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British Columbians don't have trust or confidence in politicians or courts
  Feb 25, 2009

A random sample of 256 respondents February 25, 2009. This ROBBINS poll features a margin of error of approximately (05%), 19 times out of 20 @ 95% confidence. Question #2 was ‘provided’ by Jim Van Rassel and question #3 ‘provided’ by Kari Simpson.

Question #1
Of the following choices offered, in which do you have the most trust and confidence?
Police    42 %
Courts    07 %
Politicians    14 %
I have little trust or confidence in any of these three    32 %
Undecided    05 %
Question #2
The 2010 Winter Olympic Games will cost a minimum of $1,500 (Canadian) per British Columbians’ of all ages. Is this an investment in your province you willingly make?
Yes    04 %
No    94 %
Undecided    02 %
Question #3
A provincial Supreme Court Chief Justice oversees a trial in which another Supreme Court Justice is alleged to have committed civil fraud. In your opinion is this appropriate conduct of the Chief Justice to oversee and sit as the Judge in this trial?
Yes    17.5 %
No    76.5 %
Undecided    06 %
Question #4
A 72 year old man who emigrated to Vancouver, British Columbia from Poland in 1957 was asked by ROBBINS ‘what his impression was of BC politics with an upcoming election in May 2009. The man answered and I quote “It makes no difference to me, in BC politics if you make a change you are only changing one criminal for another.” Do you agree with this man’s sentiment?
Yes    62 %
No    36 %
Undecided    02 %
Question #5
Courts, Police and Politicians in BC ‘seem to be’ more interested in serving their own interests than the interests of the public.” Do you agree with this statement?
Yes    62 %
No    36 %
Undecided    02 %
There is little confidence in either the courts or politicians in this poll of lower mainland British Columbians. One respondent pointed out that “we know we have a gang problem--it includes the politicians--we need more cops to protect us from the politicians.” Another respondent added “The cops are trying to do honest work--I wish I could say the same for the courts and the politicians.”
Based on a per person basis the 2010 Olympic Cost will not be paid for “willingly” by British Columbians.
The regular news won’t print it--but the courts are in serious trouble. With Judge shopping admitted to--and now these damning polls on particular judicial conduct--the average person--who isn’t a criminal--can’t expect to get a fair trial at BC’s Supreme Court.
The numbers from question #4 are stunning. The number of women respondents willing to accept the statement/sentiment that political change is tantamount to “only changing one criminal for another” from our 72 year old--is a frightening indictment on how little confidence there is in the system. It’s true--BC respondents in this poll--many from day time interviews support the ROBBINS theory that anarchy in nearly upon us--and it can’t be blamed on gang violence. As one respondent put it “the politicians are scarier than the gangs”.
These damning confirmations that there is a complete break down of confidence in the democratic system in British Columbia are affirmed by the nearly two-thirds of respondents who “Agree” with the statement “Courts, Police, and Politicians in BC seem to be more interested in serving their own interests than the interests of the public.”
BC has had gang problems for years. Public relations distractions--particular those like the Braidwood inquiry which make the police look weak--also make them appear to be accountable. As one respondent said “I’ve always had my doubts about the courts--but I can tell you for sure I’m fed up with the politicians.”
Daily newspaper editors don’t find corruption in the courts to be considered “news”--but apparently don’t mind allocating resources puff piecing the hand that feeds--and they are desperate for the money--so desperate--the public “doesn’t know who to believe any more.”
This is a province plagued by political corruption. Beautiful to look at--the citizens are fed up. The politicians are perceived to “lack talent”, or “aren’t too bright”, or are “lining their own pockets.” Asked one respondent “why do we keep seeing the recycling of these same people over and over again.”
Another response might explain. “The public doesn’t trust the politicians or the courts---when they aren’t on the inside--Imagine what would happen if we found out the whole truth--you’d have pure anarchy.”
The people may not have an pick or an axe in their hands--you can be sure they are making sure both are close by. That’s how bad this is!
Glen P. Robbins

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