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ZEUS 2010 Olympics Poll: featuring glen p robbins--A Real Tiger by the Tail
The B.C. Spring Marriage of William Vander Zalm and Carole James--ladies and gentlemen-- The New BC Socred Party  Feb 19, 2010

When comparing the total 2,026 respondents (BC ‘Voters’ in the last general provincial election) who are ‘Excited’ about the Games to those who are against the HST, (62%) support getting rid of the HST, while (currently) (45-50%) are excited about the Games. However ‘Excited’ about the Games is (51.5%) above random of one out of three choices, while the HST is only (24.6%) above random-- of one out of two choices after factoring for actual gender demographics. First week of ZEUS poll February 7-12, 2010 includes ALL questions (1,006 “Voter’ respondents) Second week, February 12-17, 2010 (1,020 ‘Voter’ respondents-- no questions 1 and 2). Margin of error per 1,000 respondents (approx 3.15%). Where 2,026 ‘Voter’ respondents are involved through February 7-17, 2010 MOE is (approx 2.05%). These latter numbers could feature a higher margin of error as a consequence of abrupt percentage changes in response.

Question #1
Which B.C. political leader and party from the following provided-- do you most prefer?
Premier Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals-(225)    22.37 %
Opposition Leader Carole James and BC New Democrats-(354)    35.19 %
Leader of the Battle against the HST-former Premier of BC, Bill Vander Zalm and Conservative Party of BC-(218)    21.67 %
Environmentalist and Social Advocate Jane Sterk and Green Party-(83)    8.25 %
Can't Say/Other-(25)    2.49 %
Undecided-(101)    10.04 %
Question #2
From the following limited choices offered which one-- in your opinion-- is Best suited to conduct environmental clean-up and emergency oversight expertise on potentially environmentally dangerous -- gas and oil and other industrial commercial sites?
A Multinational Corporation with specialization in providing labour for environmental clean-ups-(197)    19.25 %
Trained and properly accredited B.C. government environmental personnel-(596)    59.24 %
Undecided/Can’t Answer-(213)    21.17 %
Question #3
Which of the following statements BEST professes your impression of the (pending)- 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games?
I am “Excited” for the Games-(1001)    49.51 %
Actually, I can't wait for the Games to be over-(667)    32.92 %
They come, they go, and who cares-(144)    7.11 %
Can't Answer/Undecided-(214)    10.56 %
Question #4
The British Columbia contract for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police expires soon. Should we renew their contract?
Yes-(984)    48.57 %
No-(918)    45.31 %
Undecided-(124)    6.12 %
Question #5
Do you support the Bill Vander Zalm lead Citizens’ Initiative to get rid of the HST in British Columbia?
Yes-(1,265)    62.44 %
No-(634)    31.29 %
Undecided-(107)    5.28 %
Well look what we have here, in the midst of the swirl pool -- Vancouver/Whistler 2010 Olympics?
We’ve got a Tiger by the Tail-it’s plain to see (Buck Owens).
The producers and designers of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic ‘visuals’ have done a great job. Difficulties on the ground have been noted in the news. The 2010 Olympics has a younger look -- a new group of young people -- an Olympic look. So far this is consistent with the “Indie” music look. The target group of celebrators is “Young-- looking for Adventure”. The look and design of the Olympics weds the competition to this demographic. I’ve had two Big Mac meals in a week.
This Friday—it’s Tiger vs. Olympics-and spring golf is coming on up. Tiger’s handlers are saying through their client “Tiger is a big as the Olympics—the inference of sports types—particularly winter—involves some high level—incredibly powerful resurgence of program production values (television), and advertising. This is compelling news—when you consider the increase in channel surfing—likely provoked by inferior or ‘unhappy’ commercials (often recruited during more depressed economic times).
Golf and The Olympics—are both examples of big swagger skill and effort---this is corporate sports at its new pinnacle—and the survey world will be rife with questionnaires---people ‘win it all’ based on basis points of time in a considerable shorter period of time—and our countries financial system may still be gouging at a rate of 10% per client per year---and more. Many of those flagging the sense of Olympics become less negative once they get an opportunity to see what the athletes are capable of – and the efforts they go to – to be excellent. It is infectious to anyone who has ever sacrificed for anything in their lives.
