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The ZEUS is loose in Victoria, B.C. Inner Harbour, Tyee Online, Carole James, Peter Pollen, Jeff Bray, Bruce Hallsor
Peace Order and Good Government -- The Day that Never Came (Metallica)  Oct 22, 2009

A random sample of 405 respondents in (predominantly) Victoria,//- Oak Bay, Gordon Head, and Esquimalt British Columbia -- between October 18-21, 2009. Margin of error -- 4.86% 19 times out of 20, 95% confidence. Special thanks to Jim Van Rassel (BC Conservative -- Federal Conservative party member) for honourarium (604) 328-5398.

Question #1
Which political leader and the party associated – do you support most?
Carole James and New Democrats    52 %
Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals    20 %
Peter Pollen and BC Conservatives    11 %
Jane Sterk and BC Greens    09 %
Undecided    08 %
Question #2
Is a new marina – to be located in Victoria’s Inner Harbour –exclusively for Yachts—something you want to see developed?
Yes    24 %
No    59 %
Undecided/Don’t Know    17 %
Question #3
A lawyer whose Victoria, BC law firm is working for interests who want the new marina in Victoria’s Inner Harbour -- registers as a federal lobbyist relating to federal government approvals for the project, but does not register as a BC provincial lobbyist as it relates to provincial approvals. The first part of a 2 part question IS: If we are speaking about the same marina which required this lawyer to register as a federally lobbyist in Ottawa – does it make sense that the lawyer doesn’t need to register as a BC provincial lobbyist in Victoria where the marina development proposed is located?
Yes    33 %
No    59 %
Undecided    08 %
Question #4
The second question IS: The lawyer whose law firm is retained to perform work for the marina, and who registers as a lobbyist federally for the job, seeks independent legal advice from another lawyer in the same law firm as his – the law firm working for the marina – on whether or not he should register as a BC lobbyist. In your opinion if the entire law firm has been retained including the lawyer specifically doing the work --- should another lawyer in that same law firm be the one to provide independent legal advice to this lawyer?
Yes    04 %
No    90 %
Undecided    06 %
Andrew McCleod’s October 17, 2009 report for the Tyee Online newspaper – cites a (normally reserved) former Victoria mayor Peter Pollen braying ballistic over the proposed Marina for Yachts (MY) in the capital cities Inner Harbour. Pollen spurts that BC Liberals operatives are “Using political insiders to build support among (B.C.) cabinet ministers for the proposed mega-yacht marina in Victoria.”
Pollen, who yanks better than double digit support for the emerging BC Conservative party – in this ZEUS/ROBBINS poll – calls the process for acquiring “approval” for the marina development – for large Yachts – “disgusting” – and “politically fraudulent” even suggesting that dirty dealings may be going on – “The promoters are working the members (of local government) – behind the scenes. It’s just outrageous.”
Is this envelope for Kash (sic)?
According to The Tyee On-Line report – documents exist which prove that former BC Liberal MLA – Jeff Bray –and director of the BC Liberal caucus (conspicuous access and close ties politically) “first arranged a meeting in 2007 with then Economic minister Colin Hansen “for marine proponent Robert Evans and project lawyer Bruce Hallsor.”
Mr. Bray did you on or about the blank of blank arrange for a meeting with then BC Liberal Economic minister Colin Hansen on behalf of Robert Evans – who was/is promoting the development of a new marina in Victoria’s Inner Harbour – specifically for large Yachts?
Jeff Bray –/// who went from –Carole James’ electoral nemesis – competing against the NDP Princess – 2 times –/// has found a new political life as “a government relations consultant” (with his friends in the BC Liberal government) – however Mr. Bray – stubborn as a mule -- neglected to register as a lobbyist in British Columbia (why not evade it//rather -avoid it if you can) – in the business of the marina development –despite “arranging a meeting with BC Liberal Economic minister Colin Hansen” for the marine proponents Evans and the law firm working – which included Bruce Hallsor --- for the marina proponents.
