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ZEUS/ROBBINS poll - Who's invited to meet Tony Blair?
Hollywood Nights -- Bob Seger  Oct 06, 2009

A random telephone sample of 620 British Columbia residents between September 27-October 4, 2009. This ZEUS/ROBBINS poll has a margin of error of approx. (3.75%), 19 times out of 20 @ 95% competency/confidence. This poll was sponsored by Jim Van Rassel (604) 328-5398 – a new member of the B.C. Conservative Party.

Question #1
Which provincial/federal political party name brands do you prefer? (rotated)
Federal Conservative and B.C. Conservative    35 %
Federal Liberal and B.C. Liberal    25 %
Federal New Democrat and B.C. New Democrat    34 %
Federal Green and B.C. Green    06 %
Other/Undecided/None of These    15 %
Question #2
Which type of government is best for British Columbia?
Majority government    44 %
Minority government    43 %
Undecided    14 %
Question #3
From the following limited choices offered, which do you prefer?
Less government/lower taxes    29 %
More government/more taxes    07 %
Real value for my current tax dollars    56 %
Undecided    08 %
Question #4
Should police or any level of government be permitted to enter a B.C. residence without permission or a search warrant in circumstances where there is no immediate danger to life?
Yes    23 %
No    59 %
Undecided    19 %
Question #5
From which of the following sources do you obtain and acquire most of your information relating to government and/or politics?
Radio    10 %
Television    22 %
Newspapers    13 %
Internet    36 %
Other    07 %
Undecided/Can’t Answer    12 %
Q#1. The Federal and B.C. Conservative brand, and Federal and B.C. New Democrat brand are most popular among British Columbians. The collective Conservative brand scores (75%) above random, while the collective New Democrat brand scores (70%) above random. The Federal and B.C. Liberal brand scores only (25%) above random.
Q#2. This question was meant to be a little ambiguous. Would respondents interpret the question to refer to federal government, provincial government or government generally? (92%) of Green party supporters from Q#1 selected minority government in Q#2. (21%) of Conservative party supporters also selected minority government. (13%) of New Democrat supporters and (25%) of Liberal party brand supporters selected minority government in Q#2.
Folks if BC Liberals were a stock trading on an exchange—Campbell warrants would be selling – more likely low bid and ask.
Q#3. (60%) of Decided respondents readily (hungrily) selected “Real value for my current tax dollars” over more and less government (the unasked Coquitlam Ipsos question).
Q#4. A whopping (72%) of British Columbians responded “NO” to the question “Should police or any level of government be permitted to enter a residence without permission or a search warrant in circumstances where there is no immediate danger to life?”
Q#5. British Columbians “obtain” and “acquire” “most” of their (sic) information relating to government and/or politics” from “Internet” and “Other” nearly as much as they from mainstream media sources including radio, television, and newspapers collectively.
Based on “random” – in each question – (with random being determined by taking the dividing (100%) by the number of response opportunities provided) --- “Internet” is the big winner – (125%) above “random” baseline @ 100%. Number 2 in rankings is the response “Real value for my current tax dollars” @ (124%). Number 3 in our rankings is Federal Conservative and B.C. Conservative (75%) above random baseline.
If the Federal Conservative government goes crazy for the easy crime points—especially if it means squishing any British Columbians rights to freedom and liberty—PM Stephen Harper goes from man on the edge of majority with a 4 year birthday minority government celebration coming in three to four months—with by-elections coming—so dude ROBBINS is in charge –figure it out--- snakes and ladders ---miss that majority next time – its time to look over your shoulder –
Michael Ignatieff wants to make this reality – if Stephen Harper gets the same or less next election – especially after promoting his 4 years of minority rule – and not so many bodies lying -- dying in the streets --- he’s done like hamburger helper and Ignatieff will follow with his own government. Who would replace PM Harper – Stockwell Day – Peter McKay – heh! give me a puff of that magic dragon -- Stephen Harper is in good shape – but didn’t we say that last year? – against Stephane Dion – and no majority --- folks sometimes even very good quarterbacks settle for too many field goals—know what I mean (Jelly bean (MM)? In politics when does the line blur between stubborn and stupid?
