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RSR ROBBINS Research - Canada Politics November 3, 2009
  Nov 03, 2009

A telephone sample of 602 voters in Ontario and Quebec MOE 3.5% (est) 19/20 times. Conducted October 27, 2009 -- November 02, 2009. Sponsorship Jim Van Rassel (604) 328-5398. Mr. Van Rassel declares that he is a member of the federal Conservative Party of Canada -- and BC Conservative Party.

Question #1
Which federal leader and party do you currently support?
Stephen Harper and The Conservative Party of Canada    32.5 %
Michael Ignatieff and The Liberal Party of Canada    31.5 %
Jack Layton and The New Democratic Party of Canada    16.0 %
Gilles Duceppe and Bloc Quebecois    15.5 %
Elizabeth May and Green Party of Canada    05 %
Undecided    07 %
Question #2
Which of the following subjects grabs more of your attention?
2010 Winter Olympics (Ontario (26%); Quebec (15%).    22 %
H1N1 ‘Swine’ Flu (Ontario (55%) Quebec (42%)    50.5 %
Neither ( Ontario (19%) Quebec (43%)    28 %
Question #3
Bank of Canada Governor Marc Carney told the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance, October 27, 2009 that he “expected” that Canada’s economy would grow approximately (04%) over the next two years. Is this acceptable economic progress to you?
Yes    52 %
No    32 %
Question #4
B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell invited the Mi’kmaq children’s choir of Conne River, Newfoundland and Labrador to sing at the 2010 Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies (O.G.O.C.), and than changed his mind and uninvited the choir. Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams was a witness to the invitation. In your opinion which of the following responses best reflects your perception of B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell’s actions toward the Mi’kmaq children’s choir of Conne River?
Shameful (Quebec (50%); Ontario (31%)    38 %
Thoughtless    22 %
Disappointing    24 %
Probably not as bad as it sounds    16.5 %
Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party are in a ‘Vancouver style Boot fight’ – with Michael Ignatieff’s Liberal Party in Central Canada – where the biggest share of House of Commons exist.
The Conservatives have a slight lead over the Liberals in Ontario, while the Liberals have a slight lead over the Conservatives in Quebec – with neither major political party able to put a dent in the Bloc Quebecois’s lead there. The Conservatives are more comfortable in Toronto, Ontario than they are in Vancouver City—surprise.
Just look at Gilles Duceppe’s numbers—He should be invited with the Prime Minister to the Olympic Games – but that’s just me. In any event if I had to speculate – there is about (01%) of the Ontario public that is paying sufficient attention to him to make praise of him – this is new. I find this interesting – a little sunlight on this please – could Gilles Duceppe and the Bloc Quebecois run a model of democracy – from Quebec naturally – that goes across Canada. The numbers of French speaking citizens well spread across this land is diffuse and distinguishable at about (10%) per province.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper comes to 2010 Olympic opening ceremonies and comments on giving the Premier (Campbell) ‘the finger’ – among the shock and surprise from surveillance---did Harper help or hurt Campbell in B.C.? By slapping the Premier of B.C. – Canada’s Prime Minister – was saying ‘I like you Gord – but British Columbians think you’re a political douche bag – so for coming out and carrying you around – this is your BILL.
Of course, the Prime Minister was suggesting what a stupid idea the mittens were—shake hands with your mittens—ad hoc PR= stupid PR --- yea that’s right – Stupid. How about a type of latex mitten --- so the kids – the more vulnerable after pregnant mothers – could have their hands kept sanitized – touching knobs – and other things – passing on germs – get the IOC to pay for these for all Canadians – in return for suspending our Constitution and Charter Rights for a month or so – that’s fair. Or to go with the hand shaking stupid mittens – flu masks –designed like old mustard gas masks worn during WW1 – a novelty item for the kids at school – and reminder of sacrifices made by war veterans for Remembrance Day – and an opportunity to reveal ‘odd parallels’ between that time and now.
Part of the reason Canada is doing so poorly – if the absolutely awful job of communication various levels of government – particularly the feds—and the equally abysmal job of the mainstream press – and the fact that other countries like India – had the common sense – to have children – where proper medical masks—did we think this would panic the people – or are we so vain and proud – that we don’t want to be wearing this ugly things. OR would such a program confuse the moral suasion relating to swine flue (H1N1) shots?
