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Why did Michael Smyth of the Province-mispresent (former) NDP Brad Zubyk?
  Apr 23, 2009

In the Thursday, April 23, 2009 edition of the Vancouver Province-Michael Smyth’s headline blares “NDP insider blasts James, her campaign.” In the first paragraph of the article Smyth writes “Another NDP - (the first apparently was 1993 environmental protestor Tzeporah Berman—who never was an insider) - insider is coming out blasting Carole James...”
But as Michael Smyth clearly is aware—Brad Zubyk is not a New Democrat insider. The evidence is a 30 second Google away.
In fact, Michael Smyth’s colleague from the Vancouver Sun, Vaughn Palmer wrote an article December 3, 2008 describing how Mr. Zubyk filed an affidavit in BC Supreme Court which by any reasonable judgement would be construed as anti-NDP/union.
There’s more—just as Ms. Berman was only a member of the New Democrats for a very short time—and thus unqualified to be an insider---Mr. Zubyk clearly established himself as not a provincial New Democrat long before this (May 2009) provincial election---and there is evidence that his ‘insidership’ with the BC New Democrats has been fading for some time.
In a Georgia Straight article dated August 5, 2008—the report states:
“A former NDP strategist, Zubyk claimed that his candidate's (Gregor Robertson) "broad-base appeal" will generate enough pull from among the constituencies of his rivals: city councillor Raymond Louie, an original Vision Vancouver member, and park commissioner Allan De Genova, a former NPA member.”
Also in the Georgia Straight—“Brad Zubyk, who served as former senior Chrétien Liberal strategist, made this statement today”: (September 12, 2005)
For a person to qualify as an insider in this election---there would need to be bona fides—that the person was ‘inside’ the New Democrats NOW. Leaving a campaign at this late date—if a person were a legitimate insider would indeed be news-----but Mr. Zubyk has long been gone from the NDP as the evidence clearly depicts.
Further, Mr. Zubyk’s last bona fides as a New Democrat insider were in 2005 where he was a ‘senior communications person’. This would suggest that Mr. Zubyk’s status with the NDP although certainly ‘inside’ was not ‘top dog’.
The evidence also would clearly show that Mr. Zubyk took his experience as a federal Liberal and sometime BC New Democrat—precisely the correct political pedigree---and engineered a very successful campaign for current Vancouver mayor and former BC New Democrat Gregor Robertson’s mayoral win in November 2008.
One cannot precisely know what the motivation of the headline and article is—but we know from My Smyth’s article that “Strategist Zubyk rips lousy (NDP) TV ads, botched slogans”.
So here is the clear evidence. Many reports including one written by Vaughn Palmer—a very diligent ‘high end’ journalist with the Vancouver Sun-- indicates that Brad Zubyk is not a BC New Democrat supporter—and hasn’t been for some time now. There is clear evidence that Brad Zubyk is very good at communications—that is his profession—and evidence in Mr. Smyth’s article that Mr. Zubyk doesn’t think highly of the BC New Democrats communications.
Quite clearly referring to Mr. Zubyk as an “NDP insider” is just as untrue as calling Tzeporah Berman an insider----this simply isn’t factual. Mr. Zubyk is a former ‘insider’ and Ms. Berman never was ‘an insider’.
The article might have had greater relevance to this campaign if Mr. Zubyk has been clearly described as a ‘former insider’ with a fleshing out of Mr. Zubyk’s former relationships with federal Liberals---and past relationships to the provincial New Democrats—and his current relationship to Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson.
Had THAT article been written—the political spin derived might have been plentiful—we’ll never know now—it’s too late.
(By the way Brad—thanks again for the tickets to the Vision Vancouver debates).
Glen P. Robbins
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