Vancouver, B.C. will be on the map for sure—and the slithering- jockeying for position in what will clearly be the shift of medium and particularly news medium—as a result of the Olympics success. The trend upward in “Excitement” toward the Olympics—the suburbs empty in the day—suggest that in our own market where we are holding the Olympics---Vancouver, -- the 2010 Olympics are important to an important group in the population – “Voters”. However, there are regions of the province – including the Kootenay region, support “Excitement” is only (32% overall), and in Prince George (36% overall). Each of these two regions is most northern and most eastern from the city of Vancouver. A (61%) “Excitement” from the City of Vancouver (proper), offsets some of these “Excitement” deficiencies revealed in more rural regions of the province.
High end sports—and the party that follows—is a new market---you are either ‘in’ or not. (No-one anoints you—you just happen to understand).
Critics of this exciting visual extravaganza—and cool--- look point to elitism. Pro Olympic support ranks are swelling in Province of British Columbia, and over the top in Vancouver, where ZEUS believes average Vancouver home costs will swell another 20% in the next 15 months—owing to the exposure direct and indirect of the 2010 Winter Olympic Spectacle—. (“Olympic Spectacle”) owned by glen p robbins.
This Vancouver 2010 Olympics – no matter --- will go down through history as at least very good, and I expect “Great” is a possibility—we’ll see if the remainder of the Olympics sizzles like the first week—.
CTV (Bell Globemedia) has got to be very happy. The athletes are great – Canadian athletes are wonderful champions – the good buzz is electric. NBC was hoping for a return on its significant investment in the Games. I am anticipating these numbers.
Mainstream BC “Voters” are on Board with the Olympics according to this ZEUS poll. (52.25%) of Decided British Columbians are “Excited”. From Friday opening ceremonies until the end of the poll (56%) Decided (including the final one thousand and twenty-three respondents) of British Columbians are “Excited”. During the first 1,003 respondents (41%) of total respondents are “Excited”. The increase in ‘Excited’ from the week prior to the start of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics until the end of this poll Wednesday February 17, 2010 is nearly (40%) – this is a definite trendline upward in “Excitement".
If we compare these ZEUS numbers of ‘Excited’ to the Angus Reid poll using ‘Excited’ (conducted over roughly the same period) --ZEUS reflects public opinion ‘Excited’ through the first week at (41%), while Angus Reid reflects excitement at (36%) a difference of (05%) and within a reasonable margin of error.
If we reflect ZEUS ‘Excited’ through the first (near) five days of the Olympics) until February 17, 2010 of (56%) (Decided-‘Excited’) to the Ipsos poll over nearly the same period of (71%) ‘Excited’ we have a difference of (17%) well outside any margin for error of polling samples of this size respondent group. When we consider the higher numbers of “Excited” followed the actual commencement of the Games – but only factor actual respondents choosing “Excited” (excluding Undecided/Can’t Answer) in the totals – then the difference between ZEUS and Ipsos is upwards of (21%) over the same period, a substantial difference (even if venturing a guess). However, differences could easily be explained through different question and response composition—and whether or not the Ipsos poll called Vancouver city proper “Voters”—more than people in the more rural regions of the province. Having said that, I should make it clear that the Okanagan region of the province (tied to the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver by fast highway) – is as supportive of the 2010 Games in terms of “Excitement” as “Voters” in urban Vancouver are. I suppose few could resist the theory that in those regions of the province where incomes are lower and job losses higher -- have less “Excitement” in the Olympics – few have the extra money for a snowboard or skates. The Province of British Columbia has Canada’s highest poverty rate over the past three years. Many in the province who are thus impoverished are aboriginal women and children.
Lastly, the Ipsos numbers on ‘Excited’ would suggest that British Columbians “Excited” about the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics has roughly doubled from the Angus Reid poll within an overall 10 day period of which about 5.5 days are 2010 Olympic event related.
If as has been suggested that (80%) of Canadians were ‘watching’ the opening ceremonies, while Ipsos suggested that (91%) of British Columbians were watching the Games. Our ZEUS numbers of the second half of this poll (approx. 50% “Excited”), would suggest therefore that (55%) have a (relatively) positive impression of the Olympics (assuming the ‘other’ choice outcomes from the ZEUS poll). If we use our Decided “Excited” numbers then (60.5%) have a (relatively) positive impression of the Olympics according to ZEUS extrapolations/estimates. If we compare our ZEUS ‘Excited’ numbers to the Canadian poll of (80%) ‘Watching’-- then ZEUS ‘relative tracking’ would suggest that (62-68%) of British Columbians having a positive impression of the Olympics to date.
