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ZEUS poll-Obama invite 2010, UFC, Tamara, Kennedy, Campbell, Regis, Delaney, ROBBINS
For optimum enjoyment poll should be read while listening to Dwight Yoakum singing Elvis Presley's Suspicious Minds  Aug 31, 2009

603 respondents obtained by telephone between August 27-30, 2009. MOE 4.0% 19 times out of 20.

Question #1
Which of these political leaders and parties is most attractive to you right now葉oday?
Gordon Campbell and B.C. Liberal Party    32.50 %
Carole James and B.C. New Democratic Party    43.50 %
Glen P. Robbins and New B.C. Liberty Party    4.50 %
Chris Delaney and B.C. Conservative Party    13.00 %
Jane Sterk and B.C. Green Party    6.50 %
Undecided/Unsure    12.00 %
Question #2
Premier Gordon Campbell has vowed in the face of recent controversy to run again in 2013. In your opinion is that a good idea?
Yes    24.00 %
No    68.00 %
Undecided/Unsure    08.50 %
Question #3
Entertainment Question: Do you support this Australian policy model for British Columbia which would feature a $14.00 minimum wage, a 10% H.S.T type consumption tax, and an end to ever tipping again?
Yes    34.50 %
No    47.00 %
Undecided/Unsure    19.00 %
Question #4
Entertainment Question: Which of the following limited statements BEST reflects your view of UFC Mixed Martial Arts 典ournaments and Fight Cards intention to bring their extremely popular sport-to Vancouver預t GM Place溶ext year. The UFC has an enviable business record, has been very successful in other Canadian cities, and in cities throughout the United States and the world.
I have personally watched UFC Mixed Martial Arts featuring UFC 典ournament and Fight Cards and have no problem with 奏hem coming to Vancouver    17.00 %
I have personally watched UFC Mixed Martial Arts featuring UFC 典ournament and Fight Cards and do not want 訴t to come to Vancouver    09.00 %
I have never personally watched UFC Mixed Martial Arts featuring UFC 典ournaments and Fight Cards but have no problem with 訴t coming to Vancouver    28.00 %
I have never personally watched UFC Mixed Martial Arts featuring UFC 典ournaments and Fight Cards and do NOT want 奏hem to come to Vancouver    11.00 %
Question #5
Entertainment Question: Recently CTV weathergirl and 組irl next door type Television personality Tamara Taggert had a successful appearance on Regis Philbin痴 TV Show. Regis Philbin is the most watched television personality of all time in the United States. In your opinion is Tamara Taggart 喪eady for prime time television in the United States based on your impression of her performance on Regis痴 show, excerpts from it in the news or elsewhere--- and Tamara herself?
Yes    24.00 %
No    02.50 %
Premier Campbell has a major political problem揺e has become a lightening rod for dissent over his recent announcement to bring in the Harmonized Sales Tax (H.S.T.) These respondents are people 登ld enough to vote. We speculated (and recorded) our speculation as to gender from the telephone interviews傭ut this is only scientific if you actually ask the respondent what their gender is.
Here is what I believe is the present truth about Gordon Campbell//a very large majority of citizens葉hose who have a telephone用ick up their telephone預nd are gracious enough to provide their valuable time/and opinion--Don稚 think it痴 a 堵ood idea for Gordon Campbell to 途un again for Premier. There are people saying something negative about Gordon Campbell as soon as callers identify themselves-- 鄭 few questions about British Columbia葉akes a minute that痴 it迫the H.S.T. made this easy. Keep that discontent rising folks擁t痴 good for business!
The negativity is not vitriolic at all佑ampbell痴 decision to run again is simply poorly received by the great majority 睦andom contacts residing in British Columbia who tell us they are old enough to vote. Politically/Journalistically the question needed to be asked of Campbell痴 future ambitions用articularly in the storm of the H.S.T. debacle.
When asked if he was going to run in 2013-if Gordon Campbell had said 糎e値l cross that bridge when we come to it--- writers-broadcasters like Michael Smyth of the Province/C.K.N.W. would have already kicked the door in and would be firing questions at the premier at this moment. The Premier gave the only answer he could揺e is staying on葉his is presumed by his stated intention to run in 2013.
As soon as we heard the news we went into action謡e decided to call random telephone books throughout the lower mainland of the province (Greater Vancouver Region-- for our readers)謡e loved this question because it followed the leader and party baseline question and could have turned some respondents strategic妖id it?
Less than (30%) of Decided respondents are of the opinion that it IS a good idea庸or Gordon Campbell to seek re-election in 2013揺e has 砺owed to do this. He is therefore determined葉his isn稚 wishy-washy揺e can稚 be lying under these conditions-??