OR did the federal and provincial governments – and their media editorial boards simply blow it – utilizing the David Suzuki philosophy of patronizing citizens “do you think the government is trying to poison you?” -- Because he is: A biologist – climate expert – medical doctor – with special training on viruses – wrapped up in one Japonica genius.
A large majority of the population isn’t concerned about the government doing something evil – they don’t have a lot of confidence in government – that’s the story plain and simple.
The Internet is rapidly exposing the mainframe of democracy in the government in terms of messaging and information – in collaboration with mainstream media – as virtually useless. From the sound of it – most people are using the Internet to get information of the H1N1
Or will people from countries like South Korea who lost to Vancouver in its bid to host the 2010 Winter Olympics – and where the people are five (5) times less likely to contract the H1N1 virus—want to come to Vancouver and Whistler?
Or as winter descends upon our great nation – and all – correct that – some eyes fall on the 2010 Olympics – will we see full houses of fans? – will these fans in the stands be wearing masks—and clearly people from other countries will want to wear their masks—how will this look on camera – or in pictures? In such circumstances would the television produces simply just pan to a select crowd where there are no masks?
I remember publishing a Veterans’ Affairs newspaper with the federal Ministry –when Chretien was Prime Minister. 80 pages – nice paper --- sent it out to Legions and other community centers. My company bought dinner and beers at the Jericho Hall for a bunch of these war heroes --- one of these great gents’ – all against war – shit they’d seen it for what it is – nasty business of the highest order---anyhow this fellow gave me his helmet—imagine that ----. I loved doing this—however I had to stop when it dawned on me – although aboriginals, women, and other minorities contributed to Canada’s role in the war(s) – our war effort was probably a little more than 10% Caucasian---revisionist history with a twist – watch out!
Harper has lost his mind – (takes one to know one) – and he is comfortable as Prime Minister – (know-one repeat (know-one --/being perfectly fair – would say that Stephen Harper is not a very good Prime Minister – because he is // a very good Prime Minister and if he can keep his boys and girls from predicting majority too early//it’s bad Karma --- I like him as much as Trudeau. The problem is – when his popularity is peaking – his party fortunes are in decline. PM Harper and his party remind of a slinky – one part is always waiting for the other.
Remember, Prime Minister Harper started out in Toronto, and he’s come back home—and Bay Street likes him – and (my Jimmy) Flaherty has got a/the bank(s) by the stones. The Bank of Montreal has so much extra money it wants to ‘buy back’ shares (at market) that represent a very small part of the company capitalization. If you have the luxury of such requests – certainly credit card rates could be dropped to 10% above the Bank of Canada rate—wouldn’t you agree Mr. Flaherty?
Everyone else --- the Canadian masses – that endure mixed and poor messaging in relation to the swine flu---the Government of Canada knew there was a shortage of H1N1 vaccination worldwide --- but Quebec gets blamed? This was just dishonest.
In amongst the confusion – the Swine Flu – the 2010 Vancouver-Whistler Winter Olympics—is the Bank of Montreal applying to the Federal government – paying 1.5 billion to extinguish these shares and bring bank capitalization down a fraction an inch—for what purpose? Or are these ready to where options for executives in the making?
During my stay in hospital this summer -- my roommate had Guillain Barre Syndrome no matter what the odds – this is some scary shit---this fellow was big dude – biker – took doctors forever to diagnose the disease/ (his first neurologist told diagnosed that he needed a shrink) (I could have died from ecoli poisoning// the screw ups were so bad//) --- but with GBS your limbs go – then if not treated-- your heart – your dead. The last I heard of him was that they had to move him – so they could lift him up to inject him – he couldn’t move and he was shit scared – his two little children had visited him that night I heard him tell a nurse “I’m really afraid”.
My nephew Jordan got Charcot Marie Tooth -- my sister thinks it was related to needles – pregnancy. Jordie is at UBC – brilliant boy/ Engineering --- my sister helped him write exams – Jordie has to wear braces on his legs.
So if people want to think about having the vaccine – David Suzuki – maybe that’s their decision – because if you had done any research – you’d know one thing for sure – the government of Canada – from what I can see – many of the Provinces --- and the media butchered this.
Let’s get some 2010 Olympic masks --- Remembrance Day type deadline ---.
Is 2010 Vancouver Whistler – the World’s 1st Pandemic Olympics?
