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ZEUS/ROBBINS -- from Aghanistan to Tiger Woods -- love of country
  Dec 10, 2009

Question #1
Which of the following statements BEST describes your perception of Tiger Woods apparent string of marital affairs? (not rotated)
(a) It is a private family problem    11.0 %
(b) It is disgraceful on Tiger's part    23.0 %
(c) Tiger Woods is a very young, handsome, smart, personable billionaire-who also is the World's greatest golfer    43.0 %
(d) Despite his obvious talents, skill and professionalism Tiger Woods is still immature    19.0 %
Tiger Woods is the all-American hero whether you appreciate golf or loathe poor conduct as a husband.
I have been with my wife Ita for thirty years, and married officially for 23 and from time to excessive time have behaved similarly. I have had a Rachellian experience--it can knock you off your stride--and make pudding of the most machismo--but Tiger is only getting better at golf -- isn't he? In this life -- financial and professional success can really torque that ego and women can really fuel that fire--and it can take you a long way with people--who do others want to be around? -- a handsome successful beautiful and rich person -- or a poor mope? It isn't right--but you can't have all your icons set up the way you think it ought to be. America is still a capitalist winner take all -or at least alot- kind of meritocracy--and precisely what is wrong with that? In Canada, we like to pursue a kind of average standard--though I expect political actors here will just have to be more fundamentally dynamic--sexy--not just pretentious--I can't get revved entirely up on some talent supplanted by pretense. This is why the Tiger Wood's of the American way of life must be there--like the Monarchy in Britain--Diana and all of that--at some level this is sexy business and its from up high--a Barnum and Bailey high wire act if there ever was one. Although it's painful for his family now--Tiger didn't realize that a circus--a controlled circus with wonderful spectacles of human endeavour are similar to movies -- they help people escape tough times. The Obama government ought to give Tiger a subsidy--at least this spectacle is sweet Entertainment--not the on and on of often ugly businessman squirreling away billions off the backs of society--all to remind him or her self of their personal greatness. A real pro does the whole show in front of the worldwide audience--but this is Tiger's show--his circus to control--not the press. But we shall see shan't we sugar?
The difference is that my wife now has the option, at her whim to pull me around by a ring (of perpetuity) in my nose.
Mrs. Woods should ultimately consider these benefits. Trust me, you know who is boss in this relationship.
I am sorry to admit, that I believe there are millions of American males high fiving for Tiger. It isn't meanness or cruelty because American's generally think rich people who mess up should get a little kick in the pants, at least for historical audit.
Democrats and Republican vote remarkably on similar lines--there is a correlation in their voting patten on the Tiger question--many women like Tiger ice-cream--I often see them down at Port Moody -- Rocky Road Park -- beautiful young college students and mothers-licking a Tiger ice-cream cone. My wife Ita's favourite ice cream is Tiger. Her largest Accounts Receivable is Glen P. Robbins
Tiger Wood zero calorie (Catholic) Tiger ice cream--this is his second billion.
Our modest group of Independents is more inclined to choose a response option more favourable to Tiger Woods.
Folks, the American voter has spoken in this Special ZEUS/ROBBINS poll--read it and weep--Tiger is Hot! The public relations model may seem broken by the findings in this ZEUS/ROBBINS Tiger Woods poll of American voters--you bet Tiger comes out--but on his terms--once he has purchased property in California--where his presence alone will turn that economy around.
You got it all wrong--Tiger Woods is not going down--Americans--at least those who vote choose "It is a private family problem" and "Tiger Woods is handsome etc in a clear majority. "Disgraceful" -- a distinctive word-barely grabs one quarter of 'decided' respondents.
If we include (d) "Despite his obvious talents and professionalism /Tiger Woods is still immature" -- along with (a) private family problems and (C) Tiger is handsome -- one might argue that we have offered 3 'excuses' to one firm message--and this criticism easily penetrates the shortcomings of big sample few question (on the cheap) professional polls--however -- I believed (b) might grab (40%) and at least (30%) - a number over it's natural randomness under these assumptions.
But (43%) buy into "he's not perfect". Tiger's first line was the correct path to take--only God is perfect--many Americans still think Obama is perfect--but the World's new honest political laureate--can speak to this -- and to Tiger Woods "You are only a man"--you are imperfect--this will not change anytime in your life.
With respect to Mrs. Woods who loves her husband, but look at these women--they are like you--so utterly beautiful in appearance that all of us --(men and women) are slackjawed.
Mrs. Woods, your husband is an epic new age American dream -- an icon. An extraordinary example -- like President Obama -- of Black male perfection-as far as this goes--this is the perception. If not the perception -- the trend -- the feel--from reliable subscribers--voters.
He won't be the first man ever to seek attention from another -- other than his wife --when mom spends all of her time with young babies--and children--this is message about the efforts of America's young mothers--mothers who send boys to Afghanistan to maintain a way of life. Tiger Woods is the next Bob Hope -- and that is one helluva standard.
Do not ever kid yourselves--Americans love their history--they may seem arrogant to others from time to time--but this isn't arrogance--because Americans always believe they will rebound. They have done it before and they know they will do it again.
Tiger Woods remains class despite his behavioural debacles--because even these are sexy-- they reflect an overpowering sense of serious talent whether or not the average person finds this spectacle becoming or not--no athlete or entertainer for fifty years will equal Tiger's earnings and cache over the next twenty-five. Tiger your lovely wife is the most beautiful of the women in my opinion, and your children are more important than any of us--including you---//however Rachel U. WILL turn many American males into fine young cannibals.
1,838 American voters -- most respondents derived from December 08, 2009 Afghanistan poll (1,621). (217) respondents derived from the Tiger Woods question alone. This is an Entertainment question and some respondents under the Afghanistan poll did not want to participate in the Tiger Woods polling question--however those that did (93%) for the most part selected a response option offered (other than Undecided).

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