There is good news and bad news for Chris Delaney幼urrent Deputy Leader of the BC Conservative Party. The good news is his numbers in this poll are excellent洋y artifact party-- may have bled off a few of Delaney and BC Conservatives support傭ut not necessarily because less than one half of one per cent of entire respondents in this poll who supported Chris Delaney and BC Conservatives in Q#1-- thought it was a good idea for Gordon Campbell to run in 2013. If you predicted now that Gordon Campbell would eventually be murdered in a 2013 provincial election謡ouldn稚 you think it was a good idea for him to run if -- you supported another party熔r are you parking your arse with the BC Conservatives waiting to see the next move(s)? A slab of BC Liberals are gone forever---where are the new voters going to come from--?
The bad news is that Vancouver Sun orthodox and On-line columnist-Vaughn Palmer opened a horrible gash over Delaney痴 right eye-by revealing that Delaney and B.C. Conservatives with him during the recent general provincial election in May-- may have been talking more positively about a similar type of tax as the hated one---if this is as reported--/ how can Delaney (an unexpected bleeder for part native-Irish hunter and fisherman) speak at the H.S.T. rally?柚ichael Smyth has been rumoured to salivate like Michael Vick痴 last living Rottweiler over the prospect of interviewing Chris Delaney over this//frankly so am I---Delaney may want to lead the B.C. Conservatives and he certainly has the credentials to do it傭ut his friend Bill Vander Zalm has no association with 殿ny party迫which presumably includes the B.C. Conservative Party---as John Cleese might say 徹h this is rich-isn稚 it?
I think a lot of B.C. voters have done the age old thing用ut up with用ut up with洋oan every once in while傭ut eventually用olitically murder their leaders佑anadians-- we all puke simultaneously熔ne good bloody puke葉han the garbage is out of your system. I think Campbell is already in serious trouble and in denial about the extent of it蓉nless of course Canada wins more medals than any other country---and the Games are a great success and no horror stories follow---and everyone made money including those folks thinking about buying a home.
If you池e going to spend over $400,000 which is what it痴 going take to buy a detached home in Greater Vancouver遥ou壇 better buy it before the H.S.T. comes in spring 2010. You out of town readers interested in real estate in B.C. come and get it耀ure it痴 not cheap傭ut anyone from out of town that has spend any time in this city-and the province will tell you遊ancouver is the place to have a home.
If I had the money悠 would go view downtown Vancouver傭igger square footage--$2,000,000. tomorrow.
You can buy a decent condo in the city of Vancouver for $500,000. If the real estate bump comes through the 2010 Olympics and beyond if the economy is turning around葉his is the soft landing Gordon Campbell is looking for. The numbers who come to site searching out 釘est places to live in Vancouver迫釘C and all cities, towns and municipalities within from abroad//U.S.A. South America//Russia//Germany loves our site//Czech//British//Japan//and naturally China擁s not something we have overlooked. Premier Campbell believes he has the greatest show on earth coming to his political backyard and he is the ringmaster. He might just be right.
Right now Gordon Campbell the political personality揺as morphed into a caricature預nd it isn稚 a caricature of good impression擁t痴 one of unattractiveness.
This is the corner stone to our current assessment of the Premier from this ZEUS question #2. Campbell isn稚 particularly hated. It痴 small擁t痴 there傭ut nothing that would alarm anyone窯uite the contrary洋ost respondents were great用ositive預nd we believe truthful. He is emphatically disliked by many預nd ardently supported by a lesser group. I still believe he is somewhat respected for the good he has done in the past in greater amount than this poll might reflect傭ut little more--however you reap what you sow擁n public opinion蓉sually for a week or so (that痴 going to damage investment hopes)傭ut this particular puppy has Marmadukian legs-Campbell痴 immediate enemy remains Carole James and the B.C. NDP揺e needs something to remind voters why they don稚 vote NDP預nd why BC Conservatives (see: Marmaduke) getting stronger will only foster a return謡here oh where is just such a distraction?
I really believe the 斗ying aspect of the H.S.T. and the most recent election is going to have huge stamina as Vander Zalm, Chris 典wo Gun Delaney, one of my favourite political gals-- B.C. N.D.P. Opposition leader Carole James謡ho right now at this moment in time in B.C. political history is staring妖one like dinner at majority government預nd Google Goddess Vicki Huntington擁s never a New Democrat擁s 途ight of centre, and refused to join the governing B.C. Liberals opting to run (and win) against B.C. Liberal Attorney General Wally Opal---while supporting the federal Conservatives---but apparently isn稚 sure she should cross to conservatives---political message here---///your constituents won稚 hold it against you遥ou earned your seat as a protest---and political circumstances have changed to merit another decision謡hile the iron is hot----there is too much energy and commitment of human resources謡ith some noteworthy zeal葉hat tells me this protest is important to the province---and though Gordon Campbell when he says that it isn稚 his job to be popular 防e has led---he痴 right to a degree---to the extent a few British Columbians still say he is///but a few short months ago it WAS his job to be popular and he never mentioned the H.S.T. (鼎aught in a trap)
If Independent MLA Vicki Huntington declares herself the sole elected BC Conservative I predict that party痴 popularity will poll past 20 per cent-overnight. If she can public speak謡atch out!