Coming in at #4 is “NO” to the question “Should police or any level of government be permitted to enter a residence without permission or a search warrant in circumstances where there is no immediate danger to life?” - with (74%) above baseline. Federal and NDP support comes in at #5 with (70%) above random baseline support.
Predicated on basic straw poll popularity “NO” to entering a residence “without permission or a search warrant” is first place (363); “Real value for my current tax dollars” (345) is second place; Third place is “Majority government” (271) followed close behind at Fourth place is “Minority government” (265). Fifth place is Internet (223).
I might better love the irony of these outcomes if I wasn’t so good at what I do.
Recent political events in British Columbia and across Canada are killing the Liberal political brand. Gordon “The Liar” Campbell, current premier of B.C. has been caught lying to win an election, and soon after that unequivocal lie – brought in the Harmonized Sales Tax without consulting the people – but didn’t talk about it – before or during the election – or was that the budget numbers? – but emails prove --- yes they kept these emails – oh no – there aren’t emails? Is this a surprise to anyone? ----
After Britain’s Tony Blair’s’ experience as fellow stakeholder with President George W. Bush (weapons of mass destruction and all that) – is having Premier Gordon “The Liar” Campbell introducing him – going to hurt or help his reputation?
Michael Ignatieff has had internal difficulty with his federal Liberals and has been accused by many for trying to provoke an election// Mr. Ignatieff doesn’t hurt himself sitting down with B.C. Conservative Deputy Leader Chris Delaney, and anti-H.S.T. and former Social Credit Premier Bill Vander Zalm – in order to better understand this Made in B.C. LIBERAL problem – but Liberal Ignatieff is no Gordon Campbell McSwindle sandwich -- an election with the tacit help of the media – Oh we don’t have the money to cover it.
Press- If you can’t properly do the job of pressing for democratic values – get lost –and let someone who can – ROBBINS/.
Need I remind you that (25%) or more of the voting public swing like Tarzan and Jane?
It is difficult to assess the Conservative brand - as the provincial B.C. Conservatives have ties to the federal brand through True Reformers like John Cummins, Darryl Stinson, and Randy White – but there is growing disgust among BC Reformers for B.C. federal Conservative Cabinet Minister Stockwell Day – lead federal Conservative hand on Stephen Harper’s Conservative ranch – a conservative Conservative’s from Alberta—who moved to the Beautiful Okanagan B.C. closed ties with many provincial Liberals—, worked in mutual fund raising operations between Canadian Alliance – B.C. Liberals, who have a long history of loyalty between them---but when you consider the Wild Rose Alliance in Alberta----you wonder if Stock could ever get elected in Alberta again?
Give me the dough – and I would run for Wild Rose leader of British Columbia tomorrow—raise money by throwing pies and urinating on a cut out life size poster of Gordon Campbell---big bucks overnight --. (He’s gone too far now – let’s raid his house as a grow-op).
Stockwell also recently gave testament of his love for the B.C. Liberal party – during the recent ‘fraud’ general provincial election in a letter to editor in the Okanagan — this hurts him for good with the B.C. Conservatives—who also won’t likely be inviting Coquitlam Conservative MP James Moore to any parties—would this bother Dianne Watts? I saw Joe Trasolini hitting a boxing heavy big recently, Joe isn’t a big man//a former client we have had are differences//but Joe has done a first class job in Port Moody//there are some Penthouse condos there at Newport that are just incredible//well Joe is looking for a fight//and he completely denies it//but I know he wants James Moore//I can tell when a man hikes his pants up around his pectorals -- he’s getting ready for the old dirty///Michael talk to Joe//—did it bother Ms. Watts that the Conservative candidate in the upcoming by-election in Coquitlam New Westminster was working with a principal player in the Riverbend real estate scandal where people put up their hard earned bucks for a new home (do they operate under another name in Surrey? – stick that in your crime and punishment)—only to have the developers take a hike on the contract—a horrible story—a James Moore MP executive—at Stephen Harper’s barbecue – Senator Gerry St. Germaine’s barbecue in August—Jim Van Rassel—covers my eyes and says “Diana Dilworth Conservative candidate in New Westminster Coquitlam what do you think you are doing?” When you are a city councillor hoping to step up to the federal scene—you are going from Single A baseball to the big leagues---the first legitimate question is “What is this woman’s (person) judgement like?”—her political judgement being associated – being placed in association with a person who has been involved with this type of scandal/where people lose much of their hard earned dollars, those same dollars Stephen Harper professes he is trying to protect---even at a private political function---is really bad judgement.
