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RSR ROBBINS Research - Canada Politics November 6, 2009
  Nov 06, 2009

A ZEUS/ROBBINS poll of 308 'voters' in the lower mainland of British Columbia between November 1, 2009 - November 05, 2009. I would estimate that if you called these many respondents 20 times asking the same questions during the same time period -- the MOE on percentages in THIS poll would be within 5%. Jim Van Rassel provided sponsorship academic honourarium -- (605) 328-5398 -- call Jim for all your optical needs.

Question #1
Currently, there are two municipal -- city councillors – one from Port Moody -- and one from Coquitlam vying for the vacated Port Moody – Coquitlam – New Westminster federal seat. If one of these two city councillors wins this federal by-election election – a by-election will be required in their city. A federal MP earns about three times what a city councillor earns. These two city councillors are seeking to leave their jobs after completing barely one-third of their municipal mandate. In your opinion if either of these 2 city councillors wins – forcing a by-election in their city should they be required to pay back a portion of the costs of the by-election as a penalty?
Yes    61.5 %
No    26.5 %
Question #2
Federal and provincial elections – and by-elections are overseen by Independent bodies like Elections BC – while city and municipal elections are overseen by city clerks who work every day with city staff – and frequently with elected officials. In your opinion should municipal and city elections in British Columbia be overseen by at least one official from Elections BC?
Yes    41.5 %
No    51.5 %
Question #3
British Columbians have paid upwards of one billion dollars toward up front legal fees for aboriginals involved in land claims in the province. British Columbians have received nothing tangible in return for these dollars? In your opinion – if it were put to you in referendum --- would you vote to putting a stop to these upfront payments to aboriginals and their lawyers?
Yes    72.0 %
No    18.5 %
(20%) less respondents in this ZEUS/ROBBINS poll of Greater Vancouver, British Columbia – say “NO” to “In your opinion should municipal and city elections in British Columbia be overseen by at least one official from Elections BC” (Question #2)? – than “Yes” to “In your opinion if either of these 2 city councillors wins – forcing a by-election in their city should they be required to pay back a portion of the costs of the by-election as a penalty” (Question #1)?
From another perspective, (70%) of total --averaged respondents responded “No” in Question #2 as compared to only (30%) who responded “No” to charging a penalty to the ‘Q’ jumping city councillors.
Nearly (80%) of respondents responded “Yes” (Question #3) – “putting a stop to these upfront payments to aboriginals and their lawyers”?
How about this? (40%) of a minority of respondents want to keep giving upfront legal fees to aboriginals—relative to (60%) who don’t want to charge our ‘Q’ jumping city councillors from having stars in their eyes about a nice juicy pay day – from their regular city political jobs – that don’t sparkle nearly as brightly -- and where little is accomplished other than the payment of huge administration and management costs – and a kind of ‘big-easy’ in job protection. (How did these candidates deal with their personal health – on Swine Flu—were they piggies’ at the trough – OR? ---) Let’s get together (Coquitlam) and vote on whether we should write a letter of protest over the HST to the Campbell government—pitiful. --- No stamp from ZEUS – we just never know WHO you are -- do we?
Speaking of drags on progress:
Does Coquitlam mayor -- Richard Stewart have a Better Business Bureau stamp on his door? He must be something then.
Confidence in city hall remains to the extent – that respondents know “where to go to complain” but “can’t do anything about the provincial government” or “that idiot Campbell”.
Buy a membership fee and get anointed –get with it small business – middle business – big business – the future is branding – but you have to prove who you are – anyhow I have completed my Internet concept for news and politics --- money for everyone—great transition concept – and moves closer to oversight without regulation and without the current bunk of rubber stamps.
Naturally – no big foot print.
How your goodwill is perceived – politics – business – non-profits – will ultimately be decided by ZEUS.
