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Laurence Cameron's BC Election 09--Is there a Viagra 4 politics?
  Apr 26, 2009

Please allow me to preface any of my blithering idiot rambling by saying that there's nothing I dislike more than whiny, argumentative, negative, professional (or volunteer) Opposition hacks, Official or otherwise, bitching and bellyaching about anything and everything they can get their metaphorical hands on.
Well, ok. There's lots of things I dislike more than that. But, ahem, that's a whole other movie.
Something any level of governing body shares is the murder (as in crows) of paid nay-sayers that comes with the filthy territory. They never offer a solution or have a hint of a viable alternative. Nope. They just bitch and moan and tell you how all your ideas are terrible and you should be ashamed of yourself.
I hate that.
That, ah, I'm about to be one of 'em.
So the election campaign for the May 12th, 2009 British Columbia Provincial election is now well under way, is it?
A little while ago when I heard my first 'official' election radio spot it wasn't yet half way thru its 30 seconds or whatever it was and I was already dreading the whole election thing. And that's sad because I love politics. Believe me, there's nothing I like more (ok, there's lots I like more.) than a good, hard fought election campaign. Call me crazy but I eat that shit up. You probably do too. That's why you come to this website.
Right? So maybe you'll understand when I say.
There's nothing in the upcoming BC election that interests me. No issues. No personalities. Zero, nada, SFA. And that's terrible. This election has certainly already arrived at the "are we there yet?" point. And it point arrived, for me at least, half way thru that first radio spot.
So much is being said worldwide, and rightly so, about what I consider to be aclassic "cult of personality" thing going on nowadays with US President Barack Obama. This man has touched the masses all over the world and not just his fellow Americans. His Hope 'shtick' has touched millions, including jaded and callous, ol' me.
His Baptist preacher cadence and charisma, not to mention the completely massive accomplishment of the scrawny Hawaiian born black mongrel kid becoming the 44th President of the United States of America. Wow. It's a truly wonderful story. He pulled it off because he is a man who quickly captures your attention and inspires the Great Unwashed, like myself, to listen.
But the S.O.B. has ruined it for poor slobs running in our provincial election. Who can follow this guy? Its not fair. But.
I mean really. Could it be any more lame? Theres no zing, no hot sauce. Not a zest of Van der Zalm. Not a gram of Galardi or a clove of Clark. Not even a jigger of Joy McP. Not a lousy pinch of Priddy or a bit of Barrett or Bennett. Not a hint of flavour.
This current bunch is killing me.
Don't get me wrong. I'm a huge supporter of volunteerism and have nothing but respect for the fine human beings who step up and give their time and often sacrifice their home-life for the good of their community and fellow citizens.
May, like, God totally Bless them, eh.
Most of those who dedicate themselves to public life as elected officials, I'm sure, enter the fray with the best of intentions. Sure, some are in it for the money. It's probably not a bad job, really. Some will hope to springboard their time in office to make connections that will set them up financially for life. That's just the way the world is, like it or not.
Many candidates will do good service for their constituents. Fortunately there are people like Jenny Kwan, for example, out there trying to do good work. Some work hard behind the scenes to help better their communities. Some simply coast along leaving the heavy lifting to others- just like any work enviroment.
But my issue here, I guess, is about the Leaders. In the last Provincial election I voted for our NDP candidate- for the simple reason that she actually banged on our front door and introduced herself. Nobody else did that.
This time out I simply cannot vote for her. Why? Because the thought of a Provincial NDP government makes my skin crawl even more than the thought of 4 more years of the Liberals. It's gone beyond the old "hold your nose and vote" thing. And pundits wonder why voter apathy is at an all-time high? I'm just an average knucklehead and even I have it figured out. There's really nobody to vote for. It's even becoming a challenge to find someone to vote against! Us "issue by issue" folks, the ever increasing block of Undecided voters, are scratching their heads and looking around wondering "is that really all there is?" And that's bad.
But this election is a Velveeta on Wonder Bread sandwich with a glass of warm water. A bowl of cold rice. A "near" beer. Why are we bothering? Seriously. What's the point? Maybe the chairs will be shuffled around a bit but the end result will look, I'm sure, pretty much like it does now.
Issues Smissues. Those are usually manufactured anyways. What we so sorely lack is any candidate, from anywhere, to have a bit of personality, a media slut, er, I mean darling. Someone with a bit of stage presence, ya know? I want to be fascinated by some new political blood. I want to follow this person and see how things play out. I want to be hooked, like I was following and watching Candidate Obama become President Obama. Someone who can rise through the party ranks and lead and inspire confidence in the Government. Is that person out there, waiting for the right time to throw his or her hat in the ring? Boy, I sure hope so. Because things look pretty bleak out there right now.
Of course I'm not expecting miracles here. I'm not expecting anyone to have the sun shine out their ass. But just enough spunk on display enough to create a bit of interest would be nice. Unless that's too much to ask. Is it? It seems like.
I'm sure Carol James and Gordon Campbell are fine folks. I'd vote for Ms. James for my union leader. But Premier? Not in a million years. So maybe we'll end up with Gordon Campbell strutting around thinking he's WAC Bennett and with a fresh mandate when really the only true mandate he'll have is to not be the NDP and not make things worse than they already are here and the world over. It reminds me of my First Aid training and to just look after the injured party until the REAL help arrives.
I wonder if that's what is happening here. I hope so.
Because neither of these Leaders inspire me to join their fight. I wonder if either of these 2 could keep the patrons of a Commercial Drive espresso bar from falling asleep, let alone turn away from the soccer game on the satellite feed.
(Wait. What's that you say? There are other leaders? There are? Where? Who?)
I'd really, really like to care. I want to care. But I don't. And that's a shame.
We need a candidate to step out of the woodwork like Barack Obama did. A fresh face with fresh ideas. Someone to inspire and lead.
Hmm. Maybe next time.
These complaints certainly aren't specific to Provincial politics though the Federal is just as bad. Maybe worse because one expects more from the Big Show. It ain't happenin' there either, baby. Local civic and municipal stuff? Ya right.
So what can we do? Wait, I guess. What else can we do? That person isn't me.
Maybe it's Glen P. Robbins.
Maybe it's you?
L. Cameron

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