We didn’t ask a question about Mr. Bray’s role – based on this report in the Tyee – it’s obvious he ought to have known better. Victoria lawyer Bruce Hallsor is:
-Past President of the Victoria Bar Association;
-Elected to the executive of the National Wills and Trust Section of the Candian (sic) Bar Association
-Appointed by BC Liberal government to serve on the Provincial Child Care Council
-AND----OOOPS—is on the City of Victoria Board of Variance.
Greater Victoria residents don’t see going to a lawyer in your own firm – as an appropriate decision – at all – how does it look underneath these ‘credentials’.
Remember – ROBBINS exposed a Chief Justice – a good Jewish fellow – with strong ties to that community – sitting in on a B.C. case involving another BC Supreme Court Judge whose husband had lost a lawsuit in California for being anti-Jew (the guy was an authentic Nazi)-//this indecent hypocrisy – plus the late 1990’s B.C. Supreme Court Order that Glen P. Robbins be “treated as a lawyer” at all times – gives this generalist—enough to say about the legal community in the province—and as it stands—today---
I would dry up the funding and reduce the production of new lawyers by exponential degrees—and I can also speak to this having produced the largest settlement in BC Human Rights history for a client--
(and if the Federal government’s tax collectors can base an Audit and tax reassessment on (unsubstantiated) On-Line information – from non-profit -- Better Business Bureau (who has oversight of the BBB – the Attorney General of BC—same group who oversaw BC Human Rights Tribunal decision featuring unsubstantiated—reports on that government website—that Glen P. was (a) ‘A pedophile’; (b) had created “a sexual playground” on the job-- reports –
Does the The Tyee – Online --- have more credibility than the Better Business Bureau On-Line—who speak more negatively to complaints about non-members than members)—/ and apparently the Government of Canada – believes in the credibility of the Internet –
otherwise how could this happen?--
than the Tyee report stands – unless – this Tyee Internet-journalism-- report is not accurate – and no-one has refuted this Tyee Internet news report// – SO - Glen P. Robbins – the Independent entrepreneur publisher who single handedly-- in 1997 knocked off ICBC no-fault insurance being pushed forward-- by then NDP Premier – arrogant – leader --- maybe not as bad as Campbell—but why compare negatives? and former BC NDP Attorney General//then Premier, now erstwhile Liberal MP Ujjie “the Widget” Dosanjh (nice choice there/- socialist people)—when The Trial Lawyers of BC FAILED to do it IN 1997/98—the gig was up--- Glen P. Robbins saved your boney ass—so never—ever--- disregard what I say—because —politically—I own you---as I now own the Federal and Provincial governments---for a collection of reasons stacked pancakes high.
(There are a number of U.S. interests reading this right now—going—I think this Robbins guy is the real leader of CANADA—who should we pay attention to -- Him—or the PM?—who is Gordon THE LIAR Campbell anyhow?—that cheapskate Premierree—like Perrier---with two sets of muffins when four are required—good work finance) AND who do you think owns Gordon Campbell’s political legacy—
I do).
Enough about Gordon Campbell //enough with the Bacon Brothers – //enough about ‘traditional gangsters’ – as a cheap lead into crimes – the easier – softer way of scoring political points—when people want to really know why so many people in politics—and government—at the top-- seem to come out large with the cash—the rest of the population carries the water (oops more mosquitoes)—that’s not how Douglas and Rita Robbins raised their family in Victoria, BC---Judge William Osler threw you in jail for breaking a window—drunk---//my father’s best friend in 50’s Vancouver—was Judge Gordie Johnson of West Vancouver who told my mom and dad that I would be “A Judge or an Entertainer//was he right?”—where--- later growing up on Ridgeway Street – at the top of the hill---overlooking Swan Lake-- successful ‘winners’ like my entire family of nine—who worked and played hard in BC’s capital city—were respected—not like this—where any bum can dress up their CV—and move up and sell out for a Jaguar and a job--- Nicholson we’ve told you once—we’re telling you a second time---white collar crime exists in government---is rampant in government—what laws are you advancing to counter this ‘insurgence’?
Mr. Nicholson – do the political legal work in Ottawa, Ontario – but we need protection against the ‘gangsters’ in the government – as much as we do – the gangsters currently IN police custody.