Academics and Accountants with big firms get paid millions and millions of dollars – to say things – the person who paid – wants them to say --- he who pays – is the piper – the messenger is just a bigger fish on the line --- name brands become average commodities.
Face it- not a lot of people are enamored with the political industry in the province – and the east is catching up in terms of wrapping their head around modern times – the east remain the establishment – even lefty Quebec – when I was teenager – family of nine –my family took in billets from Quebec in exchange for my sisters Judy and Colleen going to Quebec. I loved those Quebecois girls – they have (had) such honest passion.
That’s why in part the ZEUS/ROBBINS Canadian All Media Rock ‘n’ Roll band (2009) consists of the following:
Lead singer/guitar – Glen P. Robbins
Lead guitar-Chantal Hebert – Toronto Star – CBC (CBC should get permission to buy this newspaper – its’ Canadiana).
Bass Guitar – Don Martin (Calgary Sun)
Drums-Jim Van Rassel (Mountain Man)
Organ-Lailla Yuille (Independent)
Percussion-Rex Murphy (CBC).
Manager-Bruce ‘Bam’ Allen
Corporate-Bill Good Jr. (CKNW/CTV)
Best media— The Tyee (Independent) (except silly anonymous blog stream); Globe and Mail.
Best radio-CBC BC/CKNW
What I love about Coquitlam – is the area around Towne Centre – fantastic – with Lafarge Lake – Douglas College – just great – My youngest daughter // attends Gleneagle Secondary School and it and Pinetree secondary are in this region – excellent place to live--- I attend my daughter’s soccer practices with North Coquitlam Soccer at Towne Centre – this is the best place to be – little and big young people playing football/dads showing them how to block and hit the holes – soccer everywhere – and regular people-white brown yellow – orange – grey-- getting exercise – a real positive vibe—but North Coquitlam soccer which is located right in the midst of Towne Centre isn’t getting enough field time – because Coquitlam City soccer (whose residents are generally located on the other side of the city)—takes up so much of the Towne Centre time—so the parents who live in Towne Centre are hearing the talk and they aren’t very pleased. Coquitlam City soccer is a great organization (Metro Ford) – but needs its own fields – why don’t you put the fields on your side of town suitable to your constituent’s who live there? -- and not bother the Burke Mountain people – and their head savage – Gentleman Jim Van Rassel.
On the same stage – I don’t believe there is anyone in the province – I couldn’t crush – I think the current slate is pampered and weak – but this is easy to say-- from where I sit-I love to throw bombs in writing and outside—if I’m into it—like boxing//UFC if you get in the ring seek and destroy your enemies – and enlighten those who are wary/ you will know your true friends by their conduct >//accept some of the political journalists who are trained like Glen P. to ask people questions//but can Vaughn Palmer do a Joe Cocker meets Bee Gees that would have Bruce ‘Bam’ Allen writing me a cheque to join the circuit—(this Glen P. Robbins Cocker/Barry Gibb is better than anything on Oprah-guaranteed)// --- but we NOW possess a type of journalistic nuclear weapon – that represents a growing natural influence that supersedes municipal and provincial government – and from time to time federal powers in this country.
We can make an impression on the United States –which politically is the most fun in the entire world – you have to be sharp to make dog catcher in the U.S.
That’s why ZEUS – How about Maria Shriver for President of ZEUS AMERICA?
Would this be an advantage to me if I were running provincially – or would the merging of the two universes be too much like ‘gnashing of teeth’ – to be no fun? – politics has to be fun --- when you go lame (limp) at the top – can’t you see how fast things deteriorate? The establishment knows this but can’t let go of control like an old Taliban-man//Vancouver Premiers since 1993 and the two main ones – Glen Clark (NDP-Union); Gordon Campbell (Big Business) not remembered or considered very fondly – this isn’t the eighties or nineties which were more Campbell’s time—he did some things –but I think ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) will show his time in office as more of a political soufflé than a real meal. – You can’t jack around and play the clock – anymore – leadership needs to be more deep//real intellectualism – not dodge ball policy.