But what of artifact Glen P. Robbins and the New B.C. Liberty Party?擁t could happen. Had a net (4.0%) pick me and the 哲ew (B.C.) Liberty Party right off the phone. UFC洋y ass)葉his is a street fighter telling you how it is遥oung ladies in boy痴 suits. Now that痴 just a little influence. (鼎aught in a trap). Kind of a sweet name預 哲ew Liberty Party is my idea of a good time.
It痴 as simple as love-and Tupelo Honey耀ometimes you misfire on a policy calculation that required more definitive analysis in terms of gaming/strategy預nd wasn稚 properly examined through the demographics葉he mistake can first appear to be meaningless傭ut when further examined through study葉he opportunity for changing thesis abounds謡hich is goat talk for I had a choice to win or lose an election葉o win I had to lie and I did that葉his is how it breaks down for Premier Campbell at this time in history.
How does this happen when your public affairs and your millions of dollars of public relations gets their ass kicked by a simple country boy(born of the Virgin Rita and father Douglas) in Saanich B.C. near Swan Lake蓉p on hill Ridgeway Street---Reynolds Sr. High誘niversity of Victoria祐imon Fraser University容ldest brother Barry (schoolteacher; James Bay Rugby;-- "the big bad Puma" (daughters {Haley registered nurse}-Rachel Robbins謡ho doesn稚 know Barry in Victoria?謡ho in Victoria doesn't know the PUMA-man?--elder sister Judy Robbins-Lloyd (teacher-Vice Principal) 砲anadian Businesswoman award winner and Women of Distinction B.C.---elder sister Colleen Dalziel (one of the greatest women I have ever met in my lifetime) --four brilliant sons including Ryan Dalziel (Spencer, Jordie, Taylor) Ryan--youngest lawyer all time, clerked at the Supreme Court of Canada//, elder sister Donna (son Christopher)謡ho works in medicine溶ursing reputed to have 150 IQ遥ounger sister--Gayle who helps people with drug and alcohol addiction (beautiful/bright children--Kirbee, Emily, Nolan)預nd Gordie my youngest brother who is daddy to Jacob (see Jeb Bush) and Owen--'ass-kicker' Robbins. Yea--call me names cause I boast.
My favourite song is Dwight Yoakum痴 rendition of Elvis Presley痴 鉄uspicious Minds迫and recently I was in attendance at Conservative Senator Gerry St. Germaine痴 ranch in South Surrey謡hen Prime Minister Stephen Harper knocked the crowd over and promised Canada has the best economy and would be out of the recession ahead of everyone else擁f you had been there悠 don稚 care if you are a communist幽arper would have had your vote---even some of Afghanistan war protestors were signing on as members幽arper comes in to shake hands with the hundreds of well wishers in attendance預nd guess what song is playing?葉hat痴 right hombre-- 鉄uspicious Minds迫Dwight Yoakum揺air on my neck goes up熔n that day in that moment PM Harper owned my vote(poll to come). I could have a bad day tomorrow though!
Oh did I mention that as the Prime Minister is walking up the grass among the dozens of umbrellas(田aught in a trap)預nd the mild sunny day---Dwight Yoakum is everywhere and there are a half dozen of the most beautiful horses you could ever imagine容ven as a child羊unning---it was so perfect I thought for a moment I was watching High Definition. That sir is class and how you 双ut a true conservative (just stay out of the bedrooms of Canadians幼onservative).
Was this seat of the pants win the (recent provincial) election at any cost妖amn the torpedoes and worry about the consequences of our schemes later thinking-- by Gordon Campbell擁f it is預nd I believe it may be要ery dangerous stuff擁t would be painful to see the Premier winning back conservative points with a bitterly angry students vs. police and Olympics葉ell me that isn稚 part of the production---- I think it is this mucky underbelly of Pirates of the Caribbean type Campbell 叢irate politics that may doom him to the political junk heap as a fool熔r catapult him to unmatched political stardom.
Tamara was great on Regis耀he痴 a real pro溶ice to see-. Big slice of this ZEUS poll got a good look at Tamara洋ost didn稚 need us to provide 礎ackground苧big sexy numbers裕amara. From ZEUS you rate Platinum on our PR RADAR. How 祖um the respondents who like Tamara預lso like the Australia policy package用roperly managed用otential future Governor General//?
The junk heap scenario arrives if more lies are found, plain and simple.
