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B.C. citizen Jim Van Rassel set to initiate Litigated Democracy-(SAP) Sue A Politician
  Mar 22, 2009

Jim Van Rassel Says "I'm mad as hell and am not going to take it anymore."
Jim Van Rassel- March 13, 2009 - 9:53 am
My name is Jim Van Rassel. It is abundantly clear to me, and to most of the people that I associate with (professionally, personally, and casually), that we are fed up with being lied to and deceived, on a daily basis, by most of our politicians. Our recall legislation is currently ineffective.
For the past while, I have been sitting down and talking with legal counsel on how to address this issue. So I have decided to go back to basics, how do you ask? I am going to sue a politician ("S.A.P.") for breach of contract*. I am going to put ten names of politicians in a hat and over the next little while, when all my ducks are in a row, I am going to pick one name out of the hat and that is the politician I am going to sue. I am willing to drop the suit if this politician resigns without compensation, and offers an apology to both the public and myself. Otherwise, this politician will have to defend their lies (actions) in court and I don't think he or she would have the appetite for that kind of publicity and discovery.
Ultimately, I anticipate this will be a catalyst to more accountable and just government at all levels. I am hoping that this will attract and provoke others who are able to take a similar kind of action.
"We are the government and we can do anything we want." -A quote from a B.C. politician.
*“Contract: An oral or written agreement between two or more parties which is enforceable by law. In order to be valid, a contract requires an offer, an acceptance of that offer and, in common-law jurisdictions, consideration.”
Some reader comments:
"Good letter -- things are so bad though that I wonder if anyone thinks the Law applies to politicians?"
"I'm on your side. Time to make these a**holes realize they're not gods!"
"I would love to see a politician take the stand and see if they purger themselves."

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