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Glen P. Robbins Pollster says: Port Moody residents laugh out loud at Evergreen Line
His name is Gordon Campbell -- Do you believe?  Jan 27, 2012

Question #1
Do you believe the Evergreen Rapid Transit Line will be built anytime soon?
Yes    11 %
No    84 %
Undecided/Can't Answer    05 %
Question #2
Do you believe the Evergreen Transit Line will be built at all?
Yes    43 %
No    42 %
Undecided    15 %
100 Port Moody residents have had their say in this ROBBINS 'quicky' poll of March 6 and 8th, 2010 and what they say is not good when it comes to the prospect of the Evergreen Transit Line arriving anytime soon. Margin of error 9.78%, 18 times out of 20 @ 90% confidence.
An overwhelming majority of respondents do not believe the Evergreen Line "will be built anytime soon".
"Gordon Campbell is talking out his ass now."
"The BC Liberals developed the hell out this area promising rapid transit---and then pulled out."
When it comes to whether or not the Evergreen Line will be "built at all" residents are split-- with a higher Undecided. BC Liberals should not be encouraged by this 50/50 split, given the anecdotal comments under the "Yes" response including:
"Not in my lifetime---laughing----and I'm only twelve years old."
"I'll be dead before (sic) they build it."
"It will have to be another government that builds it."
Just this week a ZEUS/ROBBINS poll found that three out of every four Surrey-Burnaby respondents were of the opinion that 7 BC Liberal MLA's should support BC NDP Leader Carole James in voting against the HST. This steamrolls any political opportunity for popular Surrey mayor Dianne Watts to step into the political vaccuum premier Gordon Campbell's vast unpopularity has created for some time to come. The Premier is stuck in the middle of the desert and no-one wants to risk taking him water--for fear of the ROBBINS--Van Rassel- Daisy Cutters- poised to cut them down.
The day after that poll was re-released, the premier took our bait like a big blue bass- getting hooked off the back of cruise ship SS BC Voter.
These numbers suggest his political man servant BC Liberal Port Moody MLA Iain Black is in big political trouble---and Iain's man servant and political bookkeeper Doug Horne (who recently fled his riding of Westwood Burke Mountain and is known to be hiding in Iain Black's constituency office)--- will likely follow in Black's political shit steps.
Anecdotally -- there were comments about James Moore (Conservative MP) "getting nothing done" (on the Evergreen Line).
Politics out of Port Moody particularly as this relates to relations with both provincial and federal governments (to many they are one and the same)--- has been over finessed for too long--and the citizens who supported the Evergreen Line about 50/50 previously--simply don't believe it will be built.
Premier Gordon Campbell has no credibility out here in the Tri-City.
Politicians that support the premier's empty promises will likely be the subject of Port Moody residents continued rancor and sarcasm---.
Is the Premier--and his political associates including Conservative Cabinet Minister James Moore--about to try one more stunt--including tying a yellow ribbon from one side of St. John Street (main street) to the other in a ribbon cutting ceremony (during rush hour traffic)--or will it be sufficient for the premier to imagine this happening?
If Port Moody residents continue to have any confidence in the current BC Liberal government they are not showing any evidence of it in this poll.
A random telephone sample of 100 Port Moody residents March 6 and 8, 2010. This survey was sponsored by Jim Van Rassel (604)328-5398. Margin of error 9.78%, 18 times out of 20, @ 90% confidence.

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