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RSR ROBBINS Research - Canada Politics September 7, 2009
  Sep 07, 2009

ZEUS poll-random of 3,287 respondents between August 24-September 04, 2009. Calling from three different countries-Canada, United States, and Australia. Respondent numbers relative to provincial populations and multipliers as follows: Ontario (largest province--3.7); Quebec (2nd largest--2.4); British Columbia (3rd largest--1.5); Alberta (1.0); Saskatchewan and Manitoba (1.0); Atlantic Provinces (1.0). Margin of error is less than (01%), 19 times out of 20---, thanks to the Aussie Bad Boys--and Vancouver advocate Jim Van Rassel (604) 328-5398 for assistance and other. This ZEUS poll like all ROBBINS Sce Research polls is deadly accurate and of platinum quality and credibility.

Question #1
For which leader and political party did you caste your ballot in the most recent federal election in October 2008? (Rounded to nearest 50 or 100 basis points).
Stephen Harper and Conservatives    36.00 %
Stephane Dion and Liberals    28.00 %
Jack Layton and New Democrats    17.50 %
Gilles Duceppe and Bloc Quebecois    10.00 %
Elizabeth May and Greens    6.50 %
Question #2
For which leader and party would you caste your ballot if a general federal election was called tomorrow?
Stephen Harper and Conservatives    40.00 %
Michael Ignatieff and Liberals    33.00 %
Jack Layton and New Democrats    15.50 %
Gilles Duceppe and Bloc Quebecois    8.50 %
Elizabeth May and Greens    5.00 %
Undecided    5.00 %
Question #3
The Prime Minister of Canada is set to meet U.S. President Barack Obama in September 2009—and some journalists and reporters have speculated that Afghanistan will be on the discussion table—fueling speculation that Barack Obama will ask the Prime Minister for an extension of Canada’s stay there for four more years—to ensure the stability of that region of the World—which theory suggests--- will ultimately ensure economic recovery for Canada as well. Canada’s current allocation of military in Afghanistan is measured between humanitarian and military. Are you willing to provide military and humanitarian aid to Afghanistan for four more years?
Yes    48.50 %
No    47.00 %
Question #4
Prime Minister Stephen Harper has publicly stated that of all the G8 nations-- Canada will come out of the recession in the best shape economically. Do agree with Prime Minister Harper’s prediction?
Yes    44.50 %
No    38.00 %
Question #5
Which of the following limited choices offered in your opinion is/will be/ likely most responsible for a successful economic recovery in Canada?
Canada’s chartered banks and lending institutions    19.00 %
Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s economic policies    35.50 %
The attitude and spirit of the Canadian people    45.50 %
Undecided/Can’t Answer    13.50 %
Question #6
A report indicates that in instances involving direct debits at major lending institutions in Canada-- mistakes generally favour the lending institutions 72% of the time. In your opinion are these mistakes?
Accidental    34.00 %
Probably not Accidental    53.00 %
Undecided    13.00 %
Question #7
*A major bank in Canada is forced to provide written notice through newspapers that many of its customers between a period of approximately 5 years were overcharged on their mortgages. In your opinion are these mistakes?
Accidental    18.00 %
Probably not Accidental    73.00 %
Undecided    9.00 %
Stephen Harper and Conservative Party of Canada: Ontario (41.00%); Quebec (25.00%); British Columbia (43.50%); Alberta (56.50%); Saskatchewan (50.5%); Manitoba (52.5%); Atlantic Provinces: Nova Scotia (33.50%); New Brunswick (38.00%); Newfoundland and Labrador (31.5%); Prince Edward Island (41.00%).
Michael Ignatieff and Liberal Party of Canada: Ontario (39.00%); Quebec (24.50%). British Columbia (26.50%); Alberta (24.50%); Saskatchewan (22.00%); Manitoba (24.5%); Atlantic Provinces: Nova Scotia (38.00%); New Brunswick (35.50%); Newfoundland and Labrador (42.50%); Prince Edward Island (34.00%).
Stephen Harper and Conservatives are up (11%) from most recent election totals produced in October 2008. Michael Ignatieff and Liberals are up (18%), Jack Layton and New Democrats are down (15%), Gilles Duceppe and Bloc Quebecois are down (15%) and Elizabeth May and Green are down (7.5%).
Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper is at majority government territory if he chooses. He requires (at least) 40-41% in public support across the country including <31.5% in Quebec, <40% in Ontario, >44% in British Columbia—along with other conditions relating to the popularity of Opposition parties---Harper is filling up this quota in Quebec—"Send lawyers, guns and money"— (The Great Warren Zevon--) "The shit has hit the fan" in this ZEUS poll.