“She’s my friend”--- NO dear this is politics—you have no friends.
“No Soup for You”.
Politics should be about appropriate political science—journalism—communication—grass roots constituencies—and often it is more about appearances—conflicts etc.---when Gordon Campbell starts talking about reforming anything in politics—I puke/particles on my shirt kind of retching—you have got to have just enough of class--- to say “that’s enough/I’ve done my fair share of rotten”---no it’s more than just class—a horse can have class-an ass can have class—that’s what missing—not just honesty—class—but dignity. It has been so ‘clubby’ for so long—it’s going to take ZEUS/ROBBINS -- Jim and me a long time to pitch fork our way through this pig farm---but we will prevail—our communities depend on it.
Like David Letterman – guy with a lot of power gets laid. Girls are in part at the fault of it – because often they whore too easily just to be close to the action and the cash//maybe a wife with cash – still whoring too easily – knowing hubby is a thief -- sometimes – and a homely geeky guy gets millions he’s going to go for puss and boots – that he never achieved naturally – with a crooked smile and a jar of jelly – like the King. Tell it like it is – how many women in the public service are branded with Campbell’s Letter – man?
The growing link between the federal Conservative government’s involvement with the B.C. Liberals over the hated H.S.T. – makes not only Gordon Campbell but the entire B.C. Liberal Cabinet a cancer to Stephen Harper who for apparently obvious reasons—is now moonlighting as a lounge “Piano Man” {Billy Joel} --- ‘a little relaxation’ says Mrs. Harper – the PM himself plays the Beatles and thinks like the Stones-- saying music reminds him of ‘how in tune he is with Canadians’. British Columbians are brewing anger—“I’ll bet you don’t want to fiddle with that!”
Green (92%), (25%) Liberal, (21%) Conservative brand (13%) New Democrat and 29/51 (48%) Undecided supporters reflect the percentage of support for minority government. How often we see an Undecided outcome in a question that says a lot!
It is pretty clear from this ZEUS/ROBBINS poll that British Columbians don’t believe they are receiving “real value” for their tax dollars. They don’t trust government – they don’t trust government(s) accounting – at all – many respondents are now suggesting that provincial general revenues are being diverted to the 2010 Olympics from health care and education, and the government is simply lying through “accounting semantics”.
Braidwood, Campbell—BC Rail—HST—confidence in the system is gone – out the window. The control the mainstream media once had over political discourse in this province—has nearly evaporated – the Internet—like it or not is taking over the debate—at least to extent that respondents are saying so. As a medium choice for political news—it has become a game of bite size vs. mainstream pretense to right size, alleged catch-up journalism and other truisms.
But the Internet market---may not even be a fully realized market as yet. Citizens gather political news from many places on the planet—but the race to regulate cyberspace is becoming increasing necessary to the present owners of traditional means of production (communications/news) as orthodox mediums like newspaper, television, radio are killing one another in ever shrinking markets—and the new age of information takes over from every imaginable angle-with nobody ready to invest or take over—PLUS add cash and facing complete annihilation—if they cannot get control of the Internet—from the rest of us smart farmers—who knew what to grow and when to grow it. Its’ desperate and some cash vs. the communication of truth – come to ROBBINS – feel good about yourself – no more lies.
This is why the government will find its way into regulation through the citizen’s residence -- using grow-ops as the (apparent) policy/rationale—and catching any innocent residents with some by-law infraction—while pressing the police forward through the door—without any need for a search warrant—the explanation—once again—/very attractive/—child pornography. Both noble notions---but we are already hearing of the litany of mistakes that are being made on this front----a lot of mistakes --- no standard or criteria—as Surrey mayor Watts alluded to admitting they had different groups coming together on this—but different groups unions---government---police have to have a precisely similar song sheet somewhere that we can all (public too) read from---the problem says the R.C.M.P. is that courts take forever for search warrants.
They all point at one another – the people suffer – its bullshit – because right now the people feel the so-called professionals – politicians – lawyers – courts – cops – bureaucracy – are incompetent.
