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(re-release) U.S. ZEUS/ROBBINS -- 10th year Anniversary - Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu -
  May 28, 2011

A massive random telephone sampling of 23,243 U.S. citizens “Are you a United States citizen?”-Between September 20-October 1, 2009. (73%) of respondents solicited on the basis of answering “One question on the Middle East” were willing to respond to this question—with (14%) of that group—answering “Undecided” or some other variation of this—WHERE only two responses were offered to respondents and neither were “Undecided”. With thanks to American Storm (my favourite Bob Seger) - and Aussie Bad Boys. Thanks also to my friend Jim Van Rassel – who has done a great job of ‘putting the Vancouver 2010 Olympics ‘together’—underscoring – the tremendous relevance of this U.S. ZEUS/ROBBINS 10th Anniversary poll.
This poll is dedicated to Dwight Yoakum's "Thousands Miles from Nowhere".

Question #1
Which position to do you support more?
Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s position that “any furtherance of negotiations with the Palestinians will be conditional on the Palestinians recognizing Israel as a Jewish state”    41.00 %
A “two state solution” between Israel and the Palestinians supported by former U.S. Democratic Presidents, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton    46.00 %
Undecided    13.00 %
Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s position – that Middle East negotiations -don’t move- until “Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state”- does not attain a majority of support vs. former U.S. Democratic Presidents- Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton’s “two state solution” -among U.S. citizens and respondents in this U.S. ZEUS/ROBBINS poll---
it attracts significant minority support -nonetheless.
Clearly the two positions offered to respondents are Worlds apart (and only miles apart)—the two state solution proponents are concerned-- that if the Palestinians were to recognize Israel “as a Jewish state” as the pre-condition of a “two state solution”, the possibility arises that the “two state solution” may not be properly ratified, leaving the potential for a -- bad diplomatic taste in the mouths of the Palestinians and the other Arab states-and a serious dent in U.S. President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Middle East policy.
This political spectacle will say a lot about Hillary Clinton --- it will say as much or more about Barack Obama — the Democrats through the 1990’s and Bill Clinton’s presidency—were never fond of Benjamin Netanyahu—some despised him — many think he is a bastard—but he is uniquely Israel first —//--the only elected leader from Israel born AFTER the establishment of Israel—confronting an enemy who if ‘competent’ must know how most Jews arrived in Palestine — fleeing the Nazi’s— having their possession stolen much hidden in Switzerland - rejected by other European countries—and forced -for safety - and survival-- to the land now referred to as Israel and Palestine—and who if HE rejects the Holocaust — must also ignore the migration of Jews to the region of Israel and Palestine—and therefore theoretically — could be said to WANT to be the first person to wipe them out. Philosophically — it is difficult to negate the validity of this theory.
You can bet the U.S. dollar-- Netanyahu has already arrived here.
But Israel,—and many who support it — have the benefit of increasing sympathy from U.S. respondents in this ZEUS/ROBBINS poll who in growing legions perceive nations like Iran as part of the greater Arab/Palestinian community---and a threat—a people who cause problems—no matter---disturb Canadians and Americans—most who do not understand and who do not have the time—for---the complexities of politics, particularly Middle East politics—that area of political discourse for scholar’s Scholars—but more than this—extraordinary and courageous news reporters-- the fact that there are two sides-both valid - in any fierce debate. The Middle East is the current test case—once again—the epitome of foreign policy discussion — the religious, historical and political ramifications cannot be ignored.
So long as this sentiment prevails to the degree that it does in the United States—and as long as Israel’s strategic interests are perceived by so many Americans to be in the interests of the United States as well—Israel will be able to make this type of specific pre-condition, which on its face would appear to make getting a deal concluded in the Middle East nearly impossible—
but what is new with this?