Dude’s got the numbers 2day. The Prime Minister has said “No” to an extension in Afghanistan—what has made Canadians more interested in our ZEUS proposal (Q#3)? Quebec (37%-“Yes”), Ontario (51%-“Yes”), B.C. (50%-“Yes”), Alberta (62.50%-: Yes”), Sask-Man (53.50%), Atlantic Provinces (38.50%)—a bare naked majority of Canadians support 4 more years—in Afghanistan.
The Prime Minister took the opportunity this summer to look statesmanlike, presidential—, a Prime Minister worthy of a majority. The Prime Minister was out chopping wood—getting ready for a fight—that’s the way Ali did it—Old School.
I see Troy Donohue and Sandra Dee (Summer Place) all around the Conservative Party of Canada.
Stephen Harper is a helluva good Prime Minister. Along with U.S. President Obama—he is the strongest//- most relaxed leader on the world stage/ (although France’s finance minister is quite a hunkette) --- {admittedly I am much more familiar with North American politics—but I can tell you this—for UK’s Gordon Brown—he best ‘prey’ that Libyan piece of garbage who ought to have rotted in jail-- dies tomorrow).
I watched Harper come in (I watch everyone—everything (love BBC)—I am like the old schoolteacher—eyes in back of my head—an old soccer goalie—you better be on top of it buddy—last line of defense//Your Prime Minister --Stephen Harper doesn’t walk/-/ he ambles—Adroit power---but he is a big dude/ –to speak—at Senator Gerry St. Germaine’s barbecue (my second year in a row)—I love this barbecue. The first barbecue sold out tickets—with some looky loos—I was told that this one was crowded but it appeared slightly smaller/but more intense/like a perfect rugby scro-um/—tight and ready like a fist. Ready to do damage—ready for political war.
I saw Surrey mayor Dianne Watts there---well technically—she didn’t step foot in the area of the barbecue—she was up at Gerry’s house with the Prime Minister---“talking politics.” I had to laugh—Dianne has a great personality/ fabulous sense of humour—everyone—loves this woman—and I’m sorry Dianne-- she has this bodacious {body} (Lawrence E. Will)—and wears these great clothes—she is a great act/very smart//the best political prospect anywhere in this country without question—///Platinum.
I met David Emerson with Dutch “Bad Boy” (B.D. Robbins) Jim Van Rassel at Gerry St. Germaine’s heck if you are a Conservative Party supporter//see about travelling to beautiful South Surrey, B.C. in August to meet the Prime Minister---/next August.---me and Jim Van Rassel---who is getting to know John Cummins and his wife (who is of Dutch background)--- very well---Jim is close to the God of political charisma Bill Vander Zalm too/through his son Wim Vander Zalm//the Son// who I have met two or three times I believe// is so impressive like his father//I would be delighted to see Wim go for Premier//he is really at that level of quality//like his dad you know it when you first meet them//they make you feel important without pandering or ‘wasting’ {your} time//—
The Dutch are no nonsense—philosophically practical folks—aren’t’ they?
-BOTH Jim and I agree that David Emerson is probably one of only a few exceptions in the history of our country--- of any person who should be a given a seat at ANY federal Cabinet table-this man is simply too talented—I mean this—as arrogantly as I possibly can. If my memory serves me (too lazy to look it up}—Trudeau--Mulroney—and I don’t see as well behind Jean Chretien—but voted for him over Preston Manning in 1997—gave my offices to Liberal Senator Mobina Jaffer’s all of my telephones--//got a picture taken with my youngest daughter – and Alan Rock---never did get the picture. ‘Daddy do these people lie all of the time?’ ‘Not all the time my darling daughter—just most of the time’
—then I liked Chretien again when he choked that guy—don’t know why—I’m a protestor---Myself.
--------I miss Chretien—I’m sorry to say---he was such a good street fighter---most underrated Prime Minister of all time. My own experience suggested to me these Liberal people were takers---look after themselves---personally never gave the Liberals a second look.
This isn’t the case with Canadians-though. Michael Ignatieff has the Liberals back in contention—during a recession—there are fewer holidays in the summertime. The problem is—that as He—Michael-- grows stronger—so does Stephen Harper. Asked Mobina Jaffer—a former Ugandan—with her Human Right background——for some help on my own case---nothing---. That’s not bitter—I don’t roll that way/I’d rather shoot it out for the just joy of the blast---All I am saying this for—is because---I know what went down—and I call out some of these phonies-- Canadians pay so much money for. I humbly didn’t understand it was I scratch your back—you screw me. It’s with this in mind—each and every time I climb the stairs to that lonely Watch tower of mine---Daisy Cutter in hand---and I never miss. No---no bitterness there (comic book characters heroes and villains)----and the only God who can challenge their numbers---ZEUS polls---Who do you fear most?-: -----//Brand is ready to go---and as you can see we are getting into the sewing business as well---a stitch in time saves nine—you know what I’m talking about.
