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ZEUS poll-Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals -Awful Weeds in OUR Garden-
Miracles--Jefferson Starship  Sep 12, 2009

ZEUS poll--A survey of 235 British Columbians in the lower mainland of British Columbia--September 9-12, 2009. M.O.E. estimated at 6%-19 times out of 20. A donation provided by Jim Van Rassel (604) 328-5398

Question #1
Which of the following potential leaders and parties would you - most likely support if it were available to you?
CKNW talk show host and former BC Liberal Deputy Leader Christy Clark and BC Liberals    35.00 %
Solicitor General critic Mike Farnworth and BC NDP    44.00 %
Federal Green Party leader Elizabeth May and BC Greens    7.00 %
Community leader and small business expert Jim Van Rassel and BC Conservatives    14.00 %
Undecided    04.00 %
Question #2
In your opinion is Premier Gordon Campbell an ethical leader?
Yes    11.00 %
No    83.00 %
Question #3
Premier Gordon Campbell made a campaign promise in his first term that he would not sell B.C. Rail. He is a convicted drunk driver. He did not disclose any information about pending H.S.T. implementation during the most recent election and most British Columbians are of the opinion that he was not truthful about B.C.’s budget deficit during that election. In your opinion are these events the conduct of a pathological personality or is this what you expect from elected officials// or none of these?
Gordon Campbell has a pathological (compulsive) personality    80.00 %
I expect this from elected officials    12.00 %
None of these    03.00 %
Question #4
In your opinion is the slaughter of animals for mass consumption by humans ethical?
Yes    57.00 %
No    33.00 %
Question #5
It has been over 5 years since the raid on BC’s Legislature by the R.C.M.P. relating to the sale of B.C. Rail. The criminal trial that followed has been ongoing for a similar period of time. Gordon Campbell’s longtime associate and political advisor Patrick Kinsella has reportedly been paid $300,000 for his work on the sale, with no material evidence showing precisely what he did to earn that money or what his role was. The Judge in the case has ordered generally that government emails to be handed over. It has also been reported that many of these emails have been destroyed, possibly illegally. Lawyers in the case want Patrick Kinsella to turn over his emails to the court and want to put Gordon Campbell and his associate Patrick Kinsella on the stand for examination of emails and to determine what they know about the alleged criminal activity and wrongdoing. If you were the B.C. Supreme Court trial Judge in this case would you provide an Order that Gordon Campbell and Patrick Kinsella’s emails relating to BC Rail be made available to the court and available to the press-- and for both of them to be examined in court under oath? (26 repeats).
Yes    72.00 %
No    08.00 %
Question #6
One of Gordon Campbell’s top financial supporters is Peter Brown, owner of Canaccord Capital-a brokerage firm on Howe Street in downtown Vancouver B.C. Mr. Brown donates personally—as does his brokerage firm—hundreds of thousands of dollars to both Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberal Party. B.C. has no limits on donations-while federal Conservative law limits donation to $1,000. Does the province need political finance reform such as Prime Minister Stephen Harper implemented to stop these types of large donations?
Yes    87.00 %
No    13.00 %
Question #7
Currently, do you trust the BC Liberal Party with your tax dollars?
Yes    26.00 %
No    71.00 %
Question #8
In your opinion is the slaughter of animals for mass human consumption—ethical when the animals are treated badly in the process?
Yes    23.00 %
No    63.00 %
Q#1-Christy Clark is substituted for Gordon Campbell for BC Liberal Party leader—and it’s a good thing she is. A recent Angus Reid Strategies poll revealed that Christy Clark was more popular than any current BC Liberal MLA’s—and her placement as leader in this ZEUS poll-- when measured against responses to other questions in the poll suggests that under Gordon Campbell – the BC Liberals might likely be in a larger hole than the one that current Coquitlam City Manager Peter Steblin left in the middle of downtown London, Ontario.
Q#6 illustrates this best—revealing that (75%) of Decided British Columbians do NOT trust the BC Liberal Party with their tax dollars. Enough said.
Christy Clark’s husband and brother had their names tossed about around the B.C Rail “Nightmare on Government Road”--- {a novel about greed, deceit—shame and elitism over a history of many years}--how close to the meat and the heat are they? This poll strongly suggests a new leader from outside existing BC Liberal caucus will be required---and the Angus Reid poll only offered up B.C. Liberal Attorney General and House Leader Mike de Jong, //Christy Clark as sufficiently popular to the positive to provide some type of remedy—//with de Jong placed behind Clark in that poll//. Who else would they choose Iain Black? ----Kevin Krueger? ----Harry ‘the Midget’ Bloy--//?. Imagine every time someone hears a B.C. Liberal Minister---any Minister—when they say “we’ve added more money—not cut”---like the new v and water education minister---Doctor Hydette—no-one believes these boys—girls—and their pack of wolves crying the same old tune.