Evidence of serious and dangerous weapons production in Iran and very disturbing rhetoric from its leader including declaring the Holocaust a hoax (a leader of a nation of hundreds of millions declaring that the horrific — blood curdling deaths of millions and millions of Jewish, Slavic and other innocent people—did NOT happen) developing a nuclear weapon (maybe) and calls the Holocaust a hoax—folks—this is big-trouble brewing here—call me the God of all modern truths/call me a fool with friends—the greatest leader in my mind of all time Winston Churchill—has got a thing or two to say about this,--),//-- may force Israel’s hand in 2009--- really, this is getting a little weird isn’t it?--and if tension persists—with Netanyahu as Prime Minister—it wouldn’t be a shocker to wake up and hear the news that Israel bombers had taken these Iranian installations out—flat out—no doubt about it.
Send U.K.’s Gordon Brown to see B.Y too. Trust me. - This started with Britain didn’t it?
Ambivalence has ingratiated worldwide perceptions about the Palestinians—easier to see as victims—against the Israel’s surety—that you are going to get whipped really bad—if you make one wrong move—people fearing they are stepping on eggshells every time someone utters the word “jew” --- but the brown skin of the new bad boy in the Middle East---and the vast departure in any consideration of faith (Many Palestinians are Christians—who share a common (and sometimes tragic) history with the Jewish people)—that is why this deal should be done in the Holy Land.
Don’t forget Robert de Niro backed Obama first—de Niro came to the table FIRST—then Teddy Kennedy.
Muammar Khadafi—like him or not—save for that last bullshit with Gordon Brown—(who I think personally is a very gracious man — I love Britain — my Uncle Mack from Edmonton, Alberta fought in Britain in World War II met a British woman and died there — (I still love my darling Daniel-Day Lewis -)--- kept his word — but he has to live in the region—suggested on Larry King CNN (easily—easily—the best interviewer—gargles—just a bit/- when you piss him off—kicks you off really nice when you stink—easily the best) — one combined state—I think the name was Nicotine or something -- Symbolically — this is a better ‘concept’ comic book or not — the people everywhere are oppressed—my own government stole my money—and buried me for a while//I wanted to quit and die//thought about what the Jews and so many people oppressed/thought about my children/ went through//and decided-with the obsession of only the very motivated (or crazy) to create a vehicle—a mechanism//an aura of love, generosity//intellectual stimulus//and the capacity to kick some serious ass—because I am an independent man living in a country confused about its own human rights//still selling shit on the streets of the world designed to ignore real truths—but willing to permit Canada’s pathetic diplomatic self congratulating nature//no-one gave or would have given Canada one bit of credit//but our soldiers know how to fight//and be bloody good too//in Canada our military is our true diplomatic Corp///our soldiers our Ambassadors/that is why we are great//because we aren’t mean people//but we might be—we come to the party of true democracy---honestly BUT—everybody—wants control---government wants control---and this is the Iranian tension that sets the stage for without any doubt the toughest, nastiest piece of Jew business in the World—maybe the toughest politician in the World- (This paragraph should be read while listening to the end of Baba O’Riley,-CSI New York theme song—Outstanding).
Benjamin Netanyahu.
We are a family of reasonably well educated people. Our favourite spiritual show? Dog the Bounty Hunter. Redemption. The World begs it---but salvation comes at a price--.
India has nuclear capacity and is not Israel’s enemy—and neither are the Iranian people necessarily—but—Iran’s President Ahmadinejad is using anti Jewish sentiment-wherever and however he can as a defense and distraction to serious domestic political problems—but the Iranian population is young—and so many are against nuclear proliferation.
Young people hate war—hate conflict—I have invested my adult life around ‘young people’s minds’— there is a great future for the World — these (contrary to some) are the best generation to come — in terms of peace — I can’t be my father — I was never his equal — not physically — not machismo — not on pure masculinity — I was never my older brother Barry’s equal—on these terms—not even close—but I am their equal for certain as a man. My daughters are young-21 and 14 and they are my betters today.
It’s a tough way to Nirvana — but we are going to make it there/—THIS I have seen.