We agree with this assessment. Dianne, would you trust Coquitlam mayor to make a judgement about entering your home if your pool or hot tub were being used a plenty? Barely wins in 2001 landslide – becomes the rump manager of that B.C. Liberal caucus – leaves under a cloud --- barely wins city councillor – none of his friends win --- wins mayor over a weak former mayor with fifth highest vote totals – says he demands respect and decorum – we say “stick it Richard” – the year leading up to the next municipal election will be the worst of your life. Guaranteed like Gold.
We need to construct a mechanism within the current judicial framework for issuance of warrants in (Very) timely fashion---to correspond with the type of 24 hour or now! demand the situation! – particularly with grow-ops confronting us—but very clearly—the people are suspicious of searches without warrants. The current system may be working—in Surrey and elsewhere---but with no warrant—if it’s so much about public safety—beyond the (very important) gangbanger angle—the fire angle—there must be another way to move with quickness without abrogating the obvious rights issues—this isn’t the Charter bullshit—this is private property. If I owned a gun (which I don’t) and could shoot (which I cannot) and someone told me they were forcing their way in my home—without a search warrant---well I don’t know—but the public doesn’t like the idea—the way it is presented—we need more work on this---don’t stop busting proper scum bags though. (Also, the rationale is not supported when developers don’t have to put sprinkler systems in---failure to mitigate and all that).
Needs work beyond the easy political points crime produces.
We need standards---a criteria for this process that can be independently vetted and approved---on a case by case basis—based on no more than 3 pages of application—24 hour turnaround. What is a Canadian standard anyhow//is there any?—I float some of my personal stuff out there—no doubt—its embarrassing (and partially delightful) watching the lengths government will go – rationalize – cheat // lie // game rather than just be reasonable and say we made a mistake—you see ‘Bruce’ when you hear about a crank – in prison—and really ridiculous lawsuits – these are around all of the time – you have to be professional and ask why is this news – right now? Its bullshit—you’re much too good at heavy punching rants to cover this bait. Trust me—your work and most angles in my opinion is very good—heavy hands punching—I like it—but don’t pander—they need your rant and your money---you don’t need them---ya folly?
You never should have come to Africa - George!
In Canada, the Government and the Big Banks are best friends—that is the history. Quebec is pissed—because they know – like we know in B.C. that Canada’s centre of the universe is Toronto—and unfortunately—we like Canadians—but I don’t believe there is any love lost for Toronto---well CKNW whose home is Toronto -- is isolating itself in narrowing demographics-and after hearing Christy Clarks first election advertorial on crime today—following Dianne Watts interview on Christy’s show—(but Michael Smyth took over for Christy)---and with Dianne Watts listening to the wrong advice – when she should said ‘thanks, but no thanks’ to Gordon Campbell being connected to the Surrey interview by longtime CKNW radio talk show and news anchor Bill Good with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair sponsored by the Surrey Board of Trade, October 6, 2009. It’s a private function—and that is a perfectly good reason to keep your slate clean in a muddy political environment—and otherwise—the optic will be—for good or ill—likely more ill than good—that the political establishment just floats around running its own game/ like carnies in BMW’s—along with the media—same actors—actors they know---necessary growth cycle---dog catcher, city councilor, mayor, (in Coquitlam go back to dogcatcher), premier, (in B.C. go back to dog catcher)—and the people get talked about once in awhile---it isn’t even the fight for democracy that is the real point—it’s the fact that the same group of interests just hover around the chequebook—rationalize their way around marketplace—but the political discourse doesn’t truly get squeezed—it isn’t better—it needs more money—far more interesting production values—that require more and more money---but the carnival has no control over the Internet—and guys and girls like ROBBINS run massive bandwidths unfettered---control of this vast wide open market----where ROBBINS is branding his political cattle—at break neck speed.
Dianne, never be so pleased – though I understand why you might be – to be led into a political mistake like this again. It is more necessary that you properly hold the vacuum—than start patting each other on the ass with names and faces that offer you nothing – and need your validation – but this isn’t for ever darling.
Christy Clark is already taking up political rent in Vancouver—while Dianne Watts—takes Surrey—this is how you get stitched to a plummeting political party label without knowing it—when you don’t need any one of them. You talk crime—Christy does an advertorial on crime—and her owners at CKNW show takes over your city—and invites their guy Gordon Campbell along. This is why I am expensive--, darling you don’t want the average age of your supporters to be 62.