If one walks through the throngs of thousands of Canadians most dressed in Red—or Red and White, in downtown Vancouver, you can instantly tell that there is an absolute buzz—but it is still just brewing. The tragic death of the Georgian Luge athlete brought the people across Canada to absolute attention. That was the start of the Games. Oddsmakers in those hours must have made Vancouver odds on for Queen of disaster. It did not—in fact it brought Olympic watchers into the ‘magic’ of the presentation. On that basis—John Furlong was correct. The early success of Canadian Gold and Silver medalists, Alexandre Bilodeau and Jennifer Heil changed the early mood from dread and concern—following years of serious political debate in this province—over the Olympics—these two excellent people looked natural—as high athletic achievers and humble personalities.
This success has fundamentally been a result of good television presentation—and on the ground in Vancouver city downtown (the good side) is dynamite. The 25-40 age demographic is trending up most quickly from first week to second (from 35%- to 50% “Excitement”).
At ZEUS – we believe that a fairly solid 25-30% of ‘Voters’ British Columbians are avoiding – (evading) the Games—no matter—and this does not include those who may have departed the province to avoid the Olympics. We are comfortable concluding that of every 10 British Columbians watching or otherwise involved or engaged with the 2010 Olympics – 6.0-6.5 are positively impressed. If this number ultimately hits 7.0 – 7.5 then the Olympics for British Columbian ‘Voters’ is (conservatively speaking)-- a major success – .
For numbers to increase I would suggest letting the 2010 Olympics do ‘it’s thing’ and keep the politicians and other ‘older’ organizing agents ‘out of the limelight’. The Olympics has a great look—the regular public is happy – let this good thing live its own life.
Anti-HST Leader and former Social Credit leader Bill Vander Zalm is back at it again. Once again, he has big sway in BC provincial politics. In his young 70's, Vander Zalm still exudes more spirit and pure human magnetism than the few who live within the special orb of natural 'telegenius' and great personal charm. Long ignored by former allies now gone 'bad'--Vander Zalm is a fun good natured man who has also been there and done that.
But Vander Zalm is the new poster child of a province hungry for a new kind of practical leadership and they are now obviously looking at Bill Vander Zalm and the BC Conservative Party the personality obviously more popular brand.
But what is most interesting is that Carole James and the BC New Democrats are off by as much as (12-15%) from previous (recent) ZEUS polls, when the Zalm is dumped in the political tub along with the others: Gordon Campbell, Carole James, and Jane Sterk.
Former BC Premier Vander Zalm dominates the Fraser Valley region of the province (Chilliwack, Abbotsford), with 31% putting Carole James and BC New Democrats in play in a part of the province they never win. He also measures a (23-25%) in the Tri-City region. It's the (16-19%) Zalm scores on Vancouver Island and (18-20%) he scores in Vancouver is impressive. Vancouver Zalm scores as well on both sides of Main Street--. The BC Conservative Party ought to move the party headquarters to Abbotsford where the label is also popular---where AG Mike de Jong has his constituency office --
The surprise here is that in all of this one might expect the Okanagan to be all Vander Zalm -- he has travelled it for years travelling in his Mercedes up and down the Coquihalla Highway--but it isn't--Vander Zalm sits at (19-22%) in this region. His numbers in Prince George are is least (16-18%). We didn't test the Peace -- Lekstrom could run for BC Liberals leadership—(and I like my steaks juicy).
Bill Vander Zalm depicted in this poll as the anti-HST leader and leader of BC Conservative Party holds one out of five (edit: one in three) anti HST supporters – .
At this time and under these conditions, in the hours and days leading up to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games the BC Liberal Party is broken-snapped literally in half. On the other hand the reality is that Bill Vander Zalm is not the leader of the BC Conservative Party, the latter party has no leader--and was recently under discussion surrounding an alleged party debt to a law firm (in Abbotsford) -- for $30,000. {I would suggest that the law firm write off the debt soon after a personal meet and greet/fundraiser that the law firm arranges with guests to meet, greet and fundraise for the Anti-HST fight}.
In many ways all of this serves to remind me of a series of polls I was conducting with the Chinese-Canadian spin King Christie Jung---I worked on my own way of asking questions and Christie would provide more political questions. One poll Christie and I collaborated on had Vander Zalm in 2000 (turn of the century) as then leader of Reform with (24-28%) public support. With Campbell and BC Liberals at (36%) and Ujjal Dosanjh and BC New Democrats tied with Zalm.
This was prior to the 2001 BC Liberal landslide with my personal reason to join the BC NDP Jenny Kwan (just ask)--- joining Joy McPhail as the only two members of the BC NDP in the BC Legislature.