This Victoria Inner Harbour marina – debacle---has a very bad smell//likely similar to the other side of the Inner Harbour facing the United States of America/// ‘tirds to you from BC//come to Olympics//but we’re still going to send our BC Tirds to you//simply because we have no money for the project//or don’t think it’s a priority/when we need to make space for large Yachts—don’t ever call ME a hillbilly—not to my face--/unless Dwight’s in the room/than hillbilly I be/—based on the reporting—with a former Victoria BC Liberal MLA Bray and Canadian connect lawyer—Hallsor looking politically guilty (dead) – in this ZEUS/ROBBINS poll.
Bray’s political guilt appears obvious on its’ face, while Mr. Hallsor’s trouble might be more with the Law Society of B.C.—save for his role as constituency president in a Victoria provincial riding—this makes his potential as a political candidate—very real--//I have little or no confidence in existing professional ‘self-oversight’--- I might add—that Mr. Nicholson—ought to have considered this as well when we consider the complete lack of uniformity of standards in federal and provincial Lobbying statutes – and the fact – that I expect – the Law Society won’t do anything – unless you take a client --- and steal his money// or another Judge is in trouble//OR / OR/ OR – and even then – it better be crystal clear – or you’re off the hook. One sets of laws/ two very different sets of application – for those elected/and their friends and associates -- those normally considered – or through their actions – consider themselves to be above the law (Big Ernie in “Kingpin”)—AND everyone else---complaining about them—or opting out of the democratic system – because they know the game is rigged—and can’t do anything about the paying the outrageous taxes – for incompetence, and corruption—
And if MM out of UBC Applied Ethics – is curious – who should get the Honey II vaccine and who should get the placebo?
In fact, Conservative MP for Saanich (near Victoria) is one Gary Lunn – former Reform – Canadian Alliance – and current federal Conservative Member of Parliament – and Cabinet Minister --- may be guilty by political association –and is noteworthy to this underlying narrative because of issues relating to political ethics – a lack of apparent Lobbying standards and laws from federal (Ottawa) to provincial (Victoria)—and the discussion of crimes and misdemeanors as JOIN-DUH to the onslaught of regular news reporting of crime – introduction of new white collar crime – and complete ignorance of political ‘guilt’ which requires a much lower standard of proof than the Criminal Code – but is ignored/ apparently whenever possible by government – to the extent that I believe government is likely terrified that if the greater of the unwashed population soon understands -- the total existence of political crimes – which on balance are grossly (or conveniently) underreported in regular media – they might well lose all confidence in governments—and wherever and whenever possible—
AND—high profile Victoria lawyer Bruce Hallsor ran for Stockwell Day and Canadian Alliance in 2000—SO--
STOP making volunteer payments to the government NOW—which is following the 2010 Olympics rental issues—(which was reported recently in the Province and The Vancouver Sun) – or when the HST comes in---BECAUSE—the wife of the main proponent for the Victoria Inner Harbour Yacht Marina---Mr. Evan’s WIFE is/was the financial agent for “one of the five third party advertisers” that “SPRUNG UP” to support Conservative MP and Cabinet Minister Gary Lunn” – once again stitching federal Conservatives – with dying BC Liberals in a strategic calling (political) environment—where the provincial? government has lost the confidence of a massive majority of voters provincially and awaits—the departure of a premier without mandate—without credibility—without morals or ethics---//and wants us to wait—while he wanks away—wandering around—drifting---and if the BC Conservatives look to holding the balance of power in Victoria after the next provincial election—
THE leveraged appointment of Glen P. Robbins to Attorney General/an AG without a law degree/finally/---of BC will almost certainly provoke the share price of Tiger Torches//it isn’t a Taser is it? --- Carole don’t wait – advocate for the ZEUS – your party started it.
Get with the solution---these Tiger Torches cover a wide swathe – and Glen P. is Scorpio – if you horror-scope – / – Coming Soon.
Carole James and New Democrats are dominating the Greater Victoria region in popular opinion. Her NDP party has (72%) of public support – and the BC Liberal party under Campbell having less than (28%) as between the two main B.C. political parties only.
