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RSR ROBBINS Research - British Columbia Politics May 1, 2012
  May 01, 2012

A target sample of 611 British Columbians who said or have said they voted in the last general provincial election -- May 09. MOE 3.96%, 19 times out of 20 @ 95% confidence. This poll was conducted between December 11-15, 2009. Sponsorship provided by Jim Van Rassel (604) 328-5398. {New Trend Optical} "Great glasses-better service". See Jim Van Rassel's home ideas for savings thousands of your home heating bill--

Question #1
Which political leader and party do you most support at this time?
Carole James and BC New Democrats-(236)    38.5 %
Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals-(172)    28.0 %
Glen P. Robbins and BC Conservatives-(81)    13.0 %
Jane Sterk and BC Green Party-(37)    6.0 %
Other- (31)    5.0 %
Undecided-(54)    9.0 %
Question #2
Canada’s federal Conservative Party leader Peter McKay has been accused by the Opposition parties in the Canadian Parliament of not being truthful about events relating to the hand over of Afghan enemy prisoners with apparent underlying proof of torture and abuse of these prisoners. In your opinion should Prime Minister Stephen Harper demand Peter McKay’s resignation?
Yes    47.5 %
No    34.5 %
Undecided    19.0 %
Question #3
Are you excited about the arrival of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games in February 2010?
Yes    37.0 %
No    55.0 %
Undecided    8.0 %
Question #4
When you consider federal sponsorship scandals--big corporation bail-outs-Gordon Campbell’s election lies--the HST and other tax increases in a recession -- plus exorbitant pay raises to elected officials and government bureaucrats in totality how does this make you feel about the credibility of government?
In my opinion government generally remains credible    34.5 %
In my opinion government generally is not credible    58.5 %
Undecided    7.0 %
Question #5
In your opinion who ought to pay for any cost overruns associated with the 2010 Olympic Games?
All British Columbians equally    42.5 %
Vancouver, Richmond and Whistler where the Games are being held    52.5 %
Undecided    3.0 %
Question #6
The Canadian federal government is providing up to $75 billion to Canadian banks and institutions through CHMC to pay off bad mortgages agreements that the banks and other financial institutions have entered into. Were you aware of this type of government bail-out to Canadian banks and institutions?* (sample MOE is approx (05%))
Yes    3.0 %
No    93.0 %
Undecided    6.5 %
Question #7
In your opinion which of these BC Attorney General transgressions is most despicable to you?
The BC Attorney Generals taping of conversations between alleged gangster Jamie Bacons prison conversations with his lawyer    2.0 %
The BC Attorney Generals posting of a man with no criminal record and disbarred legal counsel as a pedophile when he was only accused of staring at adult female employees for a period of one and one half years    82.0 %
Undecided    16.0 %
Question #8
The Canadian Labour Congress is asking Canadian employees and workers to provide 2.8% of their total earnings on every paycheck toward a pension plan which it suggests will pay back double the pension amounts it currently does. These pension amounts like current pension amounts will be administered by Canada Revenue Agency. Are you personally in favour of participating in this proposed pension scheme being promoted by the Canadian Labour Congress?
Yes    23.0 %
No    39.0 %
It really isn’t something that affects me    27.0 %
Undecided    11.0 %
Question #9
Do you believe in the concept of “global warming” and “climate change” promoted by many environmentalists?
Yes    47.14 %
No    46.55 %
Undecided    6.0 %
Question #10
Which of the following response choices best reflects your perception of this time of the year?
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year    55.5 %
Seasons Greetings    25.0 %
Happy Holidays    20.0 %
Undecided    10.0 %
(65%) of BC voters choose either the governing Gordon Campbell BC Liberals or Opposition Carole James and BC New Democrats as leader and party they support “most at this time” (Q#1), however only (34.5%) find government (generally) as “credible” (Q#4), the same number (34.5%) of BC voters (with some evidence of correlation) who do not believe Prime Minister Stephen Harper should “demand Peter McKay’s resignation.”
Big bail-outs to banks and other corporations are muzzled by mainstream press-or in the alternative spoken of little. Respondents in this ZEUS/ROBBINS question (#6) are (anecdotally) “horrified” by this apparent reality. How will this impact in our ZEUS/ROBBINS national political poll due out this Christmas?
A similar overall negative response was provided by respondents in question (#7)-where the legal community and the BC Attorney General has a lot of problems. Relative to a man with no criminal record being branded a “pedophile” and operating his business as “a sexual playground” on a BC government’s website (how will this story reflect damages among respondents in California and New York where court damages are acutely higher on average than other western jurisdictions-and how will this play on other Internet libel damage awards?)---respondents don’t care about Jamie Bacons’ basic legal rights-to client confidentiality--and thinks the justice system is less than impressive. As the BC public moves slightly to the left--the BC man branded without just cause an Internet “pedophile” by a judge at Human Rights rendered impotent by a wheelchair--coming pathetically and desperately to the aid of a group misguided women--is a constant reminder of how crazy Liberals and social advocacy lawyers can be when they have the stick in their hand.
It’s nice to learn from your crazy mistakes -- but once in a while you have to pay for them--don’t you think?
From the anecdotal responses British Columbians don’t appear to have confidence in the BC Attorney General’s ministry. BC NDP justice critic Mike Farnworth has had full knowledge of the “pedophile” atrocity--and has apparently communicated his displeasure with current Attorney General Mike de Jong--why hasn’t this situation been remedied?--are true benefits of citizenship only applicable to those in the ’club’?--and as urbane as that criticism is--I believe it is crystal clear exactly like this in reality-- in politics in the province of British Columbia. Whatever goes on -- we can only hope to find out---a lot of people are very defensive about change. But change we must--the citizens must be properly invested in leadership in this province--and we are no where near a competent standard let alone an ideal one--which is what Glen P. Robbins seeks.
