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ZEUS poll-BC Conservative MP John Cummins breaks B.C. Liberal coalition
  Sep 24, 2009

437 random respondents throughout British Columbia--interviews on telephone--September 21-24, 2009 M.O.E. 4.69%, 19 times out of 20 @ 95% confidcence--question 1 reveals where interviews take place--adjusted for population where interview numbers do not satisfy---thanks to Jim Van Rassel (604) 328-5398---where he has a pair of free glasses for former premier Bill Vander Zalm---4 to 5 K

Question #1
From the following choices-which leader and party do you most support at this time?
B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell and B.C. Liberals    28.50 %
B.C. Opposition leader Carole James and BC New Democrats    43.00 %
Conservative government of Canada Member of Parliament John Cummins and British Columbia Conservatives    23.00 %
Jane Sterk and BC Greens    5.00 %
Undecided    9.00 %
Question #2
In your opinion has B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell earned the right to represent the province at the 2010 Olympics?
Yes    29.00 %
No    30.00 %
I don’t support the 2010 Olympics or Gordon Campbell    41.00 %
Undecided    4.00 %
Question #3
Recently, B.C. Supreme Court Madame Justice Elizabeth Bennett declared that (essentially) ‘there is no clear evidence tying B.C. Liberal insider Patrick Kinsella and the B.C. Rail legal case presently before her’. YET, Mr. Kinsella was paid $300,000.00 by B.C. taxpayers for his work related to B.C. Rail. Which of the following limited responses BEST estimates what you believe is actually going on here?
The Court is somehow protecting B.C. Liberals    17.00 %
The $300,000.00 payment to Mr. Kinsella should be investigated    72.00 %
There is probably another reasonable explanation    5.00 %
Undecided/I don’t know    6.00 %
Question #4
Housing and Gaming minister Rich Coleman wants people living on the streets to be brought out of the cold during the winter and to be compelled to shelters or jails. His opponents argue that forcing people to shelters or jails is against their Charter Human Rights and that this is but a tactic from the B.C. Liberal government for a last minute clean-up of the streets in downtown Vancouver prior to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics this coming February. From the following which response BEST depicts your position based on hearing the preamble?
It’s my opinion that BC Liberal Rich Coleman has the right idea to compel these homeless people to shelters including prison space    26.50 %
It’s my opinion that B.C. Attorney General Mike de Jong should defend the Charter    25.50 %
I blame it all on the 2010 Olympics    37.00 %
Undecided    11.00 %
Question #5
From the following limited choices which one BEST reflects how you feel about the H.S.T. (Harmonized Sales Tax) at this moment in time?
I don’t want the tax plain and simple    32.00 %
I believe the Harmonized Sales Tax will ultimately benefit B.C.’s economy    25.00 %
I am still angry about how the tax was brought in—after the election had been won    38.00 %
Question #6
A British Columbian pledges 1.5 million in hard property assets to cover approximately $225,000 owing on property. This person has a less than stellar credit rating. Should the banks give this person a 1 year mortgage for 3.5%--the same as they would someone with good credit and substantially less equity to loan amount?
Yes    80.00 %
No    13.00 %
Question #7
A police chief in a Vancouver suburb investigating a very serious crime contacts a fellow employee of the individual being investigated—during the investigation. In your opinion is this appropriate police conduct?
Yes    2.00 %
No    89.00 %
Question #8
Entertainment question:(153 respondents) Premier Gordon Campbell and his wife Nancy have been separated for many years now. The Premier’s love interest Lara is also his Chief of Staff. Of the two, his estranged wife Nancy or his love interest Lara—who should the Premier take to the 2010 Olympics?
His estranged wife Nancy    9.00 %
His love interest Lara    26.00 %
Undecided/I don’t care    64.00 %
Question 1
Carole James and B.C. New Democrats have moved up little in public support since the most recent provincial general election in May 2009. Gordon Campbell and B.C. Liberals are down an incredible- slack jawed - you’re down like a dog with leprosy (40%) in public support-- while the B.C. Conservatives are up over twelve times their election totals under Conservative MP John Cummins leadership------------- and……. B.C. Greens drift down (37%).
John Cummins is the keynote speaker at the B.C. Conservative AGM and shindig September 26, 2009 in Chilliwack. John Cummins was the Canadian Alliance fisheries critic — losing that portfolio when the Alliance morphed with Progressive Conservatives to form the current Conservative Party of Canada. At 63 Mr. Cummins has got to be tiring of Ottawa —however his CV is just right for the opening of “Leader, BC Conservative Party.”
His political history is finer than good crystal — against Campbell’s record---John Cummins officially breaks the BC Liberal coalition. This is a ZEUS brand platinum prediction.