This was also when ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) first declared the BC Green Party at (10%) – (when the mainstream pollsters placed them at (02%).
Zalm's influence with BC Reform immediately following another Glen P. Robbins-- Christie Jung Inc poll which documented the changeover from Federal Reform (Preston Manning Leader of the Loyal Opposition) to Canadian Alliance and new Leader Stockwell Day {even as the fifth degree black belt is sporting a man's purse these days},
As new head of the Treasury, Conservative Cabinet Minister Stockwell Day gets a handsome reward from the Prime Minister (regular people might refer to it as a juicy bone), and he and his BC Liberal friends continue to dominate the Okanagan area--though both Zalm and the BC New Democrats could certainly change things (assuming these political relationships (i) existed, and (ii) continued thereafter).
What is discernable from this poll in my opinion is that if a strong leader like Bill Vander Zalm was leader of the BC Conservative Party, the BC New Democrats would fall off in public support (notwithstanding the 15% increase from the last general provincial election for environmentalist Jane Sterk leader BC Green Party).
What is also clear from this ZEUS poll is that there will be wedding this spring, 2010. Former BC Premier and current anti-HST populist leader Bill Vander Zalm---will wed Ms. Carole James – Leader of the New Democrat Opposition – who this last year lost a recent general provincial election to current Premier Gordon Campbell—an election many say the Premier won through deceit, dishonesty and lying to voters.
In British Columbia this spring will be a wedding of Conservatives and Democrats---the picture on the front page of the Georgia Straight newspaper showing Mr. Vander Zalm holding hands with Carole James—HE in his dapper tuxedo (when isn’t Bill Vander Zalm dapper?)—and Carole James in a flowing chiffon wedding dress—both staring back at the reader----smiling. The Joy of new political marriage—, from a new beginning brought about by the 2010 Winter Olympics – what irony, and what irony it is that so many British Columbians drew an anecdotal connection between the Olympics and upcoming HST debate. This is going to be one crazy spring and summer---and the Lions are at Exhibition Park—this year. BC Summer Sports Games in Langley –//lots of fun—and if the economy improves at the same time—won’t this be good news?
Everyone likes to see (51%) support (at least) for projects they put their heart and soul into. For many people in BC -- who made the 2010 Games 'possible' it is an exciting and euphoric feeling, but in a downturned economy with a provincial government with a relatively gruesome record on social programs---compounded by clear and blatant lying to win the previous election, the BC Liberal political tird is now smoking on the water. Some foreign press has sharply criticized the 2010 Olympics, but really it is the underlying fact they understand that Canada always promotes a goody two shoes image, when at the same time, many people are of the opinion that our leaders—politicians and others are corrupt. This makes us very phoney in the eyes of many – and the Olympics provide an opportunity to comment on events—even if some of that criticism is unfair—.
Even now will Premier Gordon Campbell see a silver lining with Vander Zalm's apparent success--a slight bounce to low but better totals. Is there a potential election bounce for the Premier and his party with the Olympics? Perhaps, but it wouldn't be significant--because the people are tired of the Premier and he has been around provincial politics since 1996, Premier since 2001. People just need a break--and how this sense of fatigue manifests likely says more about the deep sense among the BC electorate that there is massive corruption not only in Government, but in so many well known institutions.
The Olympic establishment does not have the most exemplary reputation and this plus the largely negative impression British Columbians (and to a large extent Canadians) have of political leaders – makes them inclined to focus on the tremendous effort of the athletes and temporarily ignore ‘the rest’.
‘The rest’ will rear their ugly heads soon enough
These numbers, though somewhat more conservative than French polling firm Ipsos have got to satisfy the IOC, Vanoc, Canadians, British Columbians and others--including the best sponsor, The Canadian Taxpayer. The “Own the Podium” campaign appears to have been very successful, but we will see with final medal counts. At least one half of the population is "Excited" about the Games--//significantly higher then Angus Reid had the “Excited” level in the polling period preceding the 2010 Olympics. (The fact that ‘Excited’ was a pivotal word in both the ZEUS, Angus Reid, and Ipsos polls is purely coincidental).
Glen P. Robbins saw the emergence of French language in BC and James Moore appropriately and courageously raised the issue of French Heritage and its recognition during the Games—and look at the Quebec athletes at these Games? Our French Canadian brothers and sisters are phenomenal—Monsier Bilodeau and Mademoiselle Heil—a great start for athletes.

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