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ROBBINS-Barack, Michelle, The Queen et al--(G20-09)
MGMT  Apr 05, 2009

Vancouver, British Columbia--This is a random sample of 1,000 respondents residing in the lower mainland of British Columbia--/ between March 31 and April 5, 2009. This poll has a margin of error of just over (3.0%) 19 times out of 20---95% confidence (19/20)

Question #1
In your opinion is new United States Democratic President, Barack Obama- the right leader, at the right time, in the World today?
Yes    63 %
No    27 %
Unsure/Undecided    10 %
Question #2
Do you agree or disagree-- with Bank of Canada governor Marc Carney who says “there will be a restoration of global growth,” thanks to stimulus measures that have been taken around the world? (Source: Calgary Herald; Division of CanWest Publishing Inc.—Author: Deborah, Yedlin; March 31, 2009).
Agree    47 %
Disagree    31 %
Unsure/Undecided    20 %
Question #3
In your opinion, how much influence does B.C. provincial government economic policy have on our economy?
A little    53 %
A lot    28 %
Other    19 %
I admit personal bias-being a fan of Her Majesty the Queen of England. Let’s hope we can get our act together sufficiently--- to merit The Queen coming to The Vancouver/Whistler 2010 Olympic Games next February. (now there’s a social coup folks). Her ‘more personal affection’-- bridging a gulf of historical protocol-- toward U.S. First Lady, Michelle Obama was extraordinary---and worthwhile as both ‘world leaders’—a monarch—and a woman of the people—have immediate connection to many of those—who paid attention to coverage of these meetings. (Contrary to some news reports Queen Elizabeth--- started it).
Michelle Obama is such a strong personality—it permits Barack the opportunity to be serious and strong world philosopher and magistrate at the same time. Michelle Obama will eclipse her husband in some media attention in the next six months to one year---as Barack takes on ‘saving the world’.
The story from the G-20 International meetings, not surprisingly-- is U.S. President Barack Obama (and likely his wife Michelle as well). This poll of lower mainland respondents in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia overwhelmingly confirms Barack Obama’s premier status as a world leader. (The riots at the G-2- conference were certainly noteworthy and there should be no mistake that a large segment of the population through all demographics is not pleased with the present state of the world).
The leaders of the World owe Barack Obama a debt of gratitude. He’s popular everywhere he goes and respondents in this poll are of the overall opinion “if he was faced with the end of the world in Sixty Minutes (tick tock) time—he wouldn’t break a sweat.” Cool—it’s played so well at the G-20’s---and other leaders responded in a way that produced a very successful, constructive and positive---/ appearance. Will the solution framework derived from London’s G-20.09- prove as successful?
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper does Canada proud on the world stage-- and the G-20 meetings in London reflect this assertion well. The International scene requires the presence of what Harris Decima’s Allan Gregg refers to as “an honest broker” (CBC- “At Issue” week of April 1, 2009) which fits Canada’s historical pedigree and is a natural easy fit for the Prime Minister Harper who has a sensitive and intelligent approach to world matters—in conjunction with an attractive and strong physical presence which appropriately befits Canada’s international message.
The G-20’s host, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown ‘looks’ how I expect an English Prime Minister to look. Thoughtful and serious. He and the other leaders got ‘bloody lucky’ that the meetings were held on the island--- (see Barack Obama).
French President Sarkozy is alleged to be a right wing conservative-a label not which I suspect would surprise many who follow international politics. His ambition and his efforts toward worldwide economic regulation and reform of financial institutions and equity markets are bold and reflect Mr. Sarkozy’s flare and passion for International politics.
German President Dr. Angela Merkel is a strong representative on the world stage reflecting Germany’s continued ‘greatness’ as a nation state and power player in the European Union and internationally.
Russian President Dimitry Medvedev is a handsome character and excellent political actor—. His connection with U.S. President Barack Obama appeared genuine and positive. I think many Canadian men secretly admire Vladimir Putin “He’s got balls”.
The political world is changing---the ultimate contest of man to /see who the superior race is/ will ultimately manifest thus---he who achieves the most toward –rescuing- and successfully moving the planet Earth forward—with everyone aboard will best prove her case. A winner must work with all others to win. Ultimately—at this moment there will be worldwide enlightenment---no winners or losers-the distinction will be lost. (“Swingtown” Steve Miller Band-).
All in, a lot of very interesting political personalities—and so long as we don’t continue to kill one another—let’s see if we can make things work. Do not frustrate creative minds-rather harness them for greater good—not toward narrow ideological ‘good’ but Good in every sense of what that word might mean to most reasonable and sensible people.
MGMT-poetry hasn’t looked as good since Jim Morrison. Alanis Morrisette—“You ought know”—// I am crazy about her---this woman is right for Canada—I like her a lot, Alanis understands and has empathy for the environment. She is a great communicator—which is most important for success on any matter. These are the same ‘colours’ that I saw with the Vision Vancouver---success—and the election of Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson—I mean it was clear as day. I don’t how we’ll ever make sense of the Humanities—as one overall study—naturally each contributor, psychology, philosophy, political science, sociology, teaching, languages, music—this is the study of Humanities—as I see it----.
