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BC's 2009 election --voter turnout below 48%---some seats will not count
ROBBINS election averages dead-on--ROBBINS predicts voter turnout at (48.9%)  May 16, 2009

Here are some of the culprits (ridings) from the 2009 general provincial election--who did not achieve a proper standard of voter turnout--and will be asked by ROBBINS to relinquish their seat. Between now and 2013 any votes from representatives from these ridings--will be deemed to not count based on the Van Rassel amendment--which will be offered to the people of British Columbia by way of private members Bill. The amendment will follow the list of culprits who have not met a democratic standard.
This report is provided to ROBBINS from Jim Van Rassel and Davis Friesen.
Ladies and Gentlemen--the undemocratically elected ridings and candidate/parties
Abbotsford Mission Randy Hawes/BC Liberal
Abbotsford South John Van Dongen/BC Liberal
Burnaby Deer Lake Kathy Corrigan/New Democrat
Burnaby Edmonds Raj Chouhan/New Democrat
Burnaby Lougheed Harry Bloy/BC Liberal
Chilliwack John Les/BC Liberal
Coquitlam-Burke Mt. Douglas Horne/BC Liberal
Kelowna Lake Country Norm Letnick/BC Liberal
Kelowna Mission Steve Thompson/BC Liberal
Peace River North Pat Pimm/BC Liberal
Peace River South- Blair Lekstrom/BC Liberal
Prince George Valemount Shirley Bond/BC Liberal
Richmond Centre Rob Howard/BC Liberal
Richmond East Linda Reid/BC Liberal
Richmond Steveston John Yap/BC Liberal
Surrey-Green Timbers Sue Hammell/BC New Democrat
Surrey Newton Harry Bains/New Democrat
Surrey Tynehead Dave Hayer/BC Liberal
Surrey Whalley Bruce Ralston/New Democrat
Vancouver False-Creek Mary McNeil/BC Liberal
Vancouver Fraserview Kash Heed/BC Liberal
Vancouver Hastings Shane Simpson/BC New Democrat
Vancouver Kensington Mable Elmore/BC New Democrat
Vancouver Kingsway Adrian Dix/New Democrat
Vancouver-Langara Moira Stilwell/BC Liberal
Vancouver Mt. Pleasant Jenny kwan/BC Liberal
Vancouver West End Spencer Herbert/New Democrat
Westside Kelowna Ben Stewart/BC Liberal
The revised ROBBINS/Van Rassel amendment provides that: “Any riding constituency that fails to produce voter turnout equal to 50% plus one (1) percent of all eligible voters, will forfeit their seat in the legislature for the following term in office.”
Subsection (i) of the proposed ROBBINS revision to the amendment would provide that: "A candidate and political party may secure a seat in the legislature notwithstanding a total vote turn-out of under 51% per cent, so long as that candidate and that candidate's party achieves 51% PLUS one additional percent above 51% for each 1% that voter turnout in that riding's total vote was below 51%.
Under the general Van Rassel amendment to the BC Elections Act-and not including the provisions under the revised ROBBINS Van Rassel amendment-the revised seat total is:
BC Liberals 31 New Democrats 26
ROBBINS revision to Van Rassel amendment--"Where any of the candidates and parties subject to this application of amendment are able to show cause that under the subsection provided for by the ROBBINS revision and pursuant to the revised ROBBINS/Van Rassel amendment to the Elections Act (and amendments thereto)--and upon receipt in writing from that candidate and party with proof of satisfaction of the revised condition--the seat will be considered valid--and deleted from our list herein."

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