“Gordon Milhouse Campbell – The run and hide Premier of British Columbia ®”
A province that is either run by unions – or large corporations – is not a democratic place—this has got to change for us to progress.
Campbell was sending paramedics up to the Interior ‘on call’ sleeping in their car making $8.00 per day – look how messed up people get when they are in power too long. Paramedics could have gotten what they wanted – if they had joined the Firemen’s Union. – they refused – Firemen in this province do business with the Campbell Liberals.
If you’re a gal dating a fireman and a paramedic – as these story lines often line up – who do you cheer for? “Well, who ever has the money in their pocket at that time --?”
All British Columbians have to pay for cost overruns on the 2010 Vancouver Whistler Olympics – is this fair – or should residents of Vancouver and Whistler be the only ones to pay – remember (40%) of homes in Whistler are owned by people who own a residence in Vancouver --
Get past the Olympics and let us breathe please.
The recent long rifle debate reflects the desperation that the federal Conservative government needed to distract from the H1N1 mess – poor to shitty planning – I am not sure how good the ‘guts’ of the Conservative government truly is – but the Conservatives took the opportunity to prop up Parliament for the Olympics – Why Not? – Isn’t there shooting in the Winter Olympics –? like sport – except nothing dies – like the H1N1 vaccine – a limited supply-- of gloves should be produced for rural Canada with the Olympic logo and a Glen P. Robbins Long Gun Brand ®.
These Olympics are Winter Sports – the Okanagan backs the Olympics pretty well – my good friend Bear Hamilton p/owner of Sorrento Nurseries in Salmon Arm – ski as much they breathe—their daughter Tonie is an excellent ringette player – what’s in it for these folks – and the rest of British Columbians who are going to have to pay for this – and you know after we strip away the nonsense and noise politics of this government – we are going to owe a lot of money – will it be worth it//at all? Estimates of return on investment from the Olympics are now dropped to 4 billion over 5-6 years from $10 billion--and what’s our gross GDP per year? $30 billion or so? // even people who don’t smoke pot think you should tax it and legalize it//it’s a couple of billion dollars//and can act as herbal painkiller if regulated –
Doctors can wade in as honestly as they please.
B.C. Liberal has cut court services – in the interior of the province – no access to justice for you – I just got ripped for costs from a BC lawyer here in Vancouver who keeps ducking the registrar – I told him he should be in jail --- bills $275 for Internet administration -- Access. Pitiful.
It isn’t conspiracy theory any more – not when it becomes reality.
Writing – no matter your style – is materially different from ranting – or rhetoric – although the latter two may-- from time to time -- be used as seasoning.
The Interior of the province doesn’t need justice – it’s needs The Glen P. Robbins Long Gun Association ® --- one court will be left – Vancouver – where Trial Scheduling is reserved for Aboriginal Land Title Claims – and everyone else can fight on the street outside – or wait outside to settle their I.C.B.C. claims – when the hundred or so claimants – ready with bells and bows to go to trial – will find out what their lawyers have known all along – there are only four judges available. That many?
Campbell needs I.C.B.C.’s money – like Clark did.
That’s how Gordon Campbell achieves control – use an ex judge to co-opt the judiciary for you. Bush league.
Good luck with your TELUS phone bills -- /.
Guess what – the ultimate make work program – aboriginal land claims – hundreds of millions in upfront legal fees paid for by you – for no settlement – no success -- has downtown Vancouver lawyers lining up at the BMW and Jaguar for newest models to drive to their Point Grey residences/before they change / climb into their Range Rover and head to other cottage in Whistler/ – this will end – trust me.