If either de Jong or Clark’s reputations can be impugned—that leaves Surrey mayor Dianne Watts—who is not accustomed to 'waiting' through political pig slop like this---//and appropriately winks at The Jackal—any day-- for her executions (former Surrey mayor Doug McCallum---picking his political brains off the floor singing “Mr. Bigstuff who do you think you are”//when he experienced the ROBBINS ‘through and through’----------------won’t take her pretty clothes, toes, and new Greater Vancouver central business district---new worldwide headquarters---for ZEUS—give me Angus Reid Jr.—and off we go to stinking rich—not the paltry four million in assets—Campbell has socked away—while we all scratched our arses—and let him---. Will the Dalai Lama accept the position of Chair for ZEUS—? (FYI—J.C. isn’t coming back to August 27, 2030—/—amend your texts please).
(Dianne Watts name is out there and everywhere—I would wager her name recognition in the lower mainland—never mind the pop star popularity—has doubled in the month of August alone).
This is what happens – when the people find out---you are really working for DeautchbagsRUS---A Political Corporation.
The other name – tossed about/but not like an old biscuit—is sweet, smart—Carole Taylor/still Canada’s most beautiful woman—who I am CERTAIN is sufficiently ethical to realize that this is no place she wants to be.
NDP Solicitor General critic Mike Farnworth—a longtime politician—who everyone in political circles (or who knows him—or has met him) would agree—is unquestionably an honest, decent, person—and a model political and ethical citizen—was ‘tied’ with de Jong and behind Christy Clark in the Angus Reid Strategies survey—has similar popularity—when linked as leader to the BC NDP—as does the real leader Carole James*—what might have the outcome been for Mike Farnworth and BC NDP if Christy Clark had not been included as leader of the BC Liberals?
(*From a political science and journalistic point of view—it is not politically appropriate to have used Mike Farnworth—as Carole James—brought the BC New Democrats back from the dead in 2005 (41+%) and increased her party totals in the May 2009 general provincial election (42+%) and would have won had the BC Liberals not deceived B.C. voters—so apologies to Ms. James—an ethical decent person—// who should never mention another policy—remotely proximate to affirmative action--AGAIN).
It is my professional opinion that the effort to politically discredit Ms. James—or at least impugn her personal popularity is in part --- an effort to distract and to keep the BC Liberals from a free fall to 20-25% (which is where I predict they are otherwise heading).
-The absolute stupidity—denial, and Made in Point Grey arrogance-- of this party as it stands—will easily permit us to make this happen-.
In 2013 I would be surprised if the BC Greens garner (04%) of the vote—they are as Jane Sterk—the real leader suggested ‘more about influencing political policy than potential legislators’—the BC NDP will eventually eat up this vote—as 2013 approaches. Elizabeth May—the current Green federal leader—has announced that she will run in the (anticipated) federal general election from Saanich and the Islands. Her national presence could make a difference to B.C. provincial politics if she slapped a B.C. Green jersey on. Stop this federal nonsense Elizabeth—I think you are an exceptional person—look at this place---don’t make it a lily pad----make it your home—understand though—we don’t actually have private property---welcome to the new improved Soviet Onion—{not to be confused with Purple Onion)--you will be right at home!
Jim Van Rassel has no real political track record in B.C. other than a poor showing in the most recent Coquitlam elections where his budget was about $1,000//no unions///no corporations—but with the bevy of skunks running through that city council—and administration--Jim’s success as a small businessman, and community activist for honesty in politics—and his fervent desire to speak plainly and without spin about what he really thinks—could make him a real beauty for the B.C. Conservatives—who need a leader with no baggage—and who can bring that sense of Dutch Renaissance to the people of British Columbia. I know Chris Delaney and Jim Van Rassel are both ethical people—Who’s Next? (Baba O’).
Q#2/Q#3-reflects the very low opinion that British Columbians have of their Premier—this number is supported by a similarly high number who are of the opinion that he has a pathological personality where the pathology is equated to compulsion-- want to see the premier on the witness stand in court—and who don’t trust the PARTY with their money (Q#6). Essentially—the people want the (to date) inept—{some assert corrupt} B.C. Courts—to teach Campbell – and his henchman—a lesson. Oh—this would be delightful—I wouldn’t have to listen to reporters—journalists---and bloggers—covering the story—kissing the Judges’ ass just because she does something she ought to have done—years ago—it’s paltry ethical—and gives the impression you are an asskisser to the establishment—rip this woman an new one—for stalling democracy. Like an 800 metre runner---identify the genitals you own—and make them work for you!