But these activities do more to control the actors and the institutions in the community.
But here is the truth of the matter. There is control and will remain to be control or influence from mainstream players—political, media, communication—on the general voting public—but this influence is dwindling and fast.
The new market of information doesn’t source from mainstream media and broadcasting as it once did. Listeners to CKNW for instance -- might have been brought to the table by sporting events broadcast on that station – but have since been lost to another station. The audiences fighting for shrinking market shares, fragment and begin to target more specific demographics whether as an aggressive or defensive posture—with Global television almost always on life support—and CTV Bell Global media ‘all in’ on the 2010 Olympics (billions)—and first New York—and than Chicago just recently being humiliated in their Olympic bids—how much attention is Vancouver going to get in the United States for the games this February, 2010?—slim and none.
How newspapers survive—I don’t know—I knew as far as 1998 when I was an independent newspaper publisher – telling female staff to please wear underpants with their inappropriate short skirts to work – when they ask for a raise -- that much of B.C. newsprint newspaper was of a poor recycle ratio—it isn’t environmentally friendly is it? -- and now information on world web—reading ROBBINS Sce Research—searching –having fun---learning news truths—understanding that there are many others just like you out there in cyberspace. Don’t think I could place a few ads on hear(e)’—particularly when the new ROBBINS truth seekers are searching through archives on subject matter—//this whole body of work is being read by a lot of people—many readily identifiable in politics, business, institutions, education facilities, and regular folks.
Everyone from all over the World has read our BEST PLACES to Live in B.C.—lower mainland---this is our future real estate market. I basically says—Mr. and Mrs. Real Estate agent—I might read you site—but you act in your own self interest and this ROBBINS is pretty smart—and tells it like it is—so really—I want to find out what ROBBINS says before I move to anyplace in B.C.
Our ZEUS polls took the straight ahead research and rap approach taken by ROBBINS in its first five years (2002-2007) ----phone everyone you can—a few questions is way easier and way cheaper and with large samples makes you a hero---long deep question that get divided up among spin methodologies in the mainstream—must be gallantly and courageously be pursued—these questions are the deep rooted ones that will rip an unattractive political actor or other—up like a shark on a tuna.
What I most respect about the new media—the new influence that ROBBINS and ZEUS/ROBBINS will continue to (quietly) lead the way on—great questions—adds a little manipulation to push and pull respondents---and always—always invest wisely in polls that make huge statements—like our recent U.S. ZEUS ROBBINS poll on Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu—statements that will change the political debate in the World for a period of time in mid-October—but it’s the truth telling—even if it must delivered with malice and brute force—who needs to listen to any more pandering---
The new media is fortunate to have ROBBINS Sce Research and ZEUS/ROBBINS to show them the way through our example of sacrifice. No other living Canadian has in the past ten years sacrificed more for democracy than Glen P. Robbins. Young Frankenstein – Jim Van Rassel – has had a great big Wild Rose taste of how it works for folks who try to change things--- really—really creepy.
These ZEUS/ROBBINS numbers reflect that change is being forced upon a desperate, scratching, media and political establishment. Vancouver doesn’t marry Surrey—Surrey divorces Vancouver—Vancouver goes really Green---and Surrey becomes the central business district. If you keep doing what you are doing—the wrong approach-you will likely be faster to failure than success.
The people want change, they want value for their current dollars, I have said it before—they don’t trust the establishment—this isn’t a hippy drive---the people have separated from the political establishment. Most refuse to contribute further to the enabling of the mainstream media—much of this grossly apparent through Gordon Campbell’s time as premier. But you can’t hang on the way direction you are going – don’t ask the public relations lawyers down the street, don’t ask the Swisszz accountants—don’t ask the rubber stamp public opinion polls—I’ll only ask you to remember one or three small things---first, who just got huge hand outs from government? Big Corporations—that’s right. Secondly, the words of a retailer I know who told me “Glen I wouldn’t want to see an honest survey of my customer’s opinions -- I don’t know if I could take the truth”—and Third—Premier Gordon Campbell is worth millions of dollars—and his only job has been as a politician for 30 years. In the words of Blubbering Bubba Sanchez---“politics bin bery bery good to me”.
