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re-release-ROBBINS Sce Research-Angus Reid most accurate on BC election.
  Dec 07, 2010

Glen P. Robbins, President and CEO of ROBBINS Sce Research wishes to congratulate Gordon Campbell for his successful third win as Premier, and to Carole James, leader of the BC NDP for her success--the only party which gained seats and share of the popular vote.
ROBBINS "the most accurate public opinion pollster in the world" predicted the following: (1) in two ROBBINS polls we predicted an average popular vote for the BC Liberals of 45.27%--the party received 45.68%--a difference of less than one half per cent.
ROBBINS predicted an average of 43.36% for the BC NDP--their final total was 42.23%---a difference of 1.23%. OUr totals for (1) lower mainland (2) northern and interior ridings (3) Vancouver Island--were nearly dead on--save for an underestimation of BC Greens in the north and interior--(which ironically may have made the difference in the election).
Between the two main parties--ROBBINS was less than 1% average from complete accuracy--an amount that would render our samples scientific to 2,000 to 3,000 calls.
ROBBINS average for the BC Greens was 7.4% just less than 1% from their totals. Other pollsters were 'off' on the BC Greens by 3 and 4%.
ROBBINs was 1% off on BC Conservatives--and nearly 'dead on' on "Other". ROBBINS also predicted voter turnout within basis point--48.9%--now that's incredible.
ROBBINS 'STV' question from ROBBINS final answer reflected a decided "Yes" prediction of 42.8%, the final "Yes" was 38.7%. Angus Reid whose party totals were similarly successful, predicted a 45% "Yes" to a new electoral system (STV), while main news pollster Ipsos predicted 51%--and Mustel--oh this is good--predicted 67% "Yes" (not even close).
The Mustel polling group predicted a 15% (fifteen per cent) win for the BC Liberals--and later a 9% (nine percent) win-----after averaging--Mustel was 'off' by 9%---simply not a high enough standard--in our opinion. Ipsos predicted an 8% win for BC Liberals---5% out.
(It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what's happening there--eh?)
Glen P. Robbins would like to congratulate his TEAM and Angus Reid Strategies for their excellent performance--and more importantly--their honesty and integrity in publishing public opinion polls that reflect the actual opinions of the population.

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