From question 2– In a May 11, 2009 news release Dr. David Williams, Ontario’s acting Chief Medical Officer of Health, says there are 34 new confirmed cases of H1N1 flu virus...bringing the total number of cases in Ontario to 110. Toronto has 34 confirmed cases of H1N1.
On June 19, 2009 Dr. Arlene King Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, says there are 264 confirmed cases of H1N1 flu virus….bringing the total of cases in Ontario to 2,528.
(After the June news release, the government stopped making information available as they had in the previous 2 months—and this has not changed since).
On October 30, 2009 CTV reported that “Canadians had (sic) “crammed into overrun health centers for the H1N1 flue shot.” In this same article Ontario Health Minister Deb Matthews said that Canada’s most populated province would receive “Only 170,000 does next week” down (83%) from “an expected shipment of one million (doses).”
AND this on the H1N1 crisis from Lara Bradley at the Sudbury Star on November 1, 2009:
"One person has moved out of critical care," said Sean Barrette, media relations officer for the hospital. "The numbers are not increasing. But the numbers in the emergency department continue to surge. They are probably 25% higher than they would normally be ... We're very busy." He couldn't put an estimate on the wait time in emergency with the extra numbers. The public is encouraged to manage influenza-like symptoms at home if possible and only visit the emergency department if symptoms worsen, such as if they experience shortness of breath or severe dehydration. So far, 17 surgeries have been cancelled this week due to the outbreak of the flu.
CBC News reported on April 30, 2009 that there was “1 confirmed case of swine flu in Quebec.”
On October 27, 2009 – this from the Internet – number of deaths because of swine flu:
British Columbia 12 Alberta 9 Saskatchewan 5 Manitoba 7 Ontario 27 Quebec 27 New Brunswick 0 Nova Scotia 1 Prince Edward Island 0 Newfoundland 0 Yukon 0 Northwest Territories 0 Nunavut 1 Total 89
This from Peter Rakowchuk in Montreal: “Authorities are keeping an eye on two provincial prisons in Quebec where inmates may have contracted the H1N1 virus.”
Think about this – On May 11, 2009 – in Ontario, Canada --- there were 110 cases of swine flu. In Quebec less than two weeks previous – there was only one??
Five and one half weeks earlier The Chief Medical Officer in Health – June 19, 2009—says that there are 2,528 cases of H1N1 swine flu in Ontario – the number of cases had risen 2,298.19 times – that’s a Pandemic pace – and ooops -- down goes the press releases from Ontario Health.
It isn’t easy to get information from the government or the media about H1N1.
According to Global Risks Portfolio (Ethical Insight) the following deaths from H1N1 attributable to various countries around the World are:
1. Canada – one death for every 412,500 persons; 2. Norway – one death for every 657,142 persons; 3. Australia – one death for every 116,600 persons; 4. Spain – one death for every 891,304 persons; 5. India – one death for every 2,771,084 persons; 6. Cuba – one death for every 1,571,428 persons; 7. South Korea – one death for every 2,450,000 persons.
BEIJING, Oct 6 (Reuters) -
China on Tuesday reported its first death from the H1N1 flu strain after weeks on alert against the disease. The victim, who died on Sunday, was an 18-year-old woman from the Tibetan autonomous region, who had been admitted to hospital the previous day complaining of a sore throat, cough and aches, the official Xinhua agency said. The Health Ministry confirmed the death, but declined to comment further. The government has reported the death to the World Health Organization and is now rushing 200,000 doses of vaccine to remote areas, state media said. Health Minister Chen Zhu warned last month that China faced a grim situation in containing the disease as schools start up again and the number of cases rises. [ID:nPEK102128]. The government said at the end of September that there had been nearly 20,000 reported cases of the disease across the country, but over 14,000 had fully recovered and only 10 were seriously ill. There are already strict checks at border crossings and many places where crowds gather like karaoke parlours, and the government began a mass vaccination programme in late September, starting with around 100,000 students in Beijing.
Zhu said at the time that the government aimed to produce 26 million doses of vaccine by the end of October, and 65 million doses by the end of 2009. Public service providers and vulnerable groups in densely populated cities and travel hubs would have priority, he added. China's Sinovac (SVA.A) reported last month that its vaccine protected patients with a single dose [ID:nPEK368343]. (Reporting by Beijing newsroom and Emma Graham-Harrison; Editing by Nick Macfie)

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