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Poll of BC Liberal voters-2009
  Jun 09, 2009

Watch for BC's new Sue a Politician (SAP)--opportunities for average citizens to take on politicians at all levels--who they believe are lying, cheating or stealing from them.
A strategic calling environment of up to 620 BC Liberals from Vancouver city proper through the Fraser Valley-- with other questions added during the calling period between June 2-8, 2009. MOE is from 3%-4%, if this poll were conducted 20 times outcomes would be in this range 19 times. Assumptions are made with respect to intra polling questions in commentary based on 620 BC Liberal voter/respondents. Jim Van Rassel (604) 328-5398--provided for ‘in kind’ donations of research.

Question #1
The BC Liberal government won (46%) of the popular vote in the most recent B.C. provincial election, winning a majority of provincial seats in the B.C. Legislature as well. B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell, Leader of the BC Liberal Party-- promised a provincial deficit of $450 million dollars—basing his re-election primarily on an economic platform, when most economic experts including his friends in BC Business are NOW of the professional opinion that the B.C. government Budget deficit was/is actually closer to $2 billion dollars, four times the amount pledged by the Premier. Is this Budget deficit increase from $500 million to $2 billion acceptable to you? (620 respondents 3.0% MOE).
Yes    71 %
No    11 %
Undecided/Can't/Won't Say    18 %
Question #2
Which of the following BC Liberals MLA’s-- who are also lawyers-- in your opinion would make the next best Attorney General of British Columbia? (455 respondents 3.5% MOE)*
Abbotsford’s – Mike De Jong*    32 %
Chilliwack’s – Barry Penner    23 %
East Kootenay’s- Bill Bennett    03 %
None/Undecided/Can’t Answer    42 %
Question #3
Would you support Prime Minister Stephen Harper if a federal election were called? (620 respondents 3.0% MOE)
Yes    43 %
No    44 %
Undecided/Can’t/Won’t Say    13 %
Question #4
In your opinion can Canadian cities and municipalities positively influence for Canada-- trade relations with the United States of America-- by using only Canadian companies for their collective goods and services? (335 respondents 4.0% MOE)
Yes    34 %
No    42 %
Undecided/Can’t Say    24 %
There is NOT a consensus among BC Liberal voter/respondents as it relates to the upcoming BC Budget—which could catapult as high as 2 billion dollars or more or $600 for every British Columbian. Although it is after the fact, this ROBBINS poll reveals that the BC Liberal vote might have been (41%) in the provincial election if the Premier had exposed the true side of the deficit. The numbers in this ROBBINS poll would have meant a win for the BC New Democrats.
A conspicuous number of BC Liberal voters (29%) in this ROBBINS poll either does not find the ‘new’ anticipated increased deficit “acceptable” or are “undecided” about it. Anecdotally, those respondents who do not find it acceptable mostly are saying they “were misled” or simply find the ‘new’ deficit amount “unacceptable”.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper has a conspicuous number (32%) of his supporters’ from question #3 who answered “No” in question 1. This outcome suggests that the Prime Minister needs to make inroads with a developing provincial BC Conservative Party, but will have difficulty doing so - after federal Conservative minister Stockwell Day outright rejected any relationship between himself and BC Conservative candidates such as Chris Delaney—in the most recent B.C. provincial election—to the extent that he wrote a letter to the Penticton newspaper—not only distancing himself—but running away from the BC Conservatives just as fast as his legs would let him.
(A swing and a miss on a high hard fastball from ROBBINS).
Former federal Reform leader Preston Manning rejected the BC Reform Party in favour of the BC Liberals. Canadian Alliance leader Stockwell Day rejected BC Reform in favour of the BC Liberals, now Prime Minister Stephen Harper has rejected BC Conservatives in favour of the BC Liberals. At this date, only Darryl Stinson and John Cummings (from federal Conservatives) have any political capital with the fledgling provincial Conservative party.
It is also noticeable that BC Liberal voter/respondents who find the huge deficit increase “unacceptable” —or who are “Undecided” about it—support the Prime Minister and his federal Conservative Party – with finance minister Flaherty announcing a similar deficit increase from $20 billion to $60 billion (and still climbing)—. Perhaps some of these BC Liberal voter/respondents—are not fully aware of the deficit situation with the federal Conservative government—OR are more accepting of deficits at the federal level considering the sizeable amount of it going to General Motors and the job loss implications.
The three candidates for Attorney General cut across provincial and federal politics—receiving at least some support from respondents who both support or reject Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Mike De Jong may be best suited for BC Attorney General owing to: (a) Abbotsford city has it’s own police department—and Chilliwack is R.C.M.P. (b) he is less exposed to increased New Democratic totals in the Fraser Valley, accompanied by a reinvigorated BC Conservative Party (c) he has already spoken to the issue of aboriginal R and R. Mr. De Jong’s more pedestrian look will be a welcome departure from former AG Wally Oppal’s ardent sexuality---ROBBINS is already drilling down on this latter BC Liberal good fellow---vetting his ethical qualifications prior to any proposed Inquiry positions or other political lily pads-blow his way.
Canadian mayors of cities and councillors are opting for a significant distraction from voter apathy—finding fault with Barack Obama’s “Buy America” campaign—suggesting U.S. Treasury dollars for economic recovery will NOT be purchasing Canadian goods and services—and that in order to send a message-- Canadian cities and municipalities ought to instead look local—not hiring American consultants, professionals, and pollsters---to keep money in Canada. (It is important to distinguish between a foreign company which has offices in Canada—and one which is bona fide Canadian). (45%) of Decided BC Liberal voters from provincial election 2009 are of the opinion these city councillors-mayors et al can make a difference. Good luck.
How much impact will the SAP (Sue a Politician) campaign--just getting started in B.C. impact on the efforts of city and municipal politicians to counter—“Buy America”—as local citizens seek to take out their swelling anger on a bevy of local politicians who have not been honest with them? According to this ROBBINS poll a slight majority of BC Liberal voters are of the opinion that mayors and city councillors will NOT influence trade relations.
This ROBBINS poll suggests that the beginning of the end of Gordon Campbell’s career has likely started sooner then expected. Reports of BC Liberal candidates telling voters during the recent provincial election campaign that Campbell will be leaving politics in the first year or two—underscores the weakness of politics generally—in this province—and the importance of this poll signifying efforts by better intended British Columbians to save the province from fast advancing democratic ruin.
BC New Democrats believe there is enough baggage surrounding the Campbell years to create an overall anti-BC Liberal backlash which will certainly manifest after the 2010 Olympics.
Betting is that the BC Conservatives will grow ‘good enough’ to divide the centre right—while the emergence of federal NDP candidate Fin Donnelly will ultimately serve to stitch the centre left NDP-Green together here in British Columbia.
*Amendment--Pollster Glen P. Robbins was a member of the BC Liberal Party and worked on Attorney General Mike de Jong's historical 1994 by-election over Social Credit candidate--Grace McCarthy in Matsqui BC. de Jong won by only 40 votes

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