It starts with power—the political structure—you clean it up—then you clean up business’s ethics—not suffocate them—not paint their cars green---and without the drinking partners in public relations together for a snoot full of rubber stamp—and on and on the bureaucracy grows and flows—lawyers who can’t make it at law—become lawyers in government—some might even become a Judge--///and everyone else from the media, businesses, charities, all in your pockets—controlling your cash---making their group our captors—we are the mopes that take it---wouldn’t just once you like to kick a politician right in pants?
P.S. October 7, 2009
Issue raised in the news regarding R.C.M.P. using random checks of vehicles is a trial balloon with very little thought behind it.
For the R.C.M.P. to legally randomly check vehicles -- (pull over), they would have to show evidence that pull over was in fact random. Beginning of shift -- the random number would need to be determined. If every 100th car is randomly pulled over, the police would need to be able to prove that 99 cars within their eyesight and traffic line were NOT pulled over. On balance of probabilities -- there would be no efficacy whatsoever in this proposal. Clearly, the existing policy is best -- pulling people over with cause; ie swerving etc. As a trial balloon retail political rating 4/10 (because it is unintelligent). Wholesale rating 1/10 (thin on concept).
On pre-trail centre going to Surrey. This should have been the location decided -- long ago. Surrey has the capacity to deal with this centre -- and this is where R.C.M.P. central office is located. The whole Burnaby idea was a waste of time.
Retail politics score 5/10; Wholesale politics (people with more sophisticated understanding of politics) 2/10.
B.C. Liberal Solicitor General Kash Heed gives the nod to Surrey, B.C. Politically this is a loss for Heed, whose government doesn't have the political capital to move on changes to R.C.M.P. - (which Kash Heed supports) despite very low public relations scores for R.C.M.P. owing to Braidwood particularly.
Braidwood Inquiry ought to be a time for introspection by R.C.M.P., particularly with top police indicating willingness for civilian type -- outside oversight on police complaints.
Against these news facts -- and public relations flowing from this --- trial balloons -- like the random check on vehicles is pretty 'cheap'.
Main lawyer from B.C. Attorney General moving over to Campbell's office -- on the heals of new published reports about Premier Campbell's relationship with a staff member there (other public feedback (conjecture) of "a child", and the departure of a senior (very pretty) bureaucrat --- ought to be at the front of political/news analysis with Letterman in the news.
The Premier is long alleged to have had, or remains in a relationship with a woman in his office -- high up -- Chief of Staff -- this would be very obvious to the departing Deputy Minister. So main Attorney General Deputy and the Chief of Staff from that office moving over--is THE political story of the month.
Little mention of this is provided for in mainstream news. Why?
Why -- are the selections made from the Attorney General's office -- wasn't there someone competent from Finance or the Environment, or elsewhere?
Why the Chief of Staff moving from BC Attorney General along with main Attorney Deputy?
Does this mean the Premier's girlfriend Lara -- is no longer required? Why now?
Why now? Does this have anything to do with B.C. Rail? The B.C. Attorney General's office was responsible for appointing Special Prosecutors to the B.C. Rail case -- is the Deputy A.G. moving to the Premier's office -- along with the Chief of Staff B.C.A.G. in order to give legal protection to the Premier or to other's in the office?
Is it possible that the B.C. Attorney General (Deputy), who is a lawyer -- and ran AG -- is moving over to see potential exposure for government -- damages -- sexual harassment?
Government has insurance for its mistakes. Last I was told it was $150 million per year. Government pays out on mistakes all of the time, people don't hear about them. The point that taxpayer's are paying out these lawsuits-- is rhetoric for dumber debate--it is an actuarial fact government will pay out on liability every year--insurance rates might change--and to the extent that taxpayer's pay the insurance premiums--this rhetoric is true-- but the government also pays high wages and severance to many, and also pays for Olympics to a large extent--so the claim that Cambie merchants getting paid are setting a bad precedent-- is also bad (or cheap) reporting because that particular case involved the government moving the goalposts on the deal with the merchants -- a breach of contract -- which will not necessarily exist in other situations where the government finds the need to impose on business in order to make other necessary changes.
Hopefully this will be enough information to help readers more carefully consider some of the superficial debate imposed on us by a press that sometimes needs to write or say something even if it isn't contributing much to true public knowledge and discourse.

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