Stardom for Gordon Campbell occurs on two conditions and possibly many more than that: (a) the housing market rockets through the 2010 Olympics as many expect it will, and (b) Campbell shakes off a Citizen Initiative for H.S.T. Referendum (September 2009 to February 2010 1st phase Vander Zalm痴 anti H.S.T. 釘ye Bye H.S.T. campaign expected upward of 5,000 British Columbians-- the likes Gordon Campbell has never seen before in his career as a political leader擁f it get痴 over 10,000 this is over Red Rover), and (c) the economy turns around big time--he becomes a legend in the realm of W.A.C. Bennett預nd yes one more (d) if the 20-30 recalls starting next year are all unsuccessful揺ow much bloody good does that do one痴 legacy預nd oh yes (e) if the election information about the budget and the books generally預dds up---and Oh my gosh唯.C. Rail遥ou said you wouldn稚 sell祐old it容mails missing-------(鼎aught in a trap)
(As I move up my fifties揺e痴 starting to make sense to me----; well溶ot often good sense).
Intellectually I side with the H.S.T.傭ecause big business people have used words like 的nput---which I presume is unrelated to a conservation on sex預nd must mean something along accounting lines謡here 的nputs are good for big business and provide them with more money so that they can pay additional people $8.00. Who in the public domain really values large business and organizations opinions? (20% tops). We need them溶o doubt about it傭ut consumers suffer most don稚 care what business thinks. Keep your eye on anyone representing small business people and the H.S.T. (If you see a survey or poll sponsored by an organization suggesting that small business in B.C. supports the H.S.T. first look to see how small the small businesses who take part in the poll R悠知 talking under 25 employees謡hat do they think?).
Politically, ethically it痴 a legitimate cause of political action for the people most with new 滴.S.T. or 斗iar complaints, and others with longstanding 澱itches迫are going to come together to seek some relief from someone熔r something--who they feel has conflicted his own objectives and ambitions with their rights---and if you never seen Bill Vander Zalm public speaking謡ell watch out擁f he gets hooked up right葉his guy will have you eating out of the palm of his hand. The Bill Vander Zalm* 釘ye Bye H.S.T. Rally AND Citizen痴 Initiative for Democratic Reconciliation and Redemption--begins at Canada Place祐eptember 19, 2009 ought to tingle more than a few spines.
的 can稚 sleep at night any more because of my own constant giggling.
Our Australian policy model got off to a good start---people were really curious with this one擁t was delightful. Some said 添es increase minimum wage欄No to $14.00耀ome just straight pissed about the H.S.T. and some answer 哲o because 典hey like to tip. No respondents dismissed this out of hand容ven those who final answered 哲o to Q#3,--
UFC is an easy 添es to come to Vancouver but it痴 arrival is apparently through the portal of bread and circus用olitics預s I have seen little of the mainstream press痴 coverage of the events謡e always have to find out outcomes from phoning someone who went to the bar to watch預s the sports stations熔r radio溶ewspapers seldom cover it. It痴 well organized預nd ought to cause no more problems than a regular Vancouver Canucks game might傭ut with political distractions desperately required by a severely disabled provincial party預ny distraction from the negative attention of the H.S.T. is a bonus.
In one out of five/six Aussie respondents we had to divvy up response from a total of 10揺ow they were leaning(I like this technique anyhow預s affirmation and support of a response葉his is how numbers can exceed 100%)
I bet I could sell (44%) on this model.
You know what would be really great? If U.S. President Barack Obama came up to British Columbia for the 2010 Vancouver/Whistler Games謡ouldn稚 that be a great result? C知on葉his is a ZEUS ROBBINS Worldwide-- Mr. President謡e would love to see you here for the 2010 Games-will you and First Lady Michelle傭ring your family to Vancouver British Columbia傭e prepared to have your mind slightly blown-. (I hate pandering folks but you know謡hen it痴 going that way--?)覧
Mr. and Mrs. Robbins would love to show you around! 778-285-9757.
My family of nine in total grew up loving the Kennedys. When JFK was assassinated洋y beloved grade two teacher Mrs. Jacobi (who came to two of my hockey games悠 always adored all of my female schoolteachers)揚ot a phone call to the classroom and broke down in tears. I thought謡hat could possibly have condemned this beautiful person洋y teacher洋entor葉o such emotional anguish?悠 went home and watched the television---watched Cronkite傭egan to get it葉hen civil rights leader Martin Luther King--then Bobby Kennedy蓉nbelievable---just unbelievable. The Kennedy痴 are Catholic預nd they have lived a devout Catholic life-no matter the imperfections葉hat is what we are as men and women on this earth擁mperfect people耀ome like Senator Ted Kennedy dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of millions of people.
Isn稚 former Florida, Republican Governor Jeb Bush佑atholic?

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