For a calm cool guy - we know John Cummins and BC Conservatives are HOT! We know Conservatives are mid 40’s in B.C.—look at the past two months and you tell me. Fast becoming known as the ‘Quiet Riot’ in BC politics Mr. Cummins pedigree goes without saying — “John Cummins is both an honourable and ethical man - through and through — his word is his bond - and this is how it ought to be” (Glen P. Robbins).
John Cummins---identified as a federal Conservative MP— as leader of the British Columbia Conservatives— in this poll— breaks the BC Coalition unequivocally. He and BC Conservatives score (38.5%) in Richmond-Delta; (36%) in Surrey (Campbell and BC Liberals (26%-Surrey); (30%) in the Fraser Valley (Langley, Chilliwack, Abbotsford); (27%) in the Okanagan (Penticton, Kelowna, Vernon, Kamloops)-Carole James and BC NDP (31%); in McKenzie-Peace River (no Prince George) (26%); on Vancouver Island (Victoria, Nanaimo-Campbell River); (14%); in Vancouver (18%); in Burnaby and (22%) in Tri-City, BC.
John Cummins (politician) from Wikipedia.
John Martin Cummins (born March 12, 1942) is a Canadian politician. He is currently the Conservative Member of Parliament for the riding of Delta— Richmond East in British Columbia.
Born in Georgetown, Ontario, he was first elected to the House of Commons in the 1993 election, as a Reform Party member. He was re-elected in 1997, 2000 (as a member of the Canadian Alliance), 2004 and 2006 (as a Conservative).
Cummins obtained a bachelor’s degree from the University of Western Ontario where he attended King's University College and a master’s degree from the University of British Columbia. Before entering politics, Cummins worked in the pulp and paper industry in Ontario, the oil fields of Alberta and on the construction of the Bennett hydroelectric dam in Northern BC. He taught school in the Northwest Territories and in the Peace River district of Northern Alberta, then spent fifteen years teaching in Delta, British Columbia. Cummins is also a commercial fisherman; he owned and operated commercial fishing boats in BC for over 20 years.
As a Member of Parliament, Cummins served twice as party critic for Fisheries and Oceans, in addition to his work on various other House of Commons and Joint Committees.
The B.C. Liberal and/or B.C. Greens have relinquished more than one third of their support to Carole James and BC NDP, (mostly) John Cummins and BC Conservatives (Other, Undecided).
“If you act as a fool with your alliances you ought not to have an alliance.”
At the end of the day— most good people will look after the Green things---I have never seen more Green people than business owner and my good friend Harold Hamilton and his wife Gretchen (Salmon Arm)— whose family garage looks like a model for clean perfect recycling. Then there is my friend and political partner Jim Van Rassel—whose 6,000 sq. ft. Wild Rose Ranch in Burke Mountain, B.C.—(just east of Coquitlam)-is heated by solar panels—so the average person doesn’t need the BC Green Party---and otherwise are so short of money—they can’t afford the government’s demands to pay the European Union’s move towards more bureaucracy as the EU develops its regimes
Why not Turkey? U.S. bases?
Question 2
Gordon Campbell has hit a Houlihanian wall---and he has earned this frustration — only his staunch ally denial— and the mainstream press keep him buoyant. (40%) of British Columbians do not support the 2010 Vancouver Olympics or Him,-- of the remainder— only one half believe he has earned the right to represent the province at the 2010 Olympics- a clear minority of the public opinion pie r2.
No matter--- over (70%) of the decided public --without /a shadow/ of a doubt-- doesn’t like Campbell anymore—if no one boos him at the Games — what does that say?
If you want to pressure Campbell — stitch his political profile to the 2010 Olympics — and then watch the media— some more heavily invested of the Games than others— begin to feel that pressure— quit with the distractions—and drill down on the lies of the previous election in May, 2009— like they would in the U.S. --- and most democratic countries--- until Campbell confronts this - because my brothers and sisters — as public relations—there are none my equal in this country—and Campbell is going to soup the Games— goodwill—at least noticeably.
This pillow fight journalism in B.C. is not satisfactory--- Bill Vander Zalm is being overly vilified for his role in the H.S.T.—---- while Campbell fell off the radar and the media malaise which has covered politics in B.C. since 2001—has NOW moved to worrisome.
This John Cummins poll proves without any question—no-one believes the BC Liberal numbers— their ability to do simple mathematics— or their absolute idiocy----cutting hundreds and or thousands when they were off 4 billion—not 2.4 or 2.8 billion. Van Rassel went on CKNW’s “Edge of the Ledge”—with Keith Baldrey, Vaughn Palmer---and host Bill Good-and Vaughn Palmer and Bill Good both affirmed the Budget is 4.5 billion—that’s off by 9 times—the $495 million confidence scheme enacted by the premier-- Campbell has enough money for public affairs—he doesn’t need any more help than the unprecedented assistance he has received from Global and others.