In my father’s day---coming from a family of eight children---this is for U.S. Robert Dole—I never really understood what it all meant – veterans – until Bob Dole—U.S. Republican presidential candidate vs. Bill Clinton—said going to war gave him his first pair of new boots—children that is what a depression does---We just got past our depression/will new boots for the Winter help some Canadians who have little and are suffering under the current government?
Anyhow, Harper comes in with security everywhere—protestors---hillbillies—religious people—people with turbans, white, black, brown—to the best song of all time—ever—Dwight Yoakum’s “Suspicious Minds”---I keep my Nationalism in as best I can—but this—this speech told me—“Watch me People”---lotta charisma in that speech—My poll says Prime Minister Stephen Harper is moving toward a majority//
“Don’t ya know----caught in a trap”
Federal Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff is hot on his tail/tale---like a politician on holidays in the tropics. His numbers are excellent—even though he spent the summer at the local library—growing his fertile big brain---//Will a big brain or gut instinct win the next election coming this fall.
How about those South American beauties in the Miss Universe Pageant---That’s Donald Trump isn’t it---“Trump always knows where the positive HEAT is”---the Venezuelan’s – enough.///--Stephen Harper has done very well doing Canada’s business in Latin America. Isn’t Chavez conservative?—or is he Marxist?—hard to tell these days.
I know Harper is ready/I’ve seen him//like a boxer entering the ring warmed up—adrenalin firing/you get a feel—Michael if your aren’t ready—you will get beat up—if you are who I think you are---this election will be crazy good. $200-300 million—is Canada worth the money?---Let’s account for it as a quasi-referendum (in unison what price Canada-be serious now//this is the best money you can spend at this time//we identify Canadians positions on matters//Harper’s a winner//right now Stephen Harper on the cusp of majority in Canada//100 voters could make difference---//that’s what I’m feeling looking at this----on the front end of the recovery—//nice tight big dollar extravaganza—get some money out to the news---proportionally—up to $400,000,000—five weeks//100% of money devoted to federal election coverage//get some extra to Global $45,000,000. to help with debt//I know what if feels like to be squeezed//but dollars must be for election coverage—does Stephen Harper want -leaves or snow on the ground—as he sends his troops---/ door to door. I would expect an election beginning middle to late October ending in late November—Christmas in view—comparison to the previous painful year. A serious election—well covered—no skipping through—and of sufficient duration five to six weeks—for events—and trip-ups and things---a majority won by either Mr. Ignatieff or Mr. Harper would be well won—with no doubt about it.
Look at ‘Mick’ Flaherty—Canada’s finance minister trying to keep the potential economic rocket in his pocket—these ZEUS numbers of Canadian respondents are pretty/ /positive. It was inappropriate for the Prime Minister to say ‘maybe people should be buying shares while the market is down’—he’s correct—if you can afford to do it—find good buys—the banks are performing well—what’s their angle?//good system//or are they nickel and diming Canadians to death. Are the banks and other lending institutions part of our economic problem---to some degree—or part of the solution?
Glen P. Robbins is telling you—I have seen it—the next economic boom will be something different than anyone has ever seen—it will be totally different—but here is what I have seen and will come true---the world will become a much better place/and smart people//not just rich people//are going to make a lot of money.
My word is platinum.
Those are my REASONS on this—it’s in the national interest to do this---and as I said money very well spent—since that is what government does—spend money—right?
Everybody knows Government collects it---right?
Did Obama’s name—his alleged need—for more help in Afghanistan—(in the question itself)—with Harper’s popularity combine to fire a more agreeable number of Canadians to accept an extension—to four years from now? This is a big majority---(51%)—to the positive—because Afghanistan seldom polls in the majority in this country. Or do the Canadian people understand that politics is a complex and necessary industry—if the politics falls apart—in a democracy—everything falls apart---get in—grind away—parks commissioner—I would love a job like that—if I get to go look at the parks and be an advocate for parks—I really love parks—trails woods---good energy.
Right now Harper and Obama are doing all right and are “Going to have a good time tonight” when they read this ZEUS poll.