Peter Pollen-- in his role as leader of the BC Conservative Party in this ZEUS/ROBBINS Victoria poll///—sanctified by the announcement of our Victoria poll—followed by the Queens’ gifts for former Prime Minister Jean Chretien---a further ratification of Canada’s Constitution – and underlying Charter Rights/slap in the face to Quebec --- that is how the class of a Queen - tells the I.O.C. to ‘screw off’/and places a Quebecor—a former Prime Minister under English Rule -- and I like it --/// has already put double digit support in his pocket – one rockin’ report – what’s next? – Who gets the Monarchists? Hallsor or Pollen – and precisely what difference does it make to Princess Victoria – Carole James?
Switzerland counters by grabbing Polanski – do we still have to give up the names of secret bank accounts?? If we hand him over?
Carole James and BC NDP – plus Jane Sterk and BC Green collect slightly more than (66%) of popular support over Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals and Peter Pollen and BC Greens.
I would wager that if a general provincial election were held today in ridings on southern Vancouver Island-the BC NDP would sweep. I would also wager that they would sweep Vancouver Island. I suspect that ANY BC Liberal MLA’s are exposed for Recall – for a myriad of reasons including certainly Gordon Campbell and the recent provincial election win -- by fraud---for the BC Liberals.
RECALL of BC Liberal MLA’s is set for next year – if Campbell hasn’t announced his resignation ahead of this – or even if he has – this will be a tremendous opportunity to show your disdain for the lies, deceit and election fraud --. The NDP will want to extinguish any BC Liberal presence on Vancouver Island – while the emerging BC Conservatives pulverize other BC Liberal areas – seeking opportunities for breakthrough – not – just revenge. Elections from successful Recalls in the fall of 2010 begin in spring 2011 – will the BC NDP continue to support BC Conservative in (previously) popular BC Liberal ridings – and what will Independent Vicki Huntington do – continue to pretend nothing is going on?
(15.5%) of Peter Pollen and BC Conservatives supporters, (06%) of Greens – and (16.5%) of Undecided – support the Marina – “exclusively for large Yachts”. 2 (only) NDP supporters – are backing the Marina – while approximately (90%) of Gordon Campbell and BC Liberal supporters are backing the marina in Question #2.
This poll should be featured with our most recent 2010 Olympics poll.” Yes” response features (89%) of respondents who support BC Liberals – the majority of the remainder of BC Liberal respondents head to “Undecided”. The BC Liberals are trying to cash in – while the party caucus goes up in flames --- as Gordon takes them down --- like Jimmy Jones at a fruit punch festival. (The drinks at Casey Walt’s Pig Roast – and Inhibition Massacre (known as PRIM – and PROPER) circa 1982 were produced by a wringer-washer fully laden of tropical fruits and 140 proof Everclear—on the CW Farm right across from Elk Lake – Welcome to Victoria, B.C. home of the beautiful Butchart Gardens---welcome to the obliteration of the BC Liberals in Greater Victoria and Vancouver Island).
A significant mixture of Peter Pollen BC Conservatives and Carole James and BC New Democrats say “No” – in Question #3 -- however some respondents from both of these leader/party responses in Question #1 answer “Yes” with anecdotal responses attached to “Yes” which responses are along the lines of “what do you expect” -with (a) BC politics, OR (b) Gordon Campbell’s Liberals OR (c) “This government”.
Clearly, “No” respondents dominate this question – lawyer Hallsor runs into serious trouble in our opinion – over ‘what is really motivating him’ – he is a trained lawyer with significant credentials federally and provincially – registers as a federal Lobbyist over a project—doesn’t provincially—which might partially be explained by a lack of credibility the BC government has (fairly) acquired – NOPE –it’s his ultimate decision to seek independent legal advice on the matter from another lawyer in the same law firm –which hangs him – and hangs him high in this ZEUS/ROBBINS poll.
Uh ROBBINS – who? What? – Denial – the lowest form of defense mechanism -- /as toilet humour is the lowest form of humour – which/- is the highest form of defense mechanism – Toilet Trumps Denial (TTD).
“I fart in your general direction”. (Monty Python).
NB--As a matter of interest, glen p robbins publishing company Calvary Publishing Corp (originally as Cavalry)--accountants were Wolrige Mahon accountants and General Manager (and real good fellow) William Cobb. Any relation to the Vanoc executive?

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