Because of the cheapskate cuts — for effect-- only Tim Burton might understand — now some citizens are wondering if flu shots for the Hello Nightmare epidemic — will be available. I also believe reporting about the cuts—coffee shop/lunch talk—with the nastiest angriest (and most intolerable) mob on earth-pissed off soccer and hockey moms—add in credibility—as Vaughn Palmer calls him—a Maverick’s Maverick—Sir John Cummins (recently Knighted by Queen Victoria in a séance conducted in both of Canada’s official languages by glen p)—provides the evidence that the BC Liberal coalition is broken—or is able to be broke (Intrinsic R US).
You can trust US—ZEUS/ROBBINS— to give it to you straight (slightly shaken/stirred)--and it appears that many do.
Question 3
This is relatively simple—(watch for new twists on grey area)—but the $300,000 paid to Mr. Kinsella needs to be investigated. If the B.C. Supreme Court says he has no apparent ties to B.C. Rail— he better come up with some--- or this money may be ill-gotten. If there isn’t underlying evidence of BC taxpayer money well spent to Mr. Kinsella he should give it back to general revenues where it can be better used by community groups now experiencing the miserly ways of his ‘Dom’ chum Gordon Campbell-whose mama didn’t tell him how bad a penny wise-pound foolish public relations strategy in the face of tremendous lies and be/little/Ling, condescending, and selfish arrogance—can be.
I would concern myself that one third of John Cummins and BC Conservative supporters are of the opinion that 'The Court is somehow protecting B.C. Liberal'---(inference here) insider Patrick Kinsella enough to suggest there is a lack of confidence in the courts with conservative types—at least to extent that we know (from previous ROBBINS polls)—the doubts expressed about politicians and police—and this poll which suggests that nearly one in five people believe the Courts are protecting BC Liberals. The more noteworthy response is the fact that even though there may be an explanation---on it’s face---if the courts can’t tie Mr. Kinsella to BC Rail—BUT he received $300,000—a lot of money—working on BC Rail---, B.C. taxpayers may be getting it in the caboose.
The cops apparently want to fix things and make it right—the courts might be trying—(we’ll see), but our political life in this province is setting in quicksand—and the apparent narrative is to see what Gordon Campbell might be doing over the next couple of years.
Seriously-media have you thought this through at all?
Question 4
This B.C. Liberal policy balloon follows ZEUS polls---directive that Surrey mayor Dianne Watts could blow the existing BC Liberal caucus to smithereens by twitching her nose—like Liz Montgomery (not Borden)—now Rich Coleman, B.C. Liberal from Langley and Mike de Jong—BC Liberal AG--- from Abbotsford-may have sucked enough public attention to further exacerbate their obvious (mis)representation that this centre right coalition is stable. Good luck with the numbers dead against the 2010 Olympics. This policy could grab big heat—and make its way through Europe like wildfire during a summer in the interior of British Columbia. This plus talk that Gordon Campbell will be asked to play Colonel Hogan in a movie remake of television hit-- Hogan’s Heroes—with Rich Coleman set to play the affable Sergeant Shultz/who will be the Carpenter on that set?
With BC Liberal Mary Polak – a more religious type person---in Children and Families—taking the stage (oh what’s this two Conservatives in the BC Liberal coalition looking ‘social’ on housing and children’s and families?) //I mean do you think after dominating and controlling your party like Saddam Hussein that your ministers can save you now? -the party is obviously selling the conservative side of its diminishing street/cred—hoping the new and improving BC Conservatives don’t pave a highway right up the middle-surround them on the practical and religious right and share with the New Democrats on rural routes after being frustrated with urban Jack Layton on the federal stage.
The problem is the establishment in B.C. MUST steer the conversation to the 2010 Olympics—but the PR is forced, deliberate and terribly awkward in the prevailing circumstances—and their guy Gordo is going to cost them money—or Goodwill. The Olympics may be relatively important to many—but it is loathed by a huge chunk of the population/particularly with the Gordon Campbell label stitched to it—you cut funding to communities—while you set up you torch relay and other public relations—nobody believes there is separation between the government and the 2010 Olympics. You can drop your prettiest girls in the news Olympics mix—you can even put Carolyn Jarvis (Global) in a French Maid’s outfit reading ZEUS polls aloud—that won’t help down smell-- the skunk stitched to the Big Show.
Will Mike de Jong align with the old people running the party or bust a move on the side of the Charter and the (young) people?—who believe the Charter actually means something—hey I know—it works if certain people want it to--- like Santa Claus when you are little —but in reality it is meaningless drivel— snot for the rest—that’s the truth—I have proven it—published it—when there is one there is a hundred and one--deal with it. The institutions required to support the Charter are mostly dominated by lawyers—and not every lawyer is an ethical or non partisan one. British Columbians may not like Polygamy—but they don’t see a body—and they don’t see a line up of victims set to testify---this was more law for political distraction.