Gilles drop the flag brother—don’t back the Prime Minister—the last election was crapola—(east of Java) anyhow. You and Layton get to ultimately decide the Canada of the future—you possess multiple seats in the House of Commons---keep it to basic good social values—people first—government ought to aid the poor and not the rich—let’s do like Johnny Cash used to---make you want to get drunk and cry. Jack---party on down—your role likely determines the next Prime Minister—this is an important role—but that is what it is—unless Harper knocks out Ignatieff early—then Jacky-boy//you best be ready to pounce like---my twin- Randy “The Natural” Couture—UFC---that’s what makes this potential election so exciting—cut the idealistic nonsense—be serious about expectations—know who you are. Obviously a person can “BE GAY”—they just “Ought not fight gay”.
When Stephen Harper proclaimed that Canada would be the first out of the recession—of all G8 countries—I thought what a bold goddamn statement---but conservative crowds don’t crow—they brew quick—its’ very powerful – intoxicating—and everyone Bathing at Gerry’s-- bought it—absolutely believed --- Trouble is, as an individual—I believed the PM too.//----, as public opinion pollster—the ‘package’ that Glen P. Robbins witnessed—must be communicated to all Canadians for the Prime Minister and his Conservatives—just like that-- to finish this majority.
Ignatieff—in his news conference (nearer polls end date//see methodology at Introduction)—announcing he wants take Harper to the polls this October and clean up. He was strapped up both guns—big guns—looking for blood—I’ll bet/ we see plenty.
You bet/ Harper cut a good chunk of Canadians short on EI---what’s new? the Liberals know how to screw over the poor just as well----Canadians who need help don’t get it—and that is inexcusable among civilized people.
The public service is still loyal to the Liberal Party// and Ignatieff wants to be their advocate//as well//—not Jack Layton-- but Canadians are more similar to Russians/and Michael Ignatieff is Russian to get to the polls/is he bluffing?—I’m sorry to speak the truth with the boldness of a stripper at Pfizer convention—I live in the tropical part of Canada—British Columbia—the rest of the place—is bone cold/ like our banking policies—that is what makes Ottawa—such a cool place—the right place to be the capital---beautiful but chilled like a freezer-but quick action is making --- if Stephen Harper is correct in his confidence—even Quebec is softening their resistance to him like an ice cream cone in the summer sun at a Merritt country music festival—featuring—that’s right – Dwight Yoakum. What did Stephen Harper ever do to you—other than give you money—and forget the obvious advice---of the polling Gods who brought him to the political point—appropriately---it did show that PM Harper was sensitive to his base in the west—took an early swipe at Quebec//and it cost him a certain majority—about art—his own wife in love with the ballet and the arts—is the break between east and west as sharp as this anecdote might assert to the show---.
I like Lorne Mayencourt—he is the well known former Vancouver city Member of the British Columbia Legislature and advocate for gay rights. He is also a devoted conservative politician.Last year Lorne was with a friend---this year at Harper’s barbecue—at Gerry St. Germaine’s. Lorne was clearly with a boyfriend—and was laughing and having a good time. Obviously like anyone else gays are welcome in the Conservative Party of Canada--/this one person observation—not very scientific—but then again human being are incredible creatures----doesn’t it make you feel badly when so many people are still sad and scared/especially children//really grates on you///if you don’t want to volunteer for the 2010 Olympics//or have something you already enjoy doing for others//see what you can do about helping underprivileged people—Lorne---with David Emerson I am looking – if David Emerson -- //this man is Canada’s Ted Kennedy--//runs and doesn’t win in Vancouver, British Columbia—where the Conservatives have not been successful for near decades----I would (Box Tops) “Cry Like a Baby”.
You bet/ that people ‘without’-- will never vote for Prime Minister Harper/it isn’t his constituency and he may not care/---the majority of the country really doesn’t like the Prime Minister—but this is Canada and (40%) and possibly more— really DO—and that’s all he needs—but two years ago he was way up and the party was weaker—now the PM is strong and so is his party. He has run a minority government since 2006—and from this ZEUS poll—I would say Canadians are set to give him that majority. The Liberals will likely gain seats back too from the looks of this. Conservatives have got be delighted –Ipsos was first with (39%) Conservatives a week or so back. ZEUS acknowledges and emphatically covers this. These are real majority numbers in a big time ZEUS poll for Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada.
My favourite character trait of my countrymen—we may cheat a little –but most of us regular folks don’t cheat a lot. We are not vigorous cheaters on average—this is why people from other nations-- respect us.