Is there a segment of the Iranian population which would support the destruction of offensive nuclear weapons in its own country?
Russia, China and the United States are fast becoming allies of an important cause. None of them want Iran with a nuclear bomb. Iran is testing missiles—this is provocative stuff from the leader of an unstable theocracy --- with an unhappy people —. Iran’s people would not be motivated to war----they have their energies placed elsewhere. Democratic economies are fragile---economic sanctions take time—and Ahmadinejad is moving at some deliberate North Korean like pace — except — and this IS the entire reason for conducting this poll—North Korea is a strategic issue BUT Iran is a strategic problem.
Certifying weapons as: Okay for domestic energy consumption (United Nations) is difficult stuff—when you could leave the country – and the next day—ostensibly the next phase begins. No country can be taken seriously that fires test missiles and permits the news to report how easily it might hit Israel—do you really believe the Israeli’s are going to permit this—do you really believe the Israel’s give a 2-hoot-d-hoot about inspections in the face of this truth—this political reality?—NO is the answer to that question.
Where I live—with my family—is a high population of Persian people. Lord they are the most fun, fantastic, smart people in the World — just like the brilliant Jewish people in my life —. This the truth of it about most law abiding people —.
At ZEUS/ROBBINS—let us be very clear — we despise war — human suffering — and any type of offense against all of God’s creatures/I admit//my daughter Kellie who writes many of the final questions in Papa’s poll//a third year Philosophy student at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia//is NOW off meat for good//(she once was a young conservative/oops what an education can do)—that is what and who we are—as human beings----but the world has of yet ignored the road less travelled—love, understanding, gratitude---love your brothers and sisters as you would wish this love for yourself--We don’t support war—but when political idealism waffles in the way of the Nixon/Kissinger realism (what other realism is there?) which must be the focus of our immediate attention—as serious nations—commit themselves to serious endeavours ---What an opportunity for Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu to leverage the terms and conditions of Israel’s participation in present and future negotiations with the Palestinians—and show the world what Israel was like 30 or 40 years ago when threatened---and in particular when the object of that threat denies the systematic eradication of millions of those people—well it comes to them or us—sometimes—in life—you must decide to stay inside and suck your thumb—or get Gary Cooper—This time—is the latter.
Hollywood actor-the late Charles Bronson ‘made me and all my friends’ growing up in Victoria, British Columbia love Israel. Anti Semitism rises and falls year after year — and has been on the incremental increase of late — Iran’s Ahmadinejad may be the unsuspecting agent of change—potentially – to --- the extreme benefit of Israel in the eyes of the modern world.
The landscape of the Middle East can be well considered under this U.S. ZEUS/ROBBINS poll.
The Southeastern United States backed Neyanyahu’s position Decided (50%) and (22%) Undecided—interesting numbers against the average outcome. The Northeast U.S. including New York City was also split 50/50%-low Undecided. Central and Southeastern United States was split with (20%) more Undecided than the Northeast—while the West Coast of the United State was over (57%) with Presidents Carter and Clinton---/// and < (35%) Israel.
Does Iran’s President Ahmadinejad have an audience in California, Oregon, and Washington---not a chance---not the way he treats his people—
Benjamin Netanyahu goes shot rock in World politics—watch this dude he’s ZEUS/ROBBINS next Platinum World Star—how long will it take U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to smell the competition and move to dominate it.
THIS Poll was certainly worth the effort. WE begin NOW to celebrate one decade (10 years) of ROBBINS Sce Research – and now ZEUS polls and ZEUS/ROBBINS----
Glen P. Robbins is Canada’s foreign policy---. Tell me I’m wrong—I thought so.
ZEUS/ROBBINS speaks to America’s foreign policy in this 10 year Anniversary poll.
Who knew that one man—one group of people—could impact on the world—rife with excuses/”soiled” (N. Spector) with corruption and depravity—and desperate for an International Magistrate with the even hand and passion of ZEUS.

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