The decision to make the arrests at Bountiful were undertaken just prior to the court case involving an Indo-Canadian man accused of murdering his baby daughter—little news here---Talibanian conduct in some communities in this province—towards women—needs to be remedied before Whitey ‘religion’ takes a hit.
Coleman lies ‘shitty’ shot rock in this ZEUS-but de Jong can easily make a ‘slick’ game of it-as the BC Liberal coalition must now accept the major fissures in its party structure as it spirals back home-Dorothy- to the early 1990’s when it was making its first comeback as the new improved Social Credit//the time has come—for change-tomorrow.
All of this will matter –much- as Conservative Member of Parliament John Cummins takes up the B.C. vacuum—which is an appropriate action for a grateful public servant to take — when he is able to do it.
Question 5
British Columbians don’t’ ‘feel’ very good about the H.S.T. Either their derision about the tax itself—OR their trenching anger over how it was brought in by the Gordon Campbell – BC Liberal government---- (70%) see the Tax as a symbol—a focal point that says—“Campbell and his government can go to hell.”
Gordon Campbell is who the people are angry with—the trial balloons and policy distractions that are filling up more news space—won’t change the anger many British Columbians are experiencing – these-former BC Liberals—are not going to come back.
The BC Liberal Party is putting its conservative wing out to speak—and the respondents in this poll are listening--/ but they are listening without forgiveness in their hearts—and a ‘hint of murder’ on their minds.
This anti-HST, anti Campbell, anti BC Liberal sentiment is hurting the 2010 Olympics as well. Deep haters of the H.S.T. don’t care whether it is good—they don’t believe the BC Liberal government—they don’t believe business—they don’t believe the courts— they don’t believe the police — they don’t believe in the Olympics//they know that in the end — that’s where they get it — and now that it has been made so abundantly clear to everyone — watch your back Mr. and Mrs. Politician.
Question 6
We knew the “Yes” response would grab a majority of respondents, but we didn’t expect it to be this high. (86%) of Decided respondents agreed that the person with big equity and bad credit should get the same loan rate as 'someone with good credit and substantially less equity to loan amount.'
Banks have either direct or indirect control/ownership of credit rating institutions—it doesn’t take long to figure out what is going on here. Circular reasoning meets greed and self interest on policy side. Justice Minister Nicholson has to go off the Criminal Code to contemplate the larger context of what is ethically meant by white collar crime. The government puts out fiscal policy—such as a low Bank Rates—which keeps mortgage rates down. The banks say go to hell—bad credit pays (9-12%) instead of (3.5%) who gives a shit about equity? My question is: how many nominees—and agents— wrapped up pools of cash — are required to create this secondary market — completely and unequivocally circumventing government central bank policy?
How is that for confidence in the people---? ///How is that for people’s confidence in the economy? — when their savings are being sucked away with big fees—interest rates—and other penalties. You’ve seen the way the markets operate—RRSP’s — will they be worth anything in ten years — anything can happen—are you better off with your money in your mattress?
Imagine-anywhere in the World—and the leaders of these countries—WILL get ‘wind’ of this----think what is going on in this (true story//sent to the Canadian Press and Associated Press)---use a multiplier--- if it happens once — it will happens thousands of times --- and think about this factual event in terms of --- stimulus packages.
President Obama and Prime Minister Stephen Harper have got to question who is more dangerous to their respective countries and national security where the economy is a factor in this security-- at this moment in history (as they factor what a recession will do to many citizens’ credit)---the banks and financial institutions OR the Taliban? (This is a serious question).
Question 7
There are no more protocols — no more standards --- in lower mainland establishment it’s anything goes — all about me, myself and I --- scattered, insincere, and poorly developed political, legal, and policing—and the last of it—BC Liberal lies during an election has lowered the bar—so low--- that it is difficult to find polling questions—that don’t find over (80%) of the public against something—either the leader or party have been involved with. The conduct of the police chief in this question— as it is provided —is very repugnant to British Columbians.
Question 8
Gordon Campbell’s personal status has been reported publicly and not refuted— the information is common knowledge among many British Columbians. His estranged wife Nancy takes it in the teeth in this ZEUS poll—surprising us— mostly for using her status as wife and mother in a dishonest way/---with the greatest angst coming from those who saw the Premier and his wife and family during the most recent general provincial election — this hurts — the use of family as a prop for electoral gain. It’s a fair question-as the Clinton clause does not apply—and the Wilson-Tyabji precedent does in this ZEUS ruling.
Women are not kind to “The wife formerly known as Nancy Campbell.” Women are much more kind to the Premier’s love interest Lara—(64%) of respondents who selected either Nancy or Lara were women---with more men choosing Lara or Undecided-I don’t care.
British Columbian’s are saying Gordon – be a gentleman/—come clean—“Love the one your with.” (Crosby, Stills, Nash—Young).

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