My second favourite character trait—is the way Canadians may not have a good first judgment of someone—nevertheless they aren’t quick to pre-judge. In two scenarios involving bank error— /Respondents understand that banks and lending institutions are going to make errors—and perceive direct deposit errors as more random, and errors on far less so. Statistically if there are two possible beneficiaries of a mistake—random would be 50%. Banks and lending institutions benefitted (72%) of the time. I don’t personally believe that this could be a mistake—I would wager the banks know they are clipping their clients—but no-one in the country seriously watches the banks—who are too hooked to government. I would like to see a National Bank—of Canada—would Canadians go for this?
In our general federal election of October 2008—Stephen Harper and his Conservatives had a shot at majority against arguably a much weaker Opposition leader in Stephane Dion. But Harper is like a heavyweight boxer lumbering, cold, cunning looking to inflict damage anywhere, anytime possible---what I still like about Stephen Harper is I believe he has a desire to inflict damage on his opponent(s)—but his formerly vivid desire to do so in the past—has been tempered with maturity and the fact that he has handled the country pretty bloody well in minority and through gut wrenching economic pain and recovery—
--but Harper was afraid to kill Stephane Dion—to Canadians it would have been like killing a deer---a sad –$dough$-- eyed- dear/---Ignatieff is different—he wants to politically kill Harper—Harper knows it—and says bring it commie--//Ignatieff says ‘fine with me Na(n)zi-boy’. Two bad boys looking to party---jugulars Gentlemen?
Michael Ignatieff is different –Dion-- He is able to box—is deft—and deliberate—and although I haven’t seen /all of him—my suspicion is-- he has knockout power—and if he does-- Prime Minister Stephen Harper will have his hands full if a federal election is called/ and Liberals and Conservatives will finish this thing – proper—the old way—one man standing October 2009. This election to be promoted by ZEUS.
Ignatieff has no choice/ but to call an election---this ZEUS poll suggests the public is bullish on Canada’s economic future—not because of the Banks—or even our banking system—they give the current credit to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the People—and if it comes to the point that ‘everyone agrees’ the economy has turned around after this past bloody cold winter----then ‘country boy’ crowned King--Harper will win a majority government---/and this won’t make him any nicer---to liberals and to social democrats----as broadcaster Charles Adler says—‘just don’t call Quebecers names’.
If Jack Layton and the federal Democrats support Stephen Harper---they will have trouble as Michael “I” grabs a swath of Mr. Layton’s supporters for himself. Jack Layton has to come off---as relaxed, practical—bright and positive—for the future—but better at what cost??//that will always be a lagging indicator out of a recession//there’s a market for this//at what cost??//prove there is a cost!//and the PM ducks under (40%)---if he can articulate this message which is available to a constituency much larger than his natural support -over years and many elections. If the New Democrats support the Harper government (“On a case by case basis”)—I predict they will lose credibility with their base. I don’t believe it is an option for them to support the Conservative government.
Stephen Harper is not going to gain from the Greens---Michael Ignatieff may—but ZEUS puts Undecided’s in the Undecided column and Greens in the Green column—we don’t mix ‘em up.
Gary Doer—federal NDP Premier of Manitoba—for 10 years what a FANTASTIC choice for Ambassador to the United States. Now who thought of that---this is what Papa is looking for---action that right from the beginning shows respect for Canadian values—I told you Harper is Bigger—Badder—than ever. I love boxing and fighting—right now—if I were a betting man—I would take Harper majority and the odds you can grab.
Bloc supporters—I wager/ will not support Ignatieff—but some may support Harper. But history tells us that the Bloc could go to sleep and they would still hold a strong position in the Canadian Parliament---/maybe not this time however/(who am I kidding)—as they must address the problem that both the Prime Minister and Opposition leader Michael Ignatieff are slowly growing back to popularity in that province---the federal Liberals (not to be confused with Gordon Campbell and B.C. Liberals) have manifested some type of redemption of awful years gone by—(but are not back by any stretch).
Michael Ignatieff must also deal with the problem a Liberal brand in British Columbia diminishing by the day---as much fuss and muss as he can make/federally/—may boost his totals in that province against an impotent provincial Liberal government—the ‘farm team’-- and hugely popular New Democrat leader and party—Carole James and B.C. New Democrats///basking in the sunlight of sweet vindication that her second battle against current BC premier Gordon Campbell ought to have ended in her winning government—a few people cheated—lied—and deceived British Columbians badly and stole the election from the BC NDP—more junk from political ugly town.
(This latter political saga is why I continue to support public hangings—the BC Liberals make sixty year old people look bad).
*The Province News, Wednesday July 29, 2009 NEWS A7 BMO Bank of Montreal advertisement/Notice reads in part--current or former BMO mortgage customers (sic)--were charged incorrect fees and/or penalties in excess of what was disclosed in --- mortgage documents.

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