    1.10 %
Question #3
In your opinion would you like to see Arizona Senator John McCain as either Secretary of State or Secretary of Defense in the next Presidential Administration in November-December 2004?
Yes    73.60 %
No    24.50 %
Undecided    1.90 %
Question #4
In your opinion are illegal aliens from Mexico or other countries hurting the US domestic economy?
Yes    59.30 %
No    38.10 %
Undecided    2.60 %
Question #5
In your opinion is US foreign policy in Iraq moving in the ‘right direction’?
Yes    50.10 %
No    46.30 %
Undecided    3.70 %
Question #6
For which leader and political party are you leaning towards casting your vote in the upcoming U.S. Presidential election?
George W. Bush and Republican Party    49.20 %
John Kerry and Democrats    43.70 %
Ralph Nadar and Green-Independent    4.70 %
Undecided    2.50 %
Commentary-Commemorating private Jessica Lynch with a stamp or coin is “ridiculous” according to an overwhelming number of respondents in this survey. A whopping twenty eight per cent of Americans are of the opinion that Michael Moore’s film Farenheit 911 will impact on President George W. Bush’s re-election bid. In this survey, nearly all of the respondents who are of that opinion are leaning towards Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry or Green-Independent candidate Ralph Nader.
If there is ever a candidate for ‘President of the World’ I would place my bet that the winner would be Senator John McCain. ROBBINS first introduced McCain in our survey of great American heroes along with the late US President Ronald Reagan in the spring of 2004. For any number of reasons, this dude has it ‘going on’ with the American public.
A very significant number of US respondents are of the opinion that Mexican and other illegal aliens are hurting the US domestic economy. Big business is paying lower wages and taking away higher paying jobs from Americans, while government is perceived to be subsidizing incomes to these people as well. (This sentiment is pervasive throughout the United States not just the southern states). Democratic supporters as well as Republicans see this equally as a major problem (and a real hot button!). With Canada feeding marijuana to the US from the north and Mexico shipping cheap labour to US businesses from the south, the average American can say “with friends like these who needs Iraq”.
President Bush has handed sovereignty back to the Iraqi’s and both the anticipation of this event and the event itself has improved his support amongst Americans. Americans have gotten a good look at former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, a reminder of why the world is a safer place, notwithstanding the original rationale for going to Iraq in the first place.
Over eighty per cent of Ralph Nader supporters also believe that Michael Moore’s Farenheit 911 will impact on President George W. Bush’s re-election campaign. These respondents are correct; except it may be that the film is actually helping President George W. Bush to get re-elected.

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