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ZEUS poll-featuring glen p robbins- Best Places to Live in Greater Vancouver (III) --2010 Edition
  May 12, 2010

This ZEUS - glen p robbins poll conducted in conjunction with ROBBINS SCE RESEARCH (1998), presents BEST PLACES TO LIVE in Vancouver - 2010 edition.

Based on a total of 12,043 pts. 1,204 property owners in Greater Vancouver responded to questions relating to degrees of satisfaction relative to their community amenities -- their ability to manage in a higher end real estate market. When push comes to shove just how satisfied are property owners in these contrasting regions of the Greater Vancouver real estate market. (Research period covers 30 days ending April 30, 2010). The margin of error in a survey like this based on overall interviews is 2.82%, 19 times out of 20 @ 95% confidence.
Including all types of responses from property owners concerning their satisfaction of living in these cities and municipalities -- including an acknowledgement of average real estate values for their region. Here are the winners:
West Vancouver 9,812
White Rock 9,563
Port Moody/Anmore/Belcerra 8,160
Richmond 7,948
North Shore/Vancouver 7,225
Vancouver City 6,885
Burnaby 6,375
Surrey 6,048
Port Coquitlam 5,804
Langley 5,733
Coquitlam 5,281
New Westminster 5,094
Essentially, the more your property is worth and the less you are leveraged by mortgage the more satisfied you are.
But there is another reason for this higher rate of satisfaction -- it is the degree of satisfaction relative to the high level (we run a tough standard) -- of beautiful landscape, oceans a plenty -- parks -- great schools --universities -- people get a look around here -- and they canít believe what they see. No wonder younger people are dying to buy in even as price levels rise -- and with the prospect of having their incomes leveraged to participate.
West Vancouver (on the way to Whistler, B.C.) tops the charts again -- (81%) satisfaction from property owners -- Nirvana exists. Stunning residences and unbelievable ocean views --- with excellent cuisine--makes West Vancouver -- Greater Vancouverís Emerald Gem.
West Vancouver is right next door to North Shore (60%) on the road to Whistler Village.
These two regions of Greater Vancouver are stellar -- beautiful -- outstanding. If the saying you get what you pay for holds -- than in matters of real estate West Vancouver and North Shore are top drawer towns.
West Vancouver bring a million low level waterfront condo -- to $10 million -- homes can go tens of millions.
A million dollars goes a long way in North Shore.
Port Coquitlam, Langley, Coquitlam -- and New Westminster head the lowest end of this Civic Satisfaction Survey BEST PLACES TO LIVE IN VANCOUVER. Itís simple:
Real Estate prices are high no matter two good incomes.
We believe New Westminster (42%) is the second best real estate purchase to Surrey City (50%).
The Pattullo Bridge which connects New Westminster to Surrey and is a quick run to Richmond and the Vancouver airport--is about ready to fall down into the Fraser River below---needs to be rebuilt --if current New Democrat Party Opposition gets control of government watch for the provincial government Calvary to head to New Westminster with assistance.
The City of Richmond continues to grind away -- the cute little monkey -- scratching to get to the top of the BEST PLACES TO LIVE list. Great transportation -- a world class airport next door -- Olympics legacy -- next door to beautiful BC Ferries terminal Tsawwassen Ferry Park -- where picturesque vacations can be taken to exquisite Vancouver Island including Victoria, BC -- and to many other fabulous Island get - away--s along the way.
Vancouver City (proper) Surrey City -- good news -- its tough reaching the top of satisfaction when you have a larger population -- much easier to score well--in a quaint little town like Port Moody or Langley Townships. The same principle applies to scoring students -- the larger the group of people the statistical likelihood of achieving a cross section of all income brackets -- rich or poor --- increases.
For homeowners in West Vancouver , White Rock, Port Moody/Anmore/Belcarra there are obvious realities associated with locations with outstanding amenities. With oil tankers coming into and out of its little cove -- and high industry and other unattractive things staring you in the face, the people who live there are high income -- high average home cost, but more equal to White Rock -- than West Vancouver -- the latter requiring mucho mulla for occupation.
For many years Surrey City was branded by Vancouverites -closer to the Pacific Ocean - as a tad backward. Women living there were often disassociated with chaste. Boy have things changed. We rank Surrey our best place to buy in Vancouver -- price -- amenities -- parks -- art --always a strong civic council -- a Board of Trade with history --close to White Rock (ocean) and the United States border. Warning--Surrey covers a huge territory relative to its growing population -- you can buy a mansion in Surrey -- you can buy a ranch Ďway overí on the other side of the city--.
If you go higher end real estate in Surrey City -- save a little cash for a Mercedes -- travel in comfort.
Vancouver (proper) well what a ride -- from the bottom of our list and heading upward -- 2010 Olympics might have had an affect--?
White Rock is always on the top in our BEST PLACES TO LIVE IN VANCOUVER -- oceans -- close to the United States -- really nice --treat yourself right -- bring a million $.

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