A Glen P. Robbins BC Conservative government would make the end of this – quick—referendum to (a) settle with individual aboriginals and seek assimilation --- into the community – all other newcomers manage to do this – aboriginal land claims is a large chunk of the ‘Mustang Ranch’ of law in this province – this and the travesty in fishing --- I would (b) with the consent of the electorate -- opt out of anything the courts say about aboriginal claims. The greatest drain on our economy is the easy street of bureaucracy-legal paper shuffling – a Glen P. Robbins BC Conservative government would reduce these costs to British Columbians by (20%).
Waste not – want not – Pardon?
Half the province homeowners in the lower mainland think real estate is going to go up in the mid haul – others think it will be hurt by Olympics –what do you think?
I’m going to promote the Olympic snow boarder over Day – if it merits it – if and only if he admits as Michael Bloomburg – mayor of New York City -- did – “That he smoked marijuana (see B.C. BUD) and he liked it.”
Speaking of that and the “Munchies” – (Cheech and Chong) – Vancouver city councillor Andrea Reimer – suggests BC Liberal housing and excessive gambling minister of British Columbia super heavyweight Rich Coleman—go to Jenny Craig. Each and every day with Campbell makes you the biggest loser – not girth.
The rest of this is crazy – I don’t like guns –because I have no experience with them – but people I know and who have been my friends through child hood – and who I know now – are people who respect the law – and who respect these Canadian family appliances – like marital aids?
For David S: “Do you think these hunters and sport shooters want to harm you?”
To connect an unfortunate massacre in any way –the gun registry debate is where the left abandons their hopes to intellectual ethics – for spectacle.
The Conservatives have got to have some thing else they are good at--/ than just crime issues – although I was very impressed with Candice Hoeppner // MP Portage – great on camera – and smart --. Could this young back bencher make the leap to Health? – and is she happy in her marriage? (Edit here). (This woman is political ‘money’ I am thinking?)
The first question about our ambitious city councillors – who seem not to be aware of their cavalier political ambitions --- did either of you have knowledge that this might come up? – i.e. Dawn Black – the former New Democrat -- Federal Member of Parliament leaving Ottawa for provincial politics in Victoria, B.C. (Dawn Black easily won her provincial seat – May , 2009). (And these respondents would not have necessarily been privy to the wider dissemination of information – in my Province newspaper – that the clearly ‘orgy-like’ spending at city halls throughout quasi - Caligula ---throughout city hall --- in this province).
A Glen P. Robbins – BC Conservative government – would mandate zero based budgeting everywhere in the province – at least once every two years -- no side doors – legal ditching. We would also institute reductions at both the provincial and municipal level—to a four day work week.
Difference is – we would get what we are currently paying for.
Gordon Campbell’s political career – by any reasonable standard of political science was over – when then provincial finance minister Carole Taylor – bought off the government unions with a one billion dollar bribe.
This is the type of excess – in government – in big business – in legal annals – while the public takes it on the chin --- that is like “pouring gasoline on a fire” the big snake is out of the piñata folks and it is crawling back toward the established institutions // lame//dead duck premier with a cast of homely cheerleaders/ – when the Premier and his party have no credibility – and run on people forgetting/(they will all love me again when they see me/cheering and laughing and handing out business cards//they’ll love me again -- then won’t they)? – the institutions around them are dragged down – I mean how selfish is this? --- is there a lawyer out there interested in helping me take Gordo and Colin’s assets from them – and depositing them in Glen P. Robbins –ZEUS ----?//OR are you all in his pocket?
Riding ---riding—riding—riding—“Long Gun ® at My Side” --- orders from above – ‘shoot to kill’.
The three city halls that intersect in this ZEUS/ROBBINS poll – Coquitlam, Port Moody, and New Westminster are spending at less escalating ratios year over year—than most others in the province—with New Westminster the best in this regard.