Ultimately world leaders are going to have to solidify a format-- which properly reconciles economic information (GDP-GDP per capita—export and import ratio’s—unemployment—job growth) in real time-with ‘truly’ universal accounting constants—and utilize the potential for this type of ‘academic hybrid’ toward building common competitive comparisons—but with some oversight—please. To this end, why not real time adjudications of penalties—and incentives for keeping good books-not cookin’ good books. To ensure economic shrinkage does NOT provoke protectionism—there should be some recognition of adjustments to world markets as they relate to matters of International security. Of these matters I have no particular expertise---but
A World central stork market that adds new dimensions to existing equity trading—(rather than rendering them redundant)—which market would also deal with more social cost accounting ‘bookkeeping technologies’ carbon trading---. Stocks trading on the World Stage Stock Market would be required to make the corporate case for ethics and the environment—and when successful should be well promoted throughout communications systems.
We did not mention a specific date of “restoration” as this relates to question 2 involving Bank of Canada governor Marc Carney—although he has asserted previously that he expects the economy to begin to turn around beginning in early 2010. A daunting task, but one which many respondents who answered “Yes” to—‘expect’. Essentially they are willing to give world leaders this long to “turn the global economy around”—but the sense is that “it’s their fault—not our’s”. Others may be responding to “Hope” as ‘wishful thinking’.
If Bank of Canada governor Marc Carney turns out to be correct—as Canada’s top economist at the moment—he would certainly become a historical icon—being the first-? to recognize the ‘art’ of economics beyond the ‘science’---Has failed most other economists over the past six months to one year.
I must be candid. Personally, I always consider British Columbia provincial budgets and other accounting with a great deal of skepticism. Our provincial Budget has become a political tool—much more so than the economic or financial tool it ought to be.
British Columbia politics has some very serious accountability issues. This ROBBINS poll and question 3 shows a real divide in perspective—the world is changing---there are no more socialists and capitalists. The separation between these two has forever changed, consequently the theories—must be adapted by academics and others—in a sufficiently conservative matter to be prudent, but with adequate punch to ensure the changeover can be adopted in early 2010 through the summer of that year—, this is the visual edict that presents itself now—act accordingly—
it’s all the time you’ve been given.
To put this another way—let me use the example--/ of my daughter—and creative- partner Kellie Robbins---she loves academic philosophy—she is attending Simon Fraser University in beautiful Burnaby, B.C., dreams of University of California, Berkeley—and is about to confront Friedrich Nietzsche—I understand little of this—but spend all of my time following Kellie around asking her things--- I suppose when you consider greed, genocide, Holocaust—isn’t it a little obvious that this doesn’t work?
You can’t have one person with everything and another with nothing---absolutely nothing--- and expect that this can be sustained forever? How—logically- mathematically--can this be gamed out?
As international markets must become more sophisticated in terms of properly valuating assets//and
honestly we are undervaluing intellectual property (I stole a few ideas from poet E.E. Cummings) -- the currently futility of the true theoretical posit—this is not infinite. So much more economic activity will have to be generated in cyberspace— (With this I defer to people such as Bill Gates and Melinda Gates—“They have a Good vision”) ---the next frontier for man on earth will be underwater---invest in a submarine.
I love Michael J. Fox—he is a “Student of the World” (Oprah Winfrey week of April 1, 2009)---I’m off with the Pope here—stem cell, that and in Africa—NO man should force a woman-nor a woman to a man- nor any person to another creature---save for sustenance and good sense to do anything against their will—this is the fundamental foundation of who we are as human beings---respect for one another as equals or we have nothing—dust—from the country to the city---respect. (Aretha Franklin).
Russia and Canada have a lot of oil—the next power generators must ethically fuse natural assets, and clean technologies with economic self interest. (My Judgement on ‘Run of the Rivers’). Corporations are desperate for an advantage—and I understand this—but not at ‘any cost’-- anymore. If the government takes an investment in business—the citizen is a shareholder—and we want a “specific dividend payment”.
Human Beings go to Afghanistan to “help”-and we are our -brothers keepers-but a lot of our people ---great men and women in Canada’s military- and the militaries of other countries-- have invested themselves of “Blood, Sweat and Tears”--- (Winston Churchill—Prime Minister of The United Kingdom—my all time hero//bombs raining on London----Hitler’s kicking the shit out of everybody///Churchill tells Hitler “to go f*** himself”)--- (That’s why there will always be an England!)---to suggest that these terms of treatment for women are acceptable is of the greatest offence to the great majority of my countrymen. ROBBINS supports the Canadian military 195%----we have better things to do then/than Afghanistan—increase the Budget—and let’s get up north.
There should be no political trial balloons on the caskets of my Canadian brothers and sisters. Enough.
My dog Tucker—is half border collie and Kuvatz. We got him from the SPCA-three years ago—what an amazing creature---Tucker’s best friend is Jack---a ‘Rotty’—and lab (I) think. These dogs can wrestle aggressively-- and fight in a three foot radius without ever going outside that radius—it’s amazing. All while the family eats Turkey and other delicious treats. The dogs understand that if they act vigorously—yet within this radius—they will be well rewarded with a sampling of the treats—and the bird.
Soccer is the biggest sport in the World---it’s a working man’s sport—why do you think it’s on the rise? (That-- and the Leafs aren’t winning).
The next great world capital is Whitehorse, Yukon—you heard it here at ROBBINS first. Just give me the invite!
ROBBINS ‘offices’ in Whitehorse, Yukon—Moscow, Russia; Miami, Los Angeles, and New York-U.S.A; London, England;—Dublin, Ireland; ---Rio De Janeiro, Brazil—Sydney, Australia?
Glen P. Robbins

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