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ZEUS poll-U.S. President Obama on foreign and domestic policy to date
ROBBINS  Jul 11, 2009

2,250 respondents in this strategic poll conducted for ZEUS polling between June 21-29, 2009. These respondents voted in the last U.S. election in November 08. Margin of error is 1.25%, 19 times out of 20.
Polling data collected by Sce Research America.

Question #1
Which of the following (3) responses BEST depicts your characterization of U.S. President Barack Obama’s efforts on foreign policy including the Middle East, Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea, and in other hotspots around the world?
Good    48 %
Fair    27 %
Poor    23 %
Question #2
Which of the following (3) responses BEST depicts your characterization of U.S. President Barack Obama’s efforts on domestic policy including health care, education, environment, as well as the development of new infrastructure including new roads, bridges and highways?
Good    44 %
Fair    30 %
Poor    15 %
Look at the numbers in this ZEUS poll! Obama’s positives in question #1 must be far and away the worst news the Republicans have heard in months. His “Good” over “Poor” ratios in both questions are very positive. Foreign policy and strategic realism is a game normally dominated by Republican politicos. What is it that Barack Obama is doing right and what more can he do to move respondents who answered “Fair” into the “Good” category?
This has got to be very good news for Democrats who are operating an obvious successful foreign policy campaign through Secretary of State Hillary Clinton—don’t forget Obama kept someone over from the George W. Bush government—current Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates. These numbers, the policy implementation to date, and some of the players and real professional Diplomats like George Mitchell have created a sweet U.S. foreign policy team at this point in history.
Iraq has been relatively quiet during this polling period and there has been a hand off of power in Bagdad where increased autonomy has been passed from the United States military to the Iraq government. The government of Iran came off some of the worst public relations uglies' of the past quarter century. Persian people outside Iran are very disturbed by events in that country of late.
What more can Obama do other than condemn general acts of brutal violence from the first person perspective as an obvious human rights advocate, as an individual human being. Obama identified that to the American people. He was “heartbroken”. Barack Obama was “heartbroken” over the death of an Iranian woman named Neda Soltan.
Obama’s general language around the developing crisis in Iran was not far from the language used by Congress in its condemnation of the government in Iran—but there was little else that could be done which would have advanced the cause of political protestors
Afghanistan looks very positive for the U.S. forces and others including my country Canada. News footage of meetings between U.S. Canada forces and Afghan village elders and leaders was apparent affirmation of an overall excellent offensive. Let’s see what the next week and months bring? (Edit note: more aggressive action has led to more deaths of forces in Afghanistan).
I understand strategically why North Korea must be taken seriously, at some point if North Korea moves too quickly in the wrong direction; a bilateral decision should be prepared to neutralize this threat militarily.
Obama’s efforts with Putin in Russia looked great. I think – is it in the stars that Russian U.S. relations are going to improve dramatically? Obama and Putin could redefine world relations. What’s on the table?
Health care is being talked about a lot by Americans right now—it is a serious issue and involves huge investment and dynamic action to implement under the Obama plan. There are dissenters of Obama’s health discussion to date, but they are in the minority. Currently, many Democrats are calling for a tax on the rich to help pay for health care reforms in the United States.
There hasn’t been much room on the political table for a discussion on education in America. Subsequent generations of children will be required to be properly educated and trained in a world that is changing rapidly. Education is a right, but it is also a privilege. The State requires more and better educated people, and individuals require this education and training to survive in the changing world. What role with the Internet play?
I think the current importance of the environment is at the low end of recent norms in the public eye. In the public consciousness the environment is probably number 2 or 3 in issue status-- at most times. Nothing will turn the environment back now—it’s week to week in the news, infrastructure is development, and wherever there is development, there are environmental concerns. I expect more attention will come to the environment as strategic discussions surrounding offshore oil and gas are due. Environmentalists are finding garbage and plastic far out to sea-this will lead to an aggressive discussion regarding the utility of offshore oil and gas efforts relative to new and more environmentally friendly efforts to reduce U.S. dependence on oil.
There is greater confusion among respondents from question #1 to question #2. U.S. voters have little difficulty rating Barack Obama’s foreign policy—he has a (67.5%) “Good” to “Poor” ratio. In question #2 Obama sports a handsome (74.5%) “Good” to “Poor” ratio, however his “Good” is (44%).

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