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ROBBINS on Stanley Cup Finals
  Apr 28, 2009

Vancouver, British Columbia

Here is a ROBBINS assessment of the statistical information provided by the National Hockey League (great site for stats)translated by ROBBINS--into 'seed' placement and odds (based on league play only-does not account for balance of probabilities for home and away or for outcomes in the NHL playoffs to date), in the Stanley Cup playoffs. It is important to note that every win for a team impacts on their odds as the 'liklihood' of that team winning naturally improves with each victory. Teams with highest odds improve incrementally more with each win than teams with lower odds. Additional weight was given for fewer penalties minutes per game--which for example would improve Carolina's odds and worsen Vancouver's. These are ROBBINS 'statistical' odds only--and are intended for entertainment purposes exclusively.
Teams will be listed by rank and ROBBINS odds.
1. Boston Bruins (5/1)
2. Detroit Red Wings (7.5/1)
3. San Jose Sharks (10.5/1)
4. Washington Capitals (11/1)
5. New Jersey Devils (17/1)
6. Vancouver Canucks (24/1)
7. Philadelphia Flyers (25/1)
8. Chicago Black Hawks (25/1)
9. Anaheim Mighty Ducks (25/1)
10. Pittsburgh Penguins (25.5/1)
11. Carolina Hurricanes (25.5/1)
12. St. Louis Blues (37/1)
13. Montreal Canadiens (41/1)
14. Calgary Flames (45/1)
15. Columbus Blue Jackets (68/1)
16. New York Rangers (90/1)

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