“This is how you do it:”
Q#4 reveals the frustration that British Columbians are having with the BC Rail trial. I don’t believe it is overly untoward to speculate that the courts may have played an indirect role in permitting the re-election of Gordon Campbell—owing to ridiculous delays at getting at justice and the truth. The current perception of the courts by the people of the province—is that ---it is no more or less--- than a money making industry/ like finance/or pig farming—unrelated to any ethical pursuit of “Justice”---all rationalized under the Rule of Law---too often the Fool of Law---which is not based –at all-on a higher principle of ethical behaviour---this is the Vancouver H1N1 of political disease—the source of the pathology—and it is spreading---killing the province—day by day—like “Awful weeds in our Garden”.
Q#5 reveals through the reported contributions of one wealthy person to both the Premier personally and to the BC Liberal Party of immense sums of money---which the public perceives as part of a very serious problem in our democracy – relating to political finance reform---and certainly raises renewed ethical questions about the corporate sector—and its attempt to subvert the fair development and advancement of ethical behaviour in politics in B.C.
Q#6-Likely the most important question of all. British Columbians don’t trust the BC Liberal Party with their tax dollars--, this is a serious vote of non-confidence in the government—and there is too great a distance to go to remedy a situation which in its current form—with Gordon Campbell as leader—has no chance of improving anytime soon.
The province is currently running on auto-pilot.
The Province of British Columbia has political problems far more significant than anyone has dared speculate—but the Zeus is loose—and we’ve cooked Campbell’s goose (Courage-Tragically Hip).
I feel how UFC Heavyweight champ—Brock Lesnar—must have felt---pounding Frank Mir into unconscious—but the ref stopped that fight---and stopped it at the first sign of trouble—who is going to stop the premier from the coma that is coming---where do you live?----where does your wife live? Have you been separated—if so how long—why the Christmas and one big phony family political spectacle?---when did B.C. ---and the media in the province declare a monarchy in this province—which—I remind you-- has the GDP of an African nation---and not South Africa—yet close to Libya?
I’m no Joe Wilson.
An angry public has evidently targeted the Premier—as the new political devil in provincial politics. I have heard the bloodlust—have command of the scent—and will go for the throat and the kill-not for the sake of meanness or retribution/or even the sheer delight of the hunt----o no---like a $500 million budget—baby—this is all about the ethics. There can be no doubt about this as witnessed by this poll—which represents the culmination of weeks of incremental investigation about public opinion following mind blowing B.C. Liberal mistakes—and more particularly-- lies---bestowed upon the people by the governing party and in particular its leader Premier Gordon Campbell.
After nearly a decade of media driven aid (not to be confused with marital aids)—avoiding-- confronting the Opposition in the Legislature—and otherwise bad behaviour—G. Gordon Campbell-- has been supported by many—who believed his claims that he is the only person who could lead B.C. in tough economic times. The vast majority of the B.C. public—particularly those who voted for Campbell—and don’t show up for Starbucks anymore-- realize that they have been conned—and they aren’t happy as one might expect. We don’t call these people by name anymore—we just “Hey Stupid”—if the shoe fits---sell some more worthless shares to some sucker on a Rural Route---make a budget on it—and buy a Rolls with the proceeds---
Does you blushing bride gargle with Listerine or spit?
Anecdotally—but it supports the claims made in this poll—many of the search engine inquiries we get at are far more often--demanding information about “Campbell’s girlfriend(s)—//Lara —a high priced operative in the Premier’s office—the real status of his marriage—“How long has the Premier been separated?” etc.---and less—much less of the H.S.T. Y’all figuring this out?
Their anger towards the Premier—particularly BY THOSE WHO VOTED FOR HIM—is real—and deep. The result--- nosedive of confidence not only in him but in his B.C. Liberal government as well—but will this hurt the negative view British Columbians have of politicians generally—is it as low as the BC New Democrats were in the late 1990’s under then Premier Glen Clarke—followed by Ujjal ‘the Widget’ Dosanjh—currently a federal Liberal MP—and advocate—for – well I don’t really know—although he says some things on the radio, television—and in the paper—from time to time//maybe—like some other ‘brown’ political leaders---wants to dust the R.C.M.P.---and any evidence of Air India---theories are only that--///?
No—I interpret the suggestions—theories of this poll—to mean the political death of Campbell—is the renewal of life for the rest of us.
If you cannot ground your actions as a leader in truths—even awful truths—than you cannot ever understand ethics—if both accounts are blank—you have nothing—because you are nothing.
P.S.--I didn't pick up on any action coming from B.C. Supreme Court Justice Bennett's-stunning assertion that 'there isn't evidence linking Patrick Kinsella to B.C. Rail (insofar as the raid on the B.C. legislature is concerned). Yet, Patrick Kinsella was paid $300,000.00 for work on B.C. Rail wasn't he?
If Patrick Kinsella is not considered connected to B.C. Rail (actually twice now), then the learned Judge would know this--which leaves the door open to suggest 'shouldn't we inquire into the $300,000.00 payments to him?
Nice move by Justice Bennett.
Ryan Dalziel 4 B.C. Supreme Court Judge (this is not an advertisement-nor would Ryan approve--he is my nephew--).

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