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RSR ROBBINS Research - Canada Politics October 15, 2011
  Oct 15, 2011

A strategically called poll of 1,003 Canadians through every province-based on population (adjusted where necessary)(November 21-25, 2009). I believe the swing either way is about (2.5%) -- the science based on sample size would suggest over (3%) margin of error--if you called this number of total respondents ('voters')--in these proportions based on population 20 times--19 times you would achieve these outcomes. Thanks to Jim Van Rassel for research and sponsorship. Find Jim online at JimVanRassel--or call (604) 328-5398 -he'll be happy to give you his opinion on the subject. (Jim Van Rassel is a member of the Conservative Party of Canada).

Question #1
Which political leader and party offered below do you most support at this time?
Stephen Harper and Conservative Party of Canada    32.5 %
Michael Ignatieff and Liberal Party of Canada    25.0 %
Jack Layton and New Democratic Party of Canada    22.5 %
Elizabeth May and Green Party of Canada    10.5 %
Gilles Duceppe and Bloc Quebecois Party of Canada    8.5 %
Undecided    13.0 %
Question #2
Very Generally, how would you classify your support for Canada's military role in Afghanistan based on the limited choices offered?
My support is high    27.5 %
My support is low    54.5 %
Question #3
How do you respond to this statement? It's my opinion that all levels of government should be able to provide the same level(s) of service for less money.
I agree with this statement    53.0 %
I disagree with this statement    36.0 %
Stephen Harper and Conservatives (4 most populous provinces)- Quebec (15%), Ontario (36%), B.C. (32%), Alberta (51%).
Michael Ignatieff and Liberals- Quebec (18%), Ontario (32%), B.C. (23%), Alberta (21%).
Jack Layton and New Democrats- Quebec (14%), Ontario (21%), B.C. (37%), Alberta (23%).
The new Democrats are the new and improved political darlings in federal politics in Ottawa. Why? Haven't we seen this threat from Jack Layton before? Jack Layton and his Indie-type rock bank make some noise--grab attention--and then fizzle. Really? Hasn't Jack Layton increased his party's political fortunes under his leadership?
Or is this new love in with New Democrats--an outcome of re-invigored distrust of the government in power-- with no desire to look at the Opposition Liberals as a viable alternative?
Or has the H.S.T. anger on fire in British Columbia and beginning to brew in giant Ontario--creating entirely new political opportunities--particularly on the left?
We admit to baiting the Bloc Quebecois a little--and the high Undecided in that province (15%)-- may attest to our suspicions going in--are the Bloc numbers down because of the increased competition among the also rans in that province particularly the New Democrats and Greens-or because we annoyed a number of Quebecors by referring to the Bloc as the "Bloc Party of Canada" provoking the much higher incidence to hang ups and aforementioned Undecided?
No-one in the federal Liberal Party is gaming the possibility of government--they are being attacked on their left flank by rising interest in social democracy-(with fiscal responsiblity)--{"that's gold Jerry--pure gold"}.
Stephen Harper's back up plan is 'I can be Prime Minister in minority for one hundred years or so'.
His party may be government--they don't appear to have control over government--and it's relationship to large corporations (fabled corporatism -- for Bill Good (C.K.N.W-Corus network)--the lump the legal community adds--has placed pressure on the middle class--held hostage for far too long by the tyranny of the service class and its lust for money--and less concern for pragmatic duty and a capitalist structure that even the most ardent anti-socialists know is unworkable any longer.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper will have to be very careful what he wishes for. It is oft said in politics that the enemy of my enemy is my friend (I suppose this is true in life as well sometimes)--not only has Ty Saurus Jack Layton and his band of New Reformers--begun to take the nation by storm--while Canadians are still looking slack jawed at U.S. President Barack Obama (that's a good thing isn't it?) --there is an expectation that our government should work harder like they do in the United States---in Canada a good gust of wind and you're leader of the country--in the U.S. its beyond competitive politics--it's nirvana--BUT Jack Layton can see Stephen Harper in his sights--the key is Jack--don't tell the media you can see Harper--just that you can see Ignatieff--and you're nearly beside him.
Shall I proceed with the narrative about the Great Democratic Party of Canada?
Somewhere in there lies the next hook to our emerging theory that the people are beginning to lose confidence in government---(or is the people's confidence in themselves increasing?)
If the majority of the population of a nation (we'll call it Canada)- are moving to the left in terms of political support--how is it that the expectation is for more government service and less (or certainly not more) taxes--among many of these respondents?
Present political circumstances in this great land of ours--are defying history--save for the beginning--when our true nature was borne--we are a nation of reformers--not radically--but we must continue to evolve and do so fairly--equally--and that is NOT the trend in perception among Canadians currently --in our professional opinion.
The New Democrats under Jack Layton (federally)-and where I live (British Columbia) have their 'hooks' into the H.S.T. The Ontario Conservatives have recognized this-too-and are appearing to disengage from their federal counterparts--for political advantage (what's the business--farm team or opportunism--in politics you grow or die--eh?)
Stephen Harper's Conservatives are going to be brushed with the H.S.T. --G.S.T. Chretien Mulroney label--and with that -- the federal New Democrats will likely not possess enough beer for the onslaught of conservatives willing to march with Marx--if he doesn't grow the government (a different road to Utopia--a one off or Madoff?).
The federal Liberals have gone a long way relying on their hit single "Values".
When you go through a financial crisis--what precisely do you mean and are you talking to me?
The people of Canada are saying to politicians---figure out who you are and what your obligation is to me--and as any parent will tell you--with a tempermental child--eventually- it's "Show me don't tell me".
The only 'shift' taking place in this country is the people moving away from reliance on the institutions that cannot properly satisfy them--but with this withdrawal--this move to communities, friends and family-- and away from hollow rhetoric from up high--comes an expectation of better use of strongarmed taxes--don't ask us if we are willing to take less service for no tax increase? It's the wrong question Ipsos--this the $64,000 question--under ZEUS ROBBINS--should government provide the same level of service for less money??
Stephen Harper's Conservatives are languishing lazily in the comfort of the declining co-efficients of poor Liberal performance--but these numbers should be of no comfort to them--they appear like a decent rock band with an excellent lead singer. The fact that they only know the music to one or two songs is troubling to Canadians right now--who are looking around for a new political date--or opting out in greater numbers (I wager)>//.

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