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RSR ROBBINS Research - Canada Politics December 30, 2009
  Dec 30, 2009

A random telephone sample of 225 respondents throughout the lower mainland of British Columbia, Langley and Surrey inclusive- conducted December 30, 2009 in the afternoon.
Margin of error is (6.5%), 19 times out of 20. Jim Van Rassel has sponsored this poll--(604)328-5398.

Question #1
Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservative government plans to prorogue or shut down government for two months until after the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics which begins in February, 2010. In your opinion are the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics a valid reason to prorogue or shut down the work of Parliament for 2 months?
Yes-(12)    05 %
No-(169)    75 %
I don't know-(22)    10 %
No Opinion-(14)    06 %
Undecided-(08)    04 %
Women answer "No" at a higher rate than men. Respondents are firm in reply, with additional commentary(s) few and far between.
The Conservative government prorogued government last year, when then Liberal leader Stephane Dion was looking to 'hook up' with other Opposition parties to form a coalition government, which threatened the government altogether. Lieutenant governor Michaelle Jean agreed to the Prime Minister's request one year ago, what will she do so this time?
The reason the Conservative government is giving for shutting down Parliament this time around, is their desire to allow Canadians to consider economic future--however with Conservative cultural MP James Moore with Olympic tickets in hand--makes Stephen Harper's government more susceptible to calls that he is attempting to duck more serious political issues like the Afghan detainee/torture and other matters. If LG Jean permits another prorogation of government -- no matter the 'official' reason, the 2010 Vancouver Olympics might begin to look more like at least part of the reason to many British Columbians (and possibly Canadians), particularly when cameras show the Prime Minister and other ministers and members at the Games and not at work as Canadians appear to expect.

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