Only Coquitlam and Port Moody are relevant to the hypothetical in Question #1 however – with
Diana “The Body” Dilworth –
city councillor in Joe Trasolini’s Port Moody (Trasolini has a real slick operation in Port Moody – people are happy – there’s a few bucks in the community – and property owners in Belcarra and Belvedere or whatever the other place is –named – aren’t hooked to Port Moody – but maybe they ought to be//)
Finnegan (“Fin”) “Captain Environment” Donnelly –
talking some real good Green policy // the Green Shift // code for moving wealth to more people than those already rich – living the organization and politics –while Conservative – Van Rassel has a 6,000 square foot ranch – and pays little or NO money in heating costs – you should see his set-up // guy is an engineering genius – knows a lot about guns – long rifles –stays far above the law—can talk about it chapter and verse-not academically—just real person.
Is Diana Dilworth the right person to bring into the federal Conservatives tax collection business? The gouging that CRA is already – plotting and scheming – on unsuspecting Canadian citizens easily divided by the shame of talking tax issues – but the big speak of the Internet – set to dominate information and sharing – makes more people realize that this is a strategy of government – and the only way to counter “Government—Your Real Swine Flu” making the Conservative stimulus ‘package’ policy a convoluted give them one dollar – take two back – and run of fiscal prudence. No difference than the carnie games at the fair – just dress it up with legalese – let the press help sell it – Editorial division please—and you and I take another kick in the chops.
Fire them all.
The construction of Sorrento Nurseries in and of itself is remarkable – tough stuff made to look simple – that’s the ultimate genius isn’t it?
Why didn’t Harper intercede and have Van Rassel run in this by-election --? He may not have the political organization – he may not speak French/but can speak Dutch and they are our friends aren’t they? (and don’t the Dutch own a big chunk of Canada?) – but VR is truly twice the Reformer – James Moore MP (Coquitlam) ever dreamt his was.
Dilworth doesn’t show up to the Burnaby Residents – Q and A of candidates – and Burquitlam is right in the middle of the planned Evergreen Line --- is there anyone who actually believes – this--- will EVER arrive? If you do I have property in Riverbend//// --- Dilworth should be advocating for the $450 million to be re-directed from Neverland – directly to the cities involved – Coquitlam – Port Moody – Port Coquitlam --- obviously the dark forces of Harry ‘Doctor Lovelace from Wild West’ Bloy// (“It’s a fine fine thing Mr. Robbins”) and ‘Spock wanna be’ Iain Black (B.C. Liberals) are grinding up Dilworth for more federal money ---//Dilworth is also a no - show at Douglas College (Tri-City News) – where the Ever Dream Line is supposed to end – and than go on to Port Coquitlam (sure it will citizens – sure it will – for coupons will you fill in a ‘how dumb am I’ questionnaire).
Campbell doesn’t reward regions that are political losers for him – it’s the old way—that’s why his guys Bloy and Iain Black are kind of 'Torquemadian’ characters—Campbell likes to be pretty boy and have his men and ladies? – more dark and sinister against that vanity--that’s why his caucus needs to brush up on their Shakespeare – eh get it -eh?
When you put your main hatchet man on Health – when there is a question of economics and ethics relating to the 2010 Olympic costs and the potential losses to Health and Education – you know trouble is coming.
Light up the bong – and let’s listen to some records of Gordon Campbell – Richard Stewart – and Greg Moore – /Trasolini – can’t decide Federal Liberal or provincial NDP—Trasolini gave me a few bucks – on a Port tax poll – he crushed then Finance Minister Gary Farrell BC Rail—Collins – before Gary on and on – early metro sexual// he took his new wife’s name – after ratting out his co-worker the BC Liberal leader Gordon Wilson// – I definitely want Wilson on my ZEUS TEAM—.
Riding – riding – riding --- Glen P. Robbins and Association of Long Riders ® – (I’ll use some other type of violence – like boots and fists – something I know and learned).
This family vignette – needs to be stated – My older Brother Barry Robbins – taught in Victoria, British Columbia for 35 years – in that time he taught at Willows in Oak Bay where he resides – for some 30 years(?) Practically raised the Courtnall brothers of NHL fame (excellent citizens giving back to the city they grew up in//Courtnalls were always class) –-- Barry is big with James Bay rugby – a club side that would be compared in legend to the Montreal Canadiens---and taught in Victoria’s poorest schools—no matter--/ everywhere he went the sports programs won city championships, in multiple numbers and often all – Barry is a winner – /
However, something else about Barry changed me forever. For a guy 5’ 9” – he could street fight – when I was twelve/ – at Tattersal and Quadra on the way to Barry’s game at Topaz Park – three guys Barry’s age –‘20’ pretty big guys – one very tall and scary enough looking (to me)–anyhow the biggest guy threw a handful of stones at our car windshield – and looks flirtatious at Barry’s girl Margaret who was turning fifteen at the time – through the front window while his friends laugh. My brother who is driving has stopped/puts the car in park – gets out – walks over to the biggest guy – and smashes him so hard in the mouth you could hear the explosion from the car—big guy is out cold in the crosswalk— pantshit unconscious --every Christmas thereafter Barry would possess a beautiful black eye from one street fight or another –- Barry tells me “never run scared”— In churches I will change this to “do not covet thy neighbours wife” --though I began to believe as I got older – and began to street fight in pubs and discos – parking lots etc. that it’s more about the drama – win a fight – win a girl – that’s how it was growing up in Victoria, B.C. in the 1970’s.
I’ve never forgotten it. I hope British Columbians haven’t forgotten this – don’t turn the cheek - confront the bully – they are always among you – and the best way to fix a bully is to straighten him/her out—seriously straighten them out.
Take this seriously – if Campbell gives up this crap and admits that he is going when the Olympics end – otherwise – jack it up – brand his career with the Olympics (Papa).
Fin Donnelly owns Dilworth on transportation – his position has always been clear – her position is less so – and if she were to win – she would be in government – while Fin moves into critic – transportation critic for the federal NDP --- spills nicely into environment – for a critic’s role. Dilworth wins – she and Hoeppner will make for great political mud wrestling – my take on Dilworth is that she is smart, experienced – but is a pushy woman (though many women might think she is assertive) – may not have the class to make the jump to federal politics –
But Harper will make her a Senator for sure – just for signing on – that’s the Liberal way isn’t it? It’s what gave Canada ‘bill from all corners’ Mobina Jaffer -- (doesn’t Uganda, Africa have about the same GDP as British Columbia) Gordo ‘Idi Amin’ Campbell that’s why majorities are going to be hard to come by in the future – the main chunk of fence sitter voters realize once that horse is out of the barn – there is no way to keep things in check.
If Dilworth loses and gets less than (35%) of the vote – this suggests status quo for the lower mainland – federally – Harper and Conservatives must do better than this. A win is a win – but Donnelly would love to win (49%) of the vote – if he does – its’ a big win for NDP. Harper kicked Cummins out of the Fisheries – now he wants Stockwell Day to lead the inquiry – wrong guy – Cummins knows what he’s talking about – Day just talks.
Never take conciliatory gestures from government seriously – and exploit those who hold office under suspicion (Campbell) – the vacuum must be made and filled – we can’t afford to support the more intrinsic elements of politics vis-à-vis an industry – the stratification of this – is that Campbell weights down the negative democratic institutions—and worse than you might think – remember Parliamentary democracy – while the Convention of Responsible Government and Fixed Elections haven’t been very successful have they? – I don’t like it – want to get rid of that---
Fixed Election dates may be the most ridiculous federal law we have – next to gun registry.
Anyhow—the people have or continue to figure out that Canada is a lot like the Soviet Union politically – large country – strong federation nation building – I get it –but it’s clear to me the federal Conservatives are simply renting the store – even still – little more meat on them bones I would say.
No matter ----the anecdotal consensus among pockets of “Yes” to a penalty for ‘Q’ jumping city councillors – are citing – paying back one years salary to the cost---of their respective by-election cost.
For Fin Donnelly (NDP) – Coquitlam city councillor – it would amount to around $42,000 toward a by-election cost in that city of $200,000 to $300,000 (depending on which merry-go-round you speak to). For Diana Dilworth (Conservative) --- Port Moody city councillor – it would be slightly less than Fin’s – if memory serves – but the by-election costs are much lower – around $37,000. Coquitlam obviously has a larger population – than Port Moody – approx.—130,000 Coquitlam v. 25,000 – respectively.
Where was Diana Dilworth during the all candidates? – at Land Titles? – aren’t they closed at that time?
Colleen Rhodes (body II) of Port Moody city hall (they should sell posters like firemen – called the “Body-Women of Port Moody”®)/ – is a real pro – knows the cost of by-elections to the penny -- $37,000.00 approximately – if Diana wins. Gaetan Royer understands the infrastructure needs top and bottom as well as anyone – will ‘hunky’ mayor Joe Trasolini – be able to convince Mike Farnworth to collapse the NDP vote in James Moore (Conservative) riding -- ?
Interesting – Just –US.
A ZEUS/ROBBINS poll of 308 'voters' in the lower mainland of British Columbia between November 1, 2009 - November 05, 2009. I would estimate that if you called these many respondents 20 times asking the same questions during the same time period -- the MOE on percentages in THIS poll would be within 5%.
Jim Van Rassel provided sponsorship academic honourarium -- (605) 328-5398 -- call Jim for all your optical needs.
Note-post script-- we denoted the numbers for FD and DD correctly. Everyone knew Fin was going to win based on a number of important elements. NDP does well here - save when it was Reform -- as Reform moved to Alliance and one to Conservative Forseth dropped from bigger wins to mid 30's. Yonah Martin brought in the Korean organization (plentiful in the region) and increased Port Moody's residual contribution AND beat Dawn Black in Coquitlam. Fin topped all municipal polls in this part of Coquitlam -- and Coquitlam is the largest vote contributor. Dilworth did not top all polls in Port Moody. So with Fin knowing in advance he would win-- all things being relatively equal and knowing that Dilworth had voiced her approval for the HST -- he knew he could exploit the age old Reform Alliance Conservative link to BC Liberals--so he went after it--not only to increase his numbers but to set the stage for further political exploitation of this contentious issue federally and provincially. Dilworth tucked the press and all candidates meetings because wide spread reporting of her approval of the HST (BC Liberal Dill) and the resentment toward Campbell generally--she could not be more visibly seen to be repeating this support during the election. Her job was to hold the vote for the Conservatives as a pony -- because Fin at 55-60% would have easily affirmed the value of the hypothesis your show was alluding to. She received about what we predicted at 35% a few points behind Yonah Martin (Senator). This is enough to leave the theory in doubt -- however if you accept the overall 'diagnosis' it could be used as a basis for your thoughtful premise for future consideration. Campbell is a political corpse -- walking dead -- nothing can bring him back. That said -- if he is already dead -- and as the HST protest VZ/Delaney and BC Conservatives et al gear up for the spring//and Carole James has stitched herself to this 'conservative element' -- Harper must look at B.C. and ask himself -- since I am a 'live body' --- and the main culprit Campbell ('my confederate of sorts) how badly MIGHT this hurt me now and in the future? -- sufficiently to clearly recognize that his BC advantage could be undermined. This raises the next thought of timing --- Harper will be record minority government by February (which is good for him) and HST will be gearing up thereafter with some of us considering our opportunities with BC Conservatives -- and how to exploit the political benefits---obviously if all of this is factored does this leave Harper with no choice but to call an election 1. after the Olympics are done --- before HST is in ---. Once the time frame is properly strategically conceived -- the politics of damaging the federal Conservatives and their overarching introduction from Fin and NDP becomes more and more relevant politically as your show considers.

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