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ZEUS-coming soon-some initial numbers from Vancouver anti-HST
  Sep 20, 2009

ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) estimate number of people attending HST rally in Vancouver-Canada Place to be 2,800. ROBBINS estimates 'average' additional cost from H.S.T. from ex B.C. Liberals "Hit List" supplied by Vander Zalm and Delaney--at $493.50 per year/family--averaged between high and low income earners--includes both wealthy and poor. (NB-this is a very conservative estimation-done line by line-removing poor (conventional methodology linked to norms for poverty) from population would increase numbers substantially--use as baseline only).
Chris Delaney contacted ROBBINS-suggesting profile of B.C. Liberal supporters (Previously?) would mean HST cost these British Columbians about $1,200 per year--? That's significant enough above my bare base--to ask--is the economic gulf between traditional B.C. Liberal supporters and the average person in the province--average on income-easier to research-is the average B.C. Liberal voter -- twice as vulnerable to the H.S.T.--implying that Gordon Campbell is intending to have this current version of the B.C. Liberals implode-,as the number of supporters the party still carrys--is 30-33%---and (20-24%) of population like corporations or care whether rich people are upset at being taxed/and not just rich people/its the apparent better offs in the middle class and the suburbs that get a sideways glance---well it's a confusing government political strategy to be sure/and the argument that it is economic strategy having primacy over political strategy--is dog doo. Campbell in my opinion is pre-purchasing with tax payer dollars--even his own supporters dollars---influence at the Federal level--the political parachutes of all---Senator Gordon Campbell. Expensive proposition.
I heard Bill Good of CKNW mention Chris Delaney this morning (well I was on as well)-Citizen Reporter Robbins--//Delaney was smokin' good at H.S.T. rally--like Wyatt Earp smokin'.
Mr. Good indicated that the B.C. Conservatives (essentially) thought the H.S.T. was a good thing.
Okay-so Mr. Delaney--are the assertions in the mainstream media, including Vaughn Palmer of the Vancouver Sun-/ AND Bill Good of Corus Radio and CKNW-/ that your BC Conservative Party supported the H.S.T. during the last general provincial election in May 2009--and now you are one of the main drivers behind the popular Anti-H.S.T.--who has called Gordon Campbell "A Monarch"---doesn't this seem utterly hypocritical and self-serving to YOU on it's face? Please explain, and be specific to detail as to whether or not you had any discussions with the B.C. Conservative Party executive or directors at the time of the most recent provincial election in May, and 4 months previous. Please tell us whether you have personally considered tax harmonization or integration a good sound economic policy. Obviously your federal cousins in the federal Conservative Party support it--and their friends the B.C. Liberals support it--would you now tell your federal counterparts to go to hell on the H.S.T.? Lastly, now that Carole James has her foot in the door of the former Reform BC Party-doing precisely what she needs to--to win a large majority government in 2013--do you think after the excitement of the affair wears off-that Ms. James will dump you and your party as flat as a Dutch pancake--as soon as Recall comes up next year in 2010--that is when the real election will take place---and with that in mind will your party have enough money in time to keep oiled and growing?

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