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ROBBINS Poll--Obama, Low Voter Turnout (48%), Increased Cable (Shaw, CBC, CTV, CanWest) Government fraud/corruption
lowest voter turnout in BC history--  May 25, 2009

A random sample of 612 respondents in the lower mainland of British Columbia from Vancouver city proper to Surrey BC between May 20-24 2009 including Richmond and the North Shore of Vancouver. 'In Kind' donation from Jim Van Rassel (604) 328-5398

Question #1
Which of the following limited responses-- in your opinion--- BEST explains why BC voter turnout in this most recent election was the lowest in history under-- 50%?
The BC Liberals and BC NDP represent too few people’s views    34 %
British Columbians can’t be bothered to take the time to vote    28 %
Many British Columbians don’t like politics    33 %
Question #2
Currently regular television stations found on basic cable like CBC, CTV and Global Television are asking the federal regulator –CRTC- for a decision which would compel cable companies and providers to pay a fee for using their stations. Would you support a $5.00 monthly increase on your cable or satellite bill in order to satisfy the application CBC, CTV and Global Television are currently making to the CRTC?
Yes    21.5 %
No    37.5 %
I need more information    21.5 %
Question #3
News reports of late have revealed politicians taking cash payments, Canada Revenue Agency’s involvement with gangsters and internal employee fraud, and other government officials or friends receiving large payments for questionable services rendered, and other corruption to various degrees. In your opinion, do these news reports represent?
Just the tip of the iceberg there is probably much more corruption at various levels of government then we are being told about    53.5 %
There may be some other misdemeanors – but the worst of it –has likely been reported    38 %
Question #4
In your opinion, has Canada’s safety –Increased- or –Decreased- under U.S. President Barack Obama’s watch?
Increased    62 %
Decreased    20 %
There is compelling evidence in this poll that following the recent provincial election in British Columbia, the natives are restless. The recent provincial election will likely be remembered more for the poor voter turnout---than anything else.
This evidence is consistent throughout this ROBBINS poll where respondents would appear to reject any fee increase and where a majority obviously perceive our political and government institutions as not only corrupt (lowering of standards) but perhaps criminally so.
The bright light here (not unexpected) was the response to our last (entertainment) question regarding Canadian security relative to U.S. presidential leadership, where an unprecedented 76% of lower mainland respondents in Greater Vancouver are of the opinion that Canada’s safety has increased with Barack Obama as president.
With the 2010 Olympics coming to Vancouver----one has to (Stevie) wonder if U.S. President Barack Obama is a Superstitious man.

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