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Where BC Place meets H1N1 - A sad pathetic saga.
based in part on an article written by Vaughn Palmer - Vancouver Sun  Oct 26, 2009

A strategic sample of 202 'voters' in the most recent general provincial election -- October 24, 2009 to October 26, 2009 -- in the lower mainland of British Columbia --(Greater Vancouver). Scientifically the margin of error is 6.89%, 18 times out of 20 @ 90% confidence based on the strategic nature of the calling -- AND the overwhelming numbers to one side of 50% -- we would wage the margin of error to be 5% if called through the same period 19 times out of 20. Thanks again to Federal Conservative Party and BC Conservative Party member (Gentleman) Jim Van Rassel (604) 328-5398 for his tremendous research and unwavering support in this poll.
A message from the near Robbins Government of British Columbia --

Question #1
According to Vancouver Sun columnist Vaughn Palmer’s October 24, 2009 article, the BC Liberal government refers to the construction of the Vancouver Convention Centre for $841 million as “ a major accomplishment”, when the first budget for the convention centre was $495 million. Would you agree that this is a major accomplishment?
Yes    11 %
No    81 %
Question #2
The same company which built the convention centre is now set to build a retractable roof on BC Place Stadium on a fixed cost basis, generally meaning that the company pays for any costs over that amount of nearly $500 million a $100 million more than was first budgeted for. Do you have confidence in this deal?
Yes    12 %
No    78 %
Question #3
The development company who built the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre says it cost double the original bid price because of rising commodity prices through the construction period – which were out of its control. In your opinion is this:
An acceptable explanation for the cost overruns    16 %
“Hogwash”    77 %
Question #4
The new retractable roof on BC Place at a cost of just under $500 million is needed in part for the professional soccer team Vancouver Whitecaps who have leveraged its construction to move the team up to the top North American soccer league. How important is the construction of the BC Place retractable roof to meet the Vancouver Whitecaps professional soccer team’s -- needs to you?
Very Important    00 %
Important    06 %
Unimportant    67 %
Very Unimportant    21 %
Question #5
In your opinion how important is the construction of this new roof for BC Place Stadium for the BC Lions and for the Grey Cup to be held at the end of construction?
Very Important    02 %
Important    09 %
Unimportant    51 %
Very Unimportant    31 %
Question #6
The federal Conservative Government of Canada did not conduct any tests on the H1N1 vaccine prior to making it available to Canadians. In your opinion is this Responsible Government?
Yes    24 %
No    71 %
Question #7
Lead man on the 2010 Olympic Bid, Jack Poole died recently – he is a successful BC land developer – and close friend of Premier Gordon Campbell’s. Should national and provincial flags be lowered to half mast out of respect for the death of Jack Poole?
Yes    14 %
No    67 %
Question #8
British Columbian collects taxes from the sale of tobacco. It has spent millions suing tobacco companies citing damage to the health of the province’s citizens. In your opinion is this ethical?
Yes    26 %
No    64 %
Residents of Greater Vancouver have little to no confidence in the developer who built the Vancouver convention centre according to this ZEUS/ROBBINS poll. Almost (90%) of Decided respondents do not believe that building the convention centre for almost double the original build costs is a “major accomplishment”. AND-- over (80%) do not have confidence in the new development deal for a retractable roof for BC Place Stadium.
Respondents do not perceive either the Vancouver Whitecaps or BC Lions professional sports teams needs for a retractable roof at BC Place Stadium to be “Very Important” OR “Important” with approximately (90%) of Decided respondents perceiving the retractable roof needs of both the Whitecaps and Lions professional sports teams as “Unimportant” or “Very Unimportant”.
BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell knows full well he has little or no political credibility, and has decided to go ahead full steam to ensure more props of his legacy/disaster as Gordon “T.L.” Campbell -- Premier of British Columbia – are in place, including a winning bid by his developer friends --/ who continue to insult British Columbians with their ‘quasi-larceny’ – including using the excuse that rising commodity prices were the reason for spending nearly double on the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre’s construction.
According to (80%) of Decided BC voters in Greater Vancouver – (from the most recent general provincial election last May) – this explanation by the development company is “Hogwash”.
Respondents – (likely representing Canadian sentiment everywhere) – are for the most part stunned by the fact that the Swine Flu vaccine (Honey 2) has not been tested properly. Reports are circulating that only 130 test cases were provided from the vaccine source (Belgium – oh oh here goes Europe again) --. Coupled with this is the fear that Mercury is used a preservative in the H1N1 vaccine – a substance that has been linked to autism and other difficulties –AND rumours circulating like a tornado that former U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld from the Bush administration is a significant shareholder in the company that owns the vaccine –AIDS for Africa –what’s for North America say the conspiracy – oops – mainstream of the population.
I am not certain – I would have confidence in Canada’s current health minister –walking my dog – but that’s just me – judge for yourself.
This is what happens when government is not organized OR is inept and/or corrupt – the people have figured it out --- (a religious nut carves up his son’s penis – and the news story –says he got the information on the Internet –where else? – the population doesn’t trust the media).
Good to hear that ROBBINS associate Jim Van Rassel and his kids have made it through the H1N1 virus – after meeting with doctors Van Rassel confirms that he and his family did all the right things. Quarantined themselves at home – plenty of fluids – washing hands –cleanliness – watch for escalating temperature – and for fluid on lungs – (not necessarily a cough) but bubbling sound or pain in chest.
National and provincial flags should NOT be lowered to half mast in recognition of Gordon Campbell’s good friend -- Jack Poole’s death. Why? Poor guy makes it big – great story – gives money to charity (tell me he didn’t write off the donations and I might believe it to be altruistic) – brings the Olympics --- where many of his friends get rich --- lowering national or provincial flags --- forget about it --.
Fast food corporations -- make billions -- make the population sick -- and then (standard operating procedure) sell the goodness of their charity work - unethical in the extreme.
Permitting the sale of tobacco – collecting hundreds of millions from it – and then suing to get more dough – is simply an excuse to shovel money to law firms and lawyers – and British Columbians in the majority find it unethical.
Citizens are catching on to the fact that government has become expert in creating rationales and circumstances for taking their money and benefitting groups and organizations that in some way, shape or form will provide a quid quo pro back to those individuals in government. I suspect that if this labyrinth of many lies were unraveled we would find millions of bribes and kickbacks to politicians and friends at all levels – the people have either been ‘broke’ or remain ‘broke’ they know the situation with government is not on the up and up – and they have had enough.
The regular media is weakened and becoming weaker – and does not have the economic wherewithal or will to advocate for real answers – leaving this to the emerging True Media like ZEUS/ROBBINS and others to pick up where they have fallen.
British Columbians have figured out the biggest scam in history – it’s called government – and in British Columbia (unfortunately) that’s still Gordon Campbell – the current top government ass in the province – and top organ grinder for developers – and others who continue to separate hard working British Columbians from their wallets – indirectly passing on much of this money to their friends – including (and particularly) some developers.
I don’t own a firearm – but certainly understand why the Americans have an amendment – protecting the right to own one. The province and the people continue to be looted by one corrupt government to the next.
An article on the front page of our local rag – (carbon footprint paradigm) talking about whether or not the BC NDP owe Coquitlam mayor Richard Stewart an apology or not – after Coquitlam city council – voted ---took up the taxpayer time and money—to vote on whether or not to send a letter to the provincial government—over the H.S.T. is an example of what time wasters – position holders --- and incompetents they ALL are. This is simple you babbling – procrastinators – are you FOR or AGAINST the H.S.T.? – Fire them All –

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