It may or may not reflect Christmas anxiety but British Columbians in the majority are NOT excited about the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, while a majority of ‘decided’ respondents are not of the opinion that all British Columbians should pay for overruns associated with the 2010 Winter Games.
A clear majority of respondents DO NOT want to pony up an additional 2.8% of earnings to Canada Revenue Agency in return for a higher pension pay-out. Many respondents who answered “No” don’t like the idea of Canada Revenue Agency having oversight with their portfolios--or worse--are concerned that the pension amounts promised may not exist by the time they retire. Now-- that’s a lack of confidence in the federal government and the distrust British Columbians have in Canada Revenue Agency as an ‘honest broker’ of their “hard earned money” given the incongruence of the dual role of tax collector and trust company. (It might work administratively--but doesn’t inspire potential payers into the system).
Every respondent who selected Glen P. Robbins chose “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”--{‘now that’s what I’m talking about’}--and nearly (90%) of BC Green did not choose “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”. This question always leads into the question of immigration (alleged federal jurisdiction). BC Liberals and BC New Democrats were both in similar clear majorities plus/minus to (60%) “perceive (sic) this time of the year” AS “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
That’s why Glen P. Robbins supports a new national holiday on Hanukkah beginning in the year he is elected Premier of British Columbia. Christmas is about the birth of Jesus and Jesus is a Jew. To me it just makes good sense. See if Mr. Georgetti can sell that to his disciples.
Here’s who says “Yes” to (believing (sic) in the concept of “global warming” and “climate change”: Carole James and B.C. New Democrats - (149/236); Gordon Campbell and B.C. Liberals - (91/172); Glen P. Robbins and BC Conservatives (20/81); and Jane Sterk and BC Greens (29/37).
Glen P. Robbins and BC Conservatives have (47%) of the total support of Gordon Campbell and B.C. Liberals but have far a much smaller ratio of their total support who supports the concept of “global warming” and “climate change.”
It’s no surprise that Jane Sterk and BC Green supporters are major supporters the “Yes” commitment in this question (80%) ‘decided’. The Jane Sterk and BC Green problem is that their overall support is remaining at close to May 09’s provincial election totals. Can BC Conservative leadership candidate Glen P. Robbins convince his party to adopt sharp emission cuts in the province of British Columbia without creating a riot by preaching the gospel of the world overlord and “global warming” devotees?
Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals have a major problem on their hand--(literally (46%) of his supporters are “climate change’ “deniers“--.
How will dirty labour workers (oil etc.) deal with the fact that (68%) of Carole James and B.C. New Democrats say “Yes” to “climate change” and “global warming”--- how will this affect the HST relationship between Bill ‘Big Daddy’ Vander Zalm -- former premier of British Columbia--and Ms. James as she licks her gentle chops and eyes the Premier’s chair.
How long can pretty talk show hostess-- Christy Clark--deal with the political opportunity staring her in the face? Sweetie -- it’s what you’ve wanted since you were little in papa’s lap--bust a move baby---James vs. Clark vs. Robbins--lots to agree and disagree about--as they say in UFC - let’s get it on--and may the prettiest candidate win!
No matter how you slice it up--Gordon Campbell’s HST and other lies and indiscretion will hurt the “credibility” of government at all levels among British Columbia voters. Any bad news or trouble with the 2010 Olympic Games will crush his BC Liberal party beyond repair--while even the most successful will not necessarily help it--so long as Campbell is leader. It is possible that even the BC NDP numbers could by way of coefficients be dragged down along with Campbell permitting relatively high flying fledgling parties like the BC Conservatives (and others) to grab larger shares of the BC voting market. Will BC Conservative party leadership hopeful Glen P. Robbins be able to fully realize on the growing market of BC voter discontent--and how many BC Liberal bodies will political ‘assassin’ BC Conservative -Van Rassel - leave strewn about the BC’s beautiful landscape over the coming months? How often can you watch the movie “There will be Blood” before you believe you are Daniel Day Lewis?
How will matters like the Bill Vander Zalm HST protest ® --and mass recall efforts of BC Liberals--next fall--(2010) who vote for the HST--next spring (2010) impact on these numbers? Will the lack of trust of government--which constitutes the BC Liberal Party--BC New Democrats--and bureaucracy -----------continue to plummet among BC voters and what impact might this ultimately have on collapsing voter turnout?
Will prospective BC Conservative leader Glen P. Robbins be given an opportunity to ‘kick Gordon Campbell’s teeth in’ in a BC Point Grey by-election that would follow a successful recall of the--at about the same time--a successful HST protest--would produce a province wide referendum on the dreaded tax--or will the Point Grey BC Liberal political cheater, liar, and coward drift off into the sunset like a summer time tird floating from Victoria’s beaches to Washington State? (advocacy)
Vanoc and the IOC have got to know that a majority of British Columbians are not behind the 2010 Olympic Games and they have their respective mainstream media servants dishing up all the positive propaganda available. The trouble is that some British Columbians are becoming “sick” of too much Olympic coverage-while many more are sick of the damage they perceive the Olympics are doing to government programs at the arts and sports “community level” and other major social programs like “health-education--and the environment”, when common sense would normally render a decision in the other direction. Back up your bet as it were.

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