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ZEUS O' Canada Poll - Live from Surrey and Burnaby, British Columbia
LA Woman  Mar 05, 2010

Question #1
Carole James, leader of the BC NDP Party is against the Harmonized Sales Tax (“HST”). Do you support Carole James stated objective to convince seven (7) BC Liberal MLA’s to vote against the tax this spring?
Yes (457)    76 %
No (108)    18 %
Undecided and other (37)    06 %
Question #2
Carole James, leader of the BC NDP Party supports Stephen Harper’s Conservative government’s plan to change the current version of “O Canada”, Canada’s national anthem, including changing the lyrics “all they son’s command” to a more gender neutral version. Do you support Carole James and Stephen Harper on changes to “O Canada”?
Yes (48)    08 %
No (523)    87 %
Undecided and other (28)    05 %
Question #3
Recall of BC Liberal government MLA’s is available November 2010, the end of this year. Would you like to see Premier Gordon Campbell ‘Recalled’ next fall?
Yes (287)    48 %
No (244)    40.5 %
Undecided and other (70)    11.5 %
Question #4
Do you support cuts to BC’s government public service?
Yes (260)    43 %
No (283)    47 %
Undecided and other (59)    10 %
Question #5
Would you be upset if Premier Gordon Campbell resigned
Yes (67)    11 %
No (478)    79.5 %
Undecided and other (57)    9.5 %
Question #6
In your opinion should the BC Liberal government take nearly $800 million from ICBC savings and put it into government’s General Revenue account?
Yes (132)    22 %
No (451)    75 %
Undecided and other (18)    03 %
Question #7
Do you support an application by BC Hydro to the BC Utilities Commission for a 9% increase in BC Hydro rates this year?
Yes (262)    43.5 %
No (216)    36 %
Undecided and other (123)    20.5 %
Question #8
Do you trust the BC Liberal government with your money?
Yes (156)    26 %
No (373)    62 %
Undecided and other (72)    12 %
First question-- out of the polling gate, nearly four out of five respondents from Surrey and Burnaby “support Carole James stated objective to convince seven (7) BC Liberal MLA’s to vote against the (HST) tax”. The public in Surrey and Burnaby British Columbia have just feasted on a juicy meal (Olympics) they know they will likely never eat again. Politics is seldom if ever a ‘happy’ subject on Planet, British Columbia and its citizens in a clear majority in this ZEUS poll support Carole James and seven dissident BC Liberals voting against the HST tax “Because they can” (hit song will be “Because you can”)// Instructions on a cereal box are tougher than this---.
Although Carole James and Stephen Harper arguably control (80%) of public support in the province of British Columbia, they cannot muster (10%) of support to gender neutral alterations to the lyrics of Canada’s national anthem “O Canada”—though the alteration would mean the anthem would revert back to a historically valid version of the anthem. (Carole James has not actually indicated she supports these changes, however she did implement a party policy on affirmative action wherein only women were permitted to run in ridings where BC NDP MLA’s had resigned or where new ridings were created).
The proposal to amend Canada’s national anthem “O Canada” is dost loser---British Columbians want to give Stephen Harper’s idea DAS BOOT. There are a myriad of reasons the Conservatives placed this in the Throne Speech (prior to Budget announcement)—. The first is that the Budget was uninteresting on its face—(with a few interesting proposals underneath). The “O Canada” debate gets the attention back to politics—and dresses up a bland almost lifeless document with a ‘little bit of silly’. This is either a very clever or very stupid idea. It obviously pokes fun at affirmative action type policy often found in left leaning politics—and risks little—because who believes that Stephen Harper takes this seriously—(well maybe a few Liberals here and there in Toronto).
But the evidence beneath the glaring outcome of responses in this ZEUS poll is that the proposal pissed a lot of people off. All in --- more of a stunt than good sense—and not becoming of a government that needed two months to come up with this idea.
In question #1 respondents' - had no problem supporting Carole James uniting with (7) BC Liberals to stop the HST at the point of vote -- yet they are far less inclined to support Recall of Premier Gordon Campbell “next fall”. Why such apparent confusion?
The public’s expectations of its young people in sport in this country have been massively affirmed. The public is impressed. They now have the confidence to demand the same of (mostly older) political leaders. The resistance to Recall is because it is a more negative abrasive solution (to getting rid of Gordon Campbell) when a simpler, cleaner solution is directly before us. This HST vote will seriously test the public’s acceptance of the power in the Premier’s office, and the viability of our political system in total. ‘Eh’ tu?
A slight majority of respondents in Surrey and Burnaby do not support cuts to BC’s government public service.
One thing is always interesting about the term “public service”. The term itself is a little bias among respondents who do not directly correlate the term with “government”. The term is explicit, --service and services to the public. We believe that respondents who do not necessarily make this connection or are not sure of the concept as it is intended are more inclined to resist supporting cuts to the public service—those services include “Bus Service”. Cuts or no cuts are a matter of a 50/50 debate in my professional opinion.
A very discernable number of respondents would not be upset if Premier Gordon Campbell resigned.
This question was far enough along in the interview where the respondents liked ‘the call’---we wanted to compare the emotional prompt of “upset” in the hypothetical (“Gordon Campbell resigned”) against other numbers in this poll—(and a recent poll of BC Liberal support in the province). One respondent who was marked clearly a Carole James BC NDP supporter answered “Yes”. I speculated that politically-- Gordon Campbell is Carole James best friend – she was robbed of the last provincial election through Gordon Campbell and BC Liberal dishonesty (not always a criminal offense ‘ML’)—the voters would hand the Legislature to Carole James on a pedestal—if Campbell ran against her. After ‘not a nice guy’ why not ‘a nice girl’? (Maybe that was Harper’s “O Canada” point all along—Canadians do not believe there is inequality between men and women in the country---and those who previously thought there was-- watched or went to the 2010 Winter Olympic Games (see Cigars, Beer and Bourbon). (In BC –parents turn a blind eye to the beer drinking actions of the Gold medal Women’s Hockey Team during private picture taking following the big win. It’s because these ‘bad ass bitches’ are winners, champions – they have more than earned their Liberty—in fact Canadian women are tougher than the men from some other countries.
These numbers suggest that the BC public--- reflected through the voices of citizens in Surrey and Burnaby-- wants to get on with its life, and wants BC politics to do the same--- particularly after holding its breath for a year and one half—not sure if anyone in government or business actually knew what they were doing—(or possessed a conscience while doing it)---and harnessing the International Winter Olympics groove train like a slingshot jacking up confidence on all quarters – in sectors everywhere—personal and with no borders and plenty of borders—the BC public does not want any more re-runs—the Brits got rid of Churchill after he lead his people through Hitler hell and onto victory against all odds—and Gordon Campbell ‘you are no Winston Churchill’. (glen p robbins ‘political rapper’).
A clear majority of respondents do not want the BC Liberal government to take $800 million from ICBC --putting it into General Revenues. The public feels safer with ICBC holding this money ‘In Trust’ for them while the government “Sorts itself out”. After 5-6 years, after the people’s house (not to be confused with former premier Glen Clarke’s house) was raided by the police---a serious political body must bubble up---clearly the electorate --- as evidenced by these Surrey and Burnaby respondents – not overly anxious—want a smooth solution to our current political credibility problem—less drama—swifter sensible outcomes. The public saw WE could handle the Olympics—is our political system capable of responding? In addition---summer brings Tennis Courts—and they have spawned revolution in the past – mes amis.
The application for a 9% increase in BC Hydro rates this year gets a majority of decided support from Surrey and Burnaby respondents—however the Undecided is of sufficient size to make me wonder how public opinion might respond to the fact that these rates may go up 25-30% over three years. You have to be totally transparent on this type of thing—so all facts need to be pushed through the public domain to ensure a consensus over the life of the proposed increases—and any (likely) adjustments downward with proposed increases, particularly for year two—which so far seems ‘a little hidden’ as far as transparency is concerned. I would suggest 9% (year one), followed by 7% (year two) and then 5% (year three).
Approximately seven out of every 10 decided respondents interviewed in Surrey and Burnaby do not “trust” the BC Liberal government with their money. Nothing Campbell placed in his Budget did anything to guard against this obvious trend of public non confidence.
When the public got sick of former Premier Bill Vander Zalm they crushed the governing Social Credit Party. The rebirth of the BC Liberal Party in those heady years—started with Gordon Wilson – later yanked from him through guile by Gordon Campbell ‘henchman’ Gary Farrell-Collins (‘94)—Campbell lost in 1996 to former BC Premier and BC NDP Leader Glen Clarke. The public was so sick of Glen Clarke by the end of that century they turned a blind eye to an obvious media ‘set up’ by ‘forces’ loyal to Gordon Campbell where police entered Mr. Clarke’s home—seen in televisions throughout the province and the country.
The BC NDP were crushed in the general provincial election under Ujjal “The Widget” Dosanjh in 2001.
Now nearly a decade later Gordon Campbell may choose to carry this tradition of electoral disasters on-- to have history repeat once again----- taking his entire party down with him in the process.
A random telephone book sample of 601 respondents in Surrey and Burnaby BC. Response outcomes are approximately relative in number to population in each of these two BC lawsuits. This ZEUS poll was conducted March 4-5, 2010. M.O.E. is 4.0%, 19 times out of 20 @ 95% confidence. This poll sponsored by Jim Van